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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Oakley Peterson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Oakley Peterson, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Oakley Peterson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Oakley Peterson, often where they are interviewed.

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Nothing Down About It with Oakley Peterson

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What can I say to sum up how incredibly awesome Oakley is? There are no words. I didn't know her at ALL before we chatted for this interview but I fell in love with her instantly. She's so laid back, fun loving and has the most beautiful perspective on life. The mother of three adorable children, one with "up-syndrome" as she lovingly refers to it, her life is insanely busy right now.  Just during our call she dealt with a fussy baby, a preschool emergency and a diaper blow-out. It was comical and the total epitome of a day in the life of a marvelous mom.  So kudos to her for continuing our chat even when life got a bit nuts!

Jan 30 2020 · 27mins
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Finding Your Life Purpose With Oakley Peterson

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One of the things we tend to think about this time of year is what is my life purpose? What was I meant to do in this world? We may feel like we have our plan all figured out, but then sometimes we run into major roadblocks in life that change our entire path. 

We are so excited to share this interview with you. We got the opportunity to chat with Oakley Peterson, a mom of three lovely children. In this episode, Oakley shares her unique life story, which began as a child bass player in a traveling band with her family. Later in life, she spent time volunteering in Africa, and then later working for a lobbyist. Oakley became a stay at home mom when she had her first daughter. 

Oakley’s second son, Welles, has down syndrome. When Welles was born, Oakley made it her life passion to spread the message of love and acceptance.Through her experience of learning about down syndrome and watching how much her son inspires her, Oakley’s life purpose found her. She has a large following on Instagram: @nothingdownaboutit.  On her Instagram account, Oakley's mission is to help other families understand down syndrome and how wonderful the journey is. 

We call B.S. on perceiving the difficult things that happen in our lives as tragedies, rather than our life’s purpose.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Why leading with love is so important when advocating for your child or yourself
  • How to turn moments of difficulty into positivity 
  • The importance of teaching and practicing compassion 
  • Accepting that your life purpose will change and evolve 

“If I lead with love, in any situation, I get the result I want 90% of the time. Rather than if I walk in with the fire in my belly. The fire in my belly, or in my soul,  can be a fire of love and happiness and joy that I want to explode into the world. When we use love for that drive, I feel it just changes everything.”

-Sinead Quinn

Resources and Links Mentioned in this episode: 

Oakley’s Instagram

Oakley’s Facebook

The Official Podcast Instagram

Sinead’s Instagram

Brittany’s Instagram

Jan 20 2020 · 30mins

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Mom of Special Needs Son Shares Their Uplifting Story - Oakley Peterson of Nothing Down About It

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When Oakley discovered that her newborn son had Down Syndrome, she was shocked and scared.  But that quickly turned to optimism and faith as they got to know their son and realized that down syndrome isn't a tragedy, it's not a terminal illness, but that their son is literally an angel in their family. 

Follow Oakley: @nothingdownaboutit


Follow the Dashleys for more!






Some of the questions she answers on this podcast: 

What is the most positive part of being a parent to a child with special needs?

Top 3 things you wish everybody who is unfamiliar with down syndrome knew?

Did you have any preconceptions about having a child with Downs, which ones were true/false?

Talk about the stress it put on your marriage as you were figuring it all out, how does it affect your marriage today.

What are some good ways to deal with meltdowns and overstimulation?

When you have multiple children and 1 is special needs, how do you divide your time? How do you make sure your other kids don’t feel left behind?

How to separate disciplining a Down Syndrome child vs your other children

Are there any common phrases/questions you get that bug you?

Where do you find information to help you to raise and continue to raise your son?

How to explain DS/special needs to little kids

How can I support my friend whose daughter has down syndrome. I feel like I won’t say the right things sometimes.

How do you plan for your child’s long term future?

My Nephew has D.S. and I was wondering how you handle sensory issues?

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Nov 25 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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Let Life Surprise You with Oakley Peterson [Episode 83]

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Oakley is a mother of three, blogger & Instagrammer. She shares her family's stories about working with their son who has down-syndrome and discusses accepting imperfect mothering during the process.

Key Points from this Episode:
  • Keeping the home simple can help keep you from feeling like you are drowning.
  • It's okay to not be the exact mom we want to be at this exact moment in time.
  • Raising a family is a whole-family effort. Being a more open parent with our children about the process helps it become a team effort.
  • Parenting has become more of an open process with our children because of the transparency of the world we live in. 
  • Navigate the needs of your children by knowing your children. Notice what the need is. It's okay that the needs of the children are different.
  • Take the time to be still with each child.
  • Be a listener and let your children feel heard in their own home.
  • Give your kids a few moments where you can let them feel like they are the center of your universe.
  • Some of the surprises can be the best blessings in our life. 
  • Keeping the connection with God makes everything smoother. That makes the bumps in the road doable!
Nov 20 2019 · 38mins

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EP69: Nothing Down About It with Oakley Peterson

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In this episode, Elizabeth brings on Oakley Peterson to share her journey of raising a son with Down Syndrome, Welles.  Oakley talks about celebrating differences and making the world a better place through inclusivity and education.  She teaches us about what life is like with Welles and the value he ads to our society. She is full of love, wisdom and light and gives all parents great advice and take aways to apply to your children. 

Instagram: @nothingdownaboutit Blog: www.nothingdownaboutit
Jun 10 2019 · 1hr 1min
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#136 - Oakley Peterson - Author of Blog "Nothing Down About It" & Mom of 3 Discusses Her Life With Her Son, Welles

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Guest Bio:
From her blog site "Nothing Down About It"

Our baby boy has an extra chromosome and a smile that rocks our world. The pure happiness of a Down Syndrome child is simply too beautiful not to share! This website highlights the tender mercies God bestows on families with special needs.

