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411 - Drew Brophy

Surf Splendor

Artist Drew Brophy catapulted to surf world fame in the 90s by when his artwork adorned the boards that sparked a cultural movement. He parlayed that popularity over the next three decades into television and film work, corporate commissions, and fine art. In November 2021, he contracted COVID and spent 28 days in a coma. Today he recounts the experience and attempts to process life after returning from the edge of existence. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 May 2022

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Drew Brophy - Interview with The Temple of Surf - The Podcast

The Temple of Surf Podcast

Aloha Everyone and welcome to a new episode of The Temple of Surf - The Podcast. We will give you full access to the best surfers, skaters, shapers, surfboards collectors, shop owners in the world! Discover with me their stories, their greatest successes, amazing behind the scenes and much more! Today with us Drew Brophy, legendary artist from San Clemente, California. Let's discover more about him, his art, future projects and much more! For more info visit https://drewbrophy.com


17 Aug 2020

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78. Posca Paint Party with Drew Brophy

Artist Academy

This week’s episode features groovy California based surf artist Drew Brophy. Drew is kind of a celebrity in my mind right along with his wife, Maria Brophy. If you don’t know the Brophys then I highly encourage every single artist to click the link in the notes and buy Maria’s book: Art Money Success. It’s seriously a game changer and the reason why I know so much about them and their art career. Needless to say after reading her book twice, I was so excited to interview Drew and be asked to do a live Posca Paint Party this upcoming Friday! The link the link to join us in the notes and I really hope you want to hop on with us after listening to this interview and getting to know Drew a little better. He’s just so cool. I think he said the word groovy at one point, or maybe it was some other surfer slang, but I was like, “that is so cute!” Haha. You’ll see what I mean, so let me know what you think of this week’s episode with Drew Brophy. www.instagram.com/drewbrophyJoin our Posca Paint Party! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/posca-paint-party-paint-a-butterfly-with-drew-brophy-and-andrea-ehrhardt-tickets-102205106224Buy Maria Brophy’s book: Art Money Success https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999011502/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_bdINEbMTTNGBB


23 Apr 2020

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Surfers in Quarantine with Drew Brophy

Tales from the Cobblestones

Times are weird and things are strange. The Corona virus is among us and we have to adjust. We are being asked to "Shelter in Place" be "Socially Distant" and Self Quarantine. For a Surfer, that may be hard...Especially when the waves are good. As more and more of California gets shut down day by day...the lingering fear that they may shut down the beach is a realistic threat. Surfers have been asked to Quarantine all around our community. I was curious how other surfers are dealing with their quarantine. Today's guest is Drew Brophy. Drew is the artist behind the Brophy Art Academy and design center. Drew is a local San Clemente artist who is a surfer, a father, a husband and all around good guy. Drew has had many contributions in the art world including bringing his original paint pen styles to surfboards around the world in the 90's and beyond. Drew and his wife Maria have been hosting these POSCA paint parties on the fast and emerging platform called ZOOM. These online parties are an absolute smash and allow multiple people from around the world to share their art and to use this precious time to be creative and calm through the process of art. We checked in with Drew to see how his Quarantine was going. He's my conversation with Mr. Drew Brophy.


3 Apr 2020

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Drew Brophy

Tales from the Cobblestones

Today's interview is right here in town, San Clemente. We load up the VW bus and head downtown to Granada street. We arrive at the Brophy art gallery and design center. Today's guest is Drew Brophy. Drew has been an artist for over 30 years. A life long surfer and traveler. Drew's career exploded in the 1990's when he began painting surfboards using paint pens. Since then Drew has been busy doing many epic art projects. Weather he's designing an album cover or hosting a community art party, drew always makes time to hop on his bike and head down for a surf. Drew lives the beach lifestyle in which he portrays in his paintings.  Please join me as I sit down with Drew and see whats going on in his colorful world.

1hr 12mins

12 Nov 2019

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61: Being a Working Artist with Painter and Surfer Drew Brophy

Art Supply Posse

This interview with Drew Brophy is full of wise and inspiring insights from someone who has been working as an artist for 30 years. —> Support Art Supply Posse and get bonus episodes Find the people who like your art Drew discusses how he was discouraged from making his art for several years, simply because it was different to what people knew. He persevered and figured out how to travel the world and get paid to paint surfboards. Posca Pens Drew has been using Posca paint markers since the late 1980s. He would import the pens himself and give them away to other artists. Art & Business In the final part of the interview Drew talks about how bad the "tortured artist" and "starving artist" myths are. He gives examples of all the different types of commercial artists earning a good income from their art. There is more about Drew’s journey and early years in his book painting surfboards and chasing waves. Drew’s Links Drew’s Website Instagram Facebook Art Supply Posse Website ​​Discuss art and art supplies in our forum: Artsupia Forum

1hr 7mins

26 Mar 2019

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Drew Brophy: Art, Surfing & Universal Energy - 013

