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51 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve McQueen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve McQueen, often where they are interviewed.

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51 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve McQueen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve McQueen, often where they are interviewed.

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Steve McQueen’s Small Axe, Megan Thee Stallion, The Liberator on Netflix

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What’s in Steve McQueen’s miniseries exploration of Black Britain, Small Axe? Can our panel of senior b-boys plus one b-girl relate to hip hop raunchstress Megan Thee Stallion? World War II animated drama The Liberator on Netflix – is war hell or is it just drawn that way? Plus tales of DIY metal pyro mishaps and the pubs and doubling glazing adventures of our favourite footballers 

One-man bible of terrace style Anthony Teasdale and Michael Hann of The Guardian, the FT, The Spectator and QPR join Siân and Andrew to deconstruct pop culture’s body politic.

Produced and presented by Siân Pattenden and Andrew Harrison. Audio production by Alex Rees. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production. 

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Nov 21 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Steve McQueen

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Author Marshall Terrill discusses his new book Steve McQueen In His Own Words. Spike and Z chat about an epic ride in Jay Leno's McLaren F1and the BMW R18 First Edition.
Nov 18 2020 · 1hr 22mins

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S2 E178: Talking Steve McQueen with Author Marshall Terrill

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Dennis is joined by author Marshall Terrill, who talks about the access he had to research for his new book  "Steve McQueen: In His Own Words" will be released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the actor's death and features 450 quotations from McQueen, accompanied by 500 photographs, many that will be seen for the first time. They talk about how McQueen did very few interviews, but the ones that he did were insightful. Marshall also talks about how much of a fan he is of Dennis's film "Bordello of Blood".

Then, Dennis chats with Christian and Lindsey about the passing of Sean Connery. He also discusses meeting John Barry, re-watching "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood", Yul Brenner, Dick Cavett, and more! 

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Nov 05 2020 · 56mins
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What’s Jacinda Having for Dinner? Steve McQueen OBE

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Damian and Charlotte wax lyrical about one of their empathy-heroes, Steve McQueen.
Oct 12 2020 · 29mins

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#298 - Steve McQueen on Red, White and Blue

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In this special 58th New York Film Festival edition of the Film at Lincoln Center podcast, NYFF Director of Programming Dennis Lim connects with director Steve McQueen to discuss Red, White, and Blue, one of the three entries in McQueen’s Small Axe anthology playing at this year’s NYFF. Red, White, and Blue is a vivid adaptation of a true story set in the early ’80s and features an impassioned yet nuanced performance from John Boyega as Leroy Logan, a member of the London Metropolitan Police force who both witnessed and experienced first-hand the organization’s fundamental racism.

Get tickets for tonight’s screening at the Brooklyn drive-in or nationwide virtual tickets. Through Monday, we will also present virtual encore screenings of McQueen’s Lovers Rock and Mangrove. Learn more: https://virtual.filmlinc.org/page/small-axe-at-nyff-58/

Small Axe at the 58th NYFF is presented by Campari.
Oct 03 2020 · 26mins
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#291 - Steve McQueen on Mangrove & Tsai Ming-liang on Days

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Welcome to a special 58th New York Film Festival edition of the Film at Lincoln Center podcast. Today, NYFF Director of Programming Dennis Lim is joined by director Steve McQueen to discuss Mangrove, making its world premiere at the festival. An epic piece of McQueen’s Small Axe anthology, Mangrove tells the true story of Frank Crichlow, the Trinidad-born owner of a café in Notting Hill who was arrested for protesting the police’s intimidation and brutality. This is a vivid and gripping dramatization of these events and the resulting landmark 1970 court case of Crichlow and the other defendants, who came to be known as the Mangrove Nine. Small Axe at the 58th NYFF is presented by Campari.

Then, Lim is joined by Tsai Ming-liang to discuss one of the Taiwanese director’s best and sparest works, Days. In the film, Lee Kang-sheng plays a variation on himself, wandering through a lonely urban landscape and seeking treatment for a chronic illness; at the same time, a young Laotian immigrant working in Bangkok goes about his daily routine. The lives of these two solitary men eventually converge.

