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Wild Game Cooking With Hank Shaw

NDOW presents the Nevada Wild Podcast

In this week's Nevada Wild, Ashley Sanchez, Aaron Keller and Bobby Jones are joined by writer, angler, cook, forager, among many other titles, Hank Shaw! For more than a year NDOW has shared Hanks's recipes on social media for Wild Food Friday. Hank, who has five published cookbooks, manages the popular Hunter Angler Gardner Cook website, and hosts the Hunt Gather Talk Podcast, explains how he first started with wild game cooking, tells us about his cookbooks, gives great insight to help you become a great wild game cook, and more!Learn more about Hank and find his recipes and cookbooks here: https://honest-food.net/


5 Nov 2021

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Ep 216 - Hank Shaw: Hunt, Gather, Cook

The Wild Initiative

Hank Shaw, wild game chef and author of Hunt, Gather, Cook, Buck, Buck, Moose and more, joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to talk wild game cooking. Hank and Sam find some common ground when they talk about living in California and growing up fishing. They discuss different ways they cook wild game, misconceptions about older animals vs younger animals and even game that most wouldn’t consider eating. A good point Hank points out is most people are “cooking the tender parts too much and the tough parts too little” which can result in a dislike towards certain meat/game. Hank goes over the proper dry-aging process, creating master stock, what hot boning is, and many more tidbits to getting tender, tasty meat. It doesn’t matter how you eat your animal, it matters that you eat your animal. See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/216 . Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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3 Nov 2021

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Episode #3 - Hank Shaw

From the Back Burner Podcast

This week on From the Back Burner, Johnathan O'Dell sits down with wild game chef, author of the cookbooks Hunt, Gather, Cook; Duck, Duck, Goose; Buck, Buck, Moose; and Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail; including his latest Hook, Line, And Supper, and old friend Hank Shaw. He is a James Beard Award-winning author and chef and focuses his energies on wild foods: Foraging, fishing, hunting. If it's wild game, fish, or edible wild plants and mushrooms, Hank has a take on it. We talk fish cuts, how many fish species Hank has eaten, the food Hank hates with the heat of 1,000 suns, and much much more. Enjoy our latest conversation, coming at you From the Back Burner.

1hr 25mins

29 Sep 2021

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63: Hank Shaw Shares How to Field Dress & Prepare Wild Game

Gearbox Talk

So you dropped a game animal (deer, elk, moose, etc.) now what? There are a million ways to screw up your wild game in the field and Hank Shaw came to Gearbox talk to explain not only how to handle wild game meat in the field, but also how to handle at home. Hank Shaw shares the knives you need for field dressing and butchering, saving meat from a gut shot animal, butcher paper vs. vacuum seal, and finally how to properly thaw your meat—which we could all learn a thing or two on.Hank Shaw is a James Beard Award-winning author and chef and he focuses all of his energies on wild foods: Foraging, fishing, hunting. Hank writes cookbooks and he even does a podcast, too. If it’s wild game, fish or edible wild plants and mushrooms, Hank Shaw is your guy.Gearbox Talk is brought to you by GoWildDownload GoWild today. Join a community of shooters, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.http://bit.ly/DownloadGoWildNowGear Mentioned:Books Buck Buck Moose - Hank Shaw https://amzn.to/3hDUAdhDuck Duck Goose - Hank Shaw https://amzn.to/2U9pxNoHook Line and Supper - Hank Shaw https://amzn.to/3ejrRrRPheasant Quail Cottontail - Hank Shaw https://amzn.to/3kiXSV2Afield - Jesse Griffith  https://amzn.to/3B1QT8CGear Outdoor Edge Razor https://timetogowild.com/gearbox/products/cabelas-1995661-outdoor-edge-outdoor-edge-razorCabela's Deluxe 12' Vacuum Sealer https://timetogowild.com/gearbox/products/cabelas-2913978-cabelas-cabelas-deluxe-12-vacuum-sealerCabela's Vacuum Sealer Replacement Bags https://timetogowild.com/gearbox/products/cabelas-3603273-cabelas-cabelas-vacuum-sealer-replacement-bagsShow Notes:- https://honest-food.net/Tag Brad Luttrell in a Podcast log on GoWild and he might pick you to send you a free Hank Shaw cookbook.


14 Jul 2021

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Fan Outdoors: Denny Fletcher, Hank Shaw

FAN Outdoors

Billy is live from the cabin and Bob is in studio. Denny Fletcher joins the cabin cast to talk live bait farming, and Hank Shaw talks about his new cook book and his cooking tips for fish and game.

1hr 25mins

9 Jul 2021

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EP 161: If You Hook 'Em, You Cook 'Em - with Hank Shaw

Hunt Talk Radio

In this Episode (161) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Hank Shaw returns to share his ideas on cooking, fish, and fishing.  He talks about his new book, his fishing childhood, regional biases against great tasting fish, how all fish are edible, bad fish come from poor prep, pressure bleeding you catch, fish cooking simplicity, beer batter, traditional fish recipes, and a net full of great ideas that will change your thoughts about Hookin' and Cookin'.

