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Eps. 022 - Flow Self ft Monica Fuentes

SMART Business Show

I am pumped to introduce you guys to my next special guest, Monica Fuentes!Monica is the founder of Flow Self, a life and mindset coaching business that helps entrepreneurs align their businesses with their purpose. Monica has lived quite a life! Going from living in Costa Rica, the States, Italy, and Brazil, to marrying a “Dutchy” and moving to Amsterdam with a 1-month-old.Monica shares how her concept of flow, being in alignment with your purpose and doing that thing, helps her clients reach higher levels of frequency within their lives and businesses. She even goes into detail about how she walks her clients through setting their quarterly goals by reverse engineering how they want to feel at the end. Don’t miss this! This episode is for any entrepreneur that wants to learn more about energetics and how you can see it cultivate the happiness, joy, and abundance that you want to see in your family, your business, and yourself. I am excited for you to hear Monica’s playful approach to setting goals, finding your alignment, and elevating your frequency to higher levels. If you have not already, connect with Monica on Instagram at: @monicafuentescoaching, and check out her website: https://www.monicafuentes.com/aboutThanks for listening and please subscribe and share! 


1 Oct 2021

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36. Human Design with Monica Fuentes. Uncover their unique energetic blueprint and strategically align it with their business and marketing.

A Journey of Self Discovery. Creating a successful online business as a Coach/ Consultant

In the podcast we will learn about how Human Design can help you to build a successful business with ease. Human Design is a tool,a user manual for life, that shows how you’re constituted to make healthy decisions and live as a  unique being. It provides you with information about your own energetic blueprint . It can be used for making decisions and for navigating life and business in a way that is energetically aligned.By knowing your energy type, authority and strategy you can use this information to figure out:How to market your business,How to create contentHow to inform others about your offers tell others about them,How to get visible and attract sales.Book your session with Monica here : https://www.monicafuentes.com/offers/eY2m6GJvBook an Advanced Human Design reading here:  https://www.monicafuentes.com/offers/LH2v2hUYAbout our guest:Monica Fuentes is here to help the closest soul searchers and CEOs. She works with women that crave a holistic rebirth in life based on aligned career/ purpose, authentic style, and limitless mindset.  She is a Master Coach Life & Business Coach, certified in NLP, Hypnosis, EFT. She is also professionally trained in The Human Design System and now helps her clients not only discover their life’s calling but step into the magnetic women they’re meant to be, while taking their business to a whole new level by using the Human Design as  tool to uncover their unique energetic blueprint and strategically align it with their business and marketing.IG: https://www.instagram.com/monicafuentescoaching/Website: www.monicafuentes.comEmail: info@monicafuentes.com


7 Sep 2021

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Monica Fuentes y Luis Jorge Gutiérrez presentan "Voy a luchar" uniendo nuestros países 🇲🇽🇨🇴

De Todo con Say

La cantante Monica Fuentes "el cañón de oro" de Colombia y el compositor Luis Jorge Gutiérrez de Colima México unen sus talentos para la creación de su nuevo tema Voy a Luchar, te invito a escuchar 🇲🇽🇨🇴🎶🌴🎶🔊👌💿😎❤️🔥✨


6 Sep 2021

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Building self confidence with Monica Fuentes

Harmony at Home Parenting podcast

Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be!In today’s episode of Harmony at home, I am talking to the lovely Monica Fuentes from Monica Fuentes coaching. Monica specialises in working with women to help them build self love and body confidence.Looking after children in tough and we all know it. That time you once had for pampering and beauty rituals is probably a thing of the past. Add to that those extra pounds which you have been battling to shift and you there is no surprise that you are lacking in self love and confidence. I know, I have been there myself. Having coached clients around self love and building confidence, I felt inspired to speak to Monica about how a parent can find ways to feel good about themselves again. She is also a mother of two so we both know the deal. Tune in to find out about our experiences and enjoy some words of wisdom and tips to help you along the way. Just a reminder that whatever your struggles, you are not alone! So what do you say, shall we dive right in?!If you would like to reach out to Monica, you can contact her at: https://www.instagram.com/monicafuentescoaching/Stay connected!You can find more of my work on IG at: https://www.instagram.com/ryssdom_coaching/https://www.ryssdom.com/https://linktr.ee/ryssdomcoachingDon't forget to click the subscribe button, so I can help and support more parents with their parenting journey!


25 Aug 2021

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Boundaries as Self Care - Interview with Monica Fuentes

The Audacity Academy

Interview! Self care is not just bubble baths, glasses of wine, and the occasional day off. Self care includes knowing yourself, knowing your values, knowing your standards, and loving and respecting yourself enough to set (and enforce) boundaries - with yourself and others! Monica (@monicafuentescoaching) and I talked about this in-depth in our conversation yesterday. What we covered: 1) A bit of my background and how I began really doing the work around my own boundaries 2) The energetic AND the practical side of boundary setting 3) Where to start with setting boundaries 4) Boundaries as self care 5) Some practical action steps you can take TODAY to start building self-awareness and to begin implementing boundaries into your daily life. I hope you enjoy!


11 Mar 2021