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The Power of Entrepreneurial Witchcraft with Sarah Chappell

The Powerful Female Leaders Podcast

Sarah is a holistic business coach helping spiritual healers, makers, and mystics to grow sustainable businesses without doing all the things or feeling like they're selling out. In this episode, we discussed how witchcraft facilitates change, the best spell to make more money, the importance of meeting people where they are at in your messaging (not pretending they don’t have any problems) & so much more! Follow Sarah at @sarahmchappell Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=FQSC3CV9ASLAU)


30 Sep 2021

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Life's What You Make It Podcast Episode #8 with Sarah Chappell

Life's What You Make It with Liz Worth

Do you have big dreams of becoming a professional intuitive, healer, or tarot reader? If so, you'll want to listen to this episode because Sarah Chappell and I are talking shop - and telling some big, important truths about what really goes into building a spiritual, service-based business.  Tune in for:  Practical advice every spiritual entrepreneur should hear;  Common beliefs that can hold you back from building your dream biz;  Real talk about mistakes I made in building my tarot business - and what you can learn from them;  And more...!  Sarah was so generous with her time and insights. If you love her straight-up style as much as I do, you'll want to check out her work at https://sarahmchappell.com/ and follow her on Instagram at @sarahmchappell Want to get in touch with me, Liz Worth? I'm at www.lizworth.com, or @lizworthtarot on Instagram.


30 Jun 2021

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Corporate World Worker to Holistic Business Coach: Stepping out of Corporate America with Sarah Chappell


Is it your dream to leave the corporate world and become your own boss? Then you’ll love episode 15 of The Podcast Podcast, which is about leaving corporate America and paving your own path in the coaching and entrepreneurial world! In this episode of The Podcast Podcast, I’m partnering with Tarot Mentor and Holistic Business Coach Sarah Chappell to discuss how to build the sustainable, intimate and scalable business of your dreams. Some of the main points we go over in this episode include: How Sarah went from working in the corporate world to helping hundreds of healers, coaches, misfits and mystics make more money in their own businesses (without working crazy hours or feeling like sell-outs!) The danger of hustle culture (AKA, “I can do everything on my own”) and the importance of building a sustainable business Four steps ANYONE can take to build a holistic business, from defining core values to converting potential clients into repeat customers Important reminders about the MAJOR benefits a podcast can offer your biz, why you don’t necessarily need to be an “expert” to start helping others, and more! This episode is loaded with so many helpful tangents and lessons, I highly recommend listening to it a couple times to make sure everything sinks in. And whether you're just starting your business or you're in the process of scaling it and have lost your way, the insights Sarah shares will definitely help you find your way! So be sure to tune in to episode 15 to hear even more about the points I’ve outlined above. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me!  And don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways! CONNECT WITH TARA: Facebook Instagram Profitable Podcast Collaborative Work with Tara!  CONNECT WITH SARAH: Facebook Instagram Website


26 May 2020

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Episode 47 - Special Guest: Sarah Chappell, Holistic Business Coach

Magic Monday

We are so excited to bring you our interview with holistic business coach, Sarah Chappell.  Tess & Natasha talk with Sarah about her journey through addiction and the corporate marketing world to helping others start and run businesses that remember the people at the heart of them. Also, Tess & Natasha do all your favorite segments, covering topics from how to connect to your own power, red flags for resistance to difficult feelings, the full moon in Virgo (and how much it wants you to clean and organize your space!) and even more. And don't forget: We are on Patreon!  We had a super fun Q&A this week with some of our listeners/patrons and we've been offering additional tools to some of the levels to help you lead a more magical life.  Go check it ou! Natasha now has an archive page for the guided meditations she's sent out in her newsletter.  It's available to subscribers.  Sign up at highestlighthealing.com Tess's latest book, Unicorn Magic, is available everywhere.  Get it before it's only her second latest book! (Spoiler alert: Tess is working on a new book) Goddess Provisions is a great way to treat yourself and support the work we do at the Podcast.  Be sure to use our link if you decide to get one of their eco-friendly, cruelty free new age subscription boxes!

