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Making Moves: A conversation with Marie Montmarquet of MD Numbers (S4-EP3)

I'm with RJ

Welcome back to another episode of Season 4 of the I’m With RJ podcast! This week, RJ is joined by Marie Montmarquet of MD Numbers along with new co-host, Claire Taylor, for Episode 3.Season 4 is really heating up as we take the gloves off for a no nonsense conversation with Marie focused on revenue generation and the current supply imbalances plaguing California's outdoor and mixed light cultivators along with the realities of cannabis technology and what life is really like for social equity license holders in California. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Marie Montmarquet began operating a delivery service in California back in 2015 under the medical laws, aka Pop 215, before expanding into a vertical operation which now includes over 50k sq. ft. of cultivation, a distribution company and a consulting agency.  To say Montmarquet is a mover and shaker is an understatement and the hour long conversation with RJ and Claire reflects that as the group covers cannabis product and market trends, fundraising and borrowing challenges faced by cannabis businesses and the social equity mentoring and consulting work Marie is doing throughout the state and beyond. The conversation also breaks down the challenges that cannabis operators face in building and implementing an efficient, data-driven tech stack and the connection between the federal laws and the lack of progression in the industry. If you're ready for a laugh and a healthy dose of reality, strap in and turn on with episode 3 of the new season of I'm with RJ featuring Marie Montmarquet of MD Numbers, inc. Connect with RJ:IMwithRJ.comInstagramTwitter Linkedin - RJLinkedin - ClaireConnect with Marie Montmarquet:MD NumbersInstagramLinkedin


4 Oct 2021

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The Cannabis Business Coach Podcast Episode 52: Marie Montmarquet, MD Numbers Inc.

The Cannabis Business Coach

The Cannabis Business Coach Michael Zaytsev interviews Marie Montmarquet, the co-founder of MD Numbers Inc, a 100% Black owned vertically integrated Cannabis company in California. Marie is a legacy cannabis operator who’s been passionate about the plant for over 13 years. Her cannabis business expertise and equity activism have put her in the national spotlight. On this episode we discuss the transition from underground to compliant Cannabis, the conflicts between Cannabis culture and Capitalism, differences between the Northern and Southern California markets, the challenges of fundraising for Cannabis entrepreneurs, and how hard it is to create a profitable Cannabis business. Recorded on 9/8/2021 Additional Resources: The Cannabis Business BookThe Cannabis Business Book (en Español) Let's Get High Together! Enter your email to receive resources and support from Mike Z First NameLast NameEmail AddressSign UpI value privacy very highly and hate spam. I’ll only email you if something cool is happening. You’re welcome to email me anytime. Thank you!

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4 Oct 2021

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Marie Montmarquet, Co-founder of MD Numbers, Inc.

Thinking Outside The Bud

Marie Montmarquet, Co-founder of MD Numbers, Inc.Marie Montmarquet is co-founder of MD Numbers, Inc., a family of vertically integrated cannabis brands — MD Farms, Marie’s Deliverables, and Legacy Coterie — that provide a range of goods and services to the California supply chain, retail customers, and equity community. Marie is a legacy cannabis operator who’s been passionate about the plant for over 13 years. Her cannabis business expertise and equity activism have put her in the national spotlight. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology, she moved to California from Nashville in 2010. Over the last decade, Marie has created several successful cannabis businesses along with her brother Allen Hackett with whom she co-founded MD Numbers, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Marie and Allen are also minority owners of Cannabis Express, having helped build one of the Bay Area’s biggest delivery providers. In addition to developing and scaling successful cannabis businesses, Marie is focused on being an advocate for social justice and equity in the industry. She’s an advisor to the cannabis equity program for Success Centers and offers monthly tours to MD Farms for equity applicants. Marie’s goals for 2020 are to expand MD Numbers and MD Farms’ capacity, develop new properties, and build more equity brands; advising, supporting and championing equity in every way possible.https://www.mdnumbersinc.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 Jun 2021

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Planted – Marie Montmarquet

Planted with Sara Payan on Radio Misfits

Sara sits down with Marie Montmarquet, co-founder of MD Numbers Inc., a family of vertically integrated cannabis brands. They discuss the hurdles of pivoting to a legalized cannabis market, why cannabis equity programs are a necessity for social and economic justice and what the future looks like for the industry. [EP21]

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30 Jan 2021

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Is it Fair to Want More from the MORE Act? - Marie Montmarquet of MD Numbers Inc.

TRICHOMES The High Ground

Election day brought five new states with cannabis legislation, and in the week since, Democrats have promised to vote on the MORE act, which would quote remove cannabis as a scheduled substance, as well as offer banking protections for the industry. And while some of that is worth getting excited about, the devil of course is in the details. In this case, the details are pretty slim language about systems for expunging cannabis convictions, but no details about how that expensive process will actually be handled financially. A vague mention of a process by which people currently serving time for cannabis convictions could appeal their convictions, even though in California, a state that legalized years ago, there are still people sitting in jail for something that is no longer a crime. Marie Montmarquet is a co-founder and managing partner of the MD Numbers Family of Brands, a vertically integrated cannabis business in California. She's watched a small businesses have been overtaken by large corporate style players to the point that she fears it's no longer possible potentially for someone like her to even get into the industry. Jesse Betend talked to her shortly after election day about all of this, as well as two recent controversies with both Illinois and California’s social equity programs that both mirror each other, and might mean quite a lot for the future of cannabis regulation from the MORE act onward. MD Numbers, Inc. Website On The High Ground, we feature leaders of the cannabis industry. We talk to everyone from farmers to CEOs, and public officials - anyone making an impact on the cannabis community and beyond. To reach the show: highground@trichomes.com


10 Dec 2020