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Claire Richards (Steps/Singer)

Such A Good Feeling

As one fifth of Steps , the incredible Claire Richards has had the most extraordinary career and talks here about her journey to get there and those small moments that contributed to her getting the breaks that led to her success both with Steps and as a solo artist including the nerves that go along with performing solo at Hyde Park for the very first time when she supported Celine Dion and how she maintains that truly breathtaking voice.More in Claire here https://clairerichards.co.uk

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26 Jul 2021

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Claire Richards on the end of Steps. 'I just couldn't do it anymore...'

When I Was 25

Pop and opera singer Claire Richards takes Vinny back to the Christmas of 2001 and the end of an era. As she walked into the dressing room and handed over her letter of resignation from the band she loved dearly, nothing would be the same again. But would Claire still make the decision to leave if she was doing it over again? Claire talks about the journey with the band that brought her to breaking point and how things have now come full circle. For details of organisations that offer advice and support, go online to bbc.co.uk/actionline.


24 May 2021

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Claire Richards

Keep Calm And Kerry On

This week Kerry is chatting to pop superstar, Claire Richards.Claire found fame at a young age as one fifth of the pop group STEPS. With nearly 25 years experience in the music industry as part of the band, Claire has experienced many highs and lows. She shares her early inspirations and what lead her to becoming a singer. Claire opens up about her insecurities and the difficulties she dealt with after the band went into hiatus. Claire is now back topping the chart with the band and feels more confident than ever, she shares her experience and what advice she would give to her younger self. Follow Claire on Instagram @clairerichardsofficial If you have enjoyed this podcast please rate, Review and Subscribe... feel free to tell a friend too!Follow Kerry on Twitter and Instagram. Find out more information and upcoming dates from Kerry Ellis at kerryellis.comProduced by Martin Joseph at Peroxide Media. This episode is sponsored by Akt London: the premium, natural deodorant balm for all genders. Created, tested and approved by London's West End performers this plastic free, aluminium free and cruelty free deodorant truly is, born to perform. See more about their amazing story and why they’re Vogue’s number 1 deodorant at aktlondon.com get 20% off at checkout with the code KEEPCALM20. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Apr 2021

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Stepping Up - Claire Richards

Nothing To Promote

In episode 2, with me still learning on the job, Claire and I chat about almost quarter of a century as a pop icon. Without adding too much pressure she's also my Mrs' best mate so whilst treading carefully, we also delve into her love of singing, family and focus, leading to almost melting down as she supported Celine Dion in front of 65000 people at Hyde Park. Light hearted, laughing and lovely, it's great to see this side of the Steps Superstar. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Apr 2021

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Episode 11: Claire Richards

On the Marie Curie Couch

Singer Claire Richards sits down with Marie Curie bereavement expert Jason Davidson to explore her experiences of death and grief.If you'd prefer, you can read a full transcript of the episode.On the Marie Curie Couch aims to open up conversations about death, break down the taboo and encourage people to share their end-of-life plans.This podcast is made by Marie Curie – the UK’s leading charity providing care for people at the end of their lives. For more interesting perspectives on dying and death, head to mariecurie.org.uk/talkabout. You'll also find resources and support to help you start the conversation with your family and friends.On the Marie Curie Couch is produced and edited by Marie Curie, with support from Ultimate Sound and Vision. The music featured is Time Lapse by PanOceanic. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 May 2020

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Notes on Entrepreneurship and Taking the Leap with Claire Richards aka Delicious Monster Tea

The Imposters Club

In this episode Sinéad and Melissa are joined by Claire Richards, the self taught hand embroidery artist and one-woman-band behind Delicious Monster Tea to discuss taking the leap and starting your own business.Have you ever thought ‘I could start my own business’? Maybe you’ve found a solution to a problem, a gap in the market or you just want to be your own boss. But as soon as you start dreaming it, you get that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough. Join us as we discuss why now is the time for diverse entrepreneurship, share some inspiring innovations from history and talk fighting that imposter feeling. We’d love to hear your stories of feeling like an imposter- as well as how you’re doing at the moment- so email us at  theimpostersclub@gmail.com and each episode we’ll be sharing some on the podcast. IG: @theimpostersclubT: @impostersclubShow Notes:Castaway with Laura Whitmore: Nicola Roberts (Mags Creative): https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/nicola-roberts/id1481997309?i=1000470254317Delicious Monster Tea, Personalised hand embroidered t-shirts, sweatshirts and baby grows: https://deliciousmonstertea.com/Gal-dem magazine membership: https://gal-dem.com/memberships/Yomi Adegoke, ‘Impostor syndrome is a response to a world that doesn’t believe in women’, Guardian: ‘https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jul/17/impostor-syndrome-is-a-response-to-a-world-that-doesnt-believe-in-women’‘Facts about women in business’, Prowess: https://www.prowess.org.uk/facts/Melina Glusac, ‘14 world-changing innovations by women that were originally credited to men’, Insider: ‘https://www.insider.com/inventions-by-women-credited-to-men-2018-9#hollywood-legend-hedy-lamarr-invented-wireless-communication-but-the-us-government-refused-to-take-her-seriously-8’Jessica Samakow, ‘11 Women Who Did Groundbreaking Things That Men Got The Credit For’, Huffpost: “https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/11-women-who-did-groundbreaking-things-that-men-got-the-credit-for_n_58ca9e67e4b00705db4ca2f5?ri18n=true”Video dancing to movie intros:: https://twitter.com/princess0_69/status/1253084674559217671?s=20 People to follow:@vestpod@deliciousmonstertea@galdemzine@gracebeverley@leaninorg@allbrightacademy@fequalshq@globalfundwomen

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4 May 2020

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Claire Richards

Official Charts: Take The Hit

Claire Richards reveals her least favourite Steps song, talks about going solo and how she plans to win over Celine Dion on tour. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Apr 2019

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Claire Richards, Delicious Monster Tea

Small and Mighty Conversations

In today's episode, I chat with Claire Richards, the 'one woman band' behind Delicious Monster Tea, a personalised embroidered t-shirt business. Claire and I chat about the power of social media, especially Instagram to grow your business and keep you sane, as well as how happy coincidences have shaped our businesses, and the impact Fearne Cotton can have your business! Show Notes Connect with me: http://instagram.com/samburgessuk Apply to be on the show http://bit.ly/smallandmightyguest Claire's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deliciousmonstertea/ Claire's Website: https://deliciousmonstertea.com/ Links mentioned: Scrummy Mummies Podcast http://www.scummymummies.com/podcast Andy Poplar, Vinegar and Brown Paper podcast https://holly.co/podcast/andy-poplar-vinegar-brown-paper/ How to Break Up with Your Phone Book https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Break-Up-Your-Phone/dp/1409176266 Leona Baker, Lucky Dip Club https://luckydipclub.com/


5 Feb 2019

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Claire Richards, baking with your kids, call centre aggro and taking a daily siesta

Is It Just Me?

Jo and James return and are (of course) joined by another superb celebrity guest. This week they are graced by the presence of the wonderful Claire Richards!Claire talks about her time in Steps, her brand new solo album and the gang discuss the trials of baking with your children, rowing with call centres and the benefits of an afternoon nap.Join in the conversation using #isitjustmepodcast, email us your “is it just me?” thoughts on isitjustmepodcast@gmail.com, and find us on Twitter... @jo_elvin | @JamesConradW12 | and on Instagram... @jo_elvin | @JamesConradW12 |  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


23 Oct 2018

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The Woman in White 32b (Claire Richards)

The Woman in White Podcast 2009

28 May 2009