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ZF Season 3 Episode 2: Jennifer’s Bargie (w/Michelle Weinstein!)

The Zyxx Fancast

We get 1337. Brandon reveals another dark secret. We push the button? Hosts: Michelle Weinstein, Rebecca and Brandon Editing: ISMAY HUTTON OF THE RADICAL CRIT CHAT PODCAST! https://crit-chat.pinecast.co/ Also a little tiny bit Brandon. Music by 8 Bit Jazz Heroes Website: fancast.spaceTwitter: @ZyxxFancastFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZyxxfancastPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/JTFA OR http://bit.ly/netflixisworththemoneyFancast Discord server: bit.ly/zyxxcordThanks to Mission to Zyxx for clips and permissions!WE HAVE MERCH NOW! http://bit.ly/zyxxfancast or http://bit.ly/zyxxmerchBecca's ko-fi:https://ko-fi.com/beccapaintmore Brandon has a tabletop RPG about space mercenaries called Phase Shift! http://robots.church or http://phaseshift.spaceLeave us a 4-star review on Apple Podcasts to know you accurately gauged the quality of this recording and complaining about how late we are always! 4 is accurate! Stop leaving 5-star reviews! Brandon knows everything!https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-zyxx-fancast/id1450297631


27 Mar 2021

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8. Helping Accountants Grow Their Practices with Michelle Weinstein

How I Make Money

Michelle Weinstein (AKA “The Pitch Queen”) is a Shark Tank alum, serial entrepreneur, and sales expert. We talked about her start in the prepared foods sector and how to know when to fold one business to start another. One of the biggest take-aways from our interview was the importance of finding a niche you can serve and serve well. Michelle’s entire approach as a sales coach has been to help very unsalesly businesses (accountants) get better at finding and helping great clients.Listen in while we talk Shark Tank, life in SoCal Lockdown land, what accountants are really like once you get a few drinks in them, and the future of telemedicine.The Pitch Queen’s home base: https://www.thepitchqueen.com/Michelle’s Accountant Sales Consultancy: https://theabundantaccountant.com/Free ebook that outlines her system: https://theabundantaccountant.com/5stepsFollow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.weinsteinKey ideas: Consulting, Niche, Shark Tank, Woman Owned Business, Sales Training, No Sleaze Selling, Accountants


4 Feb 2021

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How To Have Empowered Sales Conversations | Michelle Weinstein

Money Talks with Hugh Meyer

In this episode of Money Talks,   Hugh interviewed social media guru and sales consultant, podcast host,  Michelle Weinstein. Michelle’s mission is to utilize her superpower to help entrepreneurs sell high-value services to their clients. She shows clients how to have empowered sales conversations, own their value and worth, and skyrocket their top-line revenue.   We discussed:  1) How Michelle developed the “Pitch Queen” and her CPA consulting practice  2) The significance of being a specialist and owning and developing a Niche in your business  3) We discussed the concept of Value versus Price-  Communicate your true value proposition        Hugh Meyer - https://instagram.com/hughmeyerofficial  https://www.linkedin.com/in/hughmeyer/ Michelle Weinstein -   https://www.facebook.com/thepitchqueen/  https://www.twitter.com/thepitchqueen  https://ww.instagram.com/thepitchqueen


25 Jan 2021

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Seeing Abundance When Selling Your Accounting Services w/ Michelle Weinstein

