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Healthy Conversations with Larry Levine

The Why And The Buy

Another big name and great friend of the show comes in for his leg of the victory lap - Larry Levine. No one knows about selling from the heart, better than him. He literally wrote the book on it. Larry talks about leading with authenticity, empathy and connection, and boils it down to the simple term: healthy conversations. To look at it from the viewpoint of the best conversations you have in your personal life, and bringing those elements to your sales conversations. He explains that salespeople are great with product knowledge and company knowledge, but often lack business knowledge and how to speak to decision makers effectively. This episode is filled with wisdom and thought-provoking moments, all delivered with Larry’s signature wit and humor. Find out more about Larry Levine Check out Jeff's premium podcast Deeper Thought  Use Promo code 2021 and save $20 off your first year. WANT MORE WHY AND THE BUY? Join our new listener group for discussions about episodes and other helpful resources for your business! Get access to the greenroom. Go behind the scenes with past, present and future guests! Follow us on LinkedIn! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review our podcast. It only takes a second and helps us make more podcasts for you.


24 Nov 2021

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#26. Selling From the Heart Author Larry Levine – How to Sell Authentically through Care and Emotion

The Savage Leader Podcast

In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Larry Levine, Author of Selling from the Heart. Larry discusses what it means to sell from the heart, the importance of authenticity and substance in sales, what "heartset" is and how to develop it, and more.Selling from the Heart’s mission is to bring authenticity and substance to the sales profession. Selling from the Heart brings a fresh way to think about sales performance and complements organizations’ existing sales tactics and processes by adding substance.Show Notes:How College Chemistry Led Larry into Sales [1:15]Where Larry Learned His Authentic Approach to Sales [4:18]How Self Education Played a Significant Role In Larry’s Success [7:50]Why You Should Read Everyday For 30 Minutes [9:28]What it Means to Sell From the Heart [17:55]What it Means to Have Heartset and How to Develop It [20:34]What You Can Do to Bring More Care and Emotion to Your Sales Process [24:43]The Power of Vulnerability in Sales [29:42]How You Can Practically Practice Vulnerability [31:32]Why You Should Fire Yourself on Friday Evening and Hire Yourself Sunday Night [32:43]What’s Next for Selling From the Heart [38:46] Links:Selling from the Heart Company Website: https://www.sellingfromtheheart.net/Selling from the Heart Book Website: https://www.sellingfromtheheart.net/bookLarry Levine on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/selling-from-the-heart-podcast/


14 Oct 2021

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Larry Levine: Selling from the Heart

Redefining Sales with Abbie White

Get ready to learn from the sales master himself, Larry Levine.Larry Levine is the best-selling author of Selling from the Heart and the co-host of the Selling from the Heart Podcast. With 30 years of in-the-field sales experience within the B2B technology space, he knows what it takes to be a successful sales professional.In this episode with Larry we unpack:How selling from the heart came to lifeThe fundamental difference between sales reps and sales professionalsLearning how to fish digitallyHow to use content as a prospecting toolThe keys to high performance salesMeet Larry Larry Levine is the best-selling author of Selling from the Heart and the co-host of the Selling from the Heart Podcast.With 30 years of in-the-field sales experience within the B2B technology space, he knows what it takes to be a successful sales professional.In a post trust sales world, Larry Levine helps sales teams leverage the power of authenticity to grow revenue, grow themselves and enhance the lives of their clients.Larry has coached sales professionals across the world, from tenured reps to new millennials entering the salesforce. They all appreciate the practical, real, raw, relevant, relatable and “street–savvy” nature of his coaching. Larry is not shy when it comes to delivering his message.Larry is leading a revolution and a movement of authenticity, integrity, and substance in the sales profession.Larry believes people would rather do business with a sales professional who sells from the heart as opposed to a sales rep who is an empty suit.Where to find Larry:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larrylevine1992/Website: sellingfromtheheart.net/Podcast: sellingfromtheheartpodcast.com/Larry's Book: amzn.to/2Mvdrd1Twitter: Larry1Levine

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6 Oct 2021

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Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business with Larry Levine

Making Sales Social Podcast

Visit the Selling from the Heart website and connect with Larry Levine on LinkedIn and Twitter!


