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The Future of Online Education at the Khan World School (with Salman Khan and Amy McGrath)

Tech Enabled

With students returning to the classroom, the toll the pandemic has taken on our education system has only become more apparent. Students have fallen behind academically and teachers are overstretched. But the pandemic has also upended many long standing assumptions about education and created room to experiment with new approaches. A recent Echelon Insights poll for the National Parents Union found 53 percent of parents believe we should not be returning to normal, but use the moment to rethink how we educate students.  On this episode of "Tech Enabled," John Bailey is joined by Salman Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, and Amy McGrath, COO at Arizona State University (ASU) Prep. They recently announced a partnership to launch the Khan World School at ASU Prep, an online, global high school for students who have demonstrated strong academic potential but want to take their education to the next level. Focusing on mastery, community, and collaboration, the Khan World School is at the forefront of rethinking the traditional education model. On this episode, we discuss how first principles thinking was applied to reinvent school and how they addressed some of the challenges experienced with previous versions of remote learning.


6 Jun 2022

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Things You Need To Know Before You Become a Landlord with Salman Khan

Canadian Real Estate 101

In today's episode we have Salman Khan, an Investment focused realtor in GTA. We talk about what are some things to consider when you're becoming a landlord. Some key discussions in this episode are around:- How to find qualified tenants- How to price your rental- Where to list your rental- How to overcome tenant/landlord issuesFeel free to reach out Salman at sal@searchrealty.caTo understand the best way to start or grow your Real Estate portfolio, book a complimentary strategy call with Supriya by sending an email at supriyamehramortgages@gmail.com.


28 Apr 2022

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Salman khan

RadioFM Bollywood Atlanta, USA.


5 Oct 2021

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#34- Seeking Validation on Social Media & Salman Khan's Twitter w/ Anirudh

Straight Outta Funny

Back with my boy Mr. Anirudh. He talks about how he discovered a condom dispensing machine in his college and how he overheard a couple having sex during his evening walk. We then went on to discuss how society is now programmed to think differently because of the social media influx in day-to-day life. Then we read off some golden Salman Khan tweets for our own appeasement. 

1hr 1min

17 Sep 2021

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How to build an office supply business with Salman Khan

Business Bros

798-  OfficeCurb is an office supply company located in Houston, Texas. We offer a superior line of office supplies products such as daily essential office, school stationery to electronics, data storage products & paper and cleaning essentials. OfficeCurb has a reputation for quality products at the best prices in the industry. We are highly experienced in the industry, you can be rest assured that we will do our best to source only the highest quality products with the best pricing. www.OfficeCurb.com ________  Want your customers to talk about you to their friends and family? That’s what we do! We get your customers to talk about you so that you get more referrals with video testimonials. Go to www.BusinessBros.biz to be a guest on the show or to find out more on how we can help you get more customers! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/businessbrospod/support


3 Sep 2021

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EP 15: Hello Brother (Salman Khan the Nipple Twister)

An ABCD's Guide to Bollywood

Sadly, Salman Khan has touched more nipples in this movie than I probably have in my entire life.This movie should’ve been all about Johnny Lever & Ninja UncleThere were so many fart jokes in this movie that I’m almost certain an 8year old wrote the script.All this and more on today’s episode where I talk about Hello Brother!Follow me on Instagram:@kushparmFollow Our Parent Podcast@mildmanneredtimidEmail us at mmtyabish@gmail.com


26 Aug 2021

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Season Two Hum Hain Akele Tum Ho Akele, Out of Love, Salman Khan's Radhe and Shaurya Anokhi Gang on Show

Desis.Live Weekly Bollywood Show

We review Hum Hain Akele Tum Ho Akele, one of the very few LGBTQ stories told in  India playing on @Hotstarusa. Scott and Miraal get into a war of words about who is right and who should be imprisoned while reviewing Out of Love Season 1 and 2 both, playing on @hotstarusa tooMiraal is angry with Salman Khan about his mind-numbing, eyes-burning new movie Radhe which she says she had to "our her life at risk" for to watch. She also says her crush on Randeep Hooda is finally over thanks to his role in this movie. Short-lived tho'The fans of Shaurya Anokhi ki Kahani ( Supriya, Sumi, Shreya, and Manushi) are on a panel discussion this week discussing how their show bought forward another important social topic this week. That of stigmatization of Middle-Class girls to suit the narrative of daily soaps in India. Very interesting Have a listen.


19 May 2021

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Salman Khan and Huma Qureshi

Beyond Bollywood

Bollywood's beloved bhai, Salman Khan says filmmaking is what gets him up in the morning and he wouldn't want a break because he finds holidays boring. He's looking forward to Radhe releasing worldwide - including the UK, as cinemas reopen after another lockdown. Find out if he finds action roles too physically challenging and how he snapped the Eid film release spot. And in the second part of the podcast Haroon chats to Huma Qureshi who is celebrating a decade in Bollywood. She reveals how she bagged a Zack Snyder film to make her Hollywood debut with Army of the Dead, which releases on Netflix.


15 May 2021

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#210 - Salman Khan - Co-founder of Kwick Doctor


Salman Khan is the co-founder of Kwick Doctor and is a 40-year old information technology expert who has been working in the healthcare sector for two years now. He joined Pac after returning from the UK and offered to help through his app Kwick Doctor that connects the public to consultants, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories and even delivers prescriptions at your doorstep.Founders365 is hosted by business coach Steven Haggerty and shares the real stories from Founders who run inspiring and exciting companies.


25 Nov 2020

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Education for Anyone, Anywhere - Salman Khan, Founder and CEO, Khan Academy

Raise the Line

Described as “Bill Gates' favorite teacher” in Fortune Magazine, Salman Khan started his now-famous Khan Academy by tutoring his cousins long-distance in 2004. Since then, Khan's non-profit educational organization has evolved from experimental YouTube videos recorded in a bedroom closet to a standalone platform that has educated tens of millions of people. In this episode of Raise the Line, Khan speaks with Shiv Gaglani about the near-viral growth of Khan Academy and the recent impact of COVID-19 in accelerating that development. Listen-in to learn about the benefits of competency-based pathways and transcripts, the digital divide as the “dark cloud” of COVID, the growth of opportunities at the intersection between health and education, and the importance of having the right mindset for the medical profession.


3 Nov 2020