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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Benjamin Davis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Benjamin Davis, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Benjamin Davis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Benjamin Davis, often where they are interviewed.

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#337: How to Incorporate Video Services into Your Photography Brand - Benjamin Davis

Bokeh - The Photography Podcast
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As a photographer, are you intimidated by the idea of adding video services to your brand?

In episode 337 of the Bokeh Podcast, Benjamin Davis of Yamean Studios joins us to discuss the benefits of adding video as not only a service, but as a marketing tool. Listen in as he shares a few fun and simple ways you can get started with creating video content at your next session!

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Brand Position: Make engaging branded content and thoughtful films centered around experience, energy and perspective. Emotional connection through storytelling; by touching the heart, you can move the mind.

Advice for Photographers: Don’t rush the process.

Technique for Time: Dedicate the first 3 hours of the day to you and your family.

Content Recommendations: The Studio Sherpas? Podcast

Videographer vs. Cinematographer

The Gear Bag: Cheezits, Christmas lights, and prisms.

Detriment if You Don’t Incorporate Video Into Your Brand:

1. Google loves video for the purposes of SEO

2. Video appeals to mobile users.

3. Encourages social shares.

4. Video is psychological with story telling.

Multitasking on Wedding Days

Adding Video to Your Photography Business: 

1. Use a mic to get the audio from your session.

2. Put your photos into a slideshow with audio in Final Cut Pro

3. Do some behind the scenes videos during sessions. (Film in horizontal and adjust for other platforms in post).

4. Do testimonials after a session is over.

"By 2021, 87% of the internet will be video."

Programs & Equipment Mentioned:

Final Cut Pro X -

Filmic Pro -

GoPro Hero 8 -

Lab Mic: Tascam DR 10-L -



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Jan 30 2020



Benjamin Davis Mother of a Story - Playlist for my Mother's Funeral

If It's Not 1 Thing It's Your Mother
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Benjamin Davis shares his poem, The Playlist At My Mother’s Funeral. We talk about how his mother would like a party when she dies which got him thinking of the playlist and how the songs that remind him of his mother and also track his memories with her throughout his childhood. Our conversation went from his rebellious teens and how he thought his parents showed great restraint for not throwing him in the basement and only feeding him scraps to the time when we all come to the realization that all the adults in our life are just winging it. 

He also talks about his book King of Fu. He describes it as a magical realism, memoir, poem. Where the adults are described as supervisors and only distinguished by their job description. Until he is in trouble and needs a protector. At this point his mom turns from Homeopathic Doctor to a magical being, Mother. Mom vanquishes bullies and helps him when he is in trouble, but when the trouble passes and he no longer needs her, she becomes Homeopathic Doctor again. This episode is filled with whimsy and coming of age realizations.

Benjamin Davis, is an American journalist and author of The King of FU, living in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  If you need anything from him, he’s likely antagonizing his girlfriend by publishing humorous anecdotes about their love life in P.S. I Love You.

Links to Benjamin Davis


The King of FU:




Instagram: @davis.benjamin.s

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Jul 31 2019



Addendum 4: Flashback (with Benjamin Davis)

Bestseller: A Self-Publishing Podcast by Reedsy
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How do you market a book that you can barely even describe? Benjamin Davis, author of a so called magical realism poetic memoir, travelled across the world to find the answer.

Jul 16 2019



Benjamin Davis on Engineering Unforgettable Wedding Videos

PhotoStank /staNGk/
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This week we're talking to Benjamin Davis, wedding cinematographer and owner of Yamean Studios.

Jun 14 2018



GG72: Benjamin Davis of the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival & Carly Gibson

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Benjamin Davis of the ATLANTA MUSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL shares what's in store for Year 2.

CARLY GIBSON (of Carly Gibson, Gibson Wilbanks, & The Pussywillows) tells how she got her musical start.

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Mar 31 2017