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Michael Blank (Preview) The Crash Test Dummy for Financial Freedom

The Capital Raiser Show

The fastest way to financial freedom is Multifamily! You can get right into apartments without any of your own cash. Sounds phony! But Michael Blank talks about it as a reality! His students prove it on a regular basis! What is it? Mindset? Marketing? Consistent Action?  Let's get into it and chat about what syndicators are doing wrong! nighthawkequity.com


28 Apr 2021

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CRS136 Michael Blank: Scaling, Advanced Marketing and Raising Cash for Multifamily Syndications

The Capital Raiser Show

Michael Blank goes into all things scaling and multifamily. Truly a world class individual who is committed to helping people get into their deals no matter how long it takes. nighthawkequity.com


28 Apr 2021

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Michael Blank: "I Wish I Would Have Lived More Intentionally When I Was Younger So I Could Have Found My Passion"- Part 2

Purpose, Passion & Coffee

Michael talks about what he would have done differently if he was able to go back in time. He talks about the best ways to be financially free and to have clarity around your purpose and passion.   Follow Michael: https://youtube.com/c/Themichaelblank https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/apartment-building-investing-with-michael-blank-podcast/id848693430 Follow Christian:  https://instagram.com/christian.j.lynch?r=nametag https://instagram.com/purpose_passion_coffee?igshid=1ken832u54e44


8 Apr 2021

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Michael Blank: Losing Everything In A Pizza Franchise To Apartment Real Estate Investing- Part 1

Purpose, Passion & Coffee

Michael is a very successful entrepreneur who has made a name in the apartment real estate world with 12k subscribers on Youtube and has a  Podcast with over 400 ratings. Though his success has not come easy as he lost everything before getting into this career.   Follow Michael: https://youtube.com/c/Themichaelblank https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/apartment-building-investing-with-michael-blank-podcast/id848693430 Follow Christian:  https://instagram.com/christian.j.lynch?r=nametag https://instagram.com/purpose_passion_coffee?r=nametag


5 Apr 2021

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Building a Real Estate Platform with Michael Blank|EP39

Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

For the second time, we have Michael Blank on the show.  Michael is a full-time entrepreneur, investor and coach and he is passionate about helping others become financially free. Through his company Nighthawk Equity, he controls over $75 million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States. In addition to investing nationwide, he teaches others how to do their first apartment building deal through tons of free content on TheMichaelBlank.com as well as additional training programs. He helped students acquire over 750 units valued in excess of $27M and they’re on track to do 1,000 units in the next 12 months through their unique coaching and “Deal Desk” program. He is the host of the popular podcast “Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank” and he writes regularly for the Bigger Pockets and Flipnerd’s REI Classroom. In this episode, we talked about: Asset class Raising capital Educating people in investment Building a real estate platform Apartment syndication deals How to reach the right people and how to get their information Gathering the right investor info Strategies in attracting investors and building relationships  And MUCH MORE! Resources and Links: https://themichaelblank.com/ The Apartment Building Podcast


3 Feb 2021

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The Top Capital Gains Tax Deferral Struggle with The Michael Blank

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

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8 Jan 2021

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Face Fear, Have Clarity, Take Action with Michael Blank

Taking Action with Multifamily

Michael Blank is an entrepreneur, investor, teacher, leading authority in apartment investing in the United States. He is passionate about helping others become financially free in 3 to 5 years by investing in apartment building deals.[00:01 – 06:04] Who is Michael Blank?I introduce and welcome the guest Michael BlankMichael talks about his background and how his journey beganStudied computer science and was a programmer early in his careerDiscovered about passive income after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad[06:05 – 09:13] Everyone is afraid, but what do you do about it?Transitioning from pizza shop to restaurant to real estateMichael shares what hooked him to real estateMichael talks about the moment he started in real estateNo money. No savings. In debt.Face the fear: even people who take action have fear[09:14 – 18:14] Michael’s Real Estate Education PlatformMichael shares why he started a real estate education platformLoved teaching peopleHelp people take action and have clarityEducation allows people to visualize something that they couldn’t visualize before[18:15 – 26:43] The Law of the First DealWhat is the law of the first deal?Michael explains what he means by the law of the first deal.Are you interested in starting with real estate investing? Listen to Michael’s tips to help you pick out your first deal![26:44 – 31:33] TIME TO TAKE ACTIONWhat are THREE things or steps that our listeners could do today to move them forward in multifamily investing?Start with ClarityCommitting to the activity not so much on the timelineStick to The Law of ThreeConnect with Michael online. See the links below.Final thoughtsTweetable Quotes:“Everyone is afraid; the question is, what do you do about it? How do you handle fear?” – Michael Blank“Education allows people to visualize something that they couldn’t visualize before and even though they may not know the details or the mechanisms of it. They can start visualizing, and so doing this, they start believing that they too can do that.” – Michael Blank Resources Mentioned:Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing by Michael BlankApartment Building Investing Podcast by Michael BlankMichael’s Mentoring ProgramBiggerPocketsThe Miracle Morning by Hal ElrodThe Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod You can connect with Michael on https://themichaelblank.com/. Visit his YouTube channel and check out his content.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode.Visit www.nokacapital.com to learn more about investing in multifamily real estate.I’d like to connect with you! Send me an email at Amir@NokaCapital.com.Book Recommendations:Rich Dad Poor DadThink and Grow RichBest Ever Apartment Syndication Book