The Shifting Perceptions Podcast - Inspiration For Creative Lifestyles

Please Leave Us a Rating & Review This interview is with professional artist and big wave surfer Drew Brophy. Some magical things happened when we combined two surf artists to chat about surf, art, science, chakras, universal laws, intentional creativity and the energy in the universe...Jay and Drew got super nerdy and super gnarly in every direction. We learned about Drew’s focus towards science-based art and how he got to where he is today in his ever-evolving career. Have fun with us as we ride through Drew's stories of Stand Up Paddling through the Grand Canyon and surfing waves bigger than my house. Hearing Drew's humble beginnings in South Carolina of being told he wouldn't make it as a surfer or an artist and his courageous leap into painting surfboards as a stepping stone will have your head spinning with possibilities. But also…. The connected universe The human heart as an EMF Transmitter Science through Art Sacred Geometry Stand Up Paddling 225 miles of the Grand Canyon Hermetic Texts Quantum Physics Links & Resources: Mark Allison - Surf City Surf Shop Ron House Surfboards & Drew Dr. Masaru Emoto on human consciousness and water Perfection Surfboards Uni Posca Paint Pens: https://amzn.to/2Uq2Ors Connect with Drew Brophy: Drew’s Website Drew Brophy’s Book: Painting Surfboards Chasing Waves: https://amzn.to/2SvWi0I Facebook Twitter Instagram Connect with The Shifting Perceptions Podcast: Shifting Perceptions Website Join Our Mailing List Facebook Instagram Twitter Connect with Jay Alders: Jay Alders Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Pinterest Connect with Chelsea Alders & Companies: Om Mamas Doulas Website Sun Dreams Productions Website Instagram Chelsea Om Mamas Doulas Sun Dreams Productions

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7 Dec 2018

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243: Leave the GATEKEEPERS in your wake (w/ Drew Brophy)

Your Creative Push

Drew Brophy has been a professional artist for over 25 years.  He says of his profession, “It’s my job to make things look cool.”  A life-long surfer and world traveler, Drew’s career exploded in the late 1990’s when he began painting his edgy artwork onto surfboards.  Drew’s love of surfing has led him down a path of studying weather, its effect on waves, and how the sun influences earth.  This has all led to a deep interest in physics and how it all interconnects.  He has studied physics extensively and it has influenced his artwork.  As such, his distinctive art style has evolved to include sacred geometry in an effort to decode the knowledge that ancient civilizations left for us. Drew wants to share with the world the message that everything is energy and we are all connected.  He strives to create art images that help people understand the true meaning of life; that life is meant to be enjoyed. Full shownotes: http://yourcreativepush.com/drewbrophy In this episode, Drew discusses: -How he felt as if he didn’t fit in at school, but how the surfing community brought him in. -Being a talented surfer and being able to travel the world, and then coming home and feeling like a loser because nobody understood. -Feeling devastation and anger when a guidance counselor told him that he wouldn’t have a future as an artist or a surfer. -A synchronistic event that led him to moving to Hawaii for his perfect job of painting surfboards. -The experience of jumping on a flight and showing up to Hawaii. -Using Posca paint pens even though nobody else was. -Being smart enough to say yes to opportunities and then learn along the way. -The value in something being done rather than perfect. -Connecting with Matt Biolos and how that sent his career into a completely new trajectory. -Trusting your instincts that what you’re doing is better than what the gatekeepers say. -The contribution that his wife, Maria, has made to their creative journey, and how all of the lessons in her book, Art Money & Success, are lessons that they learned themselves. -The trouble that many artists face when attempting to define themselves as artists or explain what it means to be a professional artist. -The origin of his motto, “It’s my job to make things look cool.” -The importance of choosing your words wisely when telling people that you are an artist or a creative person, because that is the way that you will make connections and get work. -His studying of ancient civilizations and sacred geometry and how they all cared so much more about arts and nature. -His interest in weather, solar dynamics, planetary physics, and sacred geometry. -The importance of being authentic and creating things that you are interested in (and diving deep into them). Drew's Final Push will inspire you to go after the thing that makes you happy!   Quotes: “I was really a square peg in school.  I think a lot of artists feel that way.” “I just said to him, point blank, ‘Dad, if I don’t go, nothing great is ever going to happen to me.’  And I knew it.” “I went from Nowhere, South Carolina to Ground Zero for Surfing Madness.” “I decided right there and then that I was going to become the best surfboard artist in the world.” “You literally can create your life.  I wish that schools would teach you that.” “As an artist, I’m making the rules.” “Every time you’re out in public, you need to be training people on who you are.  And it’s very important that you choose your words wisely.” “It’s almost like right-brained people used to rule the world, and now left-brained people rule the world.” “I think the world would be a much better, prettier place if people would step out of their left brain and create every day and unleash it on the world.  Everybody has it.” “I never really set out to be an artist.  All I set out to do was to be happy.  Strive for that.” Links mentioned: Maria Brophy on Your Creative Push Art, Money & Success: A complete and easy-to-follow system for the artist who wasn't born with a business mind by Maria Brophy Matt Biolos Connect with Drew: Website / Instagram / Store / Facebook / Twitter   Join the discussion in the Facebook group!

1hr 13mins

14 Aug 2017

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Paint Pen Techniques with Drew Brophy - trailer

TheSurfNetwork.com - Free Sessions

What do surfboards, skateboards, guitars and shoes have in common? Drew Brophy has painted them all with water-based paint pens. And he shows you how in this new Do-It-Yourself video. For over 20 years, Drew Brophy has been perfecting painting with water-based paint pens. As the world's top surfboard artist, Drew has taught thousands of people how to paint with his techniques. Now, with this video by Seven Films, he can teach you, too. Drew shows, step-by-step, how anyone can paint using his techniques. In his easy to follow style, Drew covers creating unique compositions, preparing the surface, blending colors, finishing details, and how to seal your work. He demonstrates on surfboards, a skateboard and a pair of canvas shoes."I expect to see an explosion of art on surfboards, skateboards, shoes --anything --following the release of this video" says Drew Brophy. "For years these techniques have been closely guarded secrets within a small community of artists. I hope that this video will inspire generations of young artists to customize their lives with their art and imagination!"


20 Apr 2011