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#26 Moderna Divison Round Robin Recap, Pfizer Maps and Predictions

Red Spartan Halo Podcast

Jimmy and Trax recap the wild Friday night tournament, they discuss the Moderna Division Round Robin. Congrats to Egiap for winning the division!! They then talked about the upcoming Pfizer division Round Robin this Friday at 9pm est and made some predictions. In an interesting turn of topics, the two celebrated the 6 month anniversary of the official launch of the podcast while discussing some changes that will be coming soon! We hope you enjoy! Discord: https://discord.gg/SJXGtaqN 

2hr 29mins

6 May 2021

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Daggermetrics E082: 2020 NFL Fantasy Guide Part 1, Marlins Hot Streak, Cardinals Playing Catch Up, 7 Inning Double Headers, NHL Qualifying Round and Round Robin Recap and more


魔球理论班 第082期 (00:00:24) 开场 (00:00:59) 砸老师又来理论班,马林鱼活蹦乱跳领游国东 (00:09:44) 一日双赛七局制对球队续航力和战术的影响 (00:16:39) 坐监半个多月的红雀该如何追赶赛程进度 (00:21:47) 大联盟严防死守不当使用录像室,球队球员实时研讨受影响是否矫枉过正 (00:25:23) 理论班之2020赛季NFL Fantasy节目Part One,Ric首次造访理论班 (00:27:05) 萌新入门饭大喜福特宝的思路,怎样借鉴数据来选球员,机会成本思想要掌握,总码数、总档数和总机会次数相当重要,跑卫是关键,外接手可替代性高,高位慎选近端锋 (00:39:57) 别笑!新手认真学机选,本赛季推荐跑卫、外接手有哪些?氪金网站PFF在饭大喜里有什么用?Gurley和Bell就当你不认识吧,Godwin短传等着发财,Diggs转队后看衰,新冠赛季球员自律性也很重要(说得就是你OBJ) (01:04:32) 欧皇游骑兵抽中状元,纽约未来最能打的球队是______? (01:06:40) 季后赛资格轮排名轮回顾,飓风横扫游骑兵 (01:10:32) 加拿大人爆冷掀翻企鹅,后防形同虚设的美洲豹被岛人捅穿 (01:16:07) 刺激万分!专克蓝衣的蓝衣五场大战枫叶晋级 (01:21:09) 黑十二剧本不独美,油人被黑鹰掀翻,“特别的两个”无能为力 (01:24:53) 郊狼没有总经理照样打翻掠夺者,加人进攻火力撕碎老迈狂野,喷气机折损核心大将无力反抗火焰 (01:33:24) 东西部常规赛霸主排名轮荒腔走板,飞人夺冠预订?棕熊蓝调发生了啥?

1hr 42mins

16 Aug 2020

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Episode 47: Caps vs Flyers Round Robin Recap

On the Money

Caps were shit Flyers weren’t --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/e-money-sullivan/support


7 Aug 2020

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Episode 46: Caps vs Lightning round robin recap

On the Money

The boys are back in action!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/e-money-sullivan/support


4 Aug 2020

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Batman & Robin Recap - The Oz Network Movies

The Oz Network - TV & Film Recaps

Get ready for perhaps the best movie ever to do in BAD MOVIE MONTH as we get to do another Arnie film in the 1997 movie that basically killed Batman for nearly a decade, Batman & Robin. Why do Ben & Colin actually really love this movie? Why should people appreciate this movie more? How great is Uma Thurman? How great is Arnold Schwarzenegger? How crap is George Clooney? How crap is Chris O'Donnell? How crap is Alicia Silverstone? Does this movie belong in another decade instead of the 90s? Who is the hockey team from hell? Why do the shoes Batman & Robin wear have skates in them? What is the deal with Gotham City being so weirdly set out? Are we glad that Alfred has such an expanded role this time around? Is it way too obvious that Batman & Robin are in a relationship? What is the deal with the telescope? How would we rate all the Batman movies together? And just what crazy thing will the boys do at the end of this movie that will leave you questioning their thought process? Get your puns ready and your bat nipples out for one hell of a ride!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

2hr 58mins

23 Apr 2020

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Round Robin Recap and Series Finale Preview

Coqui Baseball

Coqui Baseball is back for 2019! Catch up on the action from the LBRC Round Robin playoffs and setting up the championship series between the Mayagüez Indians and Santurce Crabbers. Daily championship series updates on leftonbase.blog and Twitter: @melmora_ Music written, recorded and produced by Vasquez / Vodovoz: https://bit.ly/2S3M6zS


21 Jan 2019

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Pupcast - Robin Recap & Pride Preview


We are moving to Thursdays! Before we do join us for our first Pupcast! A short episode to give us a moment and make sure we touch on any lingering details from the previous episode. We also take this time to have general wishbone discussion, and supply a small preview for the next episode. Pupcasts will air on the off weeks between normal episodes. That means more John and Christian, now once a week! On thursdays! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Dec 2016