29 Oct 2020

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Ep. 22 Real Estate Syndications with Michael Blank

Working Capital The Real Estate Podcast

Michael Blank is a leading authority on apartment building investing in the United States. He’s passionate about helping others become financially free in 3-5 years by investing in apartment building deals with a special focus on raising money. Through his investment company, he controls over $30 million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States and has raised over $8M. In addition to his own investing activities, he’s helped students purchase over 2,000 units valued at over $87M through his unique “Deal Desk” and training programs. He’s the author of the best-selling book “Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing” and the host of the popular “Apartment Building Investing” podcast. In this episode, we talked about his journey in real estate, from house flipping to apartment investing, his thoughts on syndication, he also discussed the process of how to raise money, finding the right properties and eventually achieve financial freedom through real estate investing even if you’re a new investor. Quotes: “In fact, you don't need prior real estate experience, and you don't need your own money. Because it's relatively easy to overcome both of them.” “Even people with money will eventually run out of money. Therefore, the art of raising money is really allows you to be a true entrepreneur, allowing you to create something from nothing.” “I think there's always an opportunity regardless of what's going on, you have to have your eyes open.” Resources and Links: https://themichaelblank.com/ Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint To Quitting Your Job With Real Estate - Even Without Experience Or Cash The Apartment Building Podcast


7 Oct 2020

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Michael Blank: Real Estate Entrepreneur - How to Achieve Financial Freedom through Apartment Investing

Kingdom REI : For Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs and Investors

Other topics: Why financial freedom has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bankMichael's journey as failed restaurant owner to successful real estate investorMichael opens up about his walk with God and the journey he sees God has him onThe massive tax benefits that are available to high income owners through investing in apartment syndications. Guest links: https://themichaelblank.com/Get his book on Amazon Guest bio: Through his investing company, Nighthawk Equity, he controls $64M million in multifamily assets and has raised over $21M. In addition to his own investing activities, he’s helped students purchase over 5,000 units valued at $215M through his content and training programs.Important Announcements: If you are interested in learning more about real estate investing or how to grow your real estate business, reach out to Ellis via email at ellis@kingdomcapitalists.co . 


14 Sep 2020

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Business Innovators Radio

Michael Blank is a full-time entrepreneur, investor and coach. He is passionate about helping people become financially free. Michael is the owner of NightHawk Equity and currently controls over $65 million in performing multifamily assets all over in the United States. He is the host of “Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank” and regularly writes for the Bigger Pockets and Flipnerd’s REI Classroom. He currently lives in Northern VA with his wife and four children.Michael Blank, a true guru in multi-family, brings his expertise to the show. One of the leading authorities on teaching people how to buy apartment buildings with private money. Michael explains what financial freedom means and how that goal is what makes him get out of the bed in the morning. He explains how education is going to be key to your success in multi-family. Michael also breaks down step by step to being successful in multi-family. Syndication/multi-family can be overwhelming and if you tune-in, then you can check out how Vinney and Michael break this process down.– Education– Other people’s money– Team sport– Multi-family break down– Joint ventures– How to create the right team– What tools the experts use to run their business– COVID – 19 what changes to expect in the multi-family marketContact Michael Blank at https://themichaelblank.com/Get your copy – Syndication Made Easy – https://amzn.to/2kwjHDNLearn – https://vinneychopra.com/Invest – https://moneilinvest.com/Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VinneyChopra/Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vinneychopra/?hl=enLinkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/i n/vinney-smile-chopra-7b7b9619/Twitter – https://twitter.com/smilingvinneyYoutube– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_SGeOpnIHvXWqZE9dMUdlw/featured#financialindependence #helppeople #financialsuccess #inspireothers #passiveincome #multifamilyinvestments #multifamilyinvesting #realestateinvestor #financialfreedom #wealthmindset #podcastshow #podcastinterview #podcastinglife #podcaster #multifamilyrealestate #multifamily #Vinneychopra #realestate #realestatementor #multifamilymentor #apartmentsyndication #realestatesyndication #syndication #multifamilyrealestate #networth #cashflow #valueadd #emergingmarkets #closedeals #money #MichaelBlank#vinneychopra #cashflow #multifamilyinvesting #apartmentinvesting #investor #multifamily #vinneymultifamily #moneil #moneilinvest #realestate #guidetosuccess #success #motivation #syndication #passiveincome #realestateinvesting #goalsSyndication Made Easy with Vinney (Smile) Choprahttps://businessinnovatorsradio.com/syndication-made-easy-with-vinney-smile-chopra/Source: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/how-to-make-the-multifamily-business-easy-with-michael-blank


10 Jun 2020