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Episode 21: Taking Back Time with. Penny Zenker

The Got Side Hustle Show

Another week where I get to chat it up with an incredibly smart, passionate, and bad-ass time guru female...and DANG is this week's guest a rock star!   Penny Zenker is a focusologist, an international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author. Penny founded, developed, and sold her first multi-million dollar business while living in Zurich, Switzerland. Later at the world's 4th largest Market Research company, she managed business unit turnarounds and was a Tony Robbins business coach helping business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to build strong leadership, a culture of ownership,  scale their businesses. Her clients tell her, her gift is cutting through the clutter and helping them focus on the most important and relevant areas to sustainably grow their businesses. distractionquiz.com pennyzenker360.com 2weektimestudy.com HEY:  are you looking to set up your first side hustle in 2021?  Take my FREE skills assessment to figure out where to start!


13 Jan 2021

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Make Quality Time to Think About Setting Better Podcasting Goals After 100+ Episodes - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Penny Zenker, host of Take Back Time

The Binge Factor

Reaching the 100-episode mark is such a feat in podcasting. Together with that happiness for achieving this milestone, however, is that burden that comes from thinking about what is next, how do we switch up our show, what outcomes should we aim for next. Sitting down opposite Tracy Hazzard in this on-air podcast coaching is Penny Zenker, the host of Take Back Time, to talk about the importance of making quality time to think about setting better podcasting goals after producing more than a hundred episodes. They discuss some strategies for structuring the show that sends people back to your website, building a list and monetizing it, and creating raving fans who can bring others to you. Plus, Penny and Tracy then talk about the need to engage with listeners and become more purposeful when recording your podcast.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Binge Factor community today:FacebookInstagramLinkedInPinterestYoutube


6 Jan 2021

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How to Become More Productive by Being Profit Focused with Penny Zenker


Have you ever struggled with your own productivity? Penny Zenker, my guest this week on The Sigrun Show, is a business strategy coach who helps her clients focus on the most important areas to grow their business, be more productive and make more profit.  When Penny’s father passed away unexpectedly when she was 19 years old, she learned how to get clear on what was truly important to her. She shifted to only doing what brought her joy and gave her a sense that her time was well invested.  Creating solutions that would improve processes soon became her passion and she went on to build a multi-million technology business. But she felt herself burning out and thought about the 80/20 rule: Was she really focusing on those 20% that would get her 80% of the results?  To be able to make her family her main priority and spend more time with her children, Penny decided to do things differently and started a coaching business. Today, she helps her clients to think and act more strategically and be more productive.  In this episode, Penny talks about how you can focus on growing your business and making a profit at the same time, and how you can improve your productivity every day. She also reveals the 8 profit levers you can apply to increase the profit in your business.  If you want to be more productive and increase the profit you make with your business at the same time, this episode is for you.  “One of the key things that helps us be more productive is structure.” - Penny Zenker In this Episode of The Sigrun Show: How losing her father made Penny see what is important in life  What led Penny into coaching  How Penny found her niche  Focusing on profit  Growing and making profit at the same time  Penny’s 8 profit levers  How to start increasing your productivity every day  Penny’s new book “The Productivity Zone”  Perfectionism for women vs men  What productivity has to do with confidence  Want to know about more ways you can be productive and focus on profit? Find out how to be productive during this crisis or how journaling makes you more productive.  8 Profit Levers That Help You Become More Productive by Being Profit Focused  Creating a thriving business is not all about growth. If you think you’ll only make a profit by creating more leads and putting more ads out there, Penny’s here to prove you wrong.  While the common business model is to build your following and hold off from making a profit for a period of time until your leads turn into profitable customers, Penny says it’s possible to make profit while you grow - by implementing profit levers that focus on your existing clients.  Here, she shares the 8 profit levers that help you be profit focused in your business.  New lead development Every business needs growth, but it’s important that it’s positive growth. While the rest of Penny’s profit levers focus on your existing customers, this first one goes towards creating new leads and attracting potential, profitable customers.  Raise your average purchase price Your existing customer has an average purchase price. Think about what you can do to increase it.  Maybe it’s time to raise your prices, bundle your services into a package or partner with someone and get an affiliate commission?  Increase frequency Think about how you can increase the frequency by which your customers buy from you. If they’re on a monthly program and already interested in what you do, maybe they’re open to something more frequent that they receive on a weekly basis.  Automation Where could you automate your business so that the system will be able to do it without you? By automating something you can reduce the cost that goes into it, as well as save time.  Extending customer lifetime value If a customer typically works with you for one year, how can you create something that keeps them in your world for longer? Find additional value that you can deliver to them.  Enhancing customer loyalty People tend to leave you when they think you don’t care. Build a relationship and create more interaction. Your goal should be to turn your customers into raving fans.  Boosting referrals Even though this generates new leads, it’s doing it with our existing customers. Referrals are four times more likely to buy because they’ve been referred by someone who they know and trust, so you’re getting a credibility factor from the existing customers you have.  Sales conversion You already have a lead flow that comes in, but instead of investing the money in the conversion process, invest the money in the new acquisition. This is an optimisation strategy where you focus on closing more of what you have coming in and only then ramp up to get more leads.  Step back and see which one of these profit levers has the greatest value for you right now and start implementing it to make your business more profitable.  Which profit lever are you going to try out? I’m curious to know! You can follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Have you signed up for the Live Bootcamp yet?  This is your last chance to sign up for the Live Bootcamp happening this weekend.   If you want to create an offer that is unique, profitable and a good fit for the current times, this is for you. After 48 hours, you will walk away with a solid offer that is ready to sell and your clients actually want to buy.  Sign up here for the Live Bootcamp Connect with Penny Zenker Penny Zenker Penny’s book The Productivity Zone Please share, subscribe and review Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Sigrun Show. If you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music so more people can enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Click here to learn how to leave a review, then head over to Apple Podcasts for your chance to win a special thank you gift!


