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224: The Big Picture Of Private Practice And Basic Procedures To Get Started With It with Montoyia McGowan, LCSW

Selling the Couch

Have you felt the pull of private practice? Maybe you’ve considered taking the leap into private practice, but are hesitant about the first steps to take. Today’s show takes an authentic look at the big picture, along with basic procedures to get you started. Our guest shares how she followed her intuition and took the risk that comes with starting a business. Montoyia McGowan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Memphis, Tennessee area. She and I have connected online for about four years, since the early days of the STC community. Montoyia left a job she loved at the VA to go into private practice, and she celebrates four years in that practice this year. We are discussing what made her start her private practice, how she honed in on a niche, and how she networked and found referral sources. We’ll wrap up with an honest analysis of what has gone well for Montoyia and what she wishes she had done differently. I hope you enjoy this action-packed episode with many pearls of wisdom and insights. www.sellingthecouch.com/session224


23 Jan 2020

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Stopping The Chase With Montoyia McGowan

Rebel Therapist

Starting a private practice can be hard. Raising your fees can be hard. Putting yourself out there to grow your practice can be hard. This week I talked to Montoyia McGowan, and we talked about how she pushed through a low moment. Six months in, her practice was extremely low, and she was considering letting it go. A friend told her to give it another six months. She did. She challenged herself to network, market her business, and really put herself out there. She came through the other side with a waitlist. Listen as she dives into her mindset work and the steps she takes to keep her business thriving. Topics Discussed In This Episode: Getting past the difficult 6-month mark in private practice Helping her clients and community feel pride about being in therapy Why “stopping the chase” is her tagline Her monthly calendar ritual Her feelings about her fees Avoiding the comparison trap How Beach Body helped her get comfortable with marketing Finding her entrepreneurial community Using podcasts for business education and inspiration Show notes at http://coachingwithannie.com/podcast/78


9 Oct 2018

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Montoyia McGowan (Founder & Owner of Stopping The Chase)

The Startup Life

In this episode, we sit down with Montoyia McGowan as she discusses how she was originally supposed to be a dentist, why she likes Facebook Live, and why she often sleeps with two books. Stopping The Chase website: www.stoppingthechase.com Follow Stopping The Chase: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stoppingthechase/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stoppingthechasecounseling/ For ACT Prep from OWLS: https://the-owl-academy.teachable.com Teaching Resources: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teaching-With-Owls Have comments or want to advertise on The Startup Life? counsel@askowlsolutions.com Looking for a nice co-working space in Memphis? http://www.entrememphis.com


22 May 2017