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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Scott Young. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Scott Young, often where they are interviewed.

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35 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Scott Young. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Scott Young, often where they are interviewed.

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Ultralearning and the Art of Personal Possibility with Scott Young

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Scott Young is a prolific writer and thinker best known for his concept of ultralearning. In today's episode, I pick Scott's brain about what ultralearning actually is and the many psychological benefits that come with it.

Show Notes
  • The MIT Challenge
  • The Year without English (6:00)
  • The 30-Day Portrait Drawing Challenge (11:00)
  • What is ultralearning? (18:00)
  • Ultralearning and deep satisfaction (21:00)
  • Ultralearning and the expansion of personal possibility (27:00)
  • Ultralearning and curiosity (37:00)
  • Ultralearning and self-confidence (40:00)
  • The relationship between ultralearning and Deep Work (47:00)
  • Scott’s advice on a first ultralearning project (50:30)
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Aug 17 2020 · 59mins
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Using Therapy to Heal Business and Bouncing Back with Jacqueline Lieberman and Aaron Scott Young

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Full Description:

Finding your brand’s DNA is a very important step to nailing your marketing and communicating effectively with your target audience. CEO and Founder of BrandCrudo, Jacqueline Lieberman, calls this DNA your ‘brand North Star’. We also discuss common reasons businesses lose focus as they grow and how Jacqueline takes a psychotherapy approach to analyzing what’s going wrong with the businesses she works with. Then, we chat with Aaron Scott Young, Chief Strategy Officer of The Unshackled Owner, who details his journey from successful business owner to jail and back again. Aaron gives tips on having clarity towards the goals you hope to conquer and how to build a strong team to help you reach the top.

  • [00:00:00] Finding Your Brand’s North Star
  • [00:05:30] How Businesses Lose Focus as They Grow
  • [00:11:30] Jacqueline Lieberman: Brand Therapist 
  • [00:18:21] An Unlucky Acquaintance
  • [00:25:43] Find the Time to Recharge
  • [00:33:21] Have Measurable Outcomes
Aug 05 2020 · 39mins
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My Top 5 Takeaways from Ultralearning by Scott Young

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“Can you recommend a book for…?”

“What are you reading right now?”

“What are your favorite books?”

I get asked those types of questions a lot and, as an avid reader and all-around bibliophile, I’m always happy to oblige.

I also like to encourage people to read as much as possible because knowledge benefits you much like compound interest. The more you learn, the more you know; the more you know, the more you can do; the more you can do, the more opportunities you have to succeed.

On the flip side, I also believe there’s little hope for people who aren’t perpetual learners. Life is overwhelmingly complex and chaotic, and it slowly suffocates and devours the lazy and ignorant.

So, if you’re a bookworm on the lookout for good reads, or if you’d like to get into the habit of reading, this book club for you.

The idea here is simple: Every month, I’ll share a book that I’ve particularly liked, why I liked it, and several of my key takeaways from it.

I’ll also keep things short and sweet so you can quickly decide whether the book is likely to be up your alley or not.

Alright, let’s get to the takeaways.


Mentioned on The Show:

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Jul 09 2020 · 31mins
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#01 Scott Young on Learning Four Languages in One Year

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Scott Young shares his experience going a year without English and why immersion is the path to least resistance in language learning in this episode of The Language Hacking Podcast. Benny and Shannon also ask Scott about ultralearning and how it relates to language learning. Mentioned in this EpisodeEpisode Overview
  • What is ultralearning?
  • The effectiveness of total immersion
  • How to gain language proficiency quickly
  • Learning through social interaction
  • How did you approach languages with different writing systems and more distance from your native language?
  • How do you get to a level where you can give presentations in a language?
  • Why other people switching to English doesn’t happen as often as you worry it will and how to keep the conversation in the language you’re learning if it does
  • The importance of immersion and why it removes anxiety around speaking a language
  • How to maintain your motivation for language learning
  • How to prioritize what you work on 
  • How to approach language learning for an exam
Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy
Jun 16 2020 · 48mins
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ACEcast #202 My Story #5 Former Cardiff City defender Scott Young

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Welcome back to another episode of our new series My Story exclusivity on A.C.E Podcast Nation. In this series we take our guests through their lives & careers from their upbringing all the way through to present day as they share memories & anecdotes along the way. We have had boxers, actors, footballers, cricketers & more for this series. Join us as we relive their careers & greatest moments in another episode of My Story

For this show our host Si (@ACEcast_Nation) is joined by the original One Club man, former Cardiff City defender & a man written in football & FA Cup folklore forever Mr Scott Young (@ScottYoung1818)

Si takes Scott through his life & career as they discuss his big break in football, THAT goal in the FA cup vs Leeds Utd, Sam Hamman & his stint in managament including a run as caretaker manager at his beloved Cardiff City plus a whole lot more. Have a listen as we take City legend through his extraordinary journey into football legend.

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May 22 2020 · 1hr 35mins
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Scott Young on How to Learn and Master Hard Skills on Your Own

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About Generation You

Generation You’s purpose is to have multidisciplinary conversations around the big challenges of tomorrow. From education, health, food, climate, technology, and many others - we strive to empower people to tackle these challenges and advance mankind.

Your host, Catalin Matei, is an entrepreneur that's working on ever-more complex problems.

Today's Guest, Scott Young is the author of Wall Street Journal and National best-selling book: "Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career". Scott has been a prolific writer on his blog since 2006 where he writes about learning, productivity, career, habits, and living well.

He is known for documenting learning challenges such as learning a 4-year MIT computer science degree in one year, learning four languages in one year, and learning to draw portraits in 30 days. His work has been featured in TEDx, The New York Times, Lifehacker, Popular Mechanics, and Business Insider.

Here are some of the key concepts discussed in this interview:

  • 02:08 - 16:45 - Introduction to the concept of Ultralearning
  • 16:45 - 20:29 - How to reignite the joy of learning
  • 20:37 - 23:52 - Headline: How to attack your weakest point in the learning process?
  • 23:52 - 30:24 - Transfer problems -  from theory to practice
  • 35:39 - 47:00 - Memorizing vs free recall? Which one is better as an information retrieval process?
  • 47:00 - 51:30 - Tip to memorize easily

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May 16 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Scott Young | The Art of Ultralearning

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Scott Young is a writer who undertakes interesting self-education projects, such as attempting to learn MIT’s four-year computer science curriculum in twelve months and learning four languages in one year. He lives in Vancouver Canada.






TWITTER: @scotthyoung


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Practical Stoic Mastermind:






May 06 2020 · 57mins
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313b trusts with Scott Young

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Glen, John and guest Scott Young dive deep into what trusts are and how they work, following on from last seasons' episode 257 small business and all that jazz. Have a listen to that episode to get up to speed:
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Apr 08 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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Scott Young: How to Master Hard Skills and Learn Anything

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Scott Young is a writer, programmer, traveler and an avid learner. After Scott heard about Benny Lewis and the way he could become fluent in a language in just 3 months, he became interested in extreme learning and began exploring it himself. He later went on to study one of MIT's 4-year computer science degrees, relying solely on external material and without ever going to any MIT lectures. He passed the final exams. Scott joins us for this episode to impart his knowledge on ultra-learning.

Visit Scott's website at

Scott Young is the author of Ultralearning which you can find at most book outlets including Amazon


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Apr 06 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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MI026: Mastering the Skill of Learning with Scott Young (Personal Development Podcast)

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Full show notes:

Feb 05 2020 · 50mins