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Talk Heathen 05.37 09-12-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Mandisa Thomas

Talk Heathen

Welcome and thank you for joining today's show with our very own ObjectivelyDan! We are fortunate to have the one and only Mandisa Thomas with us today who is the founder and president of Black Nonbelievers as our co-host!First up is Michelle in OH who wants to discuss COVID in the black community and the problem with people believing that god will protect children against the virus. Christianity is at the roots of white supremacy which is behind the lack of health care in black communities. Thinking that god will protect us against the virus is like the new version of snake handlers. Historical racial injustice has been a source of mistrust for medical science and vaccines. We have access to world wide data and information so there is no excuse to not get the jab. Next we have Dave in NC who is describing how religious coworkers at a “non religious” boys home would project the fictional ideal of demon possession on the residents. There are many organizations that claim they are non-religious to access the tax benefits. Resources are available and groups that can help such as FFRF and ACLU work on these issues so you do not have to go through these things alone. Next up is Brad in VA talking about his journey to atheism and not feeling comfortable revealing this in a black community. Learning that Christianity was imposed on our ancestors helps to not hold on to the belief as tightly. Many black folks that challenge and come out of religion feel isolated. White people who listen to this show must realize their experience will be different from black nonbelievers who don’t have those cultural molds. Our experiences vary and are important when we come together as a community. Next is Greg in TX who wants to learn more about the term igtheist and the benefits of being atheist when it comes to things like marriage. When god can take on many definitions, the ignostic label helps to mitigate these different definitions and describe the individual thoughts. People must be true to themselves and use the term that describes their own beliefs. This may mean using the term atheist even when there are stigmas attached. As this movement grows, you are likely to meet people who will use these words in slightly different ways. Growing up in Christian society conditions us to believe that the values held are superior in regards to labels and traditions such as marriage. Christian marriages in particular tend to violate human rights. Allison in Canada would like to learn about getting involved with activism for indigenous people. Social media is one of the greatest tools that we have and a great way to generate interest for indigenous nonbelievers. Find out what your long term goals are and become part of groups after doing your homework. Connect with your local secular organizations and also national organizations. Research the guidelines and protocols for your area. That sums it up heathens! We would like to give a special thank you to Mandisa for her insights! For those of you who believe, we don’t hate you. We are just not convinced.

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12 Sep 2021

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E71: Engaging the Black Religious Community with Mandisa Thomas

Recovering From Religion

Premiered Sep 19, 2020In the current climate of Black Lives Matter, dismantling institutional structures and civil unrest, engaging the Black community means more interaction with believers, and having potentially tough conversations. Mandisa Thomas will discuss how to better engage religious counterparts or both personal and professional levels, and why it is important to try and forge working relationships while also standing strong with our nonbelief.Mandisa Thomas is the Founder and President of Black Nonbelievers. She currently serves on the Boards for American Atheists and the American Humanist Association, and facilitates the Morrow, Georgia chapter of Recovering from Religion. In 2019, Mandisa was named the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Heroine, and was the recipient of the Secular Student Alliance’s Backbone Award.  Hosted by Amaia Perez, the RfR Online Programming Director, and Eric Wells, the RfR Support Group Director.Resources List - “Contradiction: A Question of Faith” by Jeremiah Camara- “Coming Out Atheist” by Greta Christina- https://streetepistemology.comMore about Mandisa Thomas - https://blacknonbelievers.com- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackNonbelievers- Twitter: @BNonbelievers - Instagram @bnonbelieversinc - YouTube: @BlackNonbelieversInc--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/recovering-from-religion/message

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5 Sep 2021

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E55: Dating (and other connections) as a Nonbeliever w/ Mandisa Thomas