Building the Premier Accounting Firm

Michelle is an optimist, seeing opportunity and potential new clients everywhere. Selling accounting services can be fun and when you combine passion with an abundant mindset there is no stopping your potential to build your business. Listen as Roger and Michelle discuss principles you can use to become comfortable selling your quality accounting services. In the end, it’s about helping your clients and letting them see you as the expert to help them. Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center Our Guest: Michelle Weinstein Michelle trains accountants how to use her unique and proven system to sell more services, overcome any objection, and have a life full of abundance! She has successfully trained CPAs how to actually and efficiently IMPLEMENT powerful techniques adding $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month. Michelle is also the host of the, The Abundant Accountant Podcast is where accounting professionals come to learn the most efficient and powerful ways to grow their firm, sharpen their skills, and have consistent increasing revenue. She cover topics from networking, pricing, finding your ideal clients, increasing cash flow, setting boundaries with clients and much more so accounting professionals can stop giving away their time and expertise away for free and start being paid their value and worth! Sponsors: Universal Accounting Center Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth. Offers: Michelle shared that she sees way too many accounting professionals who are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Is that you? 8weeksalesmastery.com That’s why I’ve created a simple 5-step process for accountants so that you can feel confident positioning yourself as the expert, get consistent, high-quality referrals, and easily get people to say YES to paying you what you’re worth (no matter how much you charge), while working less all year round. Go to 5stepstoabundance.com now if you want to stop waiting around for the busy season every year and have an accounting practice full of high-level clients who are happy to pay you the fees you deserve and who actually appreciate the work you do for them. Get the sales training built specifically for accounting professionals so that you can Sell with Confidence applying the principles of Strategic Selling.  Take a moment and download this overview of the process with this Cut to the Chase pdf Get a FREE copy of each of two book all accounting professionals should use to offer trusted strategic advisory services and get paid what they are worth.  These are must have additions to every accountants library to provide the value clients look for today: “in the BLACK, nine principles to make your business profitable” – e-book “Red to BLACK in 30 days – A small business accountant’s guide to QUICK turnarounds” – the how-to-guide e-book for accounting professionals Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal. Listen to our next episode and be sure to subscribe. For more information on how you can apply these principles in your business please visit us at www.universalaccountingschool.com or call us at 801.265.3777


4 Nov 2020

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Ep 30 Growing the Top Line While Watching the Bottom Line with Michelle Weinstein

Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Hi, I'm the Profit Answer Man Rocky Lalvani! I help small business owners simplify their financial reports so that they can make more informed business decisions with fewer hassles. We utilize the Profit First system created by Mike Michalowicz Schedule your free, no-obligation intro call: https://bookme.name/rockyl/lite/intro-appointment-15-minutes Michelle Weinstein is well known for teaching accountingpreneurs to grow their firms to 8-figures and beyond. Her passion is helping accountants to remember their worth and embrace the selling process with confidence. Michelle trains accountants how to use her unique and proven system to sell more services, overcome any objection, and have a life full of abundance! She has successfully trained CPAs how to actually and efficiently IMPLEMENT powerful sales techniques adding $10k to $50k in additional revenue every month. https://www.thepitchqueen.com/sellwithoutsleaze/ Instagram: @thepitchqueen   Facebook:  thepitchqueen   Twitter: @thepitchqueen    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelleweinstein/ More about making profitability simple: http://profitcomesfirst.com/ Questions: questions@profitanswerman.com Email: rocky@profitcomesfirst.com Profit Answer Man Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitanswerman/ My podcast about living a richer more meaningful life: http://richersoul.com/ First 2 chapter of Profit First: https://mailchi.mp/1bf6b892deda/profitfirst Music provided by Junan from Junan Podcast Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.


27 Oct 2020

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16: Finding clients that work for your accounting firm - a chat with Michelle Weinstein

The Tech Talk for Accountants Show

Andrew Lassise is joined by Michelle Weinstein, a sales strategist, on this episode of the podcast.  They discuss what goes into finding clients that are a good fit for accountants.   Think about your client roster and think about the person you love talking to. The client you love working with. "You love when you pull their file and work on their business," Michelle said. "You love that they tell you how much they appreciate you and your knowledge."  Make a list of 20 attributes of that clients. That's your perfect client that you want to go after.   Michelle offers more tips on the topic of finding clients - good ones - on this episode!    Check out Michelle's podcast The Abundant Accountant here: https://theabundantaccountant.com/abundant-accountant-podcast/ Check out more episodes of our podcast here: http://rushtech.online/podcast   Need remote tech support for your accounting firm? Contact us here: http://rushtech.online/contact--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rush-tech-support/message


9 Sep 2020

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299: Michelle Weinstein is a Sales Strategist & Fitness Guru [podcast]

What's Your "And"?

