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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mark Schatzker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mark Schatzker, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mark Schatzker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mark Schatzker, often where they are interviewed.

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Part 69 - Mark Schatzker on the Hidden Secrets of Which Foods Are Killing You

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Hi there friends. This is Brian Sanders who’s name and photo is now featured on the cover of this podcast. I’m the guy who’s making the Food Lies film which has taken up much of the last 2 years of my life. I’ve interviewed about 150 people now (both formally and casually) on topics of nutrition, health, exercise, and the environment. I’m also the guy that posts something every day on social media that interests me or conveys a point that currently has my attention. Search for Food Lies on Instagram, youtube, twitter, and facebook and you’ll find some great content.

Start back at episode 1 to get the full health info download, share with friends and family, and give it a review on itunes or the Apple podcast app. Please know that I really appreciate all of you for doing this! I love interacting with people daily on these social platforms. It helps continue my quest for simple truths about health and nutrition, and hopefully not get caught up in one way of thinking.

Let’s get straight to today’s guest, Mark Schatzker who is the author of The Dorito Effect and another book called Steak. I really enjoyed the Dorito Effect and have brought it up on multiple podcasts. His award-winng journalism has appeared in in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Traveler and Best American Travel Writing. He is a field reporter for The Dr. Oz Show as well as a radio columnist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

I really connected with Mark Schatzker in this episode on so many things. I’m really excited about this one and think it might help people to look at nutrition in a different light. Apparently we’ve both been thinking about some of these nuances in the same way for years. We talked for a while after we stopped recording and followed up on email as well. Some of it may be controversial, so I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

There’s so much going on when we talk about the concept of “processed foods.” Even when I make a post about it, there’s lots of confusion and pushback about what a processed food actually is. When I posted that the excess fat people carry is just the processed food they have eaten, there was an uproar. I still stand by this statement. 

There’s 3 main components to what makes a processed food bad. The first is the diluting of good things like protein, vitamins, and minerals with empty calories like refined sugar, grains, and oils. The second is how those foods interact with your body. They can spike your blood sugar far more than whole foods, interact with your digestive system in different ways, and therefore affect hormones and satiety signals in different ways, as well as other inflammatory effects. The 3rd is the hyperpalatability factor which leads to overconsumption.

Throughout history, food processing increased nutrient density. Modern food processing pretty much across the board decreases nutrient density. Therein lies some of the confusion. Sauerkraut is a processed food by most definitions. But for me, it doesn't fit the classical definition because it makes a pretty empty food like cabbage that has anti-nutrients (therefore potentially detrimental), into something nutritious with vitamin C, probiotics, and very little antinutrients through the act of processing - in this case fermenting. 

Other people didn't understand how King Henry the 8th, who was famously obese, could get that way without processed foods. Processed foods doesn't just mean McDonald’s and Oreos! He had access to unlimited quantities of refined flour baked goods, sugar, and alcohol. These are the worst of the processed foods! Just because you made a cake at home with organic flour and organic agave, doesn't mean it’s healthy for you. This also goes for a snack bar that is “keto approved” with all natural ingredients.

Ok enough out of me, we can get to the episode. I’ll just make a youtube video about it with all my thoughts in order and some graphics. Check the Food Lies youtube for new videos each week.

Also please check out http://nosetotail.org which we mention in this episode. This is my grass fed meat company which we both really believe in. And support this show on Patreon at http://patreon.com/peakhuman so I can fend off the advertisers that keep contacting me. Now please enjoy this compelling interview with my new pal and accomplished author and food investigator, Mark Shatzker.

