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Chris Lee, VandySports.com

SM-Tn Sports Special Guests

Chris Lee joins the show to talk about Vanderbilt's showing at the College World Series.


1 Jul 2021

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548: Talking Ottawa Senators with Gord Wilson; Seattle's New NHL Head Coach; Chris Lee is Everywhere

The Steve Warne Project

We get a visit from our old TSN pal Gordie Wilson. We talk about some of the hottest Ottawa Senators issues, including Brady Tkachuk's next deal, Jack Capuano being blocked by the Sens from interviewing for a head coaching job. We look at Seattle's New Head Coach; And why is referee Chris Lee officiating both series?


25 Jun 2021

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Chris Lee Joins The Mitch Davis Show to preview the NCAA Baseball Tournament


Southeastern14.com Beat Writer, and Podcast Host, Chris Lee joins The Mitch Davis Show to preview the upcoming NCAA Baseball Tournament for the entire SEC.


4 Jun 2021

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RTI Podcast: Chris Lee Joins The Show, Talking SEC Tournament And Tennessee

Rocky Top Insider: The RTI Press Pass with Trey Wallace

On this episode of the Rocky Top Insider Podcast, RTI’s Trey Wallace is joined by Chris Lee, from the Southeastern 14. We’re talking SEC Tournament baseball, Tony Vitello’s contract, Tennessee Baseball and what to expect in the NCAA Tournament. Make sure you don’t miss any episodes on the RTI podcast network! Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts here! And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for another way to experience the podcast! The post RTI Podcast: Chris Lee Joins The Show, Talking SEC Tournament And Tennessee appeared first on Rocky Top Insider.


24 May 2021

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#283: Employee Experience and Communication Through Crisis w/ Chris Lee, Gallagher

HRchat Podcast - Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts

While in some places around the world there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, for numerous others, the Covid restrictions very much continue to impact their family and work lives on a daily basis.Bill's returning guest is Chris Lee, VP of Communications at Gallagher. In addition to working with employers across Canada on their employee communication strategies, Chris Lee is a board director, mentor, speaker, and long-time friend of The HR Gazette. Listen as we discuss supporting employees and providing a first-rate employee experience during tough times. Hear too, about ways to imbed successful multi-channel communications strategies within your organization.  According to Gallagher’s 2021 State of the Sector report, 33 percent of employers are discussing employee experience as a clear mandate at the C-suite level. The report also reveals that many employers have significantly increased other digital communications channels and internal collaboration tools over the previous year. If your company hasn’t already explored those options, it’s a good time to start! Hopefully, soon, we'll all be through these dark days. For companies to keep their best people after the worst of the Covid crisis passes, organizations need to demonstrate that they can provide an excellent employee experience and powerful avenues of communication. A big part of this is support for mental and physical wellbeing. "By taking advantage of every touchpoint to remind employees of your well-being program, they will have a greater appreciation of your investment in them", says Chris. Check out Chris's other appearance on HRchat here. 


22 Apr 2021

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The OMG Effect with Rev. Chris Lee

