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Being An Artist of Love, w/ Maddy Moon

Untamed & Unashamed

She is what you’d get if a tantrika made love to a comedian. She's a devoted teacher, an ecstatic for love and Her soul, being both mysteriously ancient and playfully young, allows her to access wisdom beyond the present society and catalyze it into digestible, earthly knowledge for modern women and men. Her desire is to spread the gospel of sacred union, teaching people how to unite the feminine alongside the masculine within themselves, with a partner and finally, with the world.Im so excited for her new book, which is devoted to teaching you the sacred art of being creative in love.Please help me welcome … The Artist of Love, Maddy moon to untamed and unashamed!!We discuss:-What it means to be an artist of love, or to be creative in love-some key pieces so that our expression comes out as an invitation instead of a passive aggressive demand or judgment-how we can allow ourselves to feel inauthentic-taking polarity out of the box-uncomfortable conversations that precede the art-loneliness into longing-Art is the language of your longing, as a feminine being…you will always be longing.-Stop waiting for a “conscious masculine man” to take you where you want to go.-How to invite men into higher integrity or their higher self, with out causing them to feel that we’re trying to change them-letting him feel like you’re trying to change him-relating to money as a she-Your capacity to receive in relationship is equal to your capacity to receive in life. If you want to receive more (financially, spiritually, energetically), start with opening through the triggers and challenges in your relationships-how writing her book was like a plant medicine journeyAffiliates:Gene keys Courses:https://genekeys.com/the-dream-arc/ref/1707/Dame Sex Toys Dame Products • Get In Touch With Yourself CODE: “JADE”Pleasure Wands & Yoni eggs: https://waands.com/?ref=MvvfOgLGokjDQQCODE “JADE” for a discount HigherDOSE Infrared products: CODE “JADE75” for $75 off Intro music:  Milckmusic.com@milckmusic on TikTok, ig, fb, Twitter Somebodysbeloved.comProduction:Reel In Motion https://instagram.com/untamedandunashamedpodcast?utm_medium=copy_linkAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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26 Sep 2022

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The Sam Skelly Show

Maddy has mastered creativity in love, and how to create art out of your triggers. It begins by emptying out other people's stuff that is crowding and taking up space inside of you. Only when you are empty and hollow can you truly be full. It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Maddy has recently stepped powerfully into Ohso’s concept, in his book “Creativity”, that to be a truly creative person you must be like bamboo. Only when you are hollow can we receive and make beautiful things. It often takes stillness, boredom, and even scheduling time in your day to simply be.  Maddy attributes plant medicine as the catalyst for her growth. It has taught her so much about suffering and grace. It was also the medicine that forced her to stand in her power and say no to outsourcing to others, and giving away her power. It was the medicine that caused her to lose her footing so she could clearly hold her masculine. Sam and Maddy discuss when you should or should not look to plant medicine, and how to feel it is right for you.  Further into this episode, Maddy shares on: How to tap into the infinite flow of creativity Plant medicine & spiritual growth How to strengthen your masculine & feminine energies For full show notes, resources, and links: https://www.hungryforhappiness.com/episode-228 Get the Pause Breathwork App: https://pausebreathwork.com/app Join the next cohort of the Pause Coaching Certification: https://pausecoaching.com/ The Sam Skelly Show combines personal development, deep conversations, and humor to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, so you don't miss an episode!


9 Feb 2022

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Feeling Your Feelings with Maddy Moon

Home Body with Clara Wisner

In this episode Clara talked with "the feelings whisperer" Maddy Moon about how to tap into your feelings, your intuition, and to give yourself what you most need. This episode includes a guided practice, so if you can listen when you're not driving and have space to stop, close your eyes, and let Maddy guide you, please do that! For more on Maddy: maddymoon.com/freegift instagram.com/madelynmoon maddymoon.com/itunes


16 Jun 2021

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#95 Evoking a Conscious Masculine Man, Feeling the Yearn, & Mindful Money w/ Energy Coach: Maddy Moon

The MAJic Hour

Gracing us with her presence for a second time, Masculine/Feminine Energy Coach: Maddy Moon walks us through how to stop waiting for a “conscious masculine man” and instead she empowers us on how to evoke the desire within your partner to show up as his highest self. She teaches us to “be so present that anything conscious can’t help but be consciously aware of you”, by mindfully polarizing your sexual energy in order to attract its opposite. As we journey deeper into this episode we dig into how we can allow our vision of the divine to fill the god-sized void we as feminine bodied creatures are constantly craving to have fully satisfied. And as we wind down this conversation we touch on the importance of humor, playtime, and pleasure practices, before tasting some of Maddy’s delicious wisdom around Conscious Money and her very own rituals for financial abundance.Book recommendation-The Gene Keys by Richard RuddMAJic Tricks:-Meditation to Connect to the Divine Masculine-Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-majic-hour/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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15 Mar 2021

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Episode: 111 Embodied with Maddy Moon

The EVRYMAN Podcast

On this episode we explore:Physical training as armourBecoming embodiedStaying centred  while in your feelingsThe power of archetypesThe fear of getting lost in feelingStructure as freedomDiscover more about Maddy:  maddymoon.com


12 Mar 2020

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EP232: Becoming Aware of Your Masculine and Feminine Energies with Maddy Moon