BUY THE MEAT NosetoTail.org Support me on Patreon! http://patreon.com/peakhuman Preorder the film here: http://indiegogo.com/projects/food-lies-post   SHOW NOTES  
  • [4:44] Why Mark wrote his books Steak and Dorito Effect.
  • [8:25] Nature knows best, and the more we try to manipulate it and change it, the worse it gets.
  • [12:40] If raised properly, red meat is one of the most beneficial foods you could eat. 
  • [13:30] The shift in our culture from avoiding red meat and leaning towards processed foods has contributed greatly to our health crisis and obesity epidemic.
  • [17:40] Sheep are able to self-medicate and how it relates to our ability to choose to eat certain foods.
  • [19:55] What is flavor feedback and why it matters.
  • [22:10] Do humans possess the same ability?
  • [26:25] How the creation of Doritos has forever changed the way we create food today.
  • [32:10] How flavors trick us into thinking we are getting nutrients and how they are addictive.
  • [39:20] How the industrialization of the food industry has ruined the taste of real food.
  • [48:15] The issue of the protein/nutrient leverage hypothesis.
  • [52:10] Humans were designed to seek out the flavors that brought us the nutrients of what we need. 
  • [57:10] How the corruption and greed of the food industry is affecting our world’s health.
  • [59:50] Just because a product is ‘plant-based’ does not mean it is completely guilt-free and ethical.
  • [1:05:00] MSG: what role does it play in our modern society?
  • [1:06:12] Overuse of the word ‘chemicals’ and the negative connotation it has in our society. 
  • [1:09:35] Mark urges people to read ingredient labels and be wary of foods that are engineered to taste good.
  • [1:13:20] How the flavor model of obesity and satiety model of obesity are related.
  • [1:15:55] Mark’s take on the future regarding obesity and the food industry.
  • [1:17:40] How the use of technology can help us to lead towards the shift towards healthier, natural foods.


BUY THE MEAT NosetoTail.org Support me on Patreon! http://patreon.com/peakhuman Preorder the film here: http://indiegogo.com/projects/food-lies-post   Film site: http://FoodLies.org YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FoodLies   Follow along: http://twitter.com/FoodLiesOrg http://instagram.com/food.lies http://facebook.com/FoodLiesOrg
Feb 19 2020 · 1hr 25mins
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TMHS 305: The Science Of Flavor & The Dorito Effect - With Guest Mark Schatzker

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It’s no secret that food-based illnesses have become deeply ingrained in our culture. From the obesity epidemic to an uptick in food addiction, it’s clear that somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with how to form healthy relationships with food.

Unlike many other health problems, finding a solution to these issues isn’t clear. Traditional medical solutions aren’t applicable due to food’s basic function—we need it to survive. Food is something we all have to interact with on a regular basis.

Mark Schatzker has extensively studied and written about the link between food and behavior, including how traditional knowledge has overlooked an important piece of the puzzle—flavor. On today’s show, he’s sharing the fascinating science behind the production of flavor, and how modern food is designed to get us hooked. We’ll talk about how to hack the system, and how you can get back to your roots in order to find balance between flavorful foods and nutrition.

In this episode you’ll discover:
  • How our food’s nutritional quality has become more diluted over time.
  • Theintuitiveeating habitsof cattle (and how it relates to humans!)
  • How production of crops like corn has changed over the last few decades.
  • The incredible link between flavor and nutrition.
  • What reverse evolution is, and how it works on both humans and plants.
  • The science behind why supermarket tomatoes taste so bland.
  • What brain scans indicate about food addiction.
  • Why sugar and flavor are a dangerous combination.
  • Which two senses contribute to deliciousness.
  • The definition of retronasal olfaction and how it affects our taste.
  • Why your taste seems to change when you have a cold.
  • What we can learn from babies’ intuitive senses.
  • The three rules of flavorthat you need to know.
  • How flavor compounds are connected to pleasure.
  • The two ingredientson a nutrition label that you should avoid.
  • What we can learn from healthier, leaner populations.
Items mentioned in this episode include:

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Aug 28 2018 · 1hr 1min

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66: How Does Food Flavor Effect Our Diet Choices? | Mark Schatzker

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Mark Schatzker is the author of The Dorito Effect and Steak. His award-winng journalism has appeared in in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Traveler and Best American Travel Writing.

He is a field reporter for The Dr. Oz Show as well as a radio columnist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.

Jul 10 2017 · 31mins
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34: Mark Schatzker: How The Flavor Industry Controls Our Taste Buds By The Dorito Effect

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Mark Schatzker is the author of The Dorito Effect and Steak. His award-winning journalism has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast Traveler and Best American Travel Writing. He is also a radio columnist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

Why does food taste the way that it does.
What is the Dorito Effect.
Why are we addicted to certain types of foods.
One of the major culprits of food addiction.
How obesity has become the second largest health problem.
How certain foods are killing us.
The powerful effects of food flavorings.
How flavor has changed in our food system.
Why real foods are getting blander.
What you can do to reclaim your taste buds.
What ingredients you should avoid.
How the flavor industry has impacted animals.
The difference between pastured meat & free range meat.
Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

The Dorito Effect
Life Strength & Health

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Thank you Mark for joining us this week. Until next time!