31 Aug 2021

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Larry Levine of Wall Street Prison Consultants

Criminal Justice Cafe

This week, Jacquie talks to Larry Levine of Wall Street Prison Consultants about their different approaches to preparing clients for their sentence. 

1hr 19mins

9 Aug 2021

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Selling To and From the Heart -- A Conversation with Larry Levine

Stop the Sales Drop Podcast with Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber

Most sales and marketing teams are speaking at accounts and at buyers. That's why we added "Personal" to our company name - Personal ABM. It's about speaking to and with the buyers at accounts you want to win, protect and expand. Today we're going to discuss how you should reboot your social, email and live selling conversations so you are more authentic, you have more integrity, you add more substance and you make a stronger connection with buyers.  Listen to this conversation between Kristina Jaramillo and Larry Levine -  author of Selling from the Hear. You'll learn:1. What it means to be selling "to" and "from" the heart as both are needed to make a real connection with buyers.2.  How business is personal and the more personal you make it, the faster you will connect with buyers at the heart level and the faster you will win their hearts, minds, and wallets. 3.  The modern myths that many sales leaders believe which has them approaching and engaging buyers in ways that do not often lead to a closed deal.4. How  we need to be more intentional on platforms like LinkedIn and sell from and to the heart.5. How are sales teams missing the mark with social, email, and live conversations by just personalizing vs. getting personally relevant?6. How we should be adding value and substance with each social, email, and live interaction.Here Are Additional Resources to Help You Sell "to" and "From" the Heart:How to Make Every Sales and Marketing Interaction with Buyers ImpactfulEvolving Sales and Marketing Messaging, Content and ConversationsRehumanizing Sales and Marketing: A Conversation with Ethan BeuteSocial Prospecting Guide by Personal ABM and VanillaSoft


28 Jul 2021

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Scott Schilling Speaks with "Selling from the Heart" Author Larry Levine - S2 Episode 24

Scott Schilling Speaks

Scott Sits down and talks with Larry Levine. With 27 years of in-the-field B2B sales experience in the technology industry, Larry knows what it takes to be successful. He’s successfully sold office technology, document management solutions, and managed services to customers ranging from up-and-down the street accounts for Fortune 500 companies. Scott Schilling sits down with today's movers, shakers and money makers as they share the tips, techniques and strategies that have allowed them to become the best of the best in their particular field of expertise.


26 Jul 2021

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Street Justice - Larry Levine

Street Justice

1hr 58mins

25 Jun 2021

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#171. Throwback - Know When to Be Vulnerable and Ask for Help with Larry Levine

Sales Secrets

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30 May 2021

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#082: Larry Levine - Why Authenticity is a Lifestyle and Is Not a Life Switch

Scale Your Sales Podcast

My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast says, in a world of empty suits, he is leading a revolution of authenticity, integrity, and substance in the sales profession. He is the author of the Best Selling Book, Selling From the Heart and the Co-Host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Larry Levine.  00:00 Why Authenticity is a Lifestyle and Is Not a Life Switch. 04:09 Why Larry is helping businesses adapt to the pandemic, working on mindset, heart set and skill set. 06:51 Why not many people can truly engage in a normal conversation that transitions to a sale conversation? 11:15 Hear why authenticity is a lifestyle, it's not a life switch. 13:55 More about Larry's book: Selling from the Heart, and the phrase “empty suits”. 16:45 Why Larry's advice is “care about things that you really care about”. 20:27 why asking the question: we've identified a problem; what have we done internally to discover it? 23:58 Why Larry encourages everybody to think about what’s your relationship looks like. 27:41 End https://www.linkedin.com/in/larrylevine1992/ https://www.sellingfromtheheart.net/larry-levine


26 Apr 2021