Get free tickets for tonight’s community screening of Mangrove at the Queens drive-in or nationwide virtual tickets. Days premieres tonight at sold-out screenings at the Brooklyn Drive-In and virtually nationwide.
Sep 25 2020 · 46mins
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#284 - Steve McQueen on Lovers Rock

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Welcome to the Film at Lincoln Center podcast. On a special NYFF58 Opening Night edition, NYFF Director of Programming Dennis Lim is joined by Steve McQueen to discuss Lovers Rock, which makes its world premiere tonight at the festival. A movie of tactile sensuality and levitating joy, Lovers Rock is part of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology of decades-spanning films that alight on various lives in London’s West Indian community. Here, McQueen, in an ecstatic yet no less formally bold mode, charts the growing attraction between Martha (newcomer Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn) and a brooding stranger (played by Micheal Ward) over the course of one night at a house party. Lovers Rock is presented by Campari.

Tickets for Brooklyn and Queens drive-in screenings and nationwide virtual tickets for Lovers Rock are available, along with two more films in the anthology, Mangrove and Red, White, and Blue. Get yours: https://www.filmlinc.org/nyff2020/guide

Enjoy this conversation with director Steve McQueen on his remarkable, ambitious new project and how his Opening Night selection is his first musical.
Sep 17 2020 · 22mins
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137: The Scheme and Finding Steve McQueen

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Mike Dunn returns -- from a safe distance -- to talk about HBO's college-hoops bribery-scandal doc The Scheme. Did we like it so much because we really miss sports, or is Christian Dawkins just that charismatic? Actually, it's probably both, and between this and Disgraced, director Pat Kondelis has really found his lane.

Later, we manage to avoid getting into (yet) a(nother) Ocean's 11 quote fight while discussing last year's Finding Steve McQueen, a feature based on the United California Bank robbery that can't decide whether it's a heist picture, a rom-com, or some weird combination (a "rob-com"?) that can't stop ref-checking 1972. We didn't dislike it, but we couldn't stop recasting it, so maybe you're better off with that Stealing Nixon's Millions podcast...and you're definitely better off staying inside with The Blotter Presents, Episode 137.

Apr 01 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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Stoppard -Leopoldstadt, Emma, Philip Hensher, Steve McQueen - Tate Modern, The End

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Tom Stoppard has a new play - Leopoldstadt - a slightly autobiographical telling of the story of several generations of a wealthy Jewish family in Europe over 6 decades, from 1899

How many different cinematic versions of Jane Austen novels does the world need? What does The latest Emma - directed by a former photographer/ pop video director - bring that's new?

A Small Revolution in Germany is the latest novel from Philip hensher. It follows the diverging paths of a group of young politically charged leftists

The End is a very darkly comic TV series set in a retirement village on Australia's Gold coast where Edie - played by Harriet Walter - ends up after trying to kill herself

A retrospective of the video work of British artist Steve McQueen has just opened at Tate Modern in London. 14 video installations cover his work from 1992 to today

Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Ayesha Hazarika, David Benedict and Julia Raeside. The producer is Oliver Jones

Podcast Extra recommendations:

Juiia: Julia Jacklin - Crushing
David: Tony Kushner's The Visit at The National Theatre and Tana Frech - In The Woods
Ayesha: BBC This Life box set and female comedians live
Tom: In Wordsworth's Footseps on Radio 4 and American Factory documentary

Main image credit: Marc Brenner
Feb 15 2020 · 56mins
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Episode 141: Steve McQueen's Porsche 917

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Jerry Seinfeld and his car consigliere, Sam Cabiglio, join Spike and Z at the Malibu Kitchen for cars and coffee to discuss their decades long relationship buying classic cars and the acquisition of the McQueen Porsche 917 that now resides in the Seinfeld collection.

Feb 12 2020 · 1hr 16mins