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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ian Wendt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ian Wendt, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ian Wendt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ian Wendt, often where they are interviewed.

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Ian Wendt - 馃挵How to Create Financial Freedom with Door to Door Sales

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Nick sits down with Ian Wendt (@iwendtster on Instagram), the CMO & VP of Sales for Caliber Smart. He discusses the crazy benefits you can get from AT LEAST TRYING Door to Door sales. He is very clear about the fact that door to door sales gets a bad rap, even though the financial benefits can be amazing and the lessons you'll learn are as well.

Hit him up (@iwendtster) on Instagram if you're interested in hearing about the door to door opportunity that is waiting for you...

Here's his personal website as well: https://www.ianwendt.com/

May 22 202047mins
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IAN WENDT: Why Brand Matters In Sales in 2020

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Ian Wendt is a VP of Training & Marketing at Caliber Smart.

He has been in sales for over 11 years. All of which have been in the door to door industry.

Now he oversees all sales rep training, leadership training, and all of the marketing for Caliber.

Ian has spoken at events with some of the most successful motivators, influencers, and entrepreneurs such as Ed Mylett, Tim Grover, Jordan Belfort and many more.

What I really like about Ian is that he understands both marketing and sales. On top of that, he puts quite a big emphasis on the branding aspect as well. Which I like!

So if you're somebody who wants to sell more and get more visibility for your business or personal brand, this episode is for you.

Apr 28 202046mins

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NSB 009 - Ian Wendt

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Ian Wendt is the VP of training and marketing at Caliber. Starting in door to door in 2009, to now he's been around the block a few times. A naturally gifted sales person, but who will tell you that as much talent as you have it only serves to your benefit so long as you work hard.
Ian is no stranger to hard work. From humble beginnings to not only where he is now, but where he is going in the future, there is so much we can learn in this episode. 聽learn to grow you personal brand, watering your grass, and building on mental toughness. hope you enjoy this episode.聽
You can find Ian on Instagram @iwendtster
Apr 06 202053mins
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Ian Wendt. How To Build A Winning Brand. Episode 245 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Ian Wendt is the CMO and VP of training (sales/leadership) for Caliber Smart, the premier direct to consumer sales force for Dish Network and Sprint. Offering individuals and students all over the country mainly from the ages of 18-26 a sales opportunity unlike any other. He is also a highly respected sales coach, public speaker. Brad sat down with Ian to talk about recognizing and taking advantage of opportunity when it appears.
Mar 02 20201hr 23mins

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Episode 008 - Interview with Ian Wendt

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Ian Wendt is the corporate trainer for Caliber. In fact, he actually convinced the owners of the company to create that position specifically for him to fill. In order to do that, he spent an entire summer traveling to each branch on his own dime to prove that his training system actually produced results.

In this interview you'll hear about Ian Wendt's experience at Caliber, but also more vulnerable and raw stories and experiences about how things that happened in his childhood have affected him and what he has learned from them in order to move forward and find success.


Ian Wendt Instagram Profile: Click Here

Ian Wendt Website: Click Here

Five Minute Journal: Click Here

The Motivation Manifesto: Click Here

Jun 03 201945mins
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"Embracing Struggles & Turning Our Negative Emotions Into A Call To Action." Ft. Ian Wendt

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"Embracing Struggles & Turning Our Negative Emotions Into A Call To Action." Ft. Ian Wendt by Chris Melink
Sep 07 201732mins
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Ian Wendt - Training Dept Manager Dishone - Learn How to Really Increase Production From Your Reps

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Learn how to really increase production in your office by better training, and systems to get your guys to produce in door to door sales.

Aug 18 201748mins
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Module #2 - First 30 Seconds on the Doors - Sam Taggart and Ian Wendt

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How to buy yourself another 2 min, then 10 mins and then CLOSE deals. If you can't beat someone on the first 30 seconds on the door you are passing up thousands of potential deals you don't need to be. Learn how to master a few skills to get farther with each customer. Learn from Top satellite sales rep Ian Wendt, on how he has mastered door to door sales and the first 30 seconds

Aug 01 201741mins