Beyond Busy

With over 100k followers on Instagram and YouTube, Rev. Chris Lee is on Beyond Busy to talk about enriching people’s lives on social media, how identity is one of today’s main sickness and accepting that we are loved. He also talks about his new book “The OMG Effect”. Graham and Chris start the podcast by talking about how he became viral on social media. I started this thing called “60 second sermons” and then the 60 second sermons just hit a note with many people and suddenly it had its own growth and momentum. Chris also talks about how ego is a struggle for many people. I think CS Lewis said something like, "To be humble is not to think less of yourself, but to think of yourself less". And the idea to be confident and at peace with who you are, no matter what the situation, I think that’s a really powerful thing, a unique thing and something that I gravitate as a person towards. People who hold that and it’s rare in this world. We either overcompensate or we undersell ourselves, we’re insecure or arrogant, and all those things feed into each other. But, if you can hold a level of humility, I think humility is the mother of all other gifts... And ego and pride are the opposite of that. Chris also shares why he chose social media as the platform for his 60-second sermons. And where young people are is that they are online. So, I want to go there and say “Hey guys” and point away from myself as much as I can and say, you know, "You are beautiful. You are loved. You are precious. God is good, and He loves you and He’s for you". On sharing his skills and talents as part of his duty, Chris has this to say: Duty is a hard word, isn’t it? I think it’s my right and my privilege and based on my faith and understanding of who the character of God is, I want to lean into the gifts that I’ve been given and trust in them. I want to do that. Graham then asks about how Chris views work-life balance. There is also a place to remember that you’re human and you’re more than your work. On dealing with difficult people, Chris shares this tip: I try to remember the core- the deepest them, is love. The deepest them is good. And they’ve just either forgotten it along the way, or it has been beaten out of them in some way. So, I try to keep a soft heart. Just try have the acknowledgement that the first layer is often superficial from people, so they’re going to be angry, defensive, or whatever. Graham and Chris finish the podcast talking about the playlist that comes with the book. We’re more than just our thinking-brain. We’re feeling in our body, it is important to the way we understand everything as well. So, music for me is a powerful embodiment of understanding in a way and sometimes music and art speak to me powerfully. That makes sense that words don’t articulate well. I love music. I love film, I love listening to things and allowing it to speak to me. And so I thought, well, if I’m writing a book about self-help and stuff like that, why not put in music as well? You can follow Chris on Korean Englishman, Jolly and on Instagram. You can get the book “The OMG Effect” on Amazon. Graham Allcott is the founder of time management training company Think Productive. This podcast is produced and edited by Rizelle Marie Paredes and is hosted on Podiant.

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8 Apr 2021

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Chris Lee discusses his career in the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” Showtime’s “The Chi,” and a regular on The CW series “Legacies.”

Money Making Conversations

My next guest is Chris Lee. He has played many roles as an actor, singer, dancer, vampire, drug dealer and musician. He is currently on the cast of The CW series "Legacies," currently airing season 3. On the music side, his latest release is the new single "Miss," available now.  While Chris was in college he was cast in the Broadway hit musical “Hamilton,” for their Chicago production. After that, he shifted to television, appearing on "Empire," "S.W.A.T.," and recurred on "The Chi." Please welcome to Money Making Conversations Chris Lee.https://www.moneymakingconversations.comhttps://www.youtube.com/MoneyMakingConversationshttps://www.facebook.com/MoneyMakingConversations/https://twitter.com/moneymakingconvhttps://www.instagram.com/moneymakingconversations/ Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


1 Apr 2021

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Blaine and Mickey 3-31-21 Hour Two: King Kong vs. Godzilla debate + Chris Lee talks Vandy

Blaine and Mickey

The Kong vs Godzilla debate continues + Chris Lee on the Vandy facilities upgrade


31 Mar 2021

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Next Level Coaching with Chris Lee and Dennis Lindsay

Next Level Podcast with Michael McIntyre

In this episode, McIntyre sits down with 2 more members of Next Level's Seal Team Six coaching team. Chris Lee is a pastor, with his wife Dawn, at Element Church in Plano, Tx. His love of people is evident through his desire to lead everyone into their God given purpose. Dennis Lindsay has been a senior pastor for over 20 years and his willingness to follow Holy Spirits leading is what makes him a valuable asset to this team. Enjoy this episode. You can register for McIntyre’s Next Level Life and Next Level Experience by visiting THEMICHAELMCINTYRE.COM Check out the other shows from KB PODCAST PRODUCTIONS: THE KINGDOM BRINGER PODCAST SUPER-NATURAL LIVING WITH BETH PACKARD  CINDY STEWART PODCAST KINGDOM MASTER MIND PODCAST WITH ANN MCDONALD Podcast music from HOOKSOUNDS.COM


23 Mar 2021

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E:60 DR. CHRIS LEE - Rewire your mind, rewrite your story

Life Coach Zach

Dr. Chris Lee is a Neuro-Performance Coach who teaches leaders to regulate and rewire the brain. He has an incredibly inspiring life story that's included in it's entirety in the podcast. I hope you enjoy. Connect with Dr. Lee on IG: @DRCHRISLEE Webside: doctorchrislee.com IG: DRCHRISLEE--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/zachrance/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/zachrance/support


19 Mar 2021