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ALSA Live Broadcast #1 with HardRock FM Surabaya :Isu Hukum Kristen Gray

#Pertjakapan ALSA LC UNAIR

Greetings, ALSAians! ALSA Live Broadcast with HardRock FM Surabaya: Isu Hukum Kristen Gray is now available on Spotify Be sure to tune in to this insightful sharing! Bring in all the best of ALSA, ALSA, Always be One!


5 Mar 2021

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The Kristen Gray Bali Discourse

Breaking Controversies

Visa, Illegal, Tax for Foreigners, Gentrification, Discourse. Tune in as we discuss our perspectives on the controversy that has been going on in Bali earlier on January 2021!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/breaking-controversies/message


30 Jan 2021

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#21 Questions with Ray, without Kristen Gray

The Overthink Podcast with Chachi & Vashti

(In)Famous American 🇺🇸, digital nomad and e-book seller, Kristen Gray, has been deported out of the land of comparatively cheap living costs and law-evasion that is Indonesia 🇮🇩 We’ve got a few questions on the incident, and who better to ask - as well as to teach us about asking questions - than a professional question-asker, Nathaniel Rayestu, host of Asumsi Bersuara.  An Overthinker himself, Ray shares his thoughts on the various aspects of the situation as well as what could be a good way to avoid such scenarios moving forward. Overthink with the 3 of us on today’s episode of The Overthink Podcast 🎧 Besides… can’t spell ‘Gray’ without ‘Ray’🤷‍♂️.  Makes sense, no?


29 Jan 2021

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173. UltraVirus 12 Hour Race with Kristen Gray, and Build Your Own Obstacle Course Contest!

Obstacle Running Adventures

More Obstacle Racing Media's UltraVirus 12 Hour Race content, we heard back from Kristen and were happy to have her on the show to get to know her a bit! Katelyn also got a call with Lynn Hall from BoldrDash to talk about Thrive Outside's big contest! There are some epic prizes to be won and at the very least you have a good time! 0 - 3:44 - Intro 3:44 - 7:11 - News 7:11 - 8:08 - Content Preface 8:08 - 20:21 - Kristen Gray Interview 20:21 - 59:14 - Build Your Own Obstacle Course Contest 59:14 - end - Outro Check out Quarantine Qorner (Live Daily around 3 EST) Evan Perperis' Physical and Audio Book "Ultra OCR Man" Dave Claxton's OCR Unedited Spartan and Tough Mudder Join Endurance Sports Coalition Nicole Mericle and Aaron Newell Broke Up Top 10 Men and Women UltraVirus Results Secret Link Follow Kristen Gray Enter the Build Your Own OCR Contest! OCR Discord (See who else is building their own course) Next week's episode will be one of the many things we have planned!  The OCR Report Support us on Patreon for exclusive content and access to our Facebook group For a podcast shirt, send $20 to Katelyn-Ritter-8 on Venmo with your size and address Use coupon code "adventure" for 10% off MudGear products Use coupon code "ocrreport20" for 20% off Caterpy products Like us on Facebook: Obstacle Running Adventures Follow our podcast on Instagram: @ObstacleRunningAdventures Write us an email: obstaclerunningadventures@gmail.com Subscribe on Youtube: MStefano Running Intro music - "Streaker" by: Straight Up Outro music - "Iron Paw" by: Dubbest

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27 Apr 2020

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UltraVirus 12 Hour Race Winners - Mark Batres and Kristen Gray

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Mark Batres and Kristen Gray talk about what it took to win the UltraVirus 12 Hour Race. Sign up for the next Ultra Virus 12 Hour OCR Report Recap Video

1hr 1min

22 Apr 2020

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"We knew nothing about this..." Kristen Gray

Connections with purpose

Wife, mother, advocate, and businesswoman, Kristen Gray shares her story about the heartbreaking battle into the unknown...Batten Disease. "In my wildest of wildest fears did I ever think what it ultimately would be"  From normalcy to misdiagnosis to MRIs, Kristen Finds strength and power in her partner.  Kristen and Gordon Gray have paved the way for many doctors, physicians and pharmaceutical companies to start thinking outside the box, as both of their children fight for their lives.  Gordon Gray, a Hollywood producer, turned childhood disease advocate was able to rally some of his Hollywood friends to create an awareness campaign that catapulted Batten disease research. Truly a power couple.  There are no treatment options or cure at this time for any variant of Batten disease. It will leave your children blind, immobile and cognitively impaired, and ultimately, dead before a full life of normalcy. Kristen reveals the one hard lesson learned..." research, research, research! Listen on as the co-founder of Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation Refuses to listen to the old ways as she and her husband move science forward into the Gene therapy space to help their girls and many others in the process. To find out more about the Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation please visit: http://www.curebatten.org/ http://www.thegrayacademy.org/ Facebook: Curebatten Thegrayacdemy Instagram: @curebatten To reach Kristen directly: graygirlsfoundation@gmail.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/christopher-velona/support

1hr 8mins

18 Apr 2020

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Oregon Ghost Conference Update w/ Rocky Smith & Kristen Gray

Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott

Oregon Ghost Conference Director Rocky Smith and committee member Kristen Gray talk about the cancellation of this year's event due to the Coronavirus and the future.http://parabnormalradio.com/2020/03/14/oregon-ghost-conference-update/


15 Mar 2020

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8. Kristen Gray has a score to settle with Batten Disease

All The Wiser

Kristen Gray left her job to be a stay at home mom with her two young girls. In 2015, Charlotte (4) and Gwenyth (2) were diagnosed with Batten disease: a fatal disorder that would leave them blind and unable to walk, play or speak. Kristen and her husband were unwilling to accept this fate. With a breathtaking swell of love and support, they raised millions of dollars to fund the first clinical trial and real hope for a cure. Her story is a testament to the power of love (and not taking no for an answer.) In Today’s Episode: A mother’s intuition and stopping at nothing for answers (3:37) The day her 4 year old daughter, Gwenyth, receives the fatal diagnosis (12:23) The call that her youngest daughter, Charlotte, shares the same diagnosis (15:26) A family In search of life saving treatments and hope (31:03) Charlotte and Gwen’s results after the first ever clinical trial (32:17) A mom on a mission builds a school for her daughter and other families as they search  for some sense of normalcy and moments of joy and connection (35:07) Wise Words: “They shut the door and he said, “Your daughter Charlotte has Batten Disease CLN6.  It’s a neurodegenerative brain disease. It’s rare. It’s fatal and there is no cure.  We know one other child that has this diagnosis in India.” He slapped down a pamphlet that gave us more information about the disease and said, “Prepare your home for wheelchairs and kiss your daughter every day.”  Then he said, “By the way, your younger daughter has a 25% chance of having the same diagnosis.” (12:23) “You could go one of two ways, you either bond together and just fight this fight together and support each other or, you grow apart and you both carry on in your own experiences in whatever way that is.” (16:42) “I don’t think Gordon and I ever allowed ourselves to think this was going to be a terminal thing for our girls.  We decided to carry the mindset that we were going to fight this and we were going to overcome it.” (17:19) “You definitely learn to appreciate the small things in life and take each day as a blessing with gratitude.  Everyday, Gordon and I would wake up and wonder what condition Charlotte would be in. Is she going to get out of bed and is she going to walk or is she going to get out of bed and fall.  We really lived each moment as it came and really celebrated the little things that were happening each day.” (20:30) Links Mentioned: www.curebatten.org www.thegrayacademy.org See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Jun 2019

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Paranormal Underground Radio: Kristen Gray - White Light Paranormal Insights

Paranormal Underground Radio

Visit us at www.paranormalunderground.net to read Paranormal Underground magazine! In this episode of Paranormal Underground Radio: In The Dark, we talk with Kristen Gray, director of investigations and case manager for WhiteLight Paranormal Insights. Her first experience with the paranormal was as a very youngchild. A family member of hers lived in a “haunted house”; they had a fewdifferent experiences there that rattled her enough that they stuck with herinto adulthood. As an adult she moved into a house where a couple of paranormalexperiences occurred, one of which included her being pinned down on her bed.She had no one to turn to for advice with what she was experiencing and didn'tfeel she could talk about it either. She felt alone. Flash forward 12 years and through a better understanding inthe world of the paranormal, with the many paranormal shows and books,discussing the paranormal became more accepted and not looked down upon. Whenshe had the opportunity to join a paranormal investigative team, she felt  she had a mission to help others understandwhat they are living with, to listen with an open mind, not to be judgmentalbut compassionate with what they are going through, and to help the spiritswith whatever they may need, if anything. She now has a better understanding ofthe spirit world, has no fear of it, and she hopes to help empower others withthat as well. Kristen is in her fourth yearof volunteering with the Oregon Ghost Conference, which will be in Seaside onMarch 31-April 2, 2017. Air Date: May 26, 2016 Topic: Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theory Guest: Kristen Gray Hosts: Chuck Gotski and Karen Frazier Producer: Cheryl Knight

1hr 46mins

26 May 2016