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Driving change through agriculture investing with Chris Rawley

The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast

Agriculture is not a typical investment category that one may think about when they think of real estate investing. For Chris Rawley, he became interested in agriculture through his travels as part of his career in the Navy. He came from a real estate family and knew the mechanics of real estate, but didn’t know how to invest in local farms in his area. He decided to create Harvest Returns to help connect people wanting to invest in farms with small to medium sized farmers and producers across the US looking for capital. This show explores why agricultural land is getting driven up in price and where the winds of the industry are blowing. It helps to present a macro-view of the industry and what kind of investments are out there to incentivize a shift away from industrial agriculture.You can visit Harvest Returns at www.harvestreturns.com


16 May 2022

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Livestock Investment Strategies, With Chris Rawley (Episode 22)

The Alternative Investment Podcast

Cattle and livestock represent an attractive investment opportunity within agriculture. In particular, grass-fed cattle are a premium product that give producers pricing power, as well as resilience to inflation and supply chain disruptions.Chris Rawley, the CEO of Harvest Returns, joins the show to discuss various livestock investment strategies that High Net Worth investors and their advisors should consider right now.See more: https://altsdb.com/2022/04/chris-rawley-022/


29 Apr 2022

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20. Chris Rawley on Harvesting Opportunity

Scuttlebutt Podcast

In this episode, Brock talks with Chris Rawley Chris has spent a combined 30 years in the Navy across the active and reserve component. In this conversation we talk about finding jobs while in the reserves and the synergies that can be seen between your reservist and civilian job. We talk through Chris' history and interest in investing and the observation he had while deployed that led to the founding of his company, Harvest Returns. Chris gives commentary on the importance of farmland and how the landscape of agriculture is changing due to current concerns such as COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, as well as what the future of farming may look like.  You can check out Harvest Returns website for inquiries and also follow along with Chris on Twitter.  Whether you’re in the service for four years or twenty, you have learned skills, led teams, and learned what it takes to execute under pressure. While those past successes are valuable, they don’t always translate to a life or career when you get your DD214. Join Tim and Brock as they break down the skills and strategies current and former military members are using to build a successful careers on the outside the service. Get a weekly episode breakdown, sneak peak of the next episode, and other resources in your inbox for free at https://scuttlebutt.substack.com/. Follow along with us. • Tim: @Mccaurthor,  Youtube • Brock: @BrockHBriggs • Instagram: Scuttlebutt_Podcast • Send us an email: scuttlebuttpod1@gmail.com

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13 Apr 2022

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Investing In Farming And Agribusiness, With Chris Rawley (Episode #5)

The Alternative Investment Podcast

Farming and agribusiness offers a range of investment options capable of fulfilling numerous portfolio objectives that can be both recession-proof and high yielding. Income-producing agriculture often beats the returns from other asset classes and perform differently from them in response to market changes.Chris Rawley is founder and CEO of Harvest Returns, a Fort Worth-based online marketplace that connects accredited investors with opportunities in all types of agriculture, orchards, and timber. Show notes and transcript at AltsDb.com


20 Oct 2021

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020: The Rise of Sustainable Agricultural Investment with Chris Rawley

Passive Income Unlocked

Title: The Rise of Sustainable Agricultural Investment with Chris Rawley Chris Rawley, Harvest Returns CEO and founder, currently a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve, serving as the Reserve Chief of Staff for the United States SIXTH Fleet, has invested in real estate and income-producing agriculture for nearly two decades. While visiting a farm investment in Central America, Rawley conceived the idea of building a crowdfunding platform to streamline agriculture investment. Let’s tune in to his story! [00:01 - 06:21] Opening Segment Intro (The Rise of Sustainable Agricultural Investment with Chris Rawley) Getting to know more today’s guest Chris Rawley  Chris shares how he got to agricultural investment The economic crisis sparked the shift Sustainability of shelter and food systems Chris elaborates on agricultural risks  [04:44 - 06:21] Agricultural Deals in a Nutshell Chris explains current farming integration Integration of farmer produce systems Improving farmer’s profit Farmers owning the supply Helping farmers stay farming and grow their operations [06:22 - 24:48] Growing demand for vertical or modern farming  Healthier, local produced, lesser pollution and cost Indoor farming Large scale Small scale Could aid food security solution Environmental and Breeding sustainability Opportunity Zones [24:49 - 26:57] Closing Segment Final words Feel free to connect with Chris Rawley through the links below Tweetable Quotes “It's an important industry, because it's something that touches every single person on earth.  Just like in real estate, everybody has to have a place to live, everyone has to eat.” - Chris R. “A lot of multi generation farm families aren't actually farmers anymore. They [have] become landlords.” - Chris Rawley “We like to help small to midsize farmers grow and expand their operations.” - Chris Rawley “If you want to help make a positive impact on the environment, then you can invest in farmers who are doing exactly that; who are starting and growing these indoor farms and reducing food waste, and in creating new nutritious food and filling foods in, in food deserts.” - Chris Rawley ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Chris’ Socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Send him an email: chris.rawley@harvestreturns.com and info@harvestreturns.com WANT TO LEARN MORE? Connect with me through LinkedIn Or send me an email sujata@luxe-cap.com Visit my website www.luxe-cap.com or my Youtube channel Thanks for tuning in!   If you liked my show, LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, and subscribe!  


