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AAB 001 - Unpacking the Cold IPA with Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Beer

All About Beer

Welcome to the All About Beer podcast hosted by Em Sauter and Don Tse. On each episode the duo dives deep into a specific topic in beer with experts in the field. On this episode they examine the Cold IPA with Kevin Davey, of Wayfinder Beer, who is credited with creating the style. From the specs and flavor, process and debunking myths, this show will explain and examine every facet of craft beer's newest style. This Episode is Sponsored by:Athletic Brewing CompanyAthletic Brewing Company’s award-winning, craft, non-alcoholic beers are fit for all times. Down time, work time, game time, even gym time. Pick a time and grab an Athletic, because it’s about time you could enjoy a great-tasting brew, any time you want. Even right now. Head to athleticbrewing.com and get some fresh brews delivered. New customers can even get 20% off with code AllAboutBeer20 and free shipping on two 6-packs or more.For original articles or to read the vast archives or to check out All About Beer.  follow us on Twitter @allaboutbeer and Instagram @allaboutbeer. Support Journalism by visiting our Patreon Page. Hosts: Em Sauter and Don Tse Guest: Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Beer Sponsors: Athletic Brewing Co. Tags: Cold IPA, Oregon, Lager, Hops, Brewing The following music was used for this media project:Music: Awesome Call by Kevin MacLeodFree download: https://filmmusic.io/song/3399-awesome-callLicense (CC BY 4.0): https://filmmusic.io/standard-licenseArtist website: https://incompetech.com


28 Jul 2022

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🆕 Trading System Then And Now 2021 with Kevin Davey

How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by 10minutestocktrader.com

Ready to Take the guesswork out of trading? Check out https://www.aistocktradingsystem.com If you want to find out more about the trading system then and now 2021    visit: https://kjtradingsystems.com/ Check Kevin Davey's books on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o https://amzn.to/2VWUF3o This video is presenting the trading system then and now 2021   but also try to cover the following subject: -trading system  -trading strategies  -Kevin Davey Youtube is the very best website to visit when looking for videos about the trading systems then and now 2021. The trading system then and now 2021 is undoubtedly something that intrigues you and other people so I made this video. Follow our video clips regarding trading systems, trading strategies, and Kevin Davey and also various other similar subjects on Facebook: facebook.com/10minutetrading Instagram: instagram.com/10minutetrading Now that you have watched my YT vid regarding the trading system then and now 2021 has it assisted? Please share on Facebook the YT video to help your friends looking for a trading system or trading strategies :) My Name is Christopher Uhl and I'm an Award-Winning Trader, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, and Coach that partners with entrepreneurial traders and everyday investors looking to get ahead around the world to help them change their financial futures. Follow these steps to get started on your journey to becoming a 10 Minute Trader too! Step #1: Get the 100% FREE secret weapon that investors all over the world are using to start changing their financial future here: https://www.triplestockprofits.com Step #2: Want to See How We Use Artificial Intelligence To Get Win Rates As High as 90%, Without Wasting Any Time on Useless and Obsolete Technical Analysis... Go Right Now to https://www.finclub.ai and see for yourself how they take the guesswork out of trading! Step #3 Do you have the premier options, trading broker? If you have any other brokers, I want you to stop and go to https://www.trytastyworks.com right now. I have an incredible offer for you, just sign up for a FREE account with Tastyworks using offer code 10MINUTE and I will give you nearly $1,500 in FREE bonuses just for creating a FREE account! It doesn't get any easier than that! Step #4 This Is The BEST Charting Platform I've Ever Used, Get 15% (or more!) Off Your First Year! TRENDSPIDER - The Future of Trading Software https://trendspider.10minutestocktrader.com Step #5 Get A FREE Copy Of The Book I Use As My Business Plan To Grow From Zero to Seven Figures... Expert Secrets - Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World... https://expertsecrets.10minutestocktrader.com For more information please visit: https://www.10minutestocktrader.com/legal


27 Aug 2021

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【交易員 #7】Kevin Davey:火箭科學家彎道超車,不修理火箭跑來修理散戶?

