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Ways To Think Through Critical Issues | Aleks Svetski

The Mark Moss Show

Today I'm sitting with my good buddy Aleks Svetski, and we're going to discuss a problem I see in the world today that's very detrimental for millions of people. Which is the lack of being able to think under critical circumstances. Reading and drawing conclusions from headlines doesn't draw real solutions, because it's partial reading. There's so much distortion in the markets today, and sometimes we get stuck making arguments at levels we shouldn't be discussing things. Like Blackrock is buying all the homes up. They're stealing the American Dream from young couples, and forcing them into serfdom, now they have to rent. They're buying them 35% over market value, because they're being given free money from The Fed. In my comments they're saying 'this is wrong', 'this is horrible', 'should be illegal' — and I agree but I don't believe there should be a law, like why don't we just take away the money printer that gives them the power in the first place. And that's what we're discussing today. 👇Follow Aleks Svetski👇 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ghostofsvetski?s=21 🔥 Join BlockFi today and get up to $250 🔥 https://go.1markmoss.com/BlockFi The Market Disruptors Podcast is hosted by Mark Moss and two times per week he sits down Builders, Investors, and Leaders in the Crypto and Blockchain space to find out What they are doing, How they are doing it, and What are the things we can learn from them to give us an edge in the markets and space overall. This platform is being used to ask the questions you should if you had access to these people. Visit https://marketdisruptors.io for more information. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


19 Aug 2021

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Why Bitcoin is Intelligent w/ Aleks Svetski

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Aleks Svetski discussed his “Intelligent Guide To Bitcoin” and the misunderstandings about BTC that are often perpetuated. Many in the traditional financial space, government and academia have long dismissed Bitcoin as a silly toy for criminals and predicted that its price will go to zero. These predictions remain commonplace in the mainstream media to this day, despite the network’s astounding growth and the currency blasting past $30,000 prices and making inroads across the global economy. Upon reading a recent example of these crypto dismissal articles from an Australian professor, titled the “Dummies Guide To Crypto,” Aleks Svetski — CEO of Bitcoin DCA app Amber and Bitcoin Magazine contributor — felt that he needed to respond.  Svetski agrees with the author of the “Dummies Guide” that “crypto” is trash and that there is very little substance to the general “crypto” market. Aleks does however disagree that these assumptions are also true for Bitcoin. The reality is that Bitcoin is a very well thought out solution to a very important problem that has been plaguing humanity. Aleks’ response to the “Dummies Guide” is “The Intelligent Guide To Bitcoin.” In the article, Svetski covered what Bitcoin is, whether people should invest in it, the mining and energy factors and its downsides. “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” host Christian Keroles sat down with Svetski to discuss the key points in the article and debate how to best articulate them to people that think Bitcoin is just a silly toy.


3 Aug 2021

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Jessica Vaugn & Aleks Svetski on Bitcoin, Truth, Freedom, Chutzpah & Letting the Dead Leaves Fall

The Bitcoin Matrix

Freelance artist Jessica Vaugn is a writer, photographer and model who is best known for her work with the legendary brand Playboy. Jessica started tumbling down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole in 2020. She says that it completely changed her life and the way she views the world. As a freelancer, she’s always been keen on making independent choices. But it wasn’t until the pandemic lockdowns, that she realized government-run economic systems limited her personal freedoms.  Aleks Svetski is the host of the dope af Wake Up podcast, the Founder and CEO of Bitcoin Exhange - Amber, the Editor of the Bitcoin Times, the author of several seminal and influential pieces including Utopian Dystopias, Discrimination and Diversity, Dumb People, Resistance is not Futile, Why Liberty Matters and the Rise of the Individual. Zooming in from on location in El Salvador, the three of us had a wide ranging conversation about reinvention, the balkanization of America, Covid, depression, slave labor in China, Hollywood, identity politics, betrayal,  cultural detoxing, chemical zombies, is the MMA fight game analogous to all of life, getting arrested for not wearing a mask and how levels of consciousness are similar to floors in a Manhattan skyscraper.

