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Ardra Shephard

Social Animals

Ardra Shephard is the influential Canadian writer, speaker, and advocate behind the award-winning blog Tripping On Air, ​​about her life with MS. We talk about Europe and singing in cathedrals, she told me a time when her friends planned a party without her and how stairs are in fact, over-rated. 


14 Apr 2021

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Episode 117 | Tell Your Own Story: Taking Up, Filling and Defining the Space -- feat. Ardra Shephard & Damian Washington

Myelin & Melanin™ Podcast

Join us for our first episode in MS Awareness Month 2021. We are joined by two incredible members of the MS community (and our friends) -- Ardra Shephard and Damian Washington. We chat about filling, taking up, and defining the space. Find Ardra at her website trippingonair.com. Check out Damian's YouTube channel at  youtube.com/nostressms.And...just Google them! You can find us on the web at http://myelinandmelanin.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @myelinmelanin. You can also subscribe to us on YouTube. Consider supporting us through our Patreon -- http://patreon.com/myelinmelanin. Patrons can gain access to exclusive content, Myelin & Melanin swag & more. Your support helps us offset the cost of maintaining our website, paying for our remote recording technology, music, podcast & merchandise production, and more. As we do not get paid to produce the podcast, these are costs that come out of our pockets. This can often be a struggle. If you enjoy the podcast, please take a minute to leave us a 5-Star rating on Apple Podcasts. Stream the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Peace! 


6 Mar 2021

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Embrace It: Episode 9 - Tripping on Air w/ Ardra Shephard

EmBRACE IT With Lainie & Estela - Look Good + Feel Good = Living Your Best Life With Disabilities

Join us for some real talk with writer, blogger and rollator supermodel, Ardra Shephard as she spills her deep truths and life hacks from a girl with MS.For more wisdom and great content from Ardra, visit: https://trippingonair.com/Click here for her Trend-Able feature! https://trend-able.com/meet-ardra-shephard/Looking for great tips, hacks and blogposts? Visit: Trend-Able.comFind more info and CMT patient resources on: HNF-cure.org


6 Jul 2020

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88. Ardra Shephard | Part 2: devastating illness expert

The DISabled to ENabled podcast for people with chronic illnesses

In this episode, we chat with Ardra Shephard about MS and becoming a devastating illness expert and blogger. Learn more about MS and the amazing things she's done despite it on the DISabled to ENabled podcast this week.  Keep up with Ardra:https://trippingonair.com/https://www.facebook.com/trippingonair/https://www.instagram.com/ms_trippingonair/https://twitter.com/tripping_onairhttps://youtu.be/wW7yXFp563A  Join our tribe of ENabled warriors who fight back against their symptoms!:Facebook / ENabled Warriors  Insta: @ DISabledtoENabled twitter @DISabletoenableWant to tips for managing your symptoms? Check out our blog: www.DISabledtoENabled.com Join the VIP waitlist to get the ENabled Warrior Tracker before anyone else click here to join through Facebook Messenger: http://mmini.me/waitlistEnter to WIN $100! Leave a review on iTunes, and each month we’ll choose one person at random to win. Here are some prompts to help you: who was your favorite guest and what did you learn from them? Will you listen to another episode? What did you like best about the show? Click here to learn how to leave a review on desktop and on a Phone. Android users may need to download the apple podcasts app ENabled warriors thank you for supporting our sponsors. Today's episode is sponsored by BeeKeeper's Naturals. Start building your natural first aid kit today. Use code WARRIOR for 10% off your order.Read the transcription of the episodes here: https://mmini.me/transcription


3 Jun 2020

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FUMS 056 – Ardra Shephard: Making Mobility Aids Fashionable