Mar 21 2016 · 41mins

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The Paleo Solution - Episode 308 - Mark Schatzker - Hyperpalatability Of Food

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This week on the podcast we have the incredibly interesting Mark Schatzker, author of Steak, and The Dorito Effect. We talk about the hyperpalatability of foods, neuroregulation of appetite, and how food engineering and flavoring has changed what we eat and how it all affects us.

Featuring guest: Mark Schatzker


Feb 09 2016 · 55mins
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114 Mark Schatzker - The Dorito Effect

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On the show this week we talk to Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor, “a lively and important argument from an award-winning journalist proving that the key to reversing America’s health crisis lies in the overlooked link between nutrition and flavor.”


Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/inquiringminds

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Dec 11 2015 · 55mins
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The Dorito Effect ( Suprising Truth About Food and Flavor) with Mark Schatzker

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Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss his recent book.

Mark Schatzker is a freelance magazine writer and frequent contributor to Conde Nast Traveler and a humor columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper. He has been nominated for a James Beard journalism award and has received numerous magazine awards.

He is best known for his Conde Nast Traveler story and wildly popular blog that took him around the world in 80 days without ever taking a plane. (Not as easy as you'd think.)

Steak has been a longtime obsession in Schatzker's writing and a couple of years ago, after suffering one too many bland and overpriced strip loins, he decided that he'd finally had enough. Where, he wondered, can a person find a decent steak?

He is the author of Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef and The Dorito Effect.

Visit http://markschatzker.com

On this show we'll discuss:

* What are natural flavors?

* Why doesn't chicken taste like chicken anymore?

* How are franken flavors contributing to the obesity epidemic?
Nov 12 2015 · 52mins
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Do you ever feel like you’re not in control of your food, but your food is control of you? You know, when you have that one chip, or one bite of ice cream, or a simple little chicken wing, and suddenly, you’ve plowed through an entire bag, box or pint? And perhaps without even knowing it!

If so, then you’re not alone, and do we have the show for you!

We’ll be talking with Mark Schaztker, award-winning food journalist and author of The Dorito Effect: The surprising new truth about food and flavor.

Today we’re going to talk about an explosion of flavor, and how it’s downright killing us!

We’ll talk about why our flavor’s been in charge, what’s happened to our food supply-and why our great-grandma wouldn’t recognize the food of today. We’ll discuss what I call franken-foods or why a chicken’s no longer a chicken, and why no matter how we try, loosing weight almost seems impossible.

Most importantly, we’ll discuss what we can do to make simple changes today, right away, that will make huge impacts in our health, and in our waist bands!