Recovering From Religion

Dating, seeking romantic partnerships, and establishing personal connections can be extremely challenging. As nonbelievers, it is important to evaluate our approaches and thinking, as well as manage our expectations in order to achieve the types of relationship(s) we want.  Mandisa Thomas will offer advice and insight, as well as discuss possible solutions to assist with dating as a nonbeliever. Mandisa Thomas is the Founder and President of Black Nonbelievers. She currently serves on the Boards for American Atheists and the American Humanist Association, and facilitates the Morrow, GA chapter of Recovering from Religion. In 2019, Mandisa was named the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Heroine, and was the recipient of the Secular Student Alliance’s Backbone Award.  This discussion is hosted by Eric Wells, the RfR Support Group Director, and Amaia Perez, the RfR Online Programming Coordinator. For RfRx comments, inquiries & topical questions, email us at RfRx@recoveringfromreligion.org. Any time you are struggling with religious doubts or fears you can connect with a trained RfR Helpline agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To chat online go to http://www.recoveringfromreligion.org. To talk over the phone, dial: (844) 368-2848 in the US & Canada If you are in need of professional help, we can offer the Secular Therapy Project to provide options to connect with a professional therapist. All therapists have been thoroughly vetted by our organization and offer only evidence-based and non-religious treatment. Connect with them at http://www.seculartherapy.org. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. Volunteer: http://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/volunteer Donate: https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/donate--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/recovering-from-religion/message

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20 Aug 2021

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E39: Coming out as Atheist in 2021 w/ Mandisa Thomas

Recovering From Religion

In the midst of a new Presidential administration and battling a global health pandemic, many atheists still face challenges with openly expressing their views, and fear ostracism from family members and friends. Mandisa Thomas will discuss navigating coming out, the resources available, and also the changing climate of acceptance, and what it means to have “religious freedom”.Mandisa Thomas is the Founder and President of Black Nonbelievers. She currently serves on the Boards for American Atheists and the American Humanist Association, and facilitates the Morrow, Georgia chapter of Recovering from Religion. In 2019, Mandisa was named the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Heroine, and was the recipient of the Secular Student Alliance’s Backbone Award.Hosted by Amaia Perez, the RfR Online Programming Director.  Recorded on February 15th, 2021Discussion resources:https://www.ifyc.org/article/celebrating-nonbelievers-interfaith-america“Coming Out Atheist” by Greta Christina https://www.amazon.com/Coming-Out-Atheist-audiobook/dp/B00JPZDUF8Street Empistemology: https://streetepistemology.comBeing Non-Religions in America: https://www.secularsurvey.orgRfRx - Our Community is Here - USE AND SUPPORT US!!! with Mandisa L. Thomas: https://youtu.be/vkP6C9FL51g   Learn more about Mandisa L. Thomas https://blacknonbelievers.orgYouTube: @BlackNonBelieversInc Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bnonbelieversinc/Twitter: https://twitter.com/bnonbelieversFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackNonbelievers--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/recovering-from-religion/message

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4 Aug 2021

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Black Nonbelievers with Mandisa Thomas

Sacred Tension

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with Mandisa Thomas, founder and president of Black Nonbelievers. We discuss the experience of being a black atheist, the black church in America, racism in the atheist community, and much more.  Find Black Nonbelievers here: https://blacknonbelievers.org/ Become a patron so I can continue my crippling content creation addiction: https://www.patreon.com/StephenBradfordLong Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment or writing an email. If your feedback is excellent I might feature it in my monthly Best Comments series. https://stephenbradfordlong.com/contact/ My work is sponsored by The Satanic Temple TV: a streaming platform featuring documentaries, livestreams, conversation, rituals, and more. Use my code SACREDTENSION at checkout to get one month free. https://thesatanictemple.tv/ Read my dozens of articles on Satanism, skepticism, religion, etc.: https://stephenbradfordlong.com/ Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/PrDU4zx Find other Rock Candy podcasts: https://www.rockcandyrecordings.com/ The music is by The Jellyrox: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7uO3W7ZaXXbVS1xfuNSX2c?si=rRsDof58Q4mwO5VLqysgKg And Eleventyseven: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6QcsVvR5z15HL7FT4QF2KD?si=8aPrj9TPT4WjfpifYBXOOQ Join my mailing list: https://mailchi.mp/26d6f66bc739/stephenbradfordlong Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephenblong


30 May 2021

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The Atheist Experience 25.17 04-25-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Mandisa Thomas

