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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joachim Kroll. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joachim Kroll, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joachim Kroll. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joachim Kroll, often where they are interviewed.

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A Bloodymess - Krolling with Joachim Kroll

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Apologies for the the delay but here we are with a brand new episode!  Join the boys as they discuss the story of the West German Serial killer/cannibal, Joachim Kroll!  Not to be confused with the German ballsack sniffing football coach, Joachim Low

Aug 13 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Joachim Kroll | The West German Cannibal

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I take you back to my home continent, Europe. Western Europe’s most populous country is Germany, and that is where we travel. The time period stretches from the dystopian terror-regime of the nazis to the bleak post-war industrial period dominated by the cold war. I am of course talking about Joachim Kroll – the West German Cannibal. In his mother-tongue simply known as the Duisburger Menschenfresser. To donate to the podcast: https://www.patreon.com/theserialkillerpodcast

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Aug 02 2020 · 39mins

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197 - Serial Killer: Joachim Kroll

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Wow. THIS guy! Joachim Kroll is one of the most disturbing serial killers we've covered so far. And if you've listened to the Albert Fish and Toybox Killer episodes, you know that is saying A LOT. From 1955 to 1976, this German rapist, murderer, and cannibal is thought to have killed at least 14 people and probably killed more than 30 people - almost all of them young women and girls. Annnnnd, we also dive briefly into other examples of modern cannibals and the details we share are beyond grisly. If you can't handle tales of cannibalism, you're for sure gonna want to sit this one out.  

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Jun 22 2020 · 2hr 1min
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Joachim Kroll , le cannibale de Duisburg !

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Joachim Kroll est né le 17 avril 1933 au cœur du Land de Rhénanie du Nord-Wesphalie, en Allemagne, près de la frontière polonaise. Fils d’un mineur, il est le cadet d’une famille de huit enfants. C’est un garçon chétif, fragile et faible ; il mouille son lit, jusqu’à l’âge de 6 ou 7 ans, on imagine sans peine la honte et la culpabilité qu’il ressent quand sa maman lui change les draps chaque jour devant ses frères et sœurs. Il n’ira à l’école que pendant cinq ans, pas plus ! Son instruction reste très faible et son éducation se fera essentiellement à la ferme où il s’en prend très jeune aux petits animaux qu’il dissèque et se couvre de leurs entrailles.

Vers 1947, la famille Kroll s’enfuit en Occident. Rapidement devenu un jeune adulte, petit de taille avec des lunette bien grosses, Joachim a beaucoup de mal à aborder les femmes, surtout qu’il est solitaire, timide, étrange et renfermé ; il ne plait pas beaucoup. Certes, il a eu une relation avec une jeune fille du voisinage, mais vu sa bizarrerie et son manque de tact, cette relation ne va pas durer longtemps.… Sa mère meurt le 21 janvier 1955. Ce sera l’élément déclencheur, le démon en lui se réveille et se met à la chasse. Trois semaines après, il commet son premier meurtre. Il a alors 22 ans et vit à Bottrop. Sa première victime est une jeune fille de 19 ans du nom d’Imgrad Strehl qu’il va violer avant de la poignarder et d’éviscérer son corps qui va être retrouvé dans une grange à Lüdinghausen. À la même époque, plusieurs autres tueurs opèrent dans la région, ce qui va expliquer pourquoi Kroll ne sera pas inquiété. D’ailleurs, il va bénéficier d’une série de chances incroyables l’accompagnant tout au long de ses méfaits, comme si un ange gardien était avec lui.

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Mar 11 2020 · 12mins

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Joachim Kroll

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Joachim Kroll is a somewhat similar case to Andrei Chikatilo, who's impotency drove him to drastic measures.

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Mar 08 2020 · 21mins
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German Serial Killer Cannibal Joachim Kroll

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In post World War 2 Germany there was a hungry boi, probably what's gonna happen to us all when we get corona virus

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Feb 28 2020 · 1hr 21mins
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The First Victim of Joachim Kroll - February 8 2020 - Today in True Crime History

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Serial killers, often times go undetected for years before a simple mistake leads police to their doorstep. On February 8th 1955 a man took his first victim and he, like many, would go on to commit murder undetected for 10 years. That was, until an off handed comment to a neighbor sent police to his door to make a horrific discovery. Joachim Kroll’s First Victim (1955)

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Feb 08 2020 · 5mins
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Kroll was a fascinating monster who murdered for over 20 years. During his time, he acted out his devious fantasies on victims, rubber dolls and even animals. Joachim was also a cannibal, who said that he looked for victims who looked tasty and tender. Despite all of this, he had a child-like mind, which helped him be perceived as kind to the children in his neighborhood.

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Jan 21 2020 · 18mins
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Joachim Kroll - The Man-Eater of Duisberg

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Episode One of the big spooky podcast is here!
Join Hannah and Christian as they discuss the life and crimes of notorious German serial killer Joachim Kroll AKA "The Man-Eater of Duisberg" 

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Dec 01 2019 · 1hr 1min
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1: Joachim Kroll, The Man-Eater of Duisburg

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Pedophile, rapist, murderer, and cannibal, Joachim Kroll is considered to be one of the most twisted serial killers in Europe in the twentieth century. Between the mid 1950s and the late 1970s, Kroll targeted women and children across West Germany, evading the authorities for years. 
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Oct 31 2019 · 44mins