  1. Why do we eat?
    1. Flavor
    2. Everything has gotten bigger and cheaper, but less nutritious and blander
    3. Thank flavor technology since 1950’s
    4. Every year consume more than 1,000,000 tons of fake flavoring
  2. Story of ancient chemical language of every organism, designed to help you find the nutrition it needs
    1. It’s been telling lies
  3. Story of what’s been happening to flavor, and what we can do about it.
    1. How did Doritos come about?
    2. Story of Chickens
    3. Of Tomato’s
  4. What’s wrong with Chicken?
  5. Why don’t tomatoes taste like tomatoes?
  6. What in the world is a Dorito?
  7. Are we all addicted to food?
    1. What does it mean to be addicted?
    2. Is it any different than being addicted to heroin or cocaine?
    3. Why an addicted brain is not a happy brain
  8. What’s the importance of micronutrients
  9. What is nutritional wisdom?
  10. Do we have inner wisdom when it comes to eating?
    1. Goats
    2. Kids
    3. Rat Studies
  11. How do we wake back up our sense of taste and nutrition to know what in the world to eat?
  12. What do we do for our kids?
    1. Is it true kids first develop their palate in the womb?
  13. Can you discuss your rules of flavor
    1. Humans are flavor-seeking animals. The pleasure provided by food, which we experience as flavor, is so powerful that only the most strong willed among us can resist it.
    2. In nature there is an intimate connection between flavor and nutrition
    3. Synthetic flavor technology not only breaks that connection it also confounds it.
  14. What’s the delicious cure?
  15. Do you have pets, and what do we do for them?
  16. Why do we eat?
  17. Rats getting zapped before stop eating
  18. How flavor has changed our food system
    1. Synthetic or artificial flavor
    2. Why natural flavor is synthetic flavor
  19. The history of Dorito’s
    1. “Let’s make it taste like a taco”
    2. “You don’t know the difference between a thing and a flavor”
  20. How flavor become manufactured
  21. Turns on pleasure part of the brain
  22. How our food now tricks you – but the nutrition isn’t there anymore
  23. Nutritional Wisdom
    1. And Goats!
    2. Food tastes good to a goat because it tastes good to the goat
    3. The goat follows it’s palate
  24. Scurvy and orange cravings
  25. Lack of nutrition in our food – the other side of the flavor coin
  26. Things losing their nutritional value
  27. Franken-Chickens
    1. The Chicken of Tomorrow
    1. Why meats are now bland
    2. Chicken used to have Omega 3’s,
    3. The blandness is now a nutritional problem
      1. So chicken is further processed, in the same way we make doritos
      2. Tasty in the moment, huge hit of calories, but don’t satisfy us.
  28. Studying the neuroscience of food addictions
    1. People addicted to food don’t even enjoy it.
    1. Rat studying – weren’t doing it for the pleasure
      1. Were like heroin addicts
  29. Let’s look at the positives
    1. Michael Pollan – eat what your grandmother ate, but it wouldn’t taste like food
  30. How to eat better and how
  31. Why natural is not natural
  32. How to get back to nutritional wisdom
    1. Getting back to foods
  33. How to have a healthy relationship with food
    1. When eat get satisfied and the hunger light goes off
    2. The relationship between flavor and nutrition
  34. What’s the delicious cure
    1. Find real food that’s delicious
    2. Give yourself an opportunity to change
    3. Stay open minded to food choices
  35. What do we do to feed our cats (or our pets)
    1. Variety
      1. Different brands
      2. Different meats
    2. Treats
      1. Tuna
      2. Sardines
  36. Why do kids get frustrated by our food choices?
    1. How fetuses experience the flavors of the foods their mom eats and it affects their palette as well.
  37. THE SOLUTION - Think about flavor

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Oct 24 2015 · 46mins
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Mark Schatzker on The Dorito Effect

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Mark Schatzker, an award-winning writer, radio columnist for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and frequent contributor to the Globe and Mail, Conde Nast Traveler, and Bloomberg Pursuits, talks about his book "The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor and Steak: One Man 19s Search for the World 19s Tastiest Piece of Beef."
Oct 15 2015 · 20mins
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CTC023 – The Dorito Effect: Are we eating real food or flavours? with Mark Schatzker

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The Dorito Effect: Are we eating real food or flavours?

with Mark Schatzker

Hello and welcome! You know, I’m just blown away by the comments and emails I get from you. I’m so proud that you are taking action and making changes in your life that will have profound benefits not only in your physical health but mindset. It’s so great to hear your stories, what you are accomplishing. Please keep sharing with me. You can send me an email anytime to podcast@tanyafraser.ca and share your story with me. I was thinking of sharing some of these stories on the show to help inspire us to keep going on our journey.

Because you listen to my show Audible.com is offering you a free audiobook of your choice and a free 30-day trial membership. Just go to audibletrial.com/cutthecrap and choose from over 180,000 audio programs – download a title free and start listening. It’s that easy.

I want to share my free 7 day mini course to better digestion. This is a free video course I create that gives you very easy steps to help improve your digestion. Sign up today and you’ll get your first video immediately.

So, the question today is are we eating real food or are we eating flavours? My guest today is Mark Schatzker, he’s the author of The Dorito Effect who shares with us why our food has flavour, how these chemicals make us crave food and how they are effecting our health.

In this episode we talk about

  • How much chemical flavourings are being added to our foods
  • Why does food have flavour
  • Are we eating food or flavours?
  • A myth about overeating
  • How these chemical flavourings are effecting our health

Resources & Links Mentioned

Mark’s Website

Mark on Facebook

Mark on Twitter

Steak: One Man’s Search for the World’s Tastiest Piece of Beef* by Mark Schatzker

The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor* by Mark Schatzker

* = affiliate link

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