The Atheist Experience

Welcome to The Atheist Experience. For today’s show, we have Mandisa Thomas joining Matt Dillahunty to field your calls.First up, Frank in Hong Kong asks advice about lying to family about his religion, he is ex-Muslim and has a strained relationship with his family. We encourage all atheists to come out, only if they are comfortable and safe.Jedidiah in WA argues god exists because concepts in your brain exist in reality. Have you heard of equivocation fallacies? There exists a concept of a unicorn in my mind, but unicorns don’t exist in reality. You are confusing the map for the place.Jake in TN argues that Christianity is a reasonable belief to hold. He goes on to claim the bible is “100% god breathed”. Uh oh, the “context” argument for slavery. Stop listening to apologists and read your bible, start at Exodus 21.Chris in OK asks if we believe the apostles were martyred. Someone dying for a belief has no bearing on the validity of that belief, just that someone was willing to die for that belief. We don’t have a way to assess their beliefs. It’s just a story from a book passed down through copies and translations. The story doesn’t make sense, why can’t god appear and clear all this up?Zander in OR wanted to talk about the Dawkins tweets. Matt has covered the topic, today’s not the day for that.Michael in FL argues the bible is a good educational tool mainly because it uses poetry, analogies, and metaphors to convey a topic. The perfect word of god should be clear, not full of parables and analogies? If man wrote the bible, how can you tell what is from god or from man?John in CA argues he could solve any “stumper” we have with Christianity. Why won't god reveal himself. Yeah...we’re not accepting that humanity has to end before that happensEvelyn in OR asks why we lack beliefs in any gods. Simply put, we haven't seen any good evidence for gods. We’ll believe once there is evidence.Jude in TX claims the bible doesn't condone slavery. We cover this topic a ton and we are past time, sorry.Lastly, Phee in GA asks if there are circumstances where tactful discrimination is warranted for people that are religious, anti-humanist, and/or detrimental to humanity? There are times where you may need to exclude people from groups but not to just discriminate out of hand. We would be open to conversing, arguing, or presenting evidence. However, there should be consequences if they are a danger to other humans.Continue to stay safe, get fully vaccinated, and wear those masks so we can see ya next week!

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25 Apr 2021

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Talk Heathen 05.16 04-18-2021 with Eric Murphy and Mandisa Thomas

Talk Heathen

Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen Mandisa Thomas joins Eric Murphy in the co-host chair. Welcome back Mandisa, it’s great to see you!Let’s get to calls! Hermer from New York would like to talk about how atheism is useless and how he respects individual atheists but not atheism. He goes on to say he doesn’t like atheist sorcerers, oh myyyy. And he’s gone. He hung up because he didn’t get to talk to Vi. What an interesting start to the show.Jes in Louisiana is up next, he would like to talk about how to talk to his mom about his atheism when his mom constantly projects her views. This definitely sounds like a very one sided conversation and you have every right to set boundaries around the conversations with her.Kathy in Pennsylvania is calling about how politicians and leaders use religion (specifically Christianity and politicians in the US) as a shield in the face of atrocities and inequality.Mark in Canada is curious about spirit guides and he believes in spirits and spirit guides, life after death, and that mediums exist. Eric asks, is this all in your head? Pack it up folks, he claims he communicates with the other side!Samuel in Maine wonders about hypocrisy in church. Such as pastors demonizing LGBTQ folk from the pulpit and then being caught in compromising situations. He sounds frustrated about it and wants to hear our take on it.Sheva in Virginia would like to talk about his deconversion and how to talk to his wife about it. He is concerned about how to convince them it is ok. An added hurdle, this was an arranged marriage within the Hindu faith.That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, and sign up to get your vaccine. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

1hr 36mins

18 Apr 2021

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142 - There is Power in Reclaiming Your Life with Mandisa Thomas