25 Nov 2020

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Find Your Core 20% with Penny Zenker

Personal Productivity

Penny Zenker is an international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author. Penny’s high-energy and interactive keynote presentations and workshops inspire and challenge you to think more strategically,  to be more emotionally intelligent, and inspire personal leadership. Listen as she brings that same energy to this podcast. Top 3 Nuggets Stress-Response vs Challenge-Response 3 Core Segments of Productivity Finding your core 20% This weeks Challange: Take the distraction quiz and remove the greatest distraction https://pennyzenker360.com/ https://pennyzenker360.com/dq https://apps.apple.com/us/app/take-back-time-best-practices/id1491823736 To contact me go to my website here at Conorbuttsss.com


17 Nov 2020

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Organized Process: The Key to Maximum Productivity With Tracy Hazzard From the Take Back Time Podcast with Penny Zenker

Tracy Hazzard Getting Interviewed

For many people, it has become extremely difficult to separate our professional and personal lives. These two get so entangled because we forget to create structure in the way we do things. We take too much time on our work and easily forget spending time with ourselves and our loved ones and vice versa. If you are caught in this problem, then what you need is an organized process—the key to maximum productivity. Tracy Hazzard sits down for Penny Zenker’s Take Back Time Podcast to share her best practices and processes in both areas of her life that help her maintain that work-life balance and enjoy them both at the same time. She shares how these structures have helped her scale her company, Podetize, and how her team maintains that high level of productivity. Follow Tracy in this episode as she spills some of her productivity hacks that helped her keep the composure she has in leading her life to success.


2 Oct 2020

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Increase Your Focus Under Pressure with Penny Zenker