1hr 24mins

3 Aug 2021

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Aleks Svetski - Why You Should STOP Seeking Comfort & Safety


Humans have become obsessed with safety and comfort, but life without risk is meaningless...Aleks Svetski, the host of the Wake Up podcast, and I speak about all the possible outcomes of a bitcoin world. He believes we have all let ourselves become so obsessed with having an "easy life" that we have forgotten what life is all about. According to Aleks, if you aren't moving forward in life, you are moving backward towards death and decay.Aleks and I also spoke about "The State" and whether or not they will grasp for power as bitcoin begins to rise. Aleks believes this "grasp for power" will only increase the rate of The State's demise. Aleks and I also spoke about:- Taking risks- "The State"- Fire Vs. Bitcoin Impacts- Personal Responsibility - Private City-States- Gov MandatesI had a great conversation with Aleks, and although he has some pessimistic views on the near term, he is ultimately very bullish on the future that bitcoin will bring about. I look forward to continuing the conversation in the future.-----------------------------Be sure to join the "Smart People Shit" telegram for a more in-depth discussion on what's going on in the world of bitcoin and receive exciting content that is exclusive to the followers in the Telegram. See you in there!  https://t.me/smartpeopleshit Aleks Svetski - Twitter: @Ghostofsvetski- Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast...- Medium: https://svetski.medium.com/- Bitcoin Magazine: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/a...Dennis Porter - Twitter: @Dennis_Porter_- Substack: https://dennisporter.substack.com/- Website: https://linktr.ee/machinebuiltProducer: Jacob Pope- Twitter: @Jpope06Thank you for your support and I'll see you on the oth

1hr 22mins

26 Jul 2021

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e22 The rise of the individual & what it means to be a bitcoiner with Aleks Svetski

Down The Rabbit Hole With Kaz Bycko

Svetski and I discuss:  - Rise of the individual & the fall of the state  - What the next few decades look like  - Proof of work vs proof of stake - Bullying people out of their bitcoin / Bitcoin toxicity - Work, reputation, & principles Follow Svetski on twitter

1hr 13mins

22 Jun 2021

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#585 Aleks Svetski on Bitcoin as Sovereign Money

The Pomp Podcast

Aleks Svetski is the cofounder and CEO of Amber, a mobile company focused on making exposure to Bitcoin and the new wave of digital assets as simple, low risk, and automated as possible.In this conversation, we discuss emerging nations embracing bitcoin, ETH is state sponsored attack on bitcoin, bitcoin as sovereign money, node level decision making, and Amber’s progress.=======================Revolut is a finance app in the US and UK, that say they're the simplest way to access crypto. Sign up today at Revolut.com/pomp and make 3 card transactions to get $15, which you can exchange for any tokens Revolut supports. As usual, when you move your money from fiat to crypto your capital is at risk. See T&C's for details. Revolut is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. Cryptocurrency services provided directly by Paxos Trust Company, LLC.=======================Cosmos is building the Internet of Blockchains, marking a new era of interoperability, scalability, and usability. The free flow of assets and data between blockchains with bridges to Ethereum and Bitcoin will unleash the potential of DeFi, NFTs, and much more. Dive into Cosmos at cosmos.network/pomp =======================OKEx is a world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange that offers some of the most diverse and sophisticated trading products and crypto finance tools on the market. Trusted by millions of users globally, we believe that cryptocurrency will reshape our money and society, enabling more financial inclusion with alternative tools and methods for wealth creation.

1hr 3mins

18 Jun 2021

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Read_523 - Fiat, Fascism, & Communism [Aleks Svetski]