Michelle Weinstein, The Pitch Queen and host of the Abundant Accountant podcast, talks about her passion for fitness and how it improves her life both personally and professionally. She also talks about finding control in your life and how your passion is a big part of that!


22 Jul 2020

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77. The Sales Pitch Follow-Up with Michelle Weinstein by Tax Rep Network

Tax Rep Network with Eric Green

So you’ve made your pitch with the potential client…now what? In this week’s episode Michelle Weinstein joins Eric for a discussion of the steps each of you should be doing to follow-up and land the client’s work without making yourself an annoying jerk! If you want to explore and discover what some of the next best steps are for you and your firm then head on over to www.theabundantcall.com for a coaching call with myself or my partner. I invite you to book it here if you want to thrive and prosper in the coming months over @ the theabundantcall.com.


25 Jun 2020

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Mental Health First Aid - Kevin McCloskey and Michelle Weinstein

Crazy and The King Podcast

Quarantine Week 7 - Torin and Julie are joined by Disability and Inclusion Experts, Kevin McCloskey and Michelle Weinstein. In a time like no other, the pandemic has opened eyes and hearts to the mental health epidemic in the world. Kevin and Michelle share their predictions, some best practices and the necessity of mental health first aid in our workplaces.  Prepare yourself for Crazy and the King! Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrazyAndTheKing More on Torin and Julie: Julie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliesowashdisabilitysolutions Torin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/torinellis Our Guests: Kevin McCloskey Director of Partnership Development Disability Solutions @Ability Beyond Website: www.disabilitytalent.org  Career Center: www.disabilitysolutionstalent.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-mccloskey-8b8a326/ Michelle Weinstein Ability Beyond Residential & Clinical Services Manager Website: www.abilitybeyond.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-weinstein-aadc-ladc-684a9111b/ Cred: Production and Music by: Marcel "DjCellz" Boykin Image by John Hain from Pixabay 


7 May 2020

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Ep. 155: How to Convert More Sales with Michelle Weinstein

Target Market Insights: Multifamily + Marketing

Before she was The Pitch Queen, Michelle Weinstein spent a decade changing lives one meal at a time but ran almost every aspect of the business. When she decided it was time for a change, she decided to focus only on sales and create The Pitch Queen moniker. Now, she helps business professionals increase their sales through podcasts, social content and high-ticket training. In this episode, she shares key insights to structure your offerings and convert more sales.  Partner: Join me at the Best Ever Conference plus 15% discount with 15DEAL Key Insights When going Live on Social Media, find ways to quickly stand out Spent a decade helping people change their life one meal at a time Realized she loved making pitches and decided to focus on sales Outsourced all other duties: payroll, editing, etc. Decided she wanted to be known as The Pitch Queen Tesla launched an expensive car that most could not afford Focus on high-ticket sales with fewer clients, but focus on results If you have a large audience, you can focus on lower ticket offers If you call a dentist, they are busy and it’s hard to get an appointment. An oral surgeon is a specialist and can always make time because it’s a higher-priced item Make sure your free content is stuff you would consume One of her clients, David, saw explosive growth by listening and talking about what their clients wanted to talk about Don’t talk about your expertise and tech terms, listen and show how you can help them achieve their goals Partner: Download a Free Sample Apartment Deal Package Bull’s Eye Tips:  Resources: Success Unfiltered Podcast Abundant Accountant Podcast The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan Apparent Failure: Wireless internet and oil wells taught him to stay in his lane and focus Most Recommended Book: Influence by Robert Cialdini Subtle Words that Sell by Ross Jeffries  Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource: Tesla   Daily Habit: Workout Wish I Knew Starting Out: Focus on what I was good at in the business and outsource the rest, even if you don’t think you can afford it Best Place to Grab a Bite in San Diego: Puesto Connect with Michelle: Website: sellwithoutsleaze.com Leave us a review and rating on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Be sure to check out more info at TargetMarketInsights.com.


10 Jan 2020