12 Sep 2021

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Why You Should Consider Investing In Agriculture with Chris Rawley

Life and Money Show

What's attractive about agriculture?Types of investmentsWhat to look for in agriculture investment opportunitiesEstimated return on investmentIs it a good time to invest?The future of agricultureLife and Money Impact RoundWhat is the one thing to do now to live a meaningful and intentional life by design?What is one life or money hack that you can share to make an impact on others' lives?One thing to do right now to make the world a better placeABOUT CHRIS RAWLEYChris created Harvest Returns in 2016 with the intention of democratizing investments in agriculture. Rawley has held corporate management roles in Jones Lang LaSalle, Electronic Data Systems, L-3 Communications, and served as a defense consultant at Special Operations Command with Blackbird Technologies.  He has invested in real estate and income-producing agriculture for nearly two decades. Rawley is an angel investor in early-stage agriculture and food companies, including the Indian agriculture FinTech company Jai Kisan. He serves on the advisory board of the AgTech start-up AgroFides.CONNECT WITH CHRISWebsite: www.harvestreturns.comInstagram: @harvestreturnsTwitter: @HarvestReturnsFacebook: Harvest ReturnsLinkedin: Harvest ReturnsCONNECT WITH USTo connect with Annie and Julie, as well as with other Investing For Good listeners, and to get the latest scoop on new and upcoming episodes, join Life and Money Show Podcast Community on Facebook.To learn more about real estate syndication investment opportunities, join the Goodegg Investor Club.Be sure to also grab your free copy of the Investing For Good book (just pay S&H)--Thanks for listening, and until next time, keep investing for good!


12 Aug 2021

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Episode 597: Ukraine & the Eastern Black Sea with CAPT Chris Rawley, USNR


If it is early summer in the Black Sea, it is time for the annual Ukrainian hosted international exercise Sea Breeze.Why is this exercise important, who came along, and what does it tell us about the state of the Ukrainian Navy, maritime security in the contested eastern Black Sea, and some interesting responses from the Russians.Recently returning from the exercise and joining us for the full hour will be returning guest, Captain Chris Rawley, USNRCAPT Rawley is the Reserve Chief of Staff for US. Naval Forces Europe and Africa. Over his 29 year career, he has deployed to the Persian Gulf, Western Pacific, Iraq, Afghanistan, and across Africa.In his civilian career, Chris is the founder and CEO of Harvest Returns, a platform for investing in agriculture.


18 Jul 2021

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Passive Investing in Agriculture and Agribusiness - HarvestReturns.com- w/Chris Rawley

Strategic Investor Radio

Following a distinguished career as a Naval Officer, Chris started the firm in 2016, investing in various farming and  agriculture diversified portfolios.  They match investors w/farming and agribusiness players, in Private Placement projects, typically w/equity positions.  Focused on the smaller, retail investors, this approach is fairly new and they are very active in the "Indoor Farming" space.  Chris discusses the opportunities and risks of ag investing, which should be interesting to anyone interested in ag investing.


1 Jul 2021

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WS880: Diversifying Your Real Estate Portfolio Through Agriculture with Chris Rawley

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Our show today focuses on a type of real estate which we haven’t discussed here before; agriculture. Agriculture is a very different asset class to invest in compared to other types of real estate, and it can be very challenging. However, there are numerous benefits to it, including the fact that it is a great diversification tool. That is why our guest, Chris Rawley, is so passionate and excited about the farming space and why he and his partner pioneered a crowdfunding platform, Harvest Returns, to make it easier for the rest of us to invest in agriculture. Before choosing the kind of agriculture you want to invest in, Chris highlights the importance of understanding the revenue sources of the farm and the time period within which you can expect to receive returns.Our gracious sponsors:Lionshare Bookkeeping believes the key to generating wealth is understanding where it comes from, and where it needs to go. They provide bookkeeping and financial coaching exclusively to Real Estate Investors - focusing on cash flow, strategy, and action. Go to http://bit.ly/LionshareBookkeeping to connect with them now.-- A Cost Segregation Study typically generates accelerated depreciation deductions ranging from 15% - 45%; Whether Commercial Real Estate was acquired, built-new, or renovated over the past 15-years, a Cost Segregation Study can still be performed…and there’s no amending of past tax-returns required; All Cost Segregation Providers are NOT created equal…if your Provider does NOT have a Certified Cost Segregation Professional (CCSP) on-staff, then you’re at higher risk of a failed IRS audit; There are ONLY (43) Certified Cost Segregation Professionals (CCSPs) in the entire United States…(8) CCSPs are employed by Bedford. Visit www.bedfordteam.com


19 Mar 2021

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14 - Sustainable Agriculture Investing, an Interview with Chris Rawley from Harvest Returns

Scaling Sustainability

On episode 14 of the podcast, we are taking a looking into the financial side of agriculture and farming. Our guest on the podcast for this episode is Chris Rawley of Harvest Returns. Chris is the founder and CEO of Harvest Return, a start-up fintech company for investing in agriculture. His background is a navel officer, and is still serving while running Harvest Return, as a captain in the U. S. Navy Reserve. Show Notes:Visit Harvest Returns’ home page: Harvest Returns Follow Harvest Returns on their social media: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram YouTube Email Harvest Returns Visit Coolperx® home page: Coolperx® Reach out to Coolperx®: Phone: 1 (855) 429-0455 email: hello@coolperx.com Check out Coolperx® blog: blog Plus, don’t forget to follow or sign up for my newsletter here: PODCAST WEBSITE Support Coolperx®’s podcast by subscribing and reviewing! Music is considered “royalty-free” and discovered on Audio Blocks. Technical Podcast Support by: Jon Keur at Wayfare Recording Co. © 2021 Coolperx®. All Rights Reserved.


28 Jan 2021