緯度上的投資學 | 宏觀經濟與金融交易分析

今天我們談的交易員 Kevin Davey,他是所謂的『火箭科學家』:這群人因為越戰韓戰結束,沒有了工作,許多人後來到華爾街投入金融市場。一起來看看這群世界最聰明的人,他們提出來的交易方法吧! 歡迎加入 Line 社群,和我們一起討論:https://line.me/ti/g2/uSTx4YKaRQJS6tkNzJPxjA 本集文章連結:https://reurl.cc/gWzzrQ


5 Jun 2021

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187: “How to spot a trading scam” – Kevin Davey

Better System Trader

Algorithmic trader Kevin Davey discusses the sneaky tactics trading scammers use to trick people and how you can spot a fraud and protect yourself, including: How to check if testimonials are real, Some simple ways to tell if a trader really is trading live as they claim, How to spot fake trading strategies, Trading gurus who report unrealistic returns and flaunt fake wealth, Websites you can use to check if trading educators are scammers, Why teach if you can trade, Fake trendlines and cherry-picked examples for books, Plus, Paypal refunds, money back guarantees, audited trading records, realistic rates of return, reputable trading educators, the old hedge fund trader/caravan park scam, and much more.

1hr 11mins

5 May 2021

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175: Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Sets the Record Straight on “Cold IPA”

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

Kevin Davey doesn’t understand why Wayfinder’s “Cold IPA” has gone viral in brewing circles. This proponent of genre bending approaches to brewing that respect tradition but recombine elements of tradition in curious ways has been vocal in the past about what they’re doing—making “IPA” in a way that respects the flavor while twisting the technique. They haven’t been hiding anything, so why the hubbub now? The beer that seems to be the center of the brewing internet’s latest furor is Relapse, a beer they’ve dubbed a “Cold IPA” (much to the chagrin of those IPL advocates and style guide purists who insist nothing of the sort can exist). It’s definitely not “traditional”—mashed with a grist of 30% rice, fermented with 34/70 lager yeast, and krausened with pils or helles wort when dry-hopped, it doesn’t appear on paper to be connected to the broader school of west coast IPA. But taste it and you’ll understand how these curious methods produce a beer that feels perfectly aligned with the conceptual ideas that have driven west coast IPA for the past two decades. It's worth noting, of course, that the beer in question—Relapse Cold IPA—was a Craft Beer & Brewing beer of the year for 2020. The quality and technical execution of the beer is beyond reproach, and the creativity in process is, of course, just icing on the cake. In this genre-busting episode, Davey discusses: The impact of step mashing on yeast health and effective fermentation Using American malt for higher enzyme component to work with rice and corn adjuncts when cereal mashing The benefit of brewing with rice Importance to flavor and aroma of boiling hops (and not just dry hopping) Balancing fruitiness and bitterness in hoppy beers Fermenting during dry hopping to encourage hop creep and to dry out the beer, and krausening with pilsner or helles Finding language that does justice to the intent of a beer in a way that connects with consumers “I loved California West Coast IPA when I first started in the industry,” says Davey. “And so I’m like ‘What if we just take that further? Let’s make it even clearer. Let’s make it even less caramel-y. Let’s make it even dryer.’ That’s why—on the can—we say it’s ‘wester than west coast,’ because we’re taking all the things that are already west coast and we’re just pushing them a little bit further.” *This episode is brought to you by: * G&D Chillers (https://gdchillers.com): As the brewing industry’s premier choice for glycol chilling, G&D Chillers has set the standard on quality, service, reliability and dedication to their customer’s craft. New this year, Redundancy meets Efficiency! G&D’s Micro-Channel Condensers are built with all aluminum construction which eliminates galvanic corrosion. Using half the refrigerant of conventional condensers with fewer brazed connections, translates to a lower GWP and less opportunity for leaks. Call G&D Chillers today to discuss your project or reach out directly at GDChillers.com. BSG (https://bsgcraftbrewing.com/) Rahr North Star Pils—a new base malt to set your compass by. Rahr North Star Pils is crafted for brewers looking for a domestic pilsner malt with low color and low modification. North Star Pils carries overtones of honey and sweet bread, supported by flavors and aromas of hay and nutty character. Suitable for any beer style, but particularly craft brewed versions of classic lagers. Let Rahr North Star Pils guide your craft by visiting bsgcraftbrewing.com, or contact them at 1.800.374.2739. Old Orchard (https://www.oldorchard.com/brewer): The world of craft beer is a different place now. Margins are more important than ever, so why not lower your ingredient cost? Craft juice concentrates from Old Orchard are the cost-effective solution for your fruit-forward needs. Old Orchard produces high volumes of their retail juice brand, so economies of scale keep prices low for their bulk supply program. A little concentrate goes a long way, and you won't lose some of it through filtering like you would with purees. To start increasing your margins now, head on over to www.oldorchard.com/brewer. Brewery DB® (https://www.marketmybrewery.com): For years, BreweryDB® has been the industry’s only professionally curated source of brewery and beer information. In 2019, over one million tap room visits were made by craft fans searching for breweries on BreweryDB.com! In early 2021, BreweryDB® will unveil an all-new experience to help craft lovers get back on the brewery trail! To take full advantage of the enhanced marketing power of BreweryDB® – and to increase your tap room traffic, visit MarketMyBrewery.com, that’s MarketMyBrewery.com. It’s easy and it’s free! ABS Commercial (https://www.abs-commercial.com): ABS Commercial is excited to be a part of today’s Podcast! ABS is a full brewery outfitter offering brewhouses, tanks, keg washers and small parts. As a part of ABS Commercials on going give back campaign, they will be giving away an ABS Keg Viking Keg Washer in June, so make sure to periodically check the ABS Commercial Facebook page to find out when the contest opens up and how you can enter to win a Keg Viking!Support Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

