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Richard Nixon Back Again

We Didn't Start the Fire: The History Podcast

Tricky Dicky’s back! He quite the comeback kid…It’s 1969, a slew of assassinations have recently hit the country, anti-war protests are taking over college campuses, and Nixon’s finally won the presidency for the Republicans. But how did it all happen, why was Nixon so damn awkward, and why did Elvis show up at the White House? Let’s chat Nixon with David Greenberg! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Jan 2023

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#1951: The Coup Against Richard Nixon and Today’s ‘Deep State’

Trumpet Daily

[00:30] Biden Has ‘No Regrets’ About Stealing Classified Documents (13 minutes) Although Joe Biden insists that he has “no regrets” regarding how he handled classified documents, he is steadily losing support from the press. Barack Obama is clearly using this scandal to get rid of him. Tucker Carlson explained yesterday that focusing on this one crime instead of Biden’s other crimes allows the “deep state” to jettison him without incriminating anyone else—especially Barack Obama. [13:45] The Real Watergate Scandal (26 minutes) Richard Nixon was one of the most popular presidents ever elected. The CIA created the Watergate scandal to get rid of Nixon because he went after Communists in the government. The deep state’s power has grown so much since the 1970s that—in addition to getting rid of a sitting president—it can now change the outcome of national and state elections. [39:30] Wait on God (16 minutes) The book of Hebrews repeatedly exhorts Christians to patiently and confidently wait on God. If we trust God, we will be energized to step forward with confidence in our daily spiritual battles.


20 Jan 2023

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#Washington: "Congressional Government" spending big since Richard Nixon and Watergate, 1974

The John Batchelor Show

Photo: No known restrictions on publication. @Batchelorshow#Washington: "Congressional Government" spending big since Richard Nixon and Watergate, 1974 https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-federal-spending-exploded-house-speaker-line-item-veto-president-tea-party-ryan-boehner-11673469707 https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-federal-spending-exploded-house-speaker-line-item-veto-president-tea-party-ryan-boehner-11673469707


14 Jan 2023

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Haig's Coup: How Richard Nixon's Closest Aide Forced Him from Office

The Opperman Report

When General Alexander M. Haig Jr. returned to the White House on May 3, 1973, he found the Nixon administration in worse shape than he had imagined. President Richard Nixon, reelected in an overwhelming landslide just six months earlier, had accepted the resignations of his top aides—the chief of staff H. R. Haldeman and the domestic policy chief John Ehrlichman—just three days earlier.Haldeman and Ehrlichman had enforced the president’s will and protected him from his rivals and his worst instincts for four years. Without them, Nixon stood alone, backed by a staff that lacked gravitas and confidence as the Watergate scandal snowballed. Nixon needed a savior, someone who would lift his fortunes while keeping his White House from blowing apart. He hoped that savior would be his deputy national security adviser, Alexander Haig, whom he appointed chief of staff. But Haig’s goal was not to keep Nixon in office—it was to remove him.In Haig’s Coup, Ray Locker uses recently declassified documents to tell the true story of how Haig orchestrated Nixon’s demise, resignation, and subsequent pardon. A story of intrigues, cover-ups, and treachery, this incisive history shows how Haig engineered the “soft coup” that ended our long national nightmare and brought Watergate to an end.

1hr 23mins

22 Dec 2022

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37.3 Richard Nixon

American Presidents: Totalus Rankium

In Nixon's final part we mostly cover the watergate scandal and then we judge him. I wonder if one will affect the other? 

1hr 59mins

1 Oct 2022

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37.2 Richard Nixon

American Presidents: Totalus Rankium

Part 2 of 3 of President Nixon. We cover his first term as president, otherwise known as 'not the watergate stuff'. So we figure it must be all good and scandal free right? Right? 

1hr 41mins

17 Sep 2022

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The last 100 days of Richard Nixon's presidency

Late Night Live - Full program podcast

A fascinating look at the last 100 days of the Nixon Presidency and the character traits of Richard Nixon that brought him down.

15 Sep 2022

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9th August 1974: Richard Nixon resigns as President of the United States of America while facing impeachment due to the Watergate Scandal


Nixon announced his resignation in a televised speech on 8 August and it took effect from noon the next ...

9 Aug 2022

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37.1 Richard Nixon

American Presidents: Totalus Rankium

So we come to Tricky Dick. Well known for a long time for being the stain on American presidential history - but is that deserved? Well, let's start with his pre watergates/presidential life shall we...

1hr 24mins

30 Jul 2022

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The Crook: Richard Nixon

The Presiquential Podcast

Join Ryan, Blaine, & Russ as they discuss our Nation's thirty seventh President, Richard Nixon!THOMAS JEFFERSON RIDING A MASTODON SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE!!!!Become a Patron of the Presiquential Podcast!  Patrons at Tier 1 receive every episode the Friday before the official release ad free, and Tier 2 Patrons also receive bonus episodes as well.  Go to  www.patreon.com/preqisquential to become a Patron today!Huge Thank You to our Sponsors:The Art PressIf you need custom made t-shirts for your team or organization, look no further than our friends here in Indy, The Art Press. You may have heard of The Art Press and their SUPER comfortable shirts through their parent organization, Vardagen. Derrick and the team will help you get your custom shirt order shipped anywhere quickly and easily at www.theartpress.com! INvetsLearn more about INvets and their mission to help veterans find great careers in Indiana at INvets.orgKenny Walks Across AmericaLearn more about Col (R) Kenny Mintz's Walk Across America, and donate hereReading List:Richard Nixon: The Life By John A. FarrellFor other books on Richard Nixon (and all the other Presidents), check out Stephen Floyd's Journey Through Presidential BiographiesEPISODE MUSIC:Music in this episode was created by Ryan Ahlwardt and the intro/outro song is Granary. Check Ryan out where ever you stream or download your music, or at ryansongs.com

1hr 28mins

22 Jun 2022