The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience

The media is saturated with content about masculine and feminine energies. But, what exactly is it, how do you recognize it, and how can you use it to make your relationships better? To experience a complete and total transformation, you need to fully embrace all aspects of yourself including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional side of fitness. To explain the basics about what masculine and feminine energies are, Drew welcomes Maddy Moon back to the podcast.  Maddy is a podcast host, life coach, and spiritual guide who started her career in physique competitions that almost cost her her health. She now thrives, offering insightful, spiritual journeys for clients of her coaching and spiritual retreats.   If you like the podcast subscribe & review it on iTunes | Stitcher.  Key Takeaways: [7:03] Maddy moved from Colorado to Brooklyn to get closer to the hustle and inspiration her creative side craved. [8:50] Maddy shares her history of striving for physical adoration and her current projects which focus on the emotional and spiritual side of life. [17:33] Maddy breaks down the masculine and the feminine aspects of life and how they are the same and different.  [29:10] Maddy explains how understanding masculine and feminine energies can help us navigate relationships.  [38:26] How becoming aware of which energy you are in and setting time limits can help with conflict resolution. [48:22] Maddy offers book recommendations for men interested in learning more about their feminine energy.  Sponsors:  Organifi — Organifi’s Gold is a Reishi mushroom-infused superfood blend with turmeric, and ginger to support rest, relaxation, and recovery.  Use discount code Fit2Fat2Fit for 20% off your order. Complete Wellness Supplements — Shop Drew’s hand-formulated, high-quality, pre-workout greens, Keto Meal Replacement with grass-fed collagen, MCT Oil soft-gels and now a keto meal with Birthday Cake flavor. Some products are available through Amazon Prime. Dry Farm Wines — You can have alcohol on the ketogenic diet. Use this link for a bottle of wine for $.01 with any order Mentioned in This Episode: Maddy Moon Maddy’s 1st interview on the Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast The 5 Ways Men Lose Credibility with Women PDF Mind Body Musings Podcast Single Daddy Daily Podcast — A Collaboration of Drew & Evan DeMarco Fit2Fat2Fit Take the Fit2Fat2Fit Podcast Listener Survey Fit2Fat2Fit on Facebook  @Fit2Fat2Fit on Instagram Fit2Fat2Fit Book Complete Keto Book Drew on Social Media: @fit2fat2fit Email Drew: Drew@fit2fat2fit.com 


28 Jan 2020

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EP 7 | Feeling Your Feeling With Maddy Moon

revolutionary lifestyle podcast

In this episode Clara talked with "the feelings whisperer" Maddy Moon about how to tap into your feelings, your intuition, and to give yourself what you most need. This episode includes a guided practice, so if you can listen when you're not driving and have space to stop, close your eyes, and let Maddy guide you, please do that! For more on Maddy: http://maddymoon.com/freegift http://instagram.com/madelynmoon http://maddymoon.com/itunes


29 Oct 2019

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Episode 021 Ambition, Perfection, Belonging and Feeling Safe in your Feminine w/ Maddy Moon

The Inner Experience with Sam Asser

Madelyn Moon is a walking permission slip, soul igniter and devoted teacher. Her mission is to help you unify all the pieces that make you you including your Feminine with your Masculine, Light with your Dark, Introvert with your Extrovert and your Doing with your Being -she is the host of Mind Body Musings Podcast and joins me for a fun conversation where we kinda forgot it was recording. Main Points In this Episode; What it means to feel safe to be in your feminine essence as a modern day woman. Why receiving help can be so hard and how mainstream society plays a huge part in this struggle. How to let go of perfection and soften your edges physically to begin to create change and a deeper connection to yourself. Guest: @madelynmoon Host: @samasser www.samasser.com/podcast


10 Sep 2019

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EP 84: Embodying The Masculine & Feminine With Maddy Moon

Integrate Yourself | Integrating all aspects of health in your life

Episode 84Maddy Moon is a guiding force for women who want to stop over-thinking their lives away and live with more trust, intuition and flow.Maddy uses her knowledge of the Feminine and Masculine to help women of all ages learn how to build confidence in their voices, feel ALL of their feelings, let go of control in their day-to-day lives and enjoy an abundance of self-worth.In this episode we talk about:-What is a healthy expression of feminine and masculine as opposed to an unhealthy expression-Why embodying and embracing your shadow parts can be extremely healing-What authentic self care is and we discuss what it means to us-How true self care is about learning how to take good care of yourself-Setting healthy boundaries so you have enough energy to be youOrder Amino-Pro here:https://impower.life/shopUse my code below and get 10% off Code: PUREPDX10Access show notes and connect with Maddy at:https://www.pureenergypdx.com/integrate-yourself-podcast/maddy-moon-embodied-feminineSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/integrateyourself)

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29 Aug 2019

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13 | Maddy Moon - Masculine & Feminine Harmony

A Brave New Man

Are your masculine and feminine energies harmonized within you? Do you even know what that means? We all have these dynamic polarities within us, but it is common for us to diagnose certain aspects of these energies as bad, wrong, or even "crazy"! In this episode we explore what the masculine and feminine energies are, and how we can harmonize them within ourselves as well as with other people in our lives. If we do this, we can empower ourselves and others to be the fullest and most loving versions of ourselves. Our interview with Maddy Moon teaches us: 1) WHAT ARE the masculine and feminine energies, 2) How we can harness the power of both of those energies inside of ourselves, and 3) How we can use the fullness of our energy to create more depth, intimacy, and love in our personal relationships.  Madelyn Moon is an author, podcast host, retreat leader and transformational life coach. She is a guiding force for women who want to stop over-thinking their lives away and live with more trust, intuition and flow. Maddy takes life by the reigns today by leading thousands of women across the world through their own transformational experiences via her podcast, Mind Body Musings, her website, MaddyMoon.com, and her global retreats. Her work and story has been featured in The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Thought Catalog, The Daily Mail, Vice, Greatist, Men’s Health, PEOPLE and ABC News Nightline.


11 Jun 2019