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Breaking Down Patriarchy and the Gender Binary - with Sam Rose Preminger & Domi Shoemaker

Breaking Down Patriarchy

As new generations increasingly have the knowledge and social acceptance to explore their identities, the number of openly transgender people in our world—especially transgender youth—is rapidly rising. Yet despite these recent spikes— the transgender community is still comparatively small: making up roughly 0.6% of the global population. As a result, many cisgender people (meaning those of us whose gender aligns with the one we were assigned at birth) have little to no lived experience interacting with transgender people. What we’re exposed to instead is whatever our media, political, and social leaders choose to tell us about them, resulting in a perilous gap between actual transgender people and a series of cultural stereotypes. This gulf in our understanding not only endangers the trans population, it harms all of us, discouraging marginalized demographics from working together, making it even more difficult for us to dismantle oppressive structures, and denying cisgender people the chance to love their trans neighbors. Fortunately, some transgender people are stepping forward to help bridge this divide, sharing their personal stories, dispelling dangerous myths, and helping us envision a more egalitarian future for all. On today’s episode I’m happy to say we’ll be joined by two such voices: Sam Rose Preminger and Domi ShoemakerSam Rose Preminger (they/them) is a trans-nonbinary, Jewish writer and publisher. They hold an MFA from Pacific University, serve as the Editor-in-Chief of NAILED Magazine, and are a contributing editor at Lightship Press and Write Bloody Publishing. Their poetry has appeared in numerous publications online and in print. Their debut collection of poems —'Cosmological Horizons' — is forthcoming from Kelsay Books (Summer 2022). They live in Portland, OR, where they've acquired too many house plants. www.sampreminger.comDomi J Shoemaker (they/them) is an Idaho-born gender flexer who founded the quarterly reading series, Burnt Tongue, after cutting teeth in Tom Spanbauer’s Dangerous Writers workshop. While finishing an MFA in Writing in 2015, author Lidia Yuknavitch asked Domi to help her create the Corporeal Writing Seasonal Workshop Series. With a resounding yes, Domi is now the Corporeal Writing Seasonal Workshop Co-Facilitator. Domi has published at [PANK], Nailed Magazine, Unshod Quills, Gobshite Quarterly, and has a story in the anthology, The Night and The Rain and The River, from Forest Avenue Press. They were recently featured in the literary radio theatre podcast, Storytellers Telling Stories.www.domishoemaker.com

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21 Jun 2022

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POEAP #10: Sam Rose

An Appreciation Project

New year, better audio, and more entertaining conversations. Sam and I discuss music, game design, friendship, and more!

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2 Jan 2022

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Sam Rose - Samantha Rose

The Screen Chatter Audio Podcast

#Actress and #musician #SamRose discusses her new film (based on her life) #SamanthaRose.#TalkingPictures #celebrity #interview #TonyToscano #ScreenChatter


23 Sep 2021

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S2: Identity | Gut Feelings: living with cancer | Sam Rose

What do you think about X?

This week on WDYTAX we’re joined by three-time cancer survivor Sam Rose; PhD research student, Head of Content at a digital marketing agency and author of Gut Feelings - a book about her experiences with cancer and Lynch Syndrome. Among other things, in this episode, we talk to Sam about how cancer has shaped her identity and her ‘dark humour’, how to be a good supporter to cancer patients and, importantly, what percentage of her organs have been removed….place your bets! Find Sam at www.writersam.co.uk or @writersamr on Twitter. Sam's book Gut Feelings: Coping with cancer and living with Lynch syndrome can be found on Amazon at  www.amazon.co.uk/Gut-Feelings-Coping-Cancer-Syndrome/dp/B08T6BTJZ3/ As always catch us at @aboutxpodcast to carry on the discussion after. Music by Chris Tybjerg Cover art by www.irondragondesign.com


24 May 2021

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#5 - Sam Rose  -  Helping cancer survivors through creative writing. 