1hr 13mins

25 Feb 2021

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Episode 20 | Kevin Davey - algo trader


In today’s session Kevin Davey talks to me about how he went from being an "awful discretionary trader" many years ago to the award-winning and highly successful algo trader he is today.  Even though I doubt I’m going to be writing code any time soon, I was really curious to find out more about this way of trading. Just how difficult is it? Not surprisingly, you need to have some understanding of trading and some aptitude for writing code for the strategies you devise. Then again, many of Kevin’s students hadn’t written any code before attending his classes – and it didn’t stop them from becoming successful algo traders. As with most things, curiosity, patience and perseverance are key. Enjoy the conversation.Support the show


5 Feb 2021

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Trailer to Episode 20 | Kevin Davey


This is a clip from my session with trader and educator Kevin Davey. As you just heard, by his own admission, Kevin was "an awful discretionary trader" – but he gets the last laugh because, after switching to systemising his trading, he not only broke the cycle of yearly net losses, he became an award-winning algo trader. If you’re even remotely curious about the use of code in trading, listen to the full episode here.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/penrakespodcasts)


5 Feb 2021

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Episode 299 - Kevin Davey, Wayfinder Beer

Steal This Beer

Episode 299 - Kevin Davey, Wayfinder Beer Happy 2021, Thieves! We’ve made it across the line to a new year and we’re happy to share our first show with you. This week we’re welcoming Kevin Davey of Portland’s Wayfinder Beer to the show to talk about lagers, “Cold IPA’s”, and all things low-temp fermentation. It’s a fun talk and a great way of easing into the start of a new year before celebrating our 300th episode (!!!) next week. Tune in and let us know what you think!***As always, you can email your questions, complaints, whimpers, or whines to us at stealthisbeerpodcast@gmail.com. We read everything we get and we'll try to respond as quickly as we can. If not online, then on air. And THANKS! You can subscribe to STB on iTunes and PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!!! Co-hosts: Augie Carton & John Holl Producer: Justin Kennedy Engineer: Brian Casse Music: "Abstract Concepts - What Up in the Streets" by Black Ant.

4 Jan 2021

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170: How to detect when a trading strategy is failing – Kevin Davey

Better System Trader

Ever had a strategy that looked like it was broken and wondered if you should stop trading it or not? Strategy failure (or periods of poor performance) are just a part of trading, but how you deal with it can have a HA-YUGE impact on your overall results… so how do you detect when a strategy is failing? How do you work out if you should stop trading it or just give it some more time? In this episode of BST Live, trading champion Kevin Davey joins us to discuss how to detect when a strategy is failing, including: • Why looking at a single equity curve is not giving you the full picture, • How to determine the potential ranges of future strategy performance, • Using Statistical Process Control to monitor trading strategies and which metrics are best, • How Probability Cones can give traders a more informed view of strategy performance (and when a strategy could be broken), • What do to when a strategy over-performs (the answer may not be what you think!), • Should you turn a strategy back on if it recovers after extremely poor performance, • How a really good backtest can actually be a predictor of bad performance, • Plus, much more!

1hr 15mins

28 Oct 2020

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Beers on Us Episode 112: Festbier w/ Kevin Davey from Wayfinder

Beers on Us with Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris

Kevin Davey, Headmaster Brewer at Wayfinder, joins Mike and Patrick to talk Festbier's and much more!

1hr 6mins

8 Oct 2020