1hr 53mins

25 Jun 2021

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Hank Shaw

Eating Alabama Podcast

This episode of Eating Alabama is brought to you by Tasting TBL. You can find them at www.tastingtbl.com for more information and to purchase tickets for upcoming Supper Club Dinners.  You can find Hank on Instagram @huntgathercook and his website www.honest-food.net. You can pick up his latest cookbook Hook, Line, and Supper by going to this Amazon link Hook,Line,and Supper. Music by Suaze - You can hear more from him on iTunes and www.suaze.soundcloud.com. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Eating Alabama.  You can also find us at www.eatingalabama.net. Contact me by email at Nick@eatingalabama.net. 

1hr 20mins

23 Jun 2021

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Wild Game Chef, Author And Outdoorsman Hank Shaw

BHA Podcast & Blast with Hal Herring

Join Hal as he sits down with renowned chef, author and outdoorsman Hank Shaw as they discuss hunting, fishing, foraging and preparing the wildest of wild game. 

1hr 15mins

22 Jun 2021

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Ep. 45: Hank Shaw - Hunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook.

The Silvercore Podcast

Brief Summary of Show: Travis speaks with Hank Shaw who is a James Beard Award-winning author and chef who focuses all his energies on wild foods: foraging, fishing and hunting.  Travis and Hank discuss a wide array of topics including what causes some meats to taste gamey, strategies or game care, tips for the new hunter, angler and forager and how Covid has affected the landscape of wild food collection.  Hank tells us about his most recent book, with is more of a life project, Hook, Line and Supper.  Pre-order Hook, Line and Supper through Amazon or https://honest-food.net/hank-shaw-books/ Topics discussed in this episode: Intro [00:00:00 - 00:02:05] Increased attention / interest during COVID [00:02:05 - 00:04:10]  Mushroom picking, hunting squirrels & the bubonic plague [00:04:10 - 00:07:45] Hanks background of foraging, gardening, angling & hunting [00:07:45 - 00:08:18] What brought Hank to write his books in the order that he did [00:08:18 - 00:16:44] Spanish classes & Mexican cooking [00:16:44 - 00:23:58] Peoples fear of food, and sharing spots to mushroom pick or crab, etc. [00:23:58 - 00:32:14] Shane Mahoney & having ‘skin in the game’ as a hunter, angler or forager [00:32:14 - 00:39:47] Tips for late onset hunters [00:39:47 - 00:50:37] Small game vs. big game and gamey meat & game care [00:50:37 - 01:08:17] Hanks new book & his social media platforms [01:08:17 - 01:12:56] Outro [01:12:56 - 01:13:47] Explore these Resources In this episode, we mentioned the following resources which may be beneficial to you: Silvercore [00:00:10] [00:00:21] [00:00:24] [00:00:31] [00:00:46] [00:01:22] Ultimate Firefighter Tuition Giveaway [00:00:47] Training Division [00:00:49] [00:01:02] Gwar [00:01:33] [00:01:37] [00:22:57] Hank Shaw [00:01:34] [00:15:09] April Vokey [00:28:48] [00:28:51] MeatEater [00:29:02] [00:29:59] Steve Rinella [00:06:09] [00:30:02] [00:53:17] Hook, Line and Supper [00:08:33] [00:43:38] Duck, Duck, Goose [00:09:36] [00:10:35] Buck, Buck, Moose [00:09:42] [01:09:00] Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail [00:09:45] Honest Food [00:15:11] [01:11:40] [01:11:40] James Beard [00:15:55] Rio Grande Turkey [00:17:12] Eastern Wild Turkey [00:17:22] Nixtaco [00:21:35] Control Machete [00:23:00] [00:23:04] Kinky [00:23:13] [00:23:14] El Gran Silencio [00:23:15] Plastilina Mosh [00:23:20] [00:23:22] Point Reyes National Seashore [00:31:27] Shane Mahoney [00:32:17] [00:34:16] [00:34:33] [00:41:28] Cod Sounds [00:32:36] Conservation Visions [00:33:24]  The Wild Harvest Initiative [00:33:26] D’Artagnan [00:41:38] Sam Thayer [00:45:51] René Redzepi [01:04:46] Magnus Nilsson [01:04:50] Hunt, Gather, Cook (book) [01:11:52] HuntGatherCook.com [01:12:04] Hunt Gather Cook (Facebook Page) Follow us: Podcast YouTube Newsletter Instagram Facebook Follow our Host Instagram: @ Bader.Trav Learn More about Silvercore Silvercore Club Online Training Other Training & Services  Merchandise CORE Training Management Resources (TMR) Blog Page

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13 Apr 2021

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Ep. 13 Wild Game Cooking: A gateway or barrier to hunting - or both? With wild game chef, Hank Shaw.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast

In this episode, Joel talks with wild game chef and author, Hank Shaw, about the ins and outs of wild game cooking and how it can bring people into the world or hunting/gathering but also be a barrier. 

1hr 17mins

11 Feb 2021