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Ep004: Scott Baker - Massive Memorabilia Collector

Zepfan - All Things Led Zeppelin

Scott Baker has been collecting for more than 40 years and is considered one of the world's largest Led Zeppelin memorabilia collectors. In this episode, he talks about the experiences he has come across in his collecting journey and shares some of his favorite pieces.


24 Oct 2022

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Scott Baker: President and CEO of National Nail | How To Find The Right Team Members

The Wow Factor

Scott is the President and CEO of National Nail. After a successful career with Arthur Andersen, where he rose to the level of Consulting Partner. Scott has led the transformation of National Nail from a regional building material distributor to a global brand manufacturer of patented building products. CAMO, Stinger, and Pro-Fit are now leading and asked for fastening brands offered at major retailers, independent dealers, and roofing wholesalers alike. He is a co-founder of His Barn Ministries, a ministry focused on developing men to address the fathering challenge facing our nation and our community. On The Wow Factor this week, Scott shares his insights on the seven ways of living generously at work and beyond. He shares the eight key character traits of National Nail Corporation, where they came from, and how the team ensures that the people in their company model those qualities. Scott also reveals why nearly 20% of the National Nail Corporation employees are millionaires and how the company supports them to successfully manage their money and prepare for retirement. “I knew one day, I wanted to lead and build something from the inside.” - Scott Baker “Undisciplined people don't make very good co-workers.” - Scott Baker “Courage is one of our traits, and we define it as the willingness to do the difficult - known and unknown.” - Scott Baker This Week on The Wow Factor: Scott’s journey from partner at Arthur Anderson to President and CEO at the National Nail Corporation Personal circumstances that meant Scott needed to take a step back from his role at Arthur Anderson and why he needed to take the financial and ego hit Why Arthur Anderson was an excellent place for Scott to study various different leadership styles How Scott became close to Jesus Christ during a challenging period in his life Why Scott is always sympathetic to people going through change How the National Nail Corporation has changed since Scott came on board and how much their profits have increased over the years Why it’s so important to Scott that National Nail Corporation is 100% employee-owned The four cornerstones of the company and how they were decided on What happens to the employee shares when they retire and how National Nail Corporation sets them up with regular financial advice, so they know how to manage their money in the best way How Scott’s experience as a cancer survivor taught him a lot about himself Why Scott decided to spark extra joy in the giving of his employees by giving them $2500 each to give to others Scott Baker’s Word of Wisdom: The phrase “I believe in you” is so valuable. Those words “I believe in you” can be life-changing if you back it up with your time investment in a young person. Connect with Scott Baker: National Nail Company Website Scott Baker on LinkedIn Connect with The WOW Factor: The WOW Factor Website Connect with Brad Formsma via email Brad Formsma on LinkedIn Brad Formsma on Instagram Brad Formsma on Facebook Brad Formsma on Twitter


19 Oct 2022

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37. Scott Baker on how land value taxes can create more equal opportunities for all

Smart Talk Podcast

Scott Baker is the president of Common Ground-NYC, a Georgist group focusing on social justice and economic equity for all. He is also a blogger for the Huffington Post, as well as the OpEdNews. He has written dozens of articles regarding land speculation and how to improve the real estate market. Together we discussed the economics of real estate, how land value taxes can generate more equal opportunity, and why New York was able to achieve a building boom in the 1920s but not now. To check out more of our content, including our research, visit our website: https://www.hgsss.org/


15 Sep 2022

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Getting to know Author and Wyrd Realities Podcaster, Scott Baker

Wyrd Realities

Join Hadley as she sits down with Scott and some of his fans to find out more about him. https://www.wyrdrealities.net/scott-baker --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wyrd-realities/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wyrd-realities/support


15 Jul 2022

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Truth Wanted 05.23 06-10-2022 with ExXtian Erin and Scott Baker

