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Wed. Oct. 26: Hour 2 - Todd Davis On If Hackett Should Stick Around If Broncos Lose Sunday, Jeudy & Hamler Trade Candidates

Morning Drive with Goodman & Haertl

Todd Davis On If Hackett Should Stick Around If Broncos Lose Sunday, Jeudy & Hamler Trade Candidates


26 Oct 2022

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Scanning For Opportunities with Todd Davis - 9/01/22

Trader Merlin

Today we welcome one of my good friends, Todd Davis to the show! Todd is the Director of Portfolio Services at Online Trading Academy and is constantly scanning thousands of securities for trading and investing opportunities. We will look at his methodology as well as his thoughts on current markets. Join us live at 2pm pst today and send in your questions! #Trading #futures  #scanning  #filtering #Forex #stocks #Bonds Sign up for a free, 6 video course on Cryptocurrency here: https://www.tradingacademy.com/crypto/ Contact TraderMerlin: Email – TraderMerlin@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13930555/ Twitter: TraderMerlin - https://twitter.com/TraderMerlin IG: TraderMerlin - https://www.instagram.com/tradermerlin/ FB: TraderMerlin  - https://www.facebook.com/TraderMerlin Live Daily Show:  - https://www.youtube.com/TraderMerlin Trading Applications used: TastyWorks, CliK, TradeStation, TradingView


1 Sep 2022

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Nine Poems from Coffin Honey by Todd Davis


I asked Todd Davis if he could read some of his poems from his latest collection called Coffin Honey. And he generously said yes. Take a beath, find a comfortable seat, preferably out of doors and let the poetry of Todd Davis seep in through your pores and raise forth the best of you. Before we get started, I want to note that in this episode of poems from Todd Davis include content about sexual assault and self mutilation. If that sounds like poetry you are not comfortable listening to, we sure understand. Take care of yourself. All of the poems included here are from Todd’s latest book of poems, Coffin Honey. Visit Todd’s website at todddavispoet.com to comb through and order all of his work of poetry.  Enjoy the work of Todd Davis. Visit contemplify.com


31 Aug 2022

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A Revelatory Elegy of Unknowing with Todd Davis (author of Coffin Honey)


The poems of Todd Davis sharpen a reader’s spirit and focus, on the bloodstained teeth breaking apart the day-to-day doldrums and on the mythic imagination necessary to bear witness to this daunting moment in our species, on our planet.  Todd Davis and I spoke back in 2019 about his book Native Species and he has read his poems in the last two years on the Contemplify Backporch Advent Outpost series. Today we focus on Todd’s latest book of poems, Coffin Honey. We step into the rich imagery of characters, landscape, and emotion vibrating off the pages of his work. We also do not shy away from the thick smoke of trauma, poetry as a survival skill, the cost of risking participation in crafting such poems, and much more.  Before we get started, I want to note that in this episode with Todd Davis we converse about sexual assault and self mutilation, in both personal and mythic stories. If that sounds like a conversation you are not comfortable listening to, we sure understand. Take care of yourself. Visit Todd’s website at todddavispoet.com to slip through the doors of his poetry. Visit contemplify.com


30 Aug 2022

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How To Fight Your Insecurities As A CEO With Todd Davis, Co-Founder of LifeLock

Generation Wealth

I’m joined by Todd Davis, co-founder of LifeLock, to talk about the ups and downs of his identity theft protection startup, which was acquired by Symantec for $2.3 billion just 12 years after he launched the company. He shares the stories behind LifeLock’s iconic marketing strategies, like the $1 million guarantee and publishing his Social Security Number all over billboards and commercials. We discuss how he confronted his insecurities and self-doubt as a CEO, and what his hiring approach was for building a world-class team. He also dives into how he decided to take on venture capital and what his advice is for anyone who hears ‘no’ during an investment pitch.  IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: How to differentiate yourself through innovation  Building your presence via bold and unconventional branding techniques  The top leadership tips he learned from his time working with Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies How Todd quickly recovered from losing $1 billion of market capital in one day  How Todd is applying what he learned during his career at LifeLock to his new ventures in the CBD industry  RESOURCES Buy your ticket for the next Wealth & Business Summit on November 9-11 in Scottsdale, AZ. Early bird pricing is available now! CONNECT WITH TODD Connect on LinkedIn: Todd Davis Learn more about LifeLock: lifelock.com CONNECT WITH CANDY Follow me: @candyvalentino Join Founders Organization  

1hr 14mins

18 Jul 2022

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INTERVIEW: Todd Davis of LifeLock and The Power of a Bold PR Stunt

Will It Stick?

