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Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Postcards


I ordered two sets of Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Postcards in July. And then I kept looking at looking at the AWA Instagram site, anticipating the U.S. release of those cards on October 11. Yes, I knew the date. This was exciting stuff. Guess what? As soon as I saw the postcards I knew I needed two more sets because I used this hashtag when I sent the first ones: #onetosendonetokeep. Yep, for every one I sent I knew I had to keep one. They're that cool. Other people are doing the same. Which brings me to something cool: While the launch was going on, Wally Koval, the author of the NYT Bestselling book Accidentally Wes Anderson, took time out of his day to have a chat about the book, the postcards, and how AWA has cultivated a very engaged and creative community.


18 Oct 2022

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Moonrise Kingdom (2012) dir. Wes Anderson

Autism Through Cinema

Jiminy Cricket! It's a Wes Anderson episode!  David, Lillian and Ethan get all warm and cosy with the pastel-colours and eccentric characters of Anderson's celebrated 7th feature film Moonrise Kingdom. The film crackles with a neurodivergent energy, from the neat tableaus of the cinematography to the gently rebellious characters of Sam and Suzy. We discuss how Anderson's use of a childlike gaze creates a visual style that emphasises formal qualities and static images, with a clear attention to comedic background details. We find useful analysis from Jacob Siegel's essay 'Wes Anderson and the Aesthetics of Autism', particularly the idea that having 'a fierce loyalty to one's passions' is 'it's own victory' as evoked by many of Anderson's tragic and comedic characters. Find the full essay here: http://newpartisan.squarespace.com/home/wes-anderson-and-the-aesthetics-of-autism.html There's also enthusiasm for Anderson's use of Benjamin Britten's music in Moonrise Kingdom, his careful approach to sexuality, and the performances of Tilda Swinton (who has appeared previously in our Orlando episode). As ever, we'd love to hear from our listeners. Do you have a favourite Anderson film? Do you find an autistic presence in his movies? If you have comments, let us know via cinemautism@gmail.com and we'll find some time to read them out in a future recording.

1hr 23mins

22 Jul 2022

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Wes Anderson X-Men & Becoming a YouTube Film Critic - #119: Patrick Willems

Finding Founders

Imagine: Shark Spray from a Helicopter, underwear costumes, and cheesy effects. While Patrick looks back on Batman (1966) with a laugh, he can’t help but credit it as the start of his love of film. Boasting 355K subscribers and 39 million views to date, Patrick Willems is a video essayist and film critic on YouTube. With videos such as “What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?” or “Why do Marvel’s Movies Look Kind of Ugly?”, Patrick has found his share of success and self-fulfillment from infusing a personal splash of creativity into his videos. But his path wasn’t an easy one — he experienced a handful of rejections, setbacks, and difficult self-reflections along the way.https://www.youtube.com/c/patrickhwillemsSubscribe to our Newsletter!https://findingfounders.co/subscribeWebsite: findingfounders.coFollow Sam: https://www.instagram.com/samueldonner/Follow Finding Founders IG: https://www.instagram.com/findingfounderspodcast/

1hr 1min

21 Jul 2022

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Comedian Tom McCaffrey: Wes Anderson, Scuba Diving, & Chappelle's Show

The Danny Palmer Show

Tom is back! Lit convo, dude. Also! If you're in Tampa, come to my shows this weekend opening for Giulio Gallarotti. Tickets here: https://giuliogallarotti.com/#showsFollow us on Insta:@tommccaffrey722@thedannypalmershow @blackcatcomedyAnd check out Tom's podcast Last Exit to Brooklyn:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/last-exit-to-brooklyn-le2b/id550041325Support the show


13 Jul 2022

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S2E6 | Becoming the Wes Anderson of TikTok with Madelaine Turner (@madelaineturner)

Creator Culture

The first time I came across one of Madelaine's videos I was blown away. The storytelling, the editing and the choice of music was something out of a film festival. From that day on I was hooked. Madelaine Turner is a creator, writer and director that's well known for her highly produced, short films on TikTok. Some are commissioned by brands others are commissioned by her curiosity. Last year she signed with UTA and is now is getting the opportunity to direct commercials and even write her first feature film. TikTok might birth the next generational director...Three things about Madelaine that you should know  before listening to the episodeShe is a one person show; She writes, directs, acts, edits and adds the visual FX for all her TikTok videos She’s been compared to Wes Anderson based on her editing style She’s fully self taught. Madelaine didn’t go to university or college but instead, YouTube was her teacherFind Madelaine on TikTok and Instagram!

1hr 13mins

18 Mar 2022

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Vinyl Crisis talks Wes Anderson Soundtracks.

Vinyl Crisis

Vinyl Crisis listens to Wes Anderson soundtracks on Vinyl. Among the selected gems, music played include gems from: The French Dispatch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Isle of Dogs


10 Mar 2022

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Top 5: Wes Anderson Films - Ranked - Ray Taylor Show

Top 5 - Ranking - Ray Taylor Show

Top 5: Wes Anderson Films - Ranked - Ray Taylor Show Subscribe: InspiredDisorder.com/rts Binge Ad Free: InspiredDisorder.com/plus Show topic: Ray ranks the 5 best Wes Anderson films.JOIN Inspired Disorder +PLUS Today! InspiredDisorder.com/plus Membership  Includes:Members only discounts and dealsRay Taylor Show AD-FREE + Bonus EpisodesLive Painting ArchiveComplete Podcast Back CatalogueRay’s Personal Blog, AMA and so much MORE!Sponsored By:InspiredDisorder.com/tmf The Many Faces - Original abstract ink portraits by Ray Taylor. Code: RTS for 25% OFF. StationHouseCoffee.com and @StationHouseCoffee on Instagram for premium small batch, single source coffee.InspiredDisorder.com/Ting $25 CREDIT! The best carrier. The best coverage.Same low rates, now with three coast-to-coast networks.Daily Podcast: Ray Taylor Show - InspiredDisorder.com/rts Daily Painting: The Many Faces - InspiredDisorder.com/tmf ALL links: InspiredDisorder.com/links


6 Mar 2022

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Ep. 2 Wes Anderson

Huge Fans

From Bottle Rocket to future projects, Katherine, Liz, Ed and John are huge fans of Wes Anderson.

1hr 24mins

9 Feb 2022

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The Agronomists, Ep 54: Jordon Wade and Wes Anderson on organic matter and fertilizer interactions

The Agronomists

Building organic matter is a complicated and sometimes slow process, but you can’t build soil organic matter without carbon and biological activity. There’s some research out there to suggest that adding commercial nitrogen fertilizer to cropping systems burns through organic matter — but field level research doesn’t show the same results. What’s happening? First time... Read More


25 Jan 2022

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Episode 28 - The World of Wes Anderson

Film Detectives

The Film Detectives bring you an educational episode delving into the cinema of Wes Anderson. In this episode we discuss his films and how they take on a life of their own, The French Dispatch (2021) and Bottle Rocket (1996) . Hosted by Elliot Herman and Trevor Newlin.


25 Jan 2022