Truth Wanted

What’s everyone’s favorite day of the week? If you said Friday, you’re correct, and not just because it’s time for Truth Wanted! This week, Erin is joined by atheist content creator Scott Baker.This week’s Patron of the week is Kori K Reine! Thank you for the support Keri, you get the corner piece of lasagna!Melissa’s got a few good reasons that she thinks the USA is a Christian nation. Erin agrees that having Christian events as stat holidays is favoritism, and that political candidates who don’t espouse religious belief stand a far smaller chance of being elected. Scott talks about how the Christian nationalist agenda has twisted formerly secular American traditions.Terry’s up next, and we quickly move from “Christmas is stolen from pagans” to a truly strange and long-winded no true scotsman fallacy. All Christians nations are fake because of the plurality of biblical interpretation? I think? Erin isn’t having it, she interrupts this odd sermon, and Scott quickly pokes a few holes in this caller’s argument before we move on.Next up is Isaiah, he’s got a theist friend, Scott’s got a theist friend, how do we navigate holding opposing beliefs with our pals? Scott thinks maturity is key, and Erin recommends setting boundaries, and sticking to the stuff that made you friends in the first place. Pick your battles Isaiah!Nate in Canada is looking for ideas on handling theists in the workplace, specifically a Muslim subordinate. Balancing the urge to free minds with remaining productive in the workplace is tough, Erin recommends Street Epistemology combined with boundaries and restraint. Scott works from home and hasn’t had this experience, but recommends exposing Nate’s colleague to the ACA’s own former Muslim host, Apostate Prophet! This caller is likely very handsome, and also does show notes for Truth Wanted.That’s the show folks, we’ll see you all next week!

1hr 17mins

11 Jun 2022

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POC After Hours with Mark DeMayo guest Scott Baker

Police Off The Cuff/Real Crime Stories

Scott Baker is a former NYC Police Officer. After having to take an early retirement because of line of duty injury he moved to Hollywood to become an actor. After acquiring his Screen Actors Guild card he moved back to New York and built his second career. Scott is also a great Improv Comedian and is one half of the Baker & Mark comedy team. This is a funny episode and flies by. Loaded with Terrific insight into both professions.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/otcpod1/support

1hr 2mins

20 May 2022

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30: Scott Baker - Managing Director of Baker Group AU

Entrepreneurs Uncut

Scott Baker is the Managing Director of Baker Group AU. A Hospitality and Commercial Catering Equipment Service, specialising in repairs and maintenance to air quality systems. In this episode, Scott shares his Entrepreneurial journey and tells us the highs and lows of running a National company.linkedin.com/in/scott-baker-3668b0146 bakergroupau.com.au

1hr 5mins

15 Feb 2022

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Town Talk: Spotsylvania School Superintendent Dr. Scott Baker

Town Talk

Spotsylvania School Superintendent Dr. Scott Baker reviews the start of school.


25 Aug 2021

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Porsche's Scott Baker Presents "Authentically Growing an Iconic, Experiential Brand"

Cult Brand Secrets

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give Scott Baker, and Porsche - the company he represents - is that I wasn’t a car person before their brand evaluation, and now I’m a big car fan. Particularly Porsche. This is one of the most remarkable companies and brands and I don’t think they get nearly the accolades and admiration they deserve within the marketing industry.If you boil marketing down to it’s core essence, there are two things that matter most:First, ask yourself if your product is as remarkable as you think it is, or as remarkable as it needs to be. If not, spend your time, talent, and money making it better. Porsche makes truly remarkable automobiles.Secondly, are you creating and nurturing a tribe of enthusiasts about your product or service. Porsche, like Harley Davidson, is masterfully at providing desirable experiences for the novice, and they allow die hard fans to have incredible access and the ability to associate with the brand, and with other Porsche fans. It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Let’s hear how Scott does those two things at Porsche.This short episode features some excerpts from Scott’s 40 minute talk at the Gathering, which I highly suggest to those who want to know how they can better utilize the foundations of the brands they have created to improve the experiences of their customer. To hear more about Scott’s personal journey and lessons, check out Cult Brand Secrets Premium.Learn more at CultBrandSecrets.com.


15 Jul 2021

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Scott Baker (1/7/21)

Scotty & Goss

Executive Manager of WAFL and Talent joined Goss to chat about how the WAFL is handling the latest lockdown and postponement of the season.


1 Jul 2021