In 2007, Todd Davis the CEO of LifeLock decided to do something BIG to capture the attention of the millions of Americans he wanted to use his identify theft protection software. He shared his social security number with the world, because he was so confident in the strength of his product and the result was insane.  Join us as we chat with Todd Davis about the moment he decided to pull this stunt, what actually happened behind the scenes, how he handled finding out his business partner had lied about the brand's founding story, being hit with one of the biggest FTC fines in history and SO MUCH MORE. Make sure you go back and listen to our very first episode where we cover this stunt in full detail so you have all the context.  For source materials, please visit www.willitstickpodcast.com. Try Lit Videobooks for 50% off & a 3 day free trial! To get All Access to Lit Videobooks for only $5 per month visit litvideobooks.com/willitstick and use the promo code WILLITSTICK at checkout. 

20 Apr 2022

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ep. 139 - Todd Davis


Please take this quick poll to help us decide the best time to air our live Rattlecasts! https://www.rattle.com/poll/Todd Davis is the author of seven full-length collections of poetry: Coffin Honey, Native Species, Winterkill, In the Kingdom of the Ditch, The Least of These, Some Heaven, and Ripe—as well as of a limited edition chapbook, Household of Water, Moon, and Snow. He edited the nonfiction collection, Fast Break to Line Break: Poets on the Art of Basketball, and co-edited Making Poems: Forty Poems with Commentary by the Poets. His poetry has appeared in Ted Kooser's syndicated newspaper column American Life in Poetry and his poems have won the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize, the Chautauqua Editor's Prize, the Midwest Book Award, the ForeWord INDIES Book of the Year Bronze and Silver Awards, and the Bloomsburg University Book Prize. He teaches creative writing, American literature, and environmental studies at Pennsylvania State University’s Altoona College.For more, check out his website at: http://www.todddavispoet.com/As always, we'll also include live open lines for responses to our weekly prompt or any other poems you'd like to share. A Zoom link will be provided in the chat window during the show before that segment begins. For links to all the past episodes, visit: https://www.rattle.com/rattlecast/This Week's Prompt:A woman walks down a dirt road late at night.Next Week’s Prompt:An aphorism is a concise statement that contains a bit of wisdom or wit about life, such as “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” or “Honesty is the best policy.” Write a poem that is either based on an aphorism or contains one or more aphorisms.The Rattlecast livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, then becomes an audio podcast. Find it on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcasts.

2hr 7mins

10 Apr 2022

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Todd Davis: Sleep Study Scientist

All the things...with Lane and Lani

'Hoping to learn a bit more about sleep cycles and rest, we interviewed Todd Davis, the Director for the Sleep Lab at the Community Hospitals and Wellness Center located in Montpelier, Ohio.  Todd gives a bit more insight on reasons to participate in a sleep study, and all things sleep in general.  Very interesting stuff! (We are sorry for the poor audio- we were having boughts with a poor Wi-fi signal on this day, but the show must go on!)Enjoy.


8 Feb 2022

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Todd Davis of LifeLock on mastering insecurity, building a best in class brand, and managing your investors.

The Capital Stack

LifeLock is one of the most well known identity theft monitoring companies out there. Its founder and executive chairman, Todd Davis, is here to tell us about the company’s beginnings, it’s growth, and it’s sale in 2017.  It all started while attending the University of Texas when Todd found out about the entrepreneur program at Baylor.  He knew he had to go, and that’s where he caught the entrepreneurial bug.  He went on to start multiple companies in many industries, including wastewater treatment, computer sales, sports marketing, and CBD.In order to become the most trusted brand in their space, LifeLock had to raise a lot of money and offer a million dollar guarantee.  Despite LifeLock’s ultimate success, Todd says many times it wasn’t obvious it was going to be great.  There were times they came within 90 days of running out of money.  Starting with only one $10/month option, LifeLock needed to drum up a lot of subscriptions.  Todd became excellent at utilizing PR opportunities and is most well known for giving out his social security number to prove his confidence in their product.  What You’ll Learn:The two instinctual things you need to be a successful entrepreneur. The importance of a mentor and what they can teach you. How ego is the downfall of many business leaders.  How LifeLock continued to grow through the recession.Favorite Quote:“Almost every job I’ve ever started, I had no experience at beforehand.” -Todd Davis-- The Capital StackAll Things Tech Investing and Value CreationEarly growth investor David Paul interviews the world's greatest ecosystem, learn how to start and scale your own business, and find an edge in today's capital markets.  To connect with David, visit: Twitter - CLICK HERESubstack - CLICK HERELinkedIn - CLICK HEREIG - CLICK HEREDISCLAIMER:David Paul is the founder and general partner at DWP Capital.  All opinions expressed by David and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of DWP capital.  This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for decisions.   David and guests may maintain positions in the securities discussed on this podcast.

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3 Feb 2022

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E17 | Marketing Advice For A Growing Brand With Todd Davis

THE BIG RESET—Marketing & Business Edition

What's the best marketing advice for a growing brand? Number one is you cannot play safe. The guest for today's episode is Todd Davis, Chairman of the Board at Kadenwood. Todd talks with Scott Harkey about how growing brands cannot copy someone else's marketing strategy. Even if you tweak it a little and paste your brand name on it, it won't work. You need a different strategy to reach your goals. Be bold and take chances! Tune in for more insights to grow your brand!


5 Jan 2022