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11/17/22 Thursday, Hour 1: Bible Thumper Thursday!; Karen Bass Elected?

The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show

This spiritual battle is amazing!...; it's not getting better and it would be best to realise that now;—Travis from Alabama thanks Jesse. He says he forgave.Jackie from Virginia asks Jesse if he agrees with the recent comments on Jewish people in the media.


17 Nov 2022

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The Good Karen PG:CC with LA Mayoral Candidate Congresswoman Karen Bass

The PoliticsGirl Podcast

Today’s podcast is a conversation with Karen Bass, Congresswoman for California’s 37th district, former California assemblywoman, and current candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles. And you might think, “Ok I don’t live in Los Angeles so why should I care?” You should care because Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the US, and California is the state with the largest population. So, the things that happen here, end up being the beta test for things that happen across the country. What Karen Bassimplements in Los Angeles, for homelessness or crime, if successful, will no doubt find their way to other cities and states across the nation, and could be the bellwether for federal legislation. You should also care because Karen is running against a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The newest way Republicans are trying to undermine the electorate is to trick them into voting for someone who presents themselves as one thing but is actually another. Rick Caruso is that candidate, a lifelong Republican billionaire who switched his party affiliation to Democrat just 3 weeks before declaring his candidacy for mayor. He’s already spent $60 million dollars of his own money trying to buy his way into the job. This is something as an electorate we should not only be aware of, but watch out for in other places. Our democracy should not be for sale and we should be putting people in positions of power who want to serve the people not enrich themselves. Guest social:https://karenbass.comTwitter: @KarenBassLATwitter: @RepKarenBassInsta: karenbassla Please RATE and SUBSCRIBE so we can grow the show, open the dialogue, and inspire change moving forward! All show links here!: https://linktr.ee/politicsgirl Don’t forget to send questions via email, video or audio for the ASK PG Episode to: ask@politicsgirl.com Thank you to today’s sponsor!www.athleticgreens.com/politicsgirlwww.splendidspoon.com/politicsgirl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


27 Sep 2022

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(09/15) Hour 2 Karen Bass Suspects caught and Shooting Hoaxes

Gary and Shannon

An update on the Karen Bass robbery and Shooting hoaxes


15 Sep 2022

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(06/09) GAS Hour 2 - Karen Bass vs. Rick Caruso & CA Farmers Ordered To Diverting Water

Gary and Shannon

Los Angeles is left with two candidates for the mayoral race; Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. Leader of La Luz del Mundo megachurch is sentenced to over 16 years for sexual assault. Califrona famers and Bay area cities have been ordered to stop diverting water.


9 Jun 2022

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(6/06) GAS Hour 2 Karen Bass V Rick Caruso & Summit OF Americas is in LA.

Gary and Shannon

Karen Bass v Rick Caruso. L.A Times poll: LAPD. Summit Of Americas equals TRAFFIC and Steve Gregory joins


6 Jun 2022

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Carjackings? Tent Cities? Can One Woman Fix LA? with Karen Bass

Uncommon Ground with Van Jones

"[Homelessness] has become a humanitarian crisis. It has become an emergency that I believe needs to be addressed with the same mentality that you would address a natural disaster. I mean, this is Los Angeles. We have the skills, the knowledge and the resources."Karen Bass is going back to where it all began: Los Angeles, California. After an extensive and impressive tenure in Congress, Karen Bass is running for Mayor of LA. She has big goals and tangible plans to make them happen. At the top of her list is solving the homelessness crisis in LA. This week, Karen joins Van to explain how understanding the “why” is at the root of resolving homelessness, how her grassroots background prepared her for this moment, and why there’s a reason for hope during these uncertain times.New episodes of Uncommon Ground with Van Jones release weekly, every Wednesday. What assumptions are you challenging? What do you wish officials knew about your own community? Call 347-770-2785 and leave Van a voicemail. Your comment or question will be recorded, and may be played and answered on a future episode of Uncommon Ground!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


1 Jun 2022

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Episode 11 - Karen Bass

Curiosity Invited

Congresswoman Karen Bass is a leading candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, California (2022). Ms. Bass has represented the 37th Congressional District of CA in the United States Congress since 2010. Her complete bio is a testament to what a life dedicated to assisting others can do.Congresswoman Bass'  complete bio can be found here.https://bass.house.gov/about/biographyInformation on her campaign for Mayor is here:https://karenbass.com/


26 May 2022

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Congressmember Karen Bass on Why Los Angeles is the Place to Be | Upfront Summit 2022

Upfront Ventures

Congressmember Karen Bass sits down with Upfront Chief of Staff Evan Hamilton to discuss the elements that most excite her about Los Angeles, issues she’s currently working on to address and tackle in the city, using her past learnings in her work today, raising awareness of homelessness, and more. Recorded at the Upfront Summit on March 2, 2022.


11 Apr 2022

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Karen Bass - U.S. representative for California's 37th congressional district

One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast

Ed talks with US congresswoman Karen Bass. They talk about her long time congressional career, her connection with the Biden administration, her campaign for the mayoral seat of Los Angeles and why Democrats must ignite their base before the 2022 midterm elections. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Apr 2022

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235: Karen Bass, Mar. 2022

The Issue Is

Congresswoman Karen Bass joins The Issue Is to discuss the War in Ukraine, combatting rising gas prices and homelessness in California.


12 Mar 2022