Access to Experts

We all have thoughts and to-do lists running loose that we need to wrangle. Sometimes it helps to be pointed in the right direction when trying to get everything back in order. Today’s guest, Penny Zenker, is a “focusologist”, international speaker, business strategy coach, and professional “squirrel wrangler”. Penny specializes in helping business owners get organized and reset their focus and priorities in order to optimize their productivity. In this interview, Penny shares success stories of clients she’s helped, discusses the challenges of letting go that leaders face, and how to increase your focus under pressure. Show Highlights: Penny shares what influenced her to cut out the clutter in her own life and teach others to do the same What are the biggest mistakes companies that make them unproductive Penny reveals success stories from companies she’s helped learn to delegate more efficiently The benefits of keeping a time journal and documenting what tasks are most valuable Success Tips to get organized The importance of leading with value Why you have to make a mindset shift when shifting positions Creating structures and filters are important to protect your time Links: Podcast – Listen & Subscribe!  Buy Debbie’s Book and Have a Highlighter Handy!! Please Read the Book, Rate It On Amazon, and Pass It On To A Friend! Success Is Easy: Shameless, No-Nonsense Strategies to Win in Business, by Debbie Allen https://www.successiseasybook.com/bonus/ https://www.amazon.com/Success Is Easy NEW!!!! Debbie’s Online “Highly Paid Expert Academy” https://debbieallen.com/course Contact Penny: Penny's Website Take This FREE Distraction Quiz SPECIAL OFFER: Accelerate Profits: 8 Ways to Uncover Hidden Profits and Scale Your Business Faster with Less Effort


23 Sep 2020

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Episode 50: How to Stop Wasting Time and Get More Done Every Day with Penny Zenker

Books Business Abundance

In this episode, Penny Zenker shares the benefits she received from writing her book and how she structured her book to save time and energy also how to determine which goals should be tackled in what order, how to find the time for projects you keep putting off because you don’t think you have time to fit them into your schedule,  and more time-management tips to help you become more productive in less time!


22 Jun 2020

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The Productivity Zone With Penny Zenker

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

Throughout our lives, our relationships with many important concepts shift. While all of these relationships are important, our relationship with time determines a lot of what our lives will be like down the line. Our relationship with time informs the way we work and if, ultimately, we can put ourselves in the right zone for productivity at the right times. John Livesay is joined by Penny Zenker, an international keynote speaker and the author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time. Penny and John delve into how our relationship with time also affects the way we live our lives and the way we work. Take your first step to rethinking your relationship with time and reaching the productivity zone today! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Successful Pitch community today: JohnLivesay.com John Livesay Facebook John Livesay Twitter John Livesay LinkedIn John Livesay YouTube


27 May 2020

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Interview with Penny Zenker, international speaker, a strategic business coach and trainer, best-selling author of he Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time


Reduce stress, distraction and conflicts with Penny Zenker. Penny’s high-energy and interactive keynote presentations and workshops inspire and challenge you to think differently, be more purposeful, more strategic and inspire you to be your best. Penny is an international female keynote speaker, business strategy and executive coach and bestselling author of The Productivity Zone: Stop the Tug of War with Time. As a master NLP practitioner and neuro-strategist, she integrates the elements of thought, communication, and behavior to provide strategies for positive changes and maximum results. Her expertise focuses on strategic thinking, leadership, problem solving, communication, and productivity. She has coached hundreds of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in leadership roles, relationships, and building culture. Listen to our powerful girls talk!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/aliveradio/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aliveradio/support


28 Jan 2020

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Driving Organizational Change Through Individual Behavior Change with Chris Taylor and Understanding Realistic Stress Levels with Penny Zenker

Take The Lead

Books offer us so many great ideas that unfortunately remain without implementation. Bridging the gap between the consumption of information and the application of it is Chris Taylor, the Founder and President of Actionable.co. Chris shares how his company focuses on individual behavior change as a driver to organizational change. He also talks about the actionable process for improved engagement, productivity, and leader impact. In line with ideas is the language with which we translate those. Penny Zenker, a TEDx speaker and bestselling author of The Productivity Zone, shares her ideas on neuro-linguistic programming. Teaching on how to decipher a realistic stress level along with the different kinds of distraction, Penny shows the power of being aware of how we think and then learning to shift that. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share Here’s How » Join the Take The Lead community today: DrDianeHamilton.com Dr. Diane Hamilton Facebook Dr. Diane Hamilton Twitter Dr. Diane Hamilton LinkedIn Dr. Diane Hamilton YouTube Dr. Diane Hamilton Instagram


23 Sep 2019