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Introducing a new Practice of Law: Business Interruption | Gary Thompson | +112

Jake Gallen's Guest List Podcast

Gary Thompson is the Founder and Owner of the Law Office of Gary Thompson. The Law Office of Gary Thompson practices in areas of Personal Injury, Traffic Tickets, Traffic Accidents, and Business Interruption. Gary graduated from University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) with a business degree. He then went on to earn his law degree from the University of San Diego. Gary began practicing law in 1995, and is licensed to practice in the State of Nevada. Gary is also admitted to practice law before all District Courts in the State of Nevada, as well as the U.S. Federal District Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. |GaryThompson|-Thompson-TrafficLawyers.com-GaryThompsonLaw.com-BNILasVegas.com|JakeGallen|-Instagram-Twitter-Facebook-Linkedin|TimeStamps|0:00 - Introduction0:53 - Growing up in Vegas 7:22 - Choosing Law over Hotel Administration 10:27 - Personal Injury 17:30 - Traffic Tickets 21:00 - Business Interruption 28:29 - Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Environment33:10 - BNI: Business Networking International 37:16 - Power of Trust & Networking43415 - Stepping out of your Comfort Zone 46:30 - Local Vegas Community 56:30 - What does Las Vegas mean to you?|LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE to the platform of your choice|-Apple Podcasts-Spotify-Google Podcasts-Amazon Podcasts-Youtube (VIDEO RECORDINGS)


23 Apr 2021

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Rebecca Raynord and Gary Thompson: NOLS - Running Out of Water to Paddle and a Runaway Canoe

Hot Drinks - Stories From The Field

This week on the show we have our first NOLS co-instructor interview. Shawn speaks with Rebecca Raynord and Gary Thompson who worked two epic