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Episode #91 - David Thomas and Sissy Goff Interview

Fearless Mom // Audio Podcast


9 Apr 2021

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Ep.274: Parenting Teens: Navigating Emotions Through Adolescence with David Thomas

The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast

Are you in a house with a teenager who is experiencing big emotions? Or maybe there isn’t enough communication around emotions and you want to help your teen be able to name them better. Whatever your situation, this podcast will offer tools to help you parent well through the emotional ups and downs of adolescence. David Thomas, a well known therapist and author, brings his expertise to the conversation. He talks about the four emotional milestones that will help any teen, why the Enneagram plays an important role in this conversation, and how we can coach our children on how to handle their big feelings. David is a fan favorite around The Sisterhood and this episode underscores why. After listening, you will walk away better equipped to parent your teenager with more love, grace, and hope. SOME THINGS YOU HEARD ON THE SHOW THE FOUR EMOTIONAL MILESTONES Vocabulary – to name what I’m feeling in life Perspective – learning to put all of life in the right category (pain scale) Empathy – a well researched ingredient to healthy relationships. The ability to understand the feelings of another. Resourcefulness – taking the emotion to something constructive In essence, it’s helping our kids learn how to identify what they feel & how they feel about it If they can’t see it on the grown ups they trust, it’s incredibly hard to develop it. Are My Kids On Track? The Backdoor To Your Teen’s Heart “To the degree that teens can predict you they will dismiss you.” The Path Between Us – Enneagram book Suzanne Stabile’s Podcast – Enneagram Expert


9 Mar 2021

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Understanding Boys Better :: David Thomas [Ep 315]

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Understanding the emotions of boys is a challenge no matter the age. Anxiety that presents as anger or distraction. Depression shows up as low-grade irritability. David Thomas returns to the show to answer listener questions about all things boy. David is a family therapist and director at DayStar Counseling Center in Nashville. He has lots of experience counseling families and children and has a set of twin boys himself. We talk about teaching our sons about emotional language, going to counseling, helping sibling relationships, and managing boy energy levels. “I think we need to be clear with boys. I think it's always helpful to use concrete language with them. When we're concise, clear, and concrete, those are kind of three rules of thumb, we can consistently be adopting. The mistake that I think we can make is we kind of soft pedal and dance around things.” If you are a parent of boys, this is an episode for you! Watch for a bonus episode coming out later this week too.   Connect with David:  Website:  raisingboysandgirls.com Facebook: facebook.com/raisingboysandgirls Instagram:  @raisingboysandgirls   Links Mentioned:   Ep 119 The Art of Nurturing Boys :: David Thomas Ep 160 Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas  BOOK: Are My Kids on Track? by Sissy Goff & David Thomas Ep 260 The Window of Tolerance :: Charissa Fry BOOK: Best Friends, Worst Enemies by Michael Thompson BOOK: Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David Thomas Movies & Books Highlights from Raising Boys & Girls MOVIE: Just Mercy VidAngel BOOK: Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain BOOK: Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids by Susan Cain Featured Sponsors:  FabFitFun —use coupon code DMA10 for $10 off your first box at www.FabFitFun.com Function of Beauty — Go to functionofbeauty.com/DMA to take your quiz and save 20% off your order. 

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22 Feb 2021

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All About Boys with David Thomas: Boys and the Opposite Sex

Rooted Parent

In past episodes, we’ve focused our attention on a boy’s relationships with his mom and dad, and also with his friends. This episode looks at a boy’s relationships with girls - how he relates to the opposite sex, whether in friendship or in the context of dating. We’ll take a look at unique differences in boys and girls with four important social milestones, as well as some areas of struggle and support. We’ll discuss how to determine when a boy is ready to date and how to offer coaching for his relationships with the girls in his life.


18 Feb 2021

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Episode #87 - Julie Richard and David Thomas

Fearless Mom // Audio Podcast


5 Feb 2021

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All About Boys with David Thomas: Boys and School

Rooted Parent

In this episode, David talks about The Mind of Boys and how they learn. He discusses the role of the brain, barriers to learning and ideas for supporting boys as students. He discusses the five ways boys learn, and five ideas parents and educators could implement easily to allow boys to feel more competent and capable in any learning environment, and while doing homework.


21 Jan 2021

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13. David Thomas

Between the eyes

Welcome back to 'Between the Eyes'. In this episode I talk to David Thomas... I loved talking to this man, FULL of energy and advice. An amazing story from a council estate in Halifax to being on Oprah as world memory champion. How did that happen !! I met David many years ago in a coffee shop in West Yorkshire with a mate of mine Dom. Dom Waterson was in series one, and was intrigued by his story and how chilled and respectful he was. We talk about how he came onto the world memory stage while being a fireman. Global speaker, executive speaking coach, coaching entrepreneurs and senior execs on speaking in public. To top it off, as if that’s not enough, he last 42 kilo’s and entered Mr Great Britain for bodybuilding at the age of 51. Just listen and enjoy. You can find David on all social media channels and at www.transformationthomas.com ~For more info on Tim Mercer : www.vapourcloud.com ~ Podcast Production by www.visualmonkeys.co.uk


17 Jan 2021

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All About Boys with David Thomas: Boys and Screens

Rooted Parent

5 Guiding PrinciplesParent in CommunityTake a Training Wheels Approach to TechnologyUse Technology to Your AdvantageTake Technology BreaksCreate a ContractRecommended ResourcesModern Parents, Vintage Values: Instilling Character in Today's Kids  by Sissy Goff and Melissa TrevathanAAP Family Media Plan Calculator The Healthy Mind Platter Sponsored by: Kairos Greek 


19 Nov 2020

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Ep. 80: 4 Social Milestones Your Son Needs to Reach with David Thomas

The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

David Thomas joins us again for part 2 of our conversation drawing from his book, “Are My Kids on Track? The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach.” In Episode 78 David and I talked about the 4 emotional milestones our sons need to reach, and today we cover the 4 social milestones they need to reach.  David offers such valuable insight into boys’ development and how we, as their moms, can help them reach the most important milestones. I love this topic so much, and I think you will, too! Find show notes:  www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today’s episode: www.monicaswanson.com/episode-80 Get Monica's book, Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most from You


10 Nov 2020

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Ep. 78: 4 Emotional Milestones Your Son Needs to Reach. With David Thomas

The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson and Friends

David Thomas, counselor, speaker and author (not to mention dad to one daughter and twin sons!) joins us for the first of a two-part conversation about milestones our sons need to reach.  Today we talk about emotional milestones (in two weeks we’ll cover social milestones.)  David touches on the four milestones boys should reach as well as some of the stumbling blocks that get in the way.  David has so much wisdom, insight, and sensitivity to the needs of boys and their families, I think you’ll finish this episode with new insight and tools to put into use right away. Find show notes at: www.monicaswanson.com/podcast Today’s episode:  www.monicaswanson.com/episode-78 Thank you to the Good Book Company for sponsoring this episode!  Be sure to see show notes to find out more about an amazing new Family Advent book called “A Better Than Anything Christmas.”  Find out more at thegoodbook.com.


27 Oct 2020