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This is Melanie Aronson | Founder of Panion

Think and speak positive

An engaging, inspirational and mindful talk with Melanie Aronson, the founder of ''Panion'' the leading community management platform. Her goal and vision is full of wellbeing and impact, diluting any differences in order to focus on what really matters: human connections that can grow into meaningful relationships. «Empowering us all to make like-minded friendships in our adulthood» _ Where you can find her: on @panion, Panion, her LinkedIn Recorded in December 2019.     _ Where you can find ‘’Think and speak positive’’: Website and Instagram @thinkandspeakpositive Welcome to the journey and Thank you for listening! If you like the podcast ‘’Think and speak positive’’. Share it with someone who might benefit from it.   You can show support by sharing, giving feedback, note us ⭐️ on your favourite audio platforms like apple or iTunes...   _ Expand enthusiasm! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thinkandspeakpositive/message


17 Sep 2020

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S3E10: Building Communities with Melanie Aronson

Everyday Startups

2020 has taught us many things but something that really stands out is the importance of building healthy online communities.That’s why we’re super excited to welcome Melanie Aronson, founder of Panion, the most purposeful social media platform out there.Melanie’s vision to depart from the instant gratification of Instagram the vitriol of twitter and develop a platform that is all about building meaningful connections and communities through shared interests.Panion already has 140,000 users, €350k investment and a leader who wants to grow online communities built around empathy and respect.So please definitely checkout Panion at App or Play Store and feel free to get in touch with Nana on Linkedin, Dan on Twitter or visit www.tectoniclondon.com for more info on how we help startups understand their customers in these unpredictable times.


10 Aug 2020

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Young Woman Founder, Melanie Aronson on: How She Translated her Experience in Documentary Film Making to Building an Online Community Building Platform

The European Startup Show

Show notes:[1:03] - Journey from documentary filmmaker to startup founder[3:41] - What was your strategy as a first-time founder for attracting people who are really motivated and engaged to work with you?[4:52] - What does Panion do and why is it called Panion?[9:05] - How do you build engaged communities?[14:53] - What are you seeing as successful monetization strategies for community-based platforms?[17:22] - Advice on angel funding[21:28] - How did you keep yourself motivated in your early days[23:00] - How do you de-stress?


5 Aug 2020

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Culture, Society, and Loneliness with Melanie Aronson

Conversations That Don't Suck

Melanie Aronson is on the podcast this week, and we get into a super juicy conversation about the ways that our culture and societal norms affect the loneliness of its inhabitants. Melanie is US-born but currently living in Sweden and we get into all the nuances of what is considered "normal" in connection and our own experiences with loneliness.In this conversation, we discuss: Melanie’s research on middle eastern integration in Sweden, her app Pinion aimed to connect people with similar interests, how individualistic societies breed socially isolated people, why Scandinavian countries are both the happiest and most lonely countries on earth, hardship as connection, and the nuances of loneliness and connection.Melanie Aronson is the founder and CEO of Panion, an app for connecting like-minded people and building community around common interests. She has a bachelors in anthropology from Columbia University and a masters in documentary filmmaking from the School of Visuals Arts in NYC. Melanie worked in sales for Apple for almost 3 years and for more than 10 years as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and designer. She moved from NYC to Sweden on a Fulbright grant in 2014 and has lived there ever since.https://www.panion.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/getpanion/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/panion.app/Twitter: https://twitter.com/panionappMelanie's Twitter: @melaniearonson


6 Jul 2020

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A Digital Approach to Beating Loneliness: Melanie Aronson, Panion/ Jen Fenner, Def Proc Engineering


COVID-Cast returns to explore COVID-19's impact upon our wellbeing, and how different technologies are being used to tackle the loneliness and isolation that may result from social-distancing, remote working and quarantines. With 5% of UK Adults reporting feeling lonely some or all of the time, and 30% of us saying that the pandemic has made us feel lonely in the past seven weeks, it's never been more important to find solutions that bring people together mentally while keeping us apart physically. In this episode, Edd speaks to Melanie Aronson, CEO of community building startup Panion about their pivot from B2C social platform to a B2B offering helping to onboard new employees remotely and build the employee communities on which businesses thrive.  Edd is then joined by Jen Fenner, Managing Director of Def Proc Engineering - to discuss the challenge of developing a digitally-inclusive solution to loneliness through Def Proc's new product "Push to Talk" - and the value of layering the simplest of user experiences over cutting-edge technology. 


26 Jun 2020