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9 Mar 2020

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Overcoming Anxiety and Addictions with Magick ft. Sarah Chappell of So You Wanna Be a Witch

Magick and Mediums

Tarot Reader and host of So You Wanna Be a Witch Podcast, Sarah Chappell and I chat: anxiety addiction tarot money spells witchcraft  and more... Get the Magick and Mediums Oracle at https://www.magickandmediums.com Join the Magick Book Club: https://www.magickandmediums.com/join-the-coven


18 Jan 2020

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Episode 314: Enhancing Your Intuition Using Tarot with Sarah Chappell

The Mind Your Business Podcast

Maybe you’ve heard of tarot before, but you’re not exactly sure what it is, and how it can be used in business? I’m here to tell you that tarot cards can be used to support your business, and they can even give you the edge that you’ve been looking for! My special guest today is Sarah Chappell, a holistic business coach and tarot mentor who will explain it all today, in addition to even giving me a live reading on-air. If you’ve ever wanted a crash course, or an entrepreneur’s guide to using tarot, this episode is it! If you enjoy this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories and tag me and Sarah, @jameswedmore and @sarahmchappell. You can now search any for any topic discussed and keyword mentioned from the past 300+ episodes, with an amazing new tool called Searchie! For instant access, visit http://www.jameswedmore.com/podcastsearch. We’ve created a FREE workbook and mini-course, Ready to Make 2020 Your B*tch? to help you hit the ground running in 2020, and you can grab that now at http://jameswedmore.com/goalsetting! I’d like to personally invite you to join me in a secret hidden channel I’ve created called BEYOND The Mind Your Business Podcast. All you have to do is go to http://jameswedmore.com/beyond to download the Telegram app and join today. Haven’t left a review yet? All you have to do is go to http://jameswedmore.com/itunes, and thanks for your support of this show! I want to invite you to help contribute to this podcast by submitting a question for the Listener Question of the Week edition of The Mind Your Business Podcast. All you have to do is go to http://jameswedmore.com/QA and record a question (under 4 minutes or less) that could be featured on an upcoming episode. In the episode you’ll hear: What led Sarah to tarot and how she now uses it as a tool for both herself and her clients Why she loves using tarot cards so much, how they work and the first very steps to take A time when Sarah self-coached herself out of situation using the cards A breakdown of the card and the basics to keep in mind The actual questions she recommends asking yourself, and why Googling about tarot may not be the right way to go about it Sarah taking me through a live reading with me on questions I have about the future of this podcast Common mistakes that beginners make using tarot cards - and more! For full show note and links, visit: http://mindyourbusinesspodcast.com/podcast/314 


23 Dec 2019

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Tarot for Sobriety with Sarah Chappell

Tarot Bytes

Episode 150. Although we often associate tarot as a tool for divination, modern readers are also using it for self-care. In this episode, I'm joined by Sarah Chappell for a discussion on how tarot helped her with sobriety. You'll learn how tarot can become your ally on the road to recovery.


3 Nov 2019

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TRA TV And Podcast #8 Tarot for Self Care with Sarah Chappell

Tarot Readers Academy TV & Podcast

In this episode of the Tarot Readers Academy TV and Podcast Sarah Chappell shares her experience with using the Tarot for Self Care and gets really real with her personal journey. It is an important conversation to have and Sarah is a wonderful example of putting your spiritual knowledge into practice. Sarah also has a free Tarot for self-care e-book for you all, just click that link to get your copy. Are you ready? Let’s dig in. Get ready to explore this and so much more in this episode: How the Tarot can be used to nurture & nourish yourself Exploring the core of self-care and the ability to trust yourself How to repack your own agency and become the person who is leading your life How self-care ultimately allows you to become a better person How to use tarot as a supportive practice for self-care with your clients Learn how the process of learning the cards can help you to map out the possibilities for your life How to set boundaries for self-care Incorporating small daily rituals reinforce that commitment to boundaries Why you shouldn’t read the cards in a predictive manner when someone is an anxious state Where to start when using the tarot for self-care, what are things you can work with and what are things you should avoid Tarot is not a magic fix-all for self-care and when is the right time for you to seek outside expert help, beyond the tarot. How herbalism is a really beautiful way to support yourself and others And other tarot gems. Sarah has a 12-week online course to help you learn to read the tarot through the lens of self-care and registration is open NOW and closes on the 2nd of June 2019. Sarah’s Socials Facebook – facebook.com/healyourselfwithsarahmchappell Instagram  – instagram.com/sarahmchappell