FUMS: Giving Multiple Sclerosis The Finger

Ardra Shephard is the writer behind the irreverent and insightful blog, Tripping On Air. When she started using mobility aids, she was disappointed to note that there weren't any images - in fashion or the media - of disabled people using their mobility aids, looking GOOD. So she decided to change the narrative! Ardra is a perfect fit for the FUMS brand - she's another smart-ass MS’er who enjoys a good f-bomb! Topics covered include: Ardra's (brief!) diagnosis story Why Ardra felt she had to be the example of a fashionable person using mobility aids in a time which she refers to as "pre-Selma" Her exciting role as a script consultant on There’s Something You Should Know, the television series about dating and disability  Ardra's experiences - good and bad - with telling her story in the media Resources for this episode (clickable links): Visit the FUMS Podcast Patreon page Tripping On Air website Ardra's Web MD video Tripping On Air Facebook page Ardra on Instagram and Twitter Follow the #babeswithmobilityaids hashtag on Instagram ** Sign up for the FUMS Friday Night 6 Pack at FUMSnow.com. — Special thanks to my podcast editor Steve Woodward. Do you have a podcast or are you interested in starting a pod? I HIGHLY recommend adding Steve to your team. Find him here: https://podcastingeditor.com/


20 Mar 2020

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ARDRA SHEPHARD OF TRIPPING ON AIR: Calling BS on How Society Views Mobility Aids

The MS Gym Podcast

When the opportunity arose to have today's guest on the podcast, I was more than elated. She's an absolute superstar in the MS space. From her award-winning blog, Tripping on Air, that chronicles her life with MS, to her Instagram presence, to the recent WebMD documentary featuring her, Ardra Shephard is calling bullshit on how society views differently-abled individuals. Her content is overflowing with upfront, often comically deadpan observations about living with MS and, equally as important, living with mobility devices. Mobility devices, and learning how to live with them with confidence, grace and style for days is her jam. In today's episode, Ardra shares with us how she threw her vanity to the wind and said screw it. If there's nobody else out there representing what I want to accomplish with MS, and while using a mobility device, I'm going to be that person. And that's exactly what she's done. EPISODE NOTES - Why a  blog? - When an invisible disease becomes visible - Clearing the air by writing - Looking for a role model that didn't exist - The evolution of an Instagram feed - Deciding to be the example - Where are the people like me? - The lack of resources on mobility device use - Naming her device - The guy with the fedora - I can still be a badass with a mobility device - You can't control what others think about disability - Not everyone's an asshole - MS DOES have you - Giving yourself permission to say "This sucks!" - The dictator that lives in your body - When people forget you have MS - Fixing the disabled = "less than" mentality - When disability is marginalized - #babeswithmobilityaids - Don't feel sorry for me - Dreaming about walking - Disability is expensive - Comparing mobility devices - A shift toward better design - How your presence makes others feel - Insensitive things people say - Opting to live beyond the safety of your home - Living a life less lived because you opted not use a mobility aid - Social media for representation & information - The Selma Blair effect - Being an influencer can be a good thing - 2020 is the year of clarity - What Ardra's working on - A television show based on Ardra's blog LINKS: Ardra's website: https://trippingonair.com/ Ardra's WebMD Documentary -  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wW7yXFp563A&feature=youtu.be Ardra in Momentum Magazine - http://momentummagazineonline.com/awesome-aliases/ Ardra's Optimus Prime (snazzy rollator) - https://rollz.com/en/


12 Dec 2019

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Episode 45 | Social Media, Storytelling and Support: Coping With MS -- feat. Ardra Shephard

Myelin & Melanin™ Podcast

Tune in as we are joined once again by one of our favorite MS bloggers, Ardra Shephard. We talk about social media, sharing our stories, and how our coping has changed throughout the many years since our diagnosis. You can check out Ardra's blog at trippingonair.com. Find her on social media by searching for Tripping on Air. You can find us on the web at http://myelinandmelanin.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @myelinmelanin. You can also subscribe to us on YouTube. Peace!

1hr 3mins

2 Nov 2019

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Episode 38 | When MS is Trippin': Talking Summer Hacks with Ms. Tripping on Air -- feat. Ardra Shephard

Myelin & Melanin™ Podcast

Tune in as we chat with the fabulous Ardra Shephard -- Ms. Tripping on Air -- about summer hacks for MSers, hypothetical MS swag bags (an awesome idea, right?), underwear you can get drunk and pee your pants in, and internalized ableism. You don't want to miss it. You can check her blog out at  http://trippingonair.com (she's on Instagram @ms_trippingonair and Twitter @tripping_onair) You can find US on the web at http://myelinandmelanin.com, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @myelinmelanin. You can also check us out on YouTube. Peace!


27 Jul 2019