Inspiring Research Podcast

#5 - Sam Rose  -  Helping cancer survivors through creative writing.  In today’s episode with Sam Rose, we talk about how creative writing can help cancer survivors.  Key points from this discussion: Her own experiences with cancer and how writing has helped.  The need in cancer survivorship for support at the right time.  What the wider community could consider when supporting cancer survivors. Sam Rose is a second-year PhD student at Teesside University, where she also gained her MA Creative Writing in 2017. She is researching the relationship between creative writing and cancer survivorship issues, with her main research focus being her own experiences as a three-time cancer survivor.  Sam’s poetry and prose has been published in over 60 literary magazines and anthologies. She is the editor of Peeking Cat Literary and has contributed articles to several cancer and chronic illness websites. Her memoir “Gut Feelings: Coping With Cancer and Living With Lynch Syndrome” was released in January 2021. Key Resources: Sam on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/writersam/ Sam on Twitter - https://twitter.com/writersamr Sam on Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/writersamr ESRC - Economic & Social Research Council - https://esrc.ukri.org/ NINE Doctoral Training Partnership Website / ABC (Accelerating Business Collaboration)- https://www.ninedtp.ac.uk/ Inspiration North Website - www.inspirationnorth.com


30 Mar 2021

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39. How Creative Writing Can Help Heal Cancer Survivors with Sam Rose

The Wellness Project with Des

Welcome to my Podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. On today’s Podcast Episode, I interview writer, editor, Ph.D. student, and three-time cancer survivor living with Lynch Syndrome, Sam Rose. Lynch Syndrome- "is an inherited condition that increases your risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and several other cancers." Sam shares her experiences with cancer, the physical and emotional toll, as well as how her cancer diagnoses and living with Lynch Syndrome have affected the relationships in her life.  She also explains her research findings, about the benefits creative writing can have for survivors of cancer. Being a writer, Sam recently released her Memoir, Gut Feelings: Coping With Cancer and Living With Lynch Syndrome. It is about her experiences with and the emotional effects of cancer survivorship, and how cancer survivors can practice self-care. Unfortunately, most of us know someone with cancer or someone who has had cancer. If you want to learn about the benefits creative writing can have for survivors or if you want to learn how you can be more helpful to those with a cancer diagnosis, then you won't want to miss this episode. Recommendations: Elephants and Tea- https://elephantsandtea.com/ Stupid cancer- https://stupidcancer.org/ I Had Cancer- https://www.ihadcancer.com/ Gryt- https://grythealth.com/ How to Be Sick- Toni Bernard Where to find Sam Rose: Website: https://writersam.co.uk/ Email: writer.sam@outlook.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/writersamr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/writersamr/ Speaking Cat Podcast: https://speakingcat.podbean.com/ Peeking Cat Literary Magazine: https://peekingcatliterary.co.uk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/writersamr Get her books here: Gut Feelings: Coping with Cancer and Living with Lynch Syndrome: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gut-Feelings-Coping-Cancer-Syndrome/dp/B08T6BTJZ3?fbclid=IwAR2PvRy55oXZTeXtFDNgB8PfuGgytsMf8rsKWSYrRFvnWNJ4mgM398XEEXs Empowerthy: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/sam-rose/empowerthy/ebook/product-1g8v2k5d.html?page=1&pageSize=4 Follow me:  Subscribe to my email list: https://www.subscribepage.com/k6p4b2 Join my FB community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/accordingtodes


4 Mar 2021

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Self Care for Cancer Survivors with Three Time Cancer Survivor Sam Rose

Radical Care Podcast

In this Episode Sam Rose Shares part of her Journey with her Three Different Cancer Diagnosis's in the span of less than a Decade. She shares information about having three major surgeries as her Cancer Treatment Plan. Getting constant Check-ups as she has Lynch Syndrome and how Creative Writing is so much a part of her Self Care Practice she is researching it for her PHD.She share insights on how loved ones of Cancer Survivors can support them through the process and even after treatment is over. She talks about what supported her and other resources that are available for people who had or currently have Cancer. She shares about her memoir which covers her journey from 2010-2019. Titled Gut Feelings Coping with cancer and living with Lynch Syndrome.  Available now via Amazon as a Paperback and also on Kindle. 


1 Mar 2021

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Conversation with Sam Rose

Amplified: Autistics in Conversation with Reframing Autism

In this sixth episode Ginny Grant begins by introducing the show and providing context about herself and Reframing Autism. Ginny introduces Sam Rose, who is an Autistic advocate, mentor and student.Sam is a program facilitator, mentoring Autistic youth with the I CAN Network, and is currently undertaking an internship with Reframing Autism. Sam is soon to complete a Bachelor of Arts/Psychology where they have been developing academic interest in the intersection of Autism and mental health, and the concept of neurodiversity more broadly. As a member of the Queer community, Sam is also interested in working at the intersection of Autistic LGBTIQA+ identity and unpacking internalised stigma, and they are currently co-authoring a book on this topic with Yenn Purkis.  In the conversation, Sam reflects on their late Autistic identification in their early twenties. Sam discusses some of the barriers to finding and embracing an Autistic identity and what Autistic empowerment looks like. Sam talks about their deep passion for Autism, and also their strong interest in gardening and being in nature. Sam also talks about their rewarding work with the I CAN Network, connecting with young Autistic people. Finally, they chat about their drive to reduce stigma and increase understanding of the intersections between Autism and mental health issues as well as gender and sexuality. 


