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Ep 141 - Success Story from Major Show - Lessons learned with Steve Waddell

Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events

Success Stories have lessons learned in them that are important for companies big and small. Proud to have a small start-up manufacturer with an innovative product on to share his success story at a huge industry show with over 70,000 attendees!Steve Waddell is the President and CEO of Nasoni. Steve's desire to make a bigger impact on people’s lives as well as the environment led him to develop an innovative bathroom faucet that saves water while improving functionality. Tagline is Better for you, better for the planet. We discuss: How helpful is having a plan in preparing for this event? What other tips or tools did you use to prepare?Many people give out logo'd items, but you didn't go the normal route. What did you find, and did it work? What were some of the things people found interesting or innovative at your booth? What else did you incorporate in your booth to attract attention? Steve's Top Takeaways: KBIS is the biggest event in our industry and was worth every penny we spent on it. Find the one for your niche and participate! Go all -in, having a 20'X 10' booth was extremely valuable over the 10' X 10' booth we initially reserved. Make everyone that visits your booth feel good about themselves, it paid off for us in spades. Special Deal from NasoniYou can find some of the best deals on award-winning Nasoni fountain faucets on Wayfair! Just type Nasoni in the search bar on Wayfair or Wayfair Canada, and you'll find great deals. Get in touch with Steve Waddell:Email: info@nasoni.comWebsite: www.nasoni.com Instagram: nasoniffLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/10014679 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NasoniFFSHARE THE VALUE OF THIS PODCAST!If you enjoyed this show, please go to Apple Podcasts and leave me a review. That would help tremendously in getting the word out and help others to be inspired by Trade Show University. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/trade-show-university-for-virtual-live-events/id1489542257Mentioned in this episode:Powerful Analytics with BearIQ from Bear AnalyticsI want to take a second to cover one of the hottest topics in the events industry right now: Data Analytics If you are a show organizer, you’re probably trying to gain a leg up on how to return to revenue. One company leading the charge for growing events is Bear Analytics. With their cutting-edge platform, Bear IQ, easily aggregates, cleans, and measures, event performance – showing you exactly where to focus your marketing, sales, and education team’s energy. The best part is – it’s powered by the data you’re already collecting. It means you can use their predictive tools to grow audience, increase exhibitor and sponsor sales, and easily measure engagement across your education and certification programs. If you even a little curious, reach out to them at WWW.BearAnalytics.com and tell them Jim sent you! Mention code “TSU” to let them know Trade Show University to unlock a free post-event report


21 Mar 2022

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Bootstrapping and Saving Water with Steve Waddell, President and CEO of NASONI

Innovations and Breakthroughs

Steve Waddell is the President and CEO of NASONI, where he guides the development and production of groundbreaking fountain faucets. His mission is to save one billion gallons of water annually by 2030, following the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly.  Steve wasn't always in the faucets business. He is also a seasoned project management professional with over 30 years of experience and success in management and financed the founding and growth of his company by entering entrepreneurship contests. He holds an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. In this episode… When Steve Waddell started his faucet business, he wanted to create a product that disrupted the market to make people's lives better, while saving water and healing the planet. He also had his children in mind and wanted to be a good role model for them and other entrepreneurs as well. Millions of people start their day with an inefficient way of getting water to brush their teeth and wash their faces. In the process, they end up wasting a lot of water. To solve this problem, Steve found the perfect solution: fountain faucets. Rich Goldstein, host of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, is joined by Steve Waddell, President and CEO of NASONI, to talk about Steve's mission to save water through his innovative fountain faucets. They discuss the common inefficiencies with using regular faucets, Steve's process in designing and filing a patent, and how he used contests to finance his business.


26 Nov 2020

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#112 - How to save 1 billion gallons of water - Steve Waddell

Inventors Helping Inventors

Alan interviews Steve Waddell. Steve Waddell describes how COVID-19 impacted 3 pillars of his marketing plan - and how he kept his business on track. He is on plan to save over 1 billion gallons of water with the DaVinci Fountain faucet by 2030. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, so you won't miss a single episode. Website: www.Nasoni.com


2 Nov 2020

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#57 - Steve Waddell

Inventors Helping Inventors

Alan interviews Steve Waddell. Steve Waddell was intrigued by Roman Nasoni fountains: public faucets which also had a separate spigot on top to provide a water fountain. Mr. Waddell invented the DaVinci fountain to bring this innovation to American homes. Now buyers can easily brush teeth, take pills, rinse makeup and save water at the same time. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts so you won't miss a single episode. Website: www.nasoni.com

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9 Dec 2019

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Episode 56…Steve Waddell and the NASONI Fontanina Faucet

The Invention Stories Podcast

Faucet Reinvented…NASONI Fontanina   Click here to vote for Steve Waddell for the top 3 finalists of the Small Biz Salute Pitch Off, presented by Inc. and The UPS Store®     How I discovered the Faucet Reinvented…NASONI Fontainina I belong to several Facebook Inventors Groups where I learned of Steve Waddell and his NASONI... The post Episode 56…Steve Waddell and the NASONI Fontanina Faucet appeared first on Invention Stories.


14 Jun 2018