28 May 2019

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Ep. #109: Sobriety & Intuition and Building a Business that Works for You, Your Values and Your Needs with Tarot Reader & Business Witch Sarah Chappell

Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Sarah Chappell is your witchy business coach as well as a tarot reader, tarot teacher and a maker of herbal medicine. In this episode, Sarah and host Eryn Johnson talk about Sarah's journey of getting sober and starting her own tarot and herbal medicine business, the connection between sobriety and intuition, the rush to monetize & how to decide when it's time to monetize something, business and identity, doing multiple things in your business versus honing in on one thing, the things she often sees tarot readers and practitioners struggling with, honoring your energetic capacity, and a lot about money beliefs and charging enough to actually support you! The episode with Kathleen Callahan that I mentioned. Find the blog for this episode here: www.living-open.com/blog/sarah-m-chappell Download the money beliefs tapping video here: https://mailchi.mp/ed6a05da65ba/tapping-to-release-limiting-money-beliefs Learn more about and register for the dark moon breathwork circle on May 4th here (no breathwork experience needed). Connect with Sarah on Instagram, her website, and her Facebook group So You Wanna Be A Witch. Get your personalized Taurus season reading (optional distance Reiki add-on here). Connect with me on Instagram here. Support on Patreon. 

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22 Apr 2019

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#38 My grumpisode with Sarah Chappell all about embracing the whole range of human emotions

Creative Nature Podcast

Friends, this is such a wonderful and special episode - in fact, it's a grumpisode! I have long admired Sarah Chappell's wonderful sense of humour and her ability to embrace the whole range of human emotions, which is exactly what we did for this episode. We grumped away about stuff that bothers us, got a bit snarky and let it all out - in the hope that you might feel less alone. We felt a bit shy in the end and felt a gentle urge to say that we are also happy, grateful people sometimes, which was really interesting and, in my humble opinion, shows that we all need more permission to grump sometimes. So if you needed a permission slip, this is it!  Here is what we talked about: - Embracing the whole range of human emotions - Being grumpy about having no one as a sickness back up when you are working for yourself - Being grumpy about diet culture - Being grumpy about social media changing all the time and loosing "exposure"  - Being grumpy about all the hard work we have to put in before creative work becomes sustainable  - Life being hard but amazing - Wanting a stable, not overpriced forever home - Our favorite self-care practices for grumpy times -"Work/Life Balance", scaling a small business and trying to not constantly work  Sarah M. Chappell is an intuitive counselor and herbalist based in Asheville, North Carolina specializing in addiction and mental health. She draws on her study of tarot, flower and stone essences, herbal medicine, and reiki to help clients unravel their stories, create lasting shifts, and heal themselves. Sarah is the host of So You Wanna Be A Witch, the podcast for soul-centered entrepreneurs and the people who love them. You can find Sarah on the internet at sarahmchappell.com, and follow her on Instagram http://instagram.com/sarahmchappell,  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/healyourselfwithsarahmchappell/ and Pinterest https://www.pinterest.de/sarahmchappell/ ⋒ Hi, my name is Yarrow and I am your host. My podcast Daydreaming Wolves explores ritual, politicized healing and creative expression through interviews and solo episodes. I live a soft & slow life in Scotland and create rituals and ceremonies for the big and small milestones in life. I also write, make textile art, cuddle my dogs, swim in the sea all year and do a lot of queer dreaming. You can learn more about my work and become a patron to support the show and access my book, my zines, live workshops & seasonal programs at YarrowMagdalena.com. More info about my web design & business mentoring work is at YarrowDigital.com ⋒

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13 Sep 2018