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May 8, 2022 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - A Heart Exposed

Church on the North Coast

May 8, 2022 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - A Heart Exposed | cnclove.org

17 May 2022

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Doing Good for Others Is the Best Way to OVERCOME TOXIC THOUGHTS w/ Rebecca Thompson

Mindful & Driven

Welcome to episode 47 of the Mindful & Driven podcast! It's all about how to not lose sight of what really matters whilst chasing your dreams.Episode 47’s guest is Rebecca Thompson. She’s the founder of Ecosy Travel. She’s made several pivots in her life from working with the British Civil Service to working as a Senior Policy Adviser for Environment Advocacy Association to being her own boss and founder. Each of these decisions was hard in its own way and by listening today,  you’ll understand how she made these decisions. Topics discussed in this episode:How to overcome toxic thoughts. How to deal with negative thoughts. How to overcome negative thoughts. Why it's important to deal with your negative thoughts. How to handle negativity. Why it's important to go good to others. Why it's important to be good to others. How to be more forgiving towards yourself. How to be more mindful about your thoughts. How to manage your negative thoughts. How to manage your toxic thoughts. How to manage your thoughts. How to deal with negativity. Why it's important to deal with your own negativity.I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation! I'd love it if you could subscribe, leave me a review and follow me on social channels. You can find all my work and socials here:http://amardeepsparmar.comDownload my free Anti-Burnout Toolkit here:http://antiburnout.mindfuldriven.comUnited for Global Mental Health: https://unitedgmh.org/mental-health-support Find more about Rebecca:  https://ecosytravel.co.uk/Follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-thompson-52417021/ Keynotes:Introduction (0:00)Rejecting an idea (1:40)Taking the first step (3:50)We are who we are (8:43)Giving your full capacity (10:20)Listen to yourself more (13:02)Finding something that works for you (17:56)Keeping structure and finding balance (21:24)A successful lifestyle (26:55)Being more aware (28:12) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Intro Music:"Himalayas" by Mona Wonderlick — bit.ly/youtube-monawonderlickCreative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0Free download: bit.ly/himalayas-download------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


10 May 2022

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April 24, 2022 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Focused

Church on the North Coast

April 24, 2022 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Focused | cnclove.org

26 Apr 2022

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27. Solo Bush Camp Waterfast with Rebecca Thompson

Into The Nothing with Patrice Douglas

This is the second episode with my mentor and friend Rebecca Thompson. This is the first guest I've had on twice. (She must be special.) This episode is inspired by an incredible experience Rebecca recently took herself on to kick start 2022 with a clean start. Rebecca took herself on a solo bush camp waterfast... no journal, no guitar, nothing to distract. Talk about going INTO THE NOTHING.It was just her, a tent, a few clothes, a yoga mat, a bolster and lots of water for four days.In this episode we talk about why she did it, what she experienced being out there on her own (trust me it's worth a listen) and what she's noticing now being back in her 'normal' life with her family.Rebecca asked for a knowing of total surrender and that was exactly what she had the opportunity to receive.Many things resulted, but at the essence was a profound deepening of faith and heightening of her intuition and the divine light that is the truth of who she is.A conversation of what's possible when we choose to get to know the truth of who we are. The 'nothing' really is everything, in the most tangible way.Connect with Rebeccahttps://www.facebook.com/rebecca.beks.thompsonhttps://www.beksthompson.com/Connect with mehttps://www.instagram.com/patricedouglas_/https://www.patricedouglas.org/


14 Jan 2022

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African Spirituality by: Rebecca Thompson

Immaterial Treasures Podcast

In this episode, I am interviewed on the subject of African Spirituality. Rebecca raises poignant questions about traditional African spirituality and its place within Christianity. 

1hr 6mins

4 Jan 2022

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Rebecca Thompson repurposes precious Sea Glass in jewerllery more on the edg

On the Edge with April Mahoney

www.theseaglasscompany.co.uk My name is Rebecca Thompson and I am the founder of ‘The Sea Glass Company’. I am based in the lovely county of castles, country and stunning coastline; Northumberland. I design and create bespoke sea glass jewellery and also use the inspiration of the coast to create other mediums such as silver clay, one-wire pictures, resin and fluid art. I hope you enjoy exploring the history of sea glass and why it is such a privilege to recycle what man once made and discarded, and the sea gifted back to me to give it a purpose and make it beautiful again.


29 Oct 2021

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September 26, 2021 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Redeem the Time!

Church on the North Coast

September 26, 2021 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Redeem the Time! | cnclove.org

28 Sep 2021

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September 19, 2021 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Redeem the Time!

Church on the North Coast

September 19, 2021 - Pastor Rebecca Thompson - Redeem the Time!| cnclove.org

21 Sep 2021

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Rebecca Thompson - Teacher and translator

Career Navigators Podcast

Today I chat to Rebecca Thompson, who managed to combine her passion for teaching and translation into her current job as a training manager at Emarsys. She shares how professional and personal choices helped her leave academic teaching to work as a translator for the FBI. You can connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccathompsonphd/), just don't forget to add a note! Connect with Career Navigators on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @CareerNvigators, and don't forget to send us your feedback or ideas on careernavigators.pod@gmail.com. See you later, Navigator!

1hr 2mins

19 Apr 2021

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7. Escaping Pain with Rebecca Thompson

Into The Nothing with Patrice Douglas

On this episode Patrice chats with one of her mentors, Rebecca Thompson. Rebecca is an integrated health and personal development specialist. Rebecca shares her journey of being burnt out as a physio, to then becoming a yoga teacher, presence teacher and coach. The journey of nothingness, to experience spaciousness in her life, came out of a necessity to escape physical pain.On the outside, it appeared she had it all. Husband, two kids, living on a beautiful island near the beach. She had all the 'stuff' AND hit her lowest point. She had headaches that required massive amounts of medication so she could deal with life. Feeling burnt out as a physio and asking herself "I've got everything that most people believe makes us feel safe and comfortable... why am I feeling so shit?"She was trying to pretend that everything was ok. But her soul was saying 'what are you doing?' Which lead her down a devoted spiritual path - one that she is committed to for herSelf and clients today.Rebecca believes that going into 'nothing' tends to come from a search for something. We're trying to find something that makes sense. Questioning - who is God? Why am I here? I don't get it? Patrice and Rebecca talk all things resistance, how to be with our mind and understanding if our habits are expanding or self-validating.Connect with Patrice https://www.facebook.com/patricedouglas.magic/https://www.instagram.com/pattydouglas__/Connect with Rebecca https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.beks.thompsonhttps://www.beksthompson.com/


14 Apr 2021