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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Leo Hazree. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Leo Hazree, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Leo Hazree. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Leo Hazree, often where they are interviewed.

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Cykl Podcast No. 37 / Leo Hazree

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Series of podcasts hosted by Worx. about electronic and techno music. Each episode show the evolution of electronic techno music regardless of time and space.

Guest of this podcast: Leo Hazree

Leo Hazree is a Dj from Baku, the city of wind and jazz. He does not stick to particular genre limitations, but prefers leftfield, techno, and experimental sound. Leo Hazree was involved in the top electronic music events in Azerbaijan capital including Unsound festival. 
Leo is co-founder of a club and a creative community called Sintetik which shaped the sound of alternative electronic music scene in the city. During a few years of Sintetik being active, Leo Hazree played there with such a world-class masters like Stanislav Tolkachev, Zadig, Dj Pete, Fiedel, Eric Cloutier, etc., as well as with Russian scene headliners like Nikita Zabelin, Andrey Zots, Vladimir Dubyshkin, etc.

Лео Хазри (Leo Hazree) - диджей родом из Баку, города ветров и джаза. В звучании он не ограничивает себя жанровыми рамками, но отдает предпочтение лефтфилд техно, электро и экспериментальной электронике. 
Участник фестиваля Ансаунд (Unsound), Лео Хазри приложил руку к проведению самых топовых мероприятий электронной музыки в столице Азербайджана. 
Лео является со-основателем клуба и творческого объединения Синтетик, сформировавшего звучание альтернативной сцены электронной музыки в городе. За несколько лет существования Синтетик, Лео Хазри делил сцену как с мастерами европейского и мирового масштаба (Stanislav Tolkachev, Zadig, Dj Pete, Fiedel, Eric Cloutier и т.д), так и с российскими артистами (Никита Забелин, Андрей Зоц, Владимир Дубышкин и т.д.).
Apr 27 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Episode 151 - Leo Hazree

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Leo Hazree is one of the guest dj’s who has been on the podcast since the beginning. I’m happy he is back with yet another great mix. Leo is a DJ from Azerbaijan and regularly plays at great underground parties. Besides DJing he is also busy remixing. Lately he remixed a track for Hazi Karim. His track “Alone but not lonely” can be found on YouTube together with a very dark video.

1. Dennis Ferrer, Damon Wild - Planet Sweeper
2. Lost Trax - Renderer
3. Orbe - Analog Theories 2
4. Marco Shuttle - Kinshasa Decadence
5. Damon Wild - Evolute
6. Spook In The House - Sand In Your Eye
7. Robert Hood - Museum
8. Floorplan - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)
9. Tred - Disconnected (Odyssey Mix)
10. Annie Hall - Sky Watcher
11. Reformed Society - High Tension
12. Tenderlonious - Hard Rain
Oct 28 2019 · 56mins
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Episode 121 - Leo Hazree

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Leo Hazree is a well known guest within our podcast series. He delivered already a lot of great mixes, and this time it’s not different. Leo Hazree is very skilled in selecting the right tracks to get in a very energetic mood.

01. Surgeon - BDF-3299
02. Setaoc Mass - Numb
03. Mental resonance, Alderaan - Man from Earth 4
04. Echologist - The mechanics of joy
05. Kobosil - Per
06. Sleeparchive - 1
07. Damon Wild, Cisco Ferreira, Collin McBean - Flight Dance
08. Regis - Disease through affection
09. Regis - Party Spoiler Too
10. Perc, Truss - Two Hundred
11. Ritzi Lee - Intrusive
12. Transhumans - Misanthropy
13. Shlomo - Golem
14. Christian Wunsch - Cosmic Radiation
15. Miriam Macri - Essenza (Future 16 Remix)
16. Marc Houle - Sheep (Monoloc remix)
17. SHDW, Obscure Shape - Was Bleibt Ist Die Erinnerung
Feb 11 2019 · 1hr 1min
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Episode 101 - Leo Hazree

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After a small break, we are back in full force. I hope you all had some nice holidays and good times with friends and family.
For this episode, Leo Hazree prepared again a very nice mix. He is part of the show since the beginning, and I am very proud he always wants to come back to the show.

01. Monoloc - Mind
02. Drumcell - Conflict Divide
03. Inter Gritty - Lettermore
04. Elec Pt.1 - Conqueror
05. P.E.A.R.L. - Vortex
06. Jacopo Rosi - Acid July
07. Arnaud Le Texier - Temptation
08. Go Hiyama - Fallingwater
09. Volster - Nihilist
10. Ilario Alicante - Wax Weapon (Rodhad remix)
11. Minimum Syndicat - Antiworlds
12. Regis - Sand
13. Go Hiyama - Mean
14. Norman Nodge - Manmade
15. UVB - Honne
16. Kevin De Vries - Time traveler (Farceb remix)
Sep 02 2018 · 59mins
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Episode 89 - Leo Hazree

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It has been a while, but today Leo Hazree is back at the controls. Leo is very dedicated and he proved this a few weeks ago. He played together with Zadig while he had 40 degrees fever. After the gig he had to go to the hospital to recover. That’s what I call spirit! Leo surprises me every time and now it’s no different. In his sets I always hear what I really like in a good techno set: dark, mysterious but uplifting sounds. So here is for you, with an exclusive set, Leo Hazree.