Bitcoin Audible

"Bitcoin’s security guarantee comes from the direct conversion of unforgeable energy into a fixed supply unit on an incorruptible monetary network. There is no alternative that exists that is more sound, efficient, effective and rooted in the physical laws of the very universe itself." - Aleks SvetskiWhat is the true nature of our government systems and what are the consequences of collectivism. These are not only fundamental questions to understanding the problems of society today, but their exploration also enlightens how these very fallacies & failed systems are propped up by the nature of fiat money itself.For the original article with lots of links and graphics to expand on the discussion, check out the link below:https://svetski.medium.com/fiat-fascism-and-communism-d185e66733bOther great works mentioned in this episode to dig further into these ideas:Anatomy of the State [Rothbard]: Part 1 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/anatomy-of-the-state-part-1/ Part 2 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/anatomy-of-the-state-part-2/The Use of Knowledge in Society [Hayek]:Part 1 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/hayeks-use-of-knowledge-in-society-part-1-2/Part 2 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/use-of-knowledge-in-society-part-2/Guy's Take #36 - Walking Tall:https://bitcoinaudible.com/guys-take-36-walking-tall/ It Starts With FoodDon't forget to get your BitBox02 with discount code "GUY" for 5% off at guyswann.com/bitboxYou should already be stacking, but take the work out of it by do it automatically with Swanbitcoin.com/guy (free sats to start your plan) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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4 May 2021

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Why The Fed and Totalitarian Control Will Fail & How To Protect Yourself | Aleks Svetski

The Mark Moss Show

Why The Fed and Totalitarian Control Will Fail & How To Protect Yourself | Aleks Svetski The conversation you're about to get into is one of the best conversations I've ever done on this channel, and it's also the longest over my average interviews. I know this might not be the typical content I normally release on my channel, talking over financial stuff. However, it's very important (I highly recommend you watch this). Robert Kiyosaki taught me that 25 years ago to imagine a glass, and what you can put inside is the content (and imagine the cup as the 'context'). Sometimes you need a bigger cup to put 'content' inside of, and this is what this interview is about, to help expand your thinking and to possibly change your life. We speak on where the future is going, what type of systems do we have, and what we can do to protect ourselves in the future. We get into how to discern truth and we make complex things simple, (which I always try to do for my viewers). It's important to understand and be aware of the Psyops the government has ran on society over the last few decades to enslave us, mentally. We've been given a artificial problem, with an artificial solution. Be sure to stay tuned, I asked Aleks very important questions for my viewers to see the world from another glass, so stay tuned. The Market Disruptors Podcast is hosted by Mark Moss and two times per week he sits down Builders, Investors, and Leaders in the Crypto and Blockchain space to find out What they are doing, How they are doing it, and What are the things we can learn from them to give us an edge in the markets and space overall. This platform is being used to ask the questions you should if you had access to these people. Visit https://marketdisruptors.io for more information. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

1hr 10mins

6 Feb 2021

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Bitcoin Fixes This #27: Sales with Aleks Svetski

Bitcoin Fixes This

Aleks Svetski is an Entrepreneur, Businessman and Thinker in the Bitcoin space. We talk about sales, how he got into debt during university and how he made his first million. Aleks also tells us about his evaluation of altcoins and their sales pitches, how he sees Bitcoin’s sales pitch and what this holds for the future.

1hr 16mins

28 Jan 2021

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Chat #51 - The Death of Nuance with Aleks Svetski

Bitcoin Audible

Today's chat is with the brilliant and always entertaining Aleks Svetski (https://twitter.com/AleksSvetski). On the state of the world, our turbulent future ahead, and getting trapped in the empty pursuit of happiness while losing sight of the deeper search for meaning. We had no agenda for this show and just went deep into whatever felt right with this one. Not to be missed.Check out Aleks, his incredible writing, his great service for purchasing Bitcoin, and his no-nonsense tweets:https://twitter.com/AleksSvetskihttps://twitter.com/TheAmberAppAnd a huge thanks to our awesome sponsors! Hexa Wallet for an excellent, feature-rich mobile Bitcoin wallet. It brings multiple accounts and built in transaction batching so you can send Bitcoin to your lightning wallet, a friend, and to your cold storage all at once to save on fees! Hexawallet.io...And for your cold storage we have the excellent BitBox02 from ShiftCrypto. A simple, swiss made, open source, secure hardware wallet that makes it super easy to have secure, reliable cold storage savings for the long term Bitcoin holder. guyswann.com/bitboxCheck them out and let them know I sent you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 59mins

16 Nov 2020