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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jordan Jonas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jordan Jonas, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jordan Jonas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jordan Jonas, often where they are interviewed.

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"The Morning Toast, Met Gala, and Chopped" w/ Jordan Jonas

The Tidy Up Podcast
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Friday is here and the long, short week is over! We bring Philly native, Jordan Jonas (Crills), to the Tidy Up Podcast to start off the weekend. It was very insightful to see what's going on in another start during the Q, hearing all about a Philly q-cheat day, and a little reminiscing! 
Song: Hold You Tonight by Gryffin & Chris Lane; Guest: @jcjonas13

May 29 2020



#1482 - Jordan Jonas

The Joe Rogan Experience
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Jordan Jonas spent 77 days living alone in the Canadian wilderness to become the winner for the sixth season of the History Channel’s reality television show “Alone.”

May 28 2020

2hr 22mins


Jordan Jonas - Alone

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Jordan Jonas, who managed to survive for seventy seven days in the frigid Arctic on season six of History Channels Alone, joins the podcast.  Jordan offers not just theory on how to survive in the wild, but knowledge from many years of living and learning from nomads in Northern Siberia.

About Jordan JonasExtensive experience in the wilds of North America and Siberia has made Jordan into a woodsman with unique survival skills that allow him to thrive in the harshest environments.

Assyrian American who grew up on a farm in Idaho, spent time riding freight trains across the USA, lived for many years in Russia including several amongst Evenki reindeer herders in Northern Siberia. Proficient at many practical trades and skills. Follows a constantly evolving Christian path.Watch me put it all together on Alone Season 6 - Thursday, June 6 at 10/9c #AloneOnHistory @History

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Mar 17 2020



Jordan Jonas - Alone - Season 6 Winner - #0109

Tom Rowland Podcast
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Jordan Jonas was a cast member of the History Channel Show, Alone.  The show sent a group of survivalists to the Arctic to compete for $500,000 in a last man (or woman) standing competition.  Jordan outlasted everyone by making it 77 days.  He killed a Moose with a bow on the show as well as catching many fish.  He battled wolverines and the cold to make it to the end.

Jordan and I discuss his experience as a Reindeer herder, hopping trains and traveling the country and spending quite a bit of time in Russia.  All of these experiences helped him to acquire the skills to win Season 6 of Alone.

Check Jordan out on social: @hobojordo

Do a survival school with Jordan; "My goal is to impart the necessary skillset, knowledge and confidence to give anyone that goes through the course the best possible chance of thriving in the wilderness, should the need or desire arise."

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Mar 04 2020

1hr 17mins


How To Thrive In The Arctic, with Jordan Jonas - Episode 5

Sam Explores Podcast
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In this episode I speak with Jordan Jonas about living with reindeer herders in Siberia, winning alone season 6, and more! 

Oct 16 2019

1hr 2mins


Jordan Jonas

Assyrian Podcast
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Episode 80 - Jordan Jonas is the winner of History Channel’s, “Alone in the Arctic” season 6. Jordan grew up on a farm in Idaho and spent his 20s living a nomadic life with the Evenki in Siberia herding reindeer. His skills of hunting, trapping, fishing, and his Assyrian family’s background allowed him to survive 77 days in the Arctic. In this episode you will hear how Jordan killed a moose, battled a wolverine, and now lives to tell about this arctic adventure. 

Instagram: hobojordoFacebook: Jordan Jonas - Alone 

YouTube: hobojordo 


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Sep 24 2019




Quinn & Cantara Podcast
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Sep 10 2019



Jordan Jonas: Living Among the Evenki

The Wilderness and Wellness Podcast
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In this episode I talk with Jordan Jonas, survivalist and contestant on the History Channel’s Alone Show, Season 6. We discuss Jordan’s experiences hopping trains as a youth and eventually making his way to Russia on a whim where he spent 5 years in Siberia, 3 of which were among a band of Evenki Reindeer herders living the traditional herding lifestyle on the Siberian Taiga. We talk about the traditional Evenki lifestyle and the possible future for the Evenki people.

Joe Rogan Podcast Episode with Jordan

Jordan’s Website

Jordan’s Instagram @hobojordo

Jordan’s Facebook Page

Jordan’s Youtube Page

Alone Show

The film referenced by Jordan: The White Reindeer

Books recommended by Jordan:

The Gulag Archipelago

Storm of Steel

They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else

Jul 25 2019

1hr 2mins