01. Brand new friend - Plok
02. Khristian K - Movement (Taran & Lomov mix)
03. Ben Klock - Sirens
04. Leiras - Emisario
05. Nazca - Teld
06. Paula Temple - Miyako
07. Ben Klock - Warszawa
08. Stephan Hinz, Philipp Ruhmhardt - Doch
09. Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default - Resistance
10. Amotik - Nau
11. Mirror 1 - Astronauta (Regen remix)
12. Psyk - Definition
13. Basic Soul Unit - Temptress
14. Marco Faraone - Rotaryknobs (radio slave remix)
15. Rick Fox - Around friends
Apr 29 2018 · 1hr 4mins
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Episode 69 - Leo Hazree

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It has been a long time, but finally Leo Hazree is back. Every episode Leo surprises me, and this time it’s no different. For this episode Leo selected some very melodic tracks, combined with more darker soundscapes. The mix of both results in a very inspirational trip. You will be surprised how fast an hour can go by.

01. DDD - Siula Grande
02. Bas Arno - Imposter Persona
03. Inigo Kennedy - Clarion Call
04. Abdulla Rashim - A shell of speed
05. Alken - Potential
06. Basic Soul Unit - Without Fears
07. Damon Wild - Zoom (Oliver Ho Remix)
08. Cosmic TRG - Motoric
09. Lucy, Silent Servant - Victors History
10. Robotman - Simple Simon
Oct 29 2017 · 57mins
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Episode 50 - Leo Hazree

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This is episode 50. A small milestone which I’m pretty proud of. For this episode Leo Hazree prepared again a great mix. Leo Hazree is known for his sophisticated techno which includes industrial, acid and electronica.

01. Russ Gabriel - Track1
02. Blawan - Say what you want to say
03. Eduardo de la Calle - Wildheit
04. Florian Mendi - Collide
05. Frank Maurel - Esquizo
06. Marcel Dettmann - Apron
07. Oligo - Voltage
08. Setaocc Mass - Numb
09. Perc - Dynes
10. Pjotr G, Dubiosity - Stasis
11. Makaton - 4 point suspension
12. Regis - A necklace of bites
13. Skudge - Silent running
14. The Welderz - There is no light
15. Andrea Belluzi - 10.8
16. Damon Wild - Waveterm
17. Dimi Angelis - Green Aviation
18. Echoplex, Damon Wild - Warzawa (Niteworks Mix)
May 07 2017 · 1hr 5mins
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Episode 41 - Leo Hazree

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Leo Hazree is one of our residents, and within the next hour you’ll hear why. He prepared this set early Sunday morning right after a long night.
It was too much of young people and too much of minimal that night, so he made a very old-school, retrospective, mid-90s, electronic trip.
Very risky he says, but he hopes you will find it interesting and unusual.

1. Unknown intro
2. Shemale - Untitled 3
3. Sender Berlin - Der Kontaktmann
4. Juan Atkins - Game One
5. James Ruskin - Connected
6. Sender Berlin - Trägerfrequenz
7. James Ruskin - No Trace
8. Rude 66 - Untitled
9. James Ruskin - Surfaced
10. Kriek - Catha Edulis
11. James Ruskin - Dillema
12. James Ruskin - Is it really me
13. Surgeon - Golden
Jan 26 2017 · 53mins
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Episode 28 - Leo Hazree

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It’s time to welcome the second resident. I welcome you Leo Hazree for the second time in the podcast. Leo surprised me with his beautiful sets. He is not afraid to use more complicated sounds. And that fits really well in this show. For this week Leo prepared a more psychedelic set.


01. Architectural - Il Mare
02. Kamikaze Spase Programme - Day of Creation
03. Evigt Morker - Tom Himmel
04. Ground Loop - Ampersand (Lucy remix)
05. Atom, Tobias - Physik E7532
06. Dj Hell - My life is Hell
07. Damcase - Set factor
08. CA2+ - Horizontal Boundaries
09. Endlec - Neurofunk
10. Damcase - Venerate Circles
11. Exium - Bextar
12. Developer - Signal 3
13. Christian Wunsch - Black Horizon
14. A001 - Noverca
15. Architectural - Sentir
Oct 19 2016 · 1hr 3mins
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Episode 16 - Leo Hazree

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In the spot of sand cutting Caspian sea apart, people rave all night long until the first sunbeam will light a line between the land they dance on and the water they dance by… The sea gives warm in winter and fresh nordic wind by summer nights. The wind is called Hazree in Azerbaijan. Leo, which stands for Aslan in local language, brings that cool, drizzling feeling of fresh wind in a summer rave night.
Jul 02 2016 · 1hr 28mins