Twisted Sisterds

Join Nicole and Becky this week as they talk with Mandisa Thomas about growing up during a time of change, seeing religion from an outsider's perspective, and not waiting for problems to resolve themselves.The documentaries that Mandisa mentioned: Contradiction, Holy HierarchyMandisa Thomas is the founder and President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc.Find and follow Mandisa on Twitter @mandy0904 or Facebook @mandisalateefah and support her work on Patreon.You can hear Mandisa answer our 10 goofy questions by becoming a $5 patron at patreon.com/twistedsisterds.If you have questions or want to chat with us, tweet at us @twistedsisterds or drop a comment on our Facebook page, or better yet, head over to Patreon and become a $1 or more subscriber to join the Twisterds Tavern private FB group. We always enjoy sharing our magick.Subscribe and drop us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts.Support us at patreon.com/twistedsisterds to join our private FB group the Twisterds Tavern, get Sisterds swag, and even shape the content of the episodes.Tweet at us@TwistedSisterdsFollow us on Instagram@twistedsisterdsFollow us on Facebookfacebook.com/sisterdspodcastTwisted Sisterds is now part of the Wild Goose GooseCast Network, a network of faith based podcasts discussing issues of inclusion and social justice. To learn more about The Wild Goose Festival, go to wildgoosefestival.orgThis episode was edited by Natalie Wells.Theme song by Michael Baysinger, cover performance by Key and Nuts.Logo by Cheyenne Davis at Chey's Designs.Transition bumpers by Sean Ozee.Outro music by Andy Moore.


9 Feb 2021

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The Atheist Experience 25.02 01-10-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Mandisa Thomas

The Atheist Experience

Welcome back to another Atheist Experience. Today Matt Dillahunty is Joined by Mandisa Thomas! Mandisa is the founder and president of Black Nonbelievers and they are having their 10th Anniversary Celebration in New Orleans and online January 15-17. Make sure to attend!Our first caller, Enoch in PA asks if we would become christians if the bible was all proven true. That’s a hard no, there are too many horrible things in that book. Do you not see how abusive it is that you would rather serve an evil god than suffer in a hell? Your god should denounce the immoral crap in the bible. Neil in ID claims it’s morally repugnant that a god would allow someone to live apart from all goodness and there are supernatural things. Supernatural is not synonymous with unexplainable. If you imagined something under duress, how is that a supernatural vision? If there is a god, we wouldn’t have to argue the existence of the supernatural. Leeroy in MN claims to have been an atheist but experienced god and changed his mind. His experience was a conversation with god but can’t answer a simple question about it. Moving on…Kevin in OR asks if we were submerged underwater for 10 minutes would we be alive. That would depend on lots of variables. Think your question through next time before you try to “get us”. Paul in MI asks why truth matters from an atheist perspective, if we are just all compost in the end. It matters if a bus is coming at you when you are crossing the street. Just because something is going to cease to exist doesn't mean it doesn't have value. We have to deal with reality on reality’s terms. Austin in TX asks if either host has had a religious experience. Yes, they have, but that term is super broad. Our hosts share their “religious” experiences, explainable completely naturally or scientifically. Carl in NC asks why so many black people embrace christianity? Mandisa explains the history of forcing religion on slaves, oppression of black people, and the community services that the church provided. Research into those histories to delve into it more. Not everyone can be reasoned out of religious beliefs. Derek in NV argues that intentionality is built into the fabric of the universe, assuming that naturalism is false. Proof of something isn’t the denial of naturalism. Quit dodging the questions, you haven’t begun to demonstrate that intentionality is built into the structure of the universe. Lastly, Robert in the UK asked why do we allow theists to speculate about morality. We let anyone talk about anything! When they do talk about morality, you can point out where we have the moral high ground. Thanks for tuning in, we are so glad you joined us today. Donate to Black Nonbelievers and don’t forget to get tickets at https://blacknonbelievers.com/bns10th2021/

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11 Jan 2021

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#1.17 - Mandisa Thomas: Founder of Black Nonbelievers, on Atheism, Christianity's White Supremacy Problem, and Organizing for Change

Hard to Believe - A Podcast About Belief

Mandisa Thomas is the founder of Black Nonbelievers – a nonprofit that connects Black Americans and their allies who are living free of religion and might otherwise be shunned by family and friends in a caring, friendly, and informative environment. The group now has chapters in 14 major cities across the country. Mandisa serves on the board of directors for the American Humanist Association, and has been recognized as the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association’s 2018 Person of the Year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Heroine for 2019, and the Secular Student Alliance’s 2019 Backbone Award winner.She talked to John about why she believes Christianity can't be unlinked from white supremacy, why she took on the role of helping other Black atheists come out of the closet, and the importance of putting people first and keeping the momentum of this moment alive.  Mandisa on Twitter Black Nonbelievers on Twitter Black Nonbelievers on Instagram


2 Sep 2020