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Diversity, Hip Hop, and Environmental Racism with Dr. Thomas Easley

Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR)

Welcome back to Environmental Professionals Radio, Connecting the Environmental Professionals Community Through Conversation, with your hosts Laura Thorne and Nic Frederick! On today’s episode, we talk with Dr. Thomas Easley, Assistant Dean for Community and Inclusion at Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies about Diversity, Hip Hop, and Environmental Racism.   Read his full bio below.Help us continue to create great content! If you’d like to sponsor a future episode hit the support podcast button or visit www.environmentalprofessionalsradio.com/sponsor-form Showtimes: 1:10  Shout outs1:48  Nic and Laura talk about extreme accountability7:41  Interview with Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley starts18:41  Dr. Easley's path from Forestry to Diversity36:36  Dr. Easley talks Hip Hop41:47  Dr. Easley discusses his projects focusing on environmental racismPlease be sure to ✔️subscribe, ⭐rate and ✍review. This podcast is produced by the National Association of Environmental Professions (NAEP). Check out all the NAEP has to offer at NAEP.org.Connect with Dr. Thomas Easley at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-thomas-rashad-easley-4549675/Guest Bio:Thomas RaShad Easley, Ed.D., is the child of civil rights activists that protested in the children’s march in 1963 at the height of the Civil Right movement and integrated an all-white school in Toledo, Ohio. Assistant Dean of Community and Inclusion at the School of the Environment at Yale University (the first school of forestry, 1900). Dr. Easley has attended Alabama A&M University (B.S.), Iowa State University (M.S.), and North Carolina State University (Ed.D.) Dr. Easley has backgrounds in forestry, genetics, and adult education. Dr, Easley is a certified diversity, equity and inclusion consultant that works with academic institutions, corporate entities, and other organizations to help them actualize a strong diversity initiative that welcomes everyone and shifts work culture to be equitable. Dr. Easley is a musical artist, professor, Eagle Scout, and a former campus pastor. He intentionally merges conscious lyrics, ecumenical spirituality, land stewardship, education, diversity/equity/inclusion principles and entrepreneurial thinking in his lectures, workshops and presentations.Music CreditsIntro: Givin Me Eyes by Grace MesaOutro: Never Ending Soul Groove by Mattijs MullerSupport the show (https://www.environmentalprofessionalsradio.com/sponsor-form)

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18 Jun 2021

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#33 Herbs for Gut Health with Thomas Easley, RH(AHG)

IBS Freedom Podcast

This week, we’ll take a deeper dive on HERBS with our special guest Thomas Easley, the Founder and CEO of Eclectic School of Herbs and writer of the Modern Herbal Dispensatory medicine Making Guide.Book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Herbal-Dispensatory-Medicine-Making-Guide/dp/1623170796/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=thomas+easley&qid=1618434546&sr=8-2Website: eclecticschoolofherbalmedicine.comInstagram: @theeclecticherbalistWhat to expect:What had helped Thomas’ gut?Three distinct HerbsExamples of Nervine tonic Where in the spectrum of sedating stimulating vs tonic does it belong? (chamomile)Sensory experience, nervous system and digestionThe influence of Chocolate and Coffee on western philosophy Alternative coffee Polyphenols as Prebiotics for Good BacteriaWhole plant or Concentrated Compounds (Active)Functional Herbalism Digestive Bitters

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26 Apr 2021

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A Black Forester Comes to Birding

Your Bird Story

You might be familiar with the saying, "you cannot see the forest for the trees." You are so focused on the details (the trees) that you lose sight of the big picture (the forest). In this two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Thomas Easley, a forester, who in community with Black birders and through the practice of birding slowly, came to see the smaller aspects of the forests (the birds) in which he works and the landscapes in which he lives. --- Birds sounds Cardinal sounds for this episode were downloaded from orangefreesounds.com here and here. --- Podcast team Creator and Host: Georgia Silvera Seamans, Director, Washington Square Park Eco Projects Nature Note Writer: Loyan Beausoleil, Bird Program Manager, Washington Square Park Eco Projects Producer and Editor: Pod to the People--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/yourbirdstory/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yourbirdstory/support


11 Feb 2021

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Episode 4: Thomas Easley

Band Together

This month's guest is Thomas Easley, an educator, musician, rapper. We talk about his song 'Hip Hip Forestry' and diversifying the environmental movement. Get 'Hip Hop Forestry': https://rashadeasley.com/album/882905/hip-hop-forestry


4 Aug 2020

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220.Full Immersion Healing with Thomas Easley

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

Many of us have heard of Herb Camps and Herbal Retreats, but rarely do we connect those to the Old European concept of the Convalescent Health Retreat or the Indian practice of Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy.Today, we're talking with Thomas Easley, Director of the Eclectic School Herbal Medicine and founder of Functional Herbalism about the value of full-immersion Herbal Healing.Note: This show was first recorded in 2018. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Apr 2020

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Hip-Hop Sustainability: Thomas Easley and Michael Twitty on Diversity in Environmental Communication

Yale Environmental Dialogue

If society really wants to tackle environmental challenges it must confront a difficult reality: many of the people most affected by pollution and environmental degradation — including in communities of color across the U.S. — often aren’t included in the conversation. Building bridges that allow everyone a seat at the table will require us to rethink how we communicate about the environment, says Thomas Easley, assistant dean of community and inclusion at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. In this episode, Easley speaks with Michael Twitty, a student retention specialist at the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center. Together, they are trying to build such a bridge by bringing together students from each of their schools to examine the idea of environmental justice and develop strategies to achieve it in their community. In this conversation, they discuss the importance of communicating in ways that speak to all peoples’ values and experiences — and how their budding partnership can benefit everyone involved.


6 Dec 2019

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Show 160: Thomas Easley - What is Functional Herbalism?

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

Podcast Show 160: Thomas Easley - Functional HerbalismAs herbalism has grown in popularity over the past couple of decades, we herbalists have seen an explosion in the number of practicing herbailsts and quality of care they provide. In many ways, that's been a true gift to our field but it's come with some challenges too.Today, we're talking with Thomas Easley, Director of the Eclectic School Herbal Medicine and founder of Functional Herbalism about how herbalists are changing the world and our field.Be sure to visit the Practical Herbalist website for recipes and further information on the herbs discussed in this podcast. Real Herbalism Radio podcast show notes always include a list of links or go to www.thepracticalherbalist.com and use the handy search engine at the top of the page. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Oct 2018

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Let’s Talk Series: Yeasties and Beasties with Thomas Easley - Herbal Nerd Society Podcasts

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

Even in First World nations, creepy-crawlies can invade our bodies. Bacteria, Fungus, and Worms are more common than we'd like to admit. In this Let's Talk, Thomas Easley shares with us a couple of his tips and tricks plus a couple of herbal antiseptic recipes for dealing with when things go wrong. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Nov 2017

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Show 113: Herb Lab - Digestive Health with Thomas Easley

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

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25 Oct 2017

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Show 112: Digestive Health with Thomas Easley

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

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18 Oct 2017