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Top 50th Woman-Led Company CEO w/ Angela Romero

The Hustle Hub

Angela talks about marketing strategies to grow your business. Taking risks and advantages of every opportunity. First half english- second Spanish


16 Mar 2021

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Representative Angela Romero and Sheriff Nate Curtis.

State of Utah

Clint talks police brutality, funding for mental health care priorities, and what's next for the future of our state.


24 Sep 2020

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T02-E23 - Prosasucia y miscuentos (Angela Romero)

Kush - Mitologia griega

🤩 NUEVO PODCAST EN KUSH 🥳Hoy les traigo dos prosas y un cuento de @pr_ucia de su libro editado por @editorialolivia .👏Como dije en el video me parece buenisimo que este libro este escrito en lenguaje inclusivo y felicito a Angela y Adrian por animarse a publicar este libro, no todxs lo harian.😁Espero que les guste y espero sus comentarios!👋Hasta la semana que viene Kusheros!


4 May 2020

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E52: Pedro & Corona - April 23, 2020 - w/ Angela Romero, Founder of San Pedro Heritage Museum

Hello San Pedro

Today on the show Josh and I go over shows we're watching and podcasts we're listening to as well as the local coronavirus related updates.  Joining us on the show is now 5-time guest, Angela Romero, Founder of the San Pedro Heritage Museum and local historian.  She's been actively capturing how this pandemic has affected our community since things really escalated back in March. Her photo of empty grocery shelves landed the cover of San Pedro Today's April Issue because of its historical significance. We ask her what prompted her to take the initiative and get on the frontlines of capturing these historical events.  She also tells us what we can expect from the museum in the coming weeks. Please visit the museum's website for more info.  LINKS:  http://www.sanpedroheritage.org/ https://www.instagram.com/sanpedroheritagemuseum/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/thatssopedro/?hl=en SPONSOR: http://sanpedrotoday.com/ To send in your stories, email: contact@sanpedrotoday.com


23 Apr 2020

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E41: Bukowski In Bronze with Angela Romero

Hello San Pedro

Hello Season 2! In this new season you can expect more awesome interviews with amazing people who love San Pedro and lots more. Stay tuned for Patreon info where you can support the podcast and sponsorship info if you're interested in becoming a sponsor.  Today's guest is Angela Romero, founder and President of the San Pedro Heritage Museum. I thought it was only fitting to have her start us out on Season 2 since she was my very first guest of the podcast. In this episode she talks about the museum's first commissioned work of art, a statue of famous writer and San Pedro local, Charles Bukowski. The project is still underway and won't be complete until Bukowski's 100'th birthday next year, and in the meantime, the San Pedro Heritage Museum will be working hard to raise the funds for it.  LINKS:  GoFundMe for Bukowski in Bronze  https://www.gofundme.com/f/bukowski San Pedro Heritage Museum  http://www.sanpedroheritage.org/ SPONSOR:  https://www.cryptospaceus.com/


6 Sep 2019

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Transforming Lives Through Learning: Angela Romero, Principal Manager @ Coursera

Latinos Who Tech

In this episode, I spoke with Angela Romero, Principal Manager at Coursera.  We spoke about her experience working in a PR agency, cold calling and her role in sales at Google, Duolingo as a startup with an e-learning environment giving people practical and fun learning opportunities through technology and access to better jobs, all about […] The post Transforming Lives Through Learning: Angela Romero, Principal Manager @ Coursera appeared first on Latinos Who Tech.


29 Jul 2019

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Episode #110: Talking With, Not Down To, Each Other with Representative Angela Romero

HEAL Utah Podcast

With what lens do legislators look at a bill? Is it through a privileged one or an inclusive one that recognizes disproportionate effects that a bill could have on our communities? Representative Angela Romero (D-26) continually challenges her colleagues on the hill to enter that, sometimes uncomfortable, unknown in which privilege is recognized but utilized to help others. In the generally non-diverse environmental movement, these same challenges should be met. This week, Rep. Romero talks about environmental justice and equity, the fact that no injustice stands alone, whether that be environmental injustice, racial injustice, or gender injustice, and the importance of having conversations with people outside of your community where you listen and talk with, not down to, each other.

21 Jun 2019

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E15: Angela Romero - San Pedro's Historian

Hello San Pedro

Our guest from episode one has returned to start us off in the new year!  She tells us her personal story and shares her journey to becoming San Pedro's local historian.  You might remember Angela Romero from our very first episode. In that episode she tells us why San Pedro is so special and what makes it different from other cities in LA. In this episode she tells us what led her to become San Pedro's local historian and why its history is in need of preservation.  Angela when I asked if she always loved San Pedro:   "No, I hated San Pedro... I always tell people if I could go back in time and tell myself ... 'Hey you're gonna be a total Pedro nerd' I would just laugh in your face. I dreamed about moving away."  Angela tells us that her love for San Pedro didn't start until after she went to college in Colorado and after she returned to live at the old News Pilot building back way before Sirens occupied it, when it was a bohemian community living space then and she loved it. She was able to experience downtown San Pedro for herself and it wasn't the "scary" place that people warned her it would be. She learned that it had a lot to offer.  She tells us about going to Harbor College after she returned from Colorado and how it led to different jobs at local hardware stores, until she finally ended up at a corporate job in finance. She worked there for several years before she finally got laid off.  During her time off and being a self-proclaimed "theater nerd", Angela also volunteered for the Grand Vision Foundation and it was here that she discovered the archives. Angela after discovering the archives for the first time:   "I had this feeling that I wanted to grab everything that I saw and just throwing it out the window because I felt like San Pedro's history was being held hostage." Angela's big announcement: Recently, in October 2018 Angela made a big announcement in her column of the San Pedro Today magazine. She announced that she was going to start the San Pedro Heritage Museum. There is not yet a set  location for the museum, and as the the project is in its early stages of becoming a non-profit, the museum will only exist as a series of pop up exhibits and history talks in the near future.  I will make sure to do my best to keep listeners up to date on the latest news regarding the San Pedro Heritage Museum. Full Disclosure:  I, Amanda Silva, am personally involved with this project and have taken on the role of Development Coordinator with the San Pedro Heritage Museum.  LINKS:  That's So Pedro on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thatssopedro/ San Pedro Heritage Museum https://mailchi.mp/e46a91684788/sanpedroheritagemuseum https://www.facebook.com/pg/sanpedroheritagemuseum/posts/ Daily Breeze article regarding the museum https://www.dailybreeze.com/2018/11/01/how-one-san-pedro-natives-love-of-her-hometown-has-fueled-plans-for-a-heritage-museum/ SPONSORS: Cryptospace https://www.cryptospaceus.com/

1hr 3mins

4 Jan 2019

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E1: 1ST EPISODE! Why SP Is So Special w/ Angela Romero

Hello San Pedro

In this introduction episode hear what inspired me to start a local podcast and what makes San Pedro so special with local historian and columnist for San Pedro Today magazine, Angela "Romee" Romero. Romee and I talk about what makes San Pedro so special and what set's it apart from other towns. She tells us a little about San Pedro's history, first as it's own city and when it became Los Angeles. Romee informs us on how we got our name and even gives us some insight on why it may be pronounced as San "Peedro" and not San "Pey-dro". I learn what makes up "the big three" as our demographic and what brought so many immigrants to our tiny town. We learn why San Pedro was so attractive to immigrants and why San Pedrans are big on voting. As we banter we talk about how common it is to run into people we know all over town no matter where we go which is a big characteristic of living in San Pedro. https://www.instagram.com/thatssopedro/ https://www.instagram.com/sirensjavateahouse/?hl=en


28 Sep 2018