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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rory Stewart. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rory Stewart, often where they are interviewed.

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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rory Stewart. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rory Stewart, often where they are interviewed.

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Rory Stewart on Boris; how caste broke out; artist Richard Weatherly's brush with birds,

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In a recent book review in the Times Literary Supplement, Rory Stewart, former UK Conservative Minister and colleague of Boris Johnson, criticised him as an 'amoral figure'.
He wrote: 'Unless we begin to repair our political institutions and nurture a society that places more emphasis on personal and political virtue, we will have more to fear than Boris Johnson.’
Nov 23 2020 · 54mins
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Ian McPhedran on the SAS; Renewable jobs; Rory Stewart on Boris; Caste breaks out; Richard Weatherly's brush with birds;

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Nov 20 2020 · 1hr 24mins

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Rory Stewart: Take Power by Taking the Blame

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Rory Stewart talks about what he learnt from the 500 villages he walked through across Asia, how he stayed calm when his compound in Iraq was shelled and why being an MP was the hardest job he‘s done.

He also shares his perspective for what is important for a divided America and his words of advice for Joe Biden.

We also delve into society's last taboo, how to balance achievement with contentment and Rory’s favourite fruit!

See below for Rory's favourite:

Place: Afghanistan

Piece of music: Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan

Book: Anna Karenina by LeoTolstoy

Nov 04 2020 · 55mins
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Rory Stewart

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On the very first episode of 'How to Change the World', Alan Johnson welcomes on a man who used to sit opposite him in the House of Commons as a Tory MP, Rory Stewart.
But Rory's much more than that - he's an author, an explorer and is currently a lecturer at Yale University.
Find out about Rory's near death experience when trecking across Afghanistan, his real thoughts on how he left the Conservative party and how Orlando Bloom NEARLY played him in a film about his life, produced by Brad Pitt!

Follow the show on twitter: @PodcastAlan
On Instagram: AlanJohnsonPodcast

Oct 30 2020 · 47mins

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Rory Stewart on Entering and Leaving Politics

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Former political adviser Laura is joined by Rory Stewart OBE, best selling author, former Cabinet Minister and Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute, Yale. They discuss the experiences, places and people that have inspired his thinking. Rory talks about his journey into politics, and in turn his high profile departure from politics; his 6,000 mile walk across Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal; his experiences as Africa for Minister and Secretary of State for International Development; and the UK failing prison system.  

You can follow Rory and Laura on Twitter: @RoryStewartUK and @LauraRound

Edited and Produced by Alex Graham


In What Were You Thinking former political advisor Laura Round speaks to politicians, opinion formers and business people to find out about the experiences, people and places that have inspired them. What motivates them? Why did they decide to do what they do? What are the most memorable and surprising situations they have found themselves in? The answer is often unexpected.

This podcast is in partnership with the Big Tent Ideas Festival, the non-partisan festival of politics, culture technology and fresh thinking. Give them a follow: @BigTentIdeas And if you are looking for more content, become a friend of the Big Tent for only £6 per month.

Sep 30 2020 · 43mins
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Rory Stewart on the Govt's COVID policy, DfID and more

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Former International Development Secretary and Conservative MP for Penrith and The Borders (2010-19) Rory Stewart was standing as an independent candidate for Mayor of London when early cases of Coronavirus appeared in the UK. He was one of the earliest public figures to call for a lockdown to combat the pandemic in Britain. Here he talks to Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government, about the Government’s handling of COVID-19, the decision to merge the Department for International Development with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the UK’s place in the world after Brexit.

Rory Stewart was MP for Penrith and The Border from 2010–19. He served in the Theresa May government as Secretary of State for International Development and as Minister of State for Prisons. He is a former diplomat and author of several books recounting his long-distance walks in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Scottish Borders. He stood as an independent candidate for London Mayor but ended his campaign when the election was postponed due to Covid-19.

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Jul 09 2020 · 44mins
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The Director’s Chair: Rory Stewart on the adventures and disappointments of modern politics

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In this episode of The Director’s Chair, Michael Fullilove speaks with former diplomat, traveller, author and politician, Rory Stewart, a man whose life so far has been both conventional and highly unconventional.

Born in Hong Kong, Rory spent his childhood in Malaysia and Scotland, and passed through a number of establishment institutions including Eton, Balliol, the Black Watch, the Foreign Office and, according to speculation, the Secret Intelligence Service. He was a summer tutor to Princes William and Harry. And yet he has also repeatedly gone off-piste and done interesting and sometimes remarkable things, including walking 10,000km across Asia, and running as an independent candidate for mayor of London.

Rory and Michael speak about Rory's prescient response to the Covid-19 crisis, the disappointment of political life, the hollowing of the centre ground in British politics, and the Black Lives Matter movement.
Jun 22 2020 · 32mins
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146. London mayoral walks #3: Rory Stewart has his porridge

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The mayoral walks mini-series began in an act of trolling. Rory Stewart launched his campaign to be mayor of London through the unusual strategy of walking all over London and tweeting about it; I have spent large chunks of my life walking all over London and tweeting about it; Twitter at large suggested we combine forces, and maybe turn it into a podcast. 

And, once a couple of other candidates had helpfully put the pressure on by offering to go for a walk with me too, Stewart agreed. And suddenly what had started by taking the mick on Twitter because I was bored had become an actual thing.

Alas, when the day finally came we were defeated by London’s famous weather: on the appointed morning, Friday 28 February, it was bucketing down, which isn’t really a good match with the Skylines recording equipment, also known as “my phone”. So instead this podcast was recorded in a cafe in South Kensington.

During its course, I asked Rory why he felt London was crying out for a former Tory Cabinet minister as its independent mayor; why he had chosen to campaign by walking and, more recently, asking to sleep one night a week in other Londoners’ houses; and whether he thinks he really has a hope of defeating Sadiq Khan. All that, and we also chatted about his proposals to sort out the capital’’s housing and transport systems, and Rory ate some porridge, too.

Incidentally, there’s a moment in this one when the candidate is unexpectedly enthusiastic about my proposals that we start giving the Overground network different line names and we have to stop talking about it before it takes over the entire podcast. Though we did discuss it for ten minutes after recording.

This may be the last of my mayoral “walks”. I’m talking to the staffs of both Khan and his Tory rival Shaun Bailey, and am open to approaches from other candidates desperate for coverage... But at time of writing nothing else has been agreed. We shall see. If you happen to see someone running for mayor, send them my way, would you?

Skylines is the podcast from CityMetric, the New Statesman's cities site. It's presented by Jonn Elledge and produced by Nick Hilton.

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Mar 12 2020 · 31mins
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Rory Stewart: I'm Not Very Conservative

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In the latest of our series with the contenders to be Mayor of London, Rory Stewart attacks Sadiq Khan, saying he's fooled Londoners and done nothing. The independent candidate also tells Bloomberg Westminster's Roger Hearing and Sebastian Salek about plans to address the housing crisis by turning City Hall into a house builder.

Plus, how ready is the government to deal with the coronavirus outbreak? Bloomberg health reporter John Lauerman and senior executive editor David Merritt join to discuss.

Mar 03 2020 · 24mins
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High Speed Brexit? Trade talks, budget battles and, Rory Stewart

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In this week's episode of Brexit The Final Countdown, host Rebecca Hutson is joined by Paul Baldwin and Joe Barnes to discuss the impending trade talks with the EU, an Australia style deal and of course, HS2. There's also plenty of time to discuss the imperilled BBC, ongoing Labour leadership contest and...Rory Stewart's latest bid to get Londoners showing him how they see the capital 'through their eyes'. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy
Feb 12 2020 · 36mins