14 Feb 2021

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Episode 7: Cancer survivorship in the shadow of Lynch Syndrome, with Sam Rose

The Hope-Makers

In this episode I interview author, Sam Rose, about her new book 'Gut Feelings: Coping with cancer and living with Lynch Syndrome'. Sam, at the age of 33 has had three cancer diagnoses thanks to the genetic disorder Lynch Syndrome which prevents the body from fighting cancer cells. In her book and this interview, Sam provides an honest and open account of the physical and emotional impact of living through diagnoses and treatment, and the ongoing challenge of living with Lynch Syndrome. The book is an absolute must read and is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gut-Feelings-Coping-Cancer-Syndrome/dp/B08T6BTJZ3 You can reach out to Sam through her website: https://www.writersam.co.uk For more information about Lynch Syndrome: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/worried-about-cancer/causes-and-risk-factors/lynch-syndrome-ls


8 Feb 2021

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Superheroes Don't Wear Capes - Sam Rose - PhD research on cancer survivors from a personal perspective

WhyMe with Vera-Lee - Why Me - Turning Adversity into Opportunity #whymemovement

You can contact Sam at https://www.writersam.co.ukYou can now get a copy of Sam's new book here* Gut Feelings: Coping With Cancer and Living With Lynch SyndromeDo you know the difference between and dream and a goal? Spoiler alert! It's the movement! The action you take. That's the big secret. That's where the WhyMeMovement is all about the actions we take including the decisions we make - discovering the opportunities to grow and learn through adversity. Vera-Lee has a special interest in helping people on a weight loss  journey, particularly those who relate to morbid obesity, former/forever athletes, pre or post weight loss surgery, chronic illness and disability. Vera-Lee understands how to help you with the emotional and mental side of weight loss and conditioning, using a combination of techniques and allied professionals to best support your unique needs.She is a forever athlete who applies techniques for calm yet powerful coaching/mentoring sessions to help you achieve goals and improve your personal and professional confidence in every area of your life.If you really want to achieve results in your life and you are ready to commit to the process with Vera-Lee, who understands what it is like to overcome adversity, time and time again, you can book your discovery call now by clicking this link  to find out how she can help you overcome your obstacles and rediscover passion and confidence to set and achieve those goals you desire. Vera-Lee has a specific interest in helping others with discovering a new approach to weight loss for people with disabilities, chronic illness, and who have been and are forever athletes and now dealing with unfamiliar territory of weight issues after a competitive career.Vera-Lee provides one to one and group coaching Click here to start the conversation on social media with Vera-Lee and experience her unique ability to help guide you through to your optimal state of living. Vera-Lee is from Australia and has an extensive background in Education, Sports Coaching and Business Administration and Leadership with Management Consulting. If you thought of someone who might find value in this podcast episode today, you can share the link and use it as an opportunity to let this person know you are thinking of them today, continuing the connection and relationships that foster hope and togetherness.Support the podcast and movement with a small donation here or contact Vera-Lee to discuss a sponsorship for the show to help our impact reach even further and inspire, connect and empower more people who want to life life to their fullest capacity. We appreciate your support to help the ongoing costs involved with producing this show for people in over 20 countries (at the time of this release).Vera-Lee launched in the top 30 iTunes charts in multiple countries after her training with the PPA, has a loyal and growing audience who love the content being produced. Many ask what equipment is being used for her audio/video set up, podcasting  Microphone headphonespop filter green screen and backdrop standmicrophone (shotgun) for DSLR video *Affiliate commissions may be earned through the product links and is an easy way to help support the WhyMePodcast and WhyMeMovement whilst gaining value for yourself or gifting a present to a friend. #whymemovement #wtflab #weightloss #adversityistheniche #whymegirl  #weightdiscrimination  #chewtheflab #flabtalks #flabbyfriday #weightloss #intuitiveeating #WLS #theadversityqueen #mentalhealthwarriors #foreverathlete #iCare #whymewednesday #whymepodcast #embrace #inspire #empower See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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5 Jan 2021