He loves his daddy, plays with his sister, and lights up for me. He'll be our baby for a lifetime. Every day I look forward to kissing his sweet face and finding joy in my son. I hope to encourage other mothers out there who are new to this situation. I was just there at the beginning and now offer you my support and love.

Our wonderful special children unite us with a unique bond, blessing, and responsibility. Together we can shrug off stigmas and help people embrace the goodness of these angels among us! Together we can help all of our children realize their full potential.
Apr 16 2019 · 34mins
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Episode 13: Nothing Down About Down Syndrome with Oakley Peterson

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Today my guest is Oakley Peterson. She’s an amazing mom of three, including her son Welles who has Down Syndrome. She’s talking about her unique upbringing (think all-girl sister band!), finding out her child has Down Syndrome, helping support one of her other children with big emotions, and more. She’s so well spoken and wise beyond her years. Such a pleasure to chat with Oakley.

Show Notes: 

Follow Oakley on Instagram

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Mar 26 2019 ·
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Adapting Your Home to Fit Your Family ft. Oakley Peterson

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Learning your child may have a disability can be terrifying. The thought of bringing them home and creating an environment suited to their needs can be daunting. Oakley Peterson of the popular Instagram account, Nothing Down About It, has blown up the stereotypes surrounding families with special needs. Her second child, Welles, has Down syndrome. While his diagnosis creates challenges, Oakley shows her followers every child has struggles and triumphs, and their home is the center of it all.

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Nov 15 2018 · 24mins
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Oakley Peterson, Nothing Down About It

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This week’s guest: Oakley Peterson – A former all girl band member, mother living the dream and founder of Nothing Down About It. Motherhood has made her who she is and why she shares and writes on her blog. She believes that together we can shrug off stigmas and help people embrace the goodness of children who have Down syndrome and most importantly “reach and teach”.

Jan 23 2018 · 52mins
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Living a full family life and not being held back by a diagnosis | with Oakley Peterson of Nothing Down About It (TLBP #41)

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Oakley Peterson of Nothing Down About It was one of the first people I knew I wanted to interview on my podcast.  From the time Oakley was 10 until her first year in college, Oakley traveled from city to city playing bass guitar and singing backup vocals in her all sister rock n roll band called 8 Brown Eyes.  Oakley shares some of her favorite moments from her experience and how now as a mom of 3, she and her musical husband implement music into their home.  Growing up with all sisters, Oakley looked forward to the day she could have a little boy and envisioned as the little sports buddy to her husband, playing little league and going to all the sports games.  A year after their first baby was born, a little girl, a firecracker like her mom, Oakley became pregnant again and carried their second, a little boy, through a typical pregnancy.  Upon his birth and right in the middle of Oakley experiencing the euphoria of holding her son, the nurses began questioning her about her quad screening and soon took him away to be examined by a doctor.  Oakley could not stand being a part from him, so after some time she made her way down the hall, only to greet her husband coming back with the news that indeed their son had Down Syndrome.  She said she will never forget his face.  Oakley shares the moments ahead as she experienced a mourning of the child she thought she would have and the overwhelming love for the child she had.  She tells of the negativity toward Down Syndrome that generally exists on the internet and from medical professionals, and how her sorrow and fear melted after about a month of being Welles’ mom and feeling of his overflowing love, and the role that finding other moms with children with special needs played.  Oakley shares her feelings on becoming Welles’ advocate and voice in the world and the hurtful words of a friend that helped spark her to start her blog Nothing Down About It to help others to see what she sees in her son and that her son’s life is worth just as much as her daughter’s.  She openly shares her moments of fear and exhaustion, but knows that all mothers experience similar things with their children. She shares how they are the lucky ones to have him in their home and how everyone should experience this.  Her voice has been carried to millions to share the joy and life lessons she has learned from her “little professor” and how they have been able to experience everything in family life that she had envisioned and more.  Come listen ready to feel the passion and love of this advocate mama.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about family life with a child with Down’s Syndrome or any child with special needs.  It is also perfect for anyone facing an unexpected change when expectations were great.  It is also great for those who believe that everyone matters and we should help be their voice.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • Oakley’s childhood growing up in a rock band called 8 Brown Eyes with her sisters
  • how her parents were everyone’s favorites
  • how crazy she is about Taylor Hanson
  • how they implement music into their home now as parents
  • how she and her husband met and the early years of marriage
  • why Oakley was so excited to have a boy and what her expectations were
  • what happened in the hospital and why Oakley
  • why they call Welles “little professor” and what he has taught them
  • why Oakley started her blog Nothing Down About it
  • what a friend said that was so hurtful
  • the rich and full family life they lead
  • those things that creates worry for her
  • her biggest struggle of wanting everyone to see and love him like she does
  • her feelings about the ‘r’ word
  • Welles developing friendships
  • how does Oakley become rejuvenated
  • what she misses about life before kids
  • what she loves about motherhood and family life despite hard days
  • how having a child that appreciates things has helped her to appreciate things
  • what she expects from her future
  • her advice to new moms of children with special needs
  • her definition of real perfection

Show Notes:

8 Brown Eyes band

Cake, “Never There”

Hanson, “I Will Come for You“, “Mmm Bop

Oakley’s blog “Nothing Down About It”

Nothing Down About It – Instagram Feed

United Angel’s Foundation

Very Jane video of Oakley and Welles on their #Stronglikeyou campaign

Chatbooks app – enter code LIFEBEATS for your first book free

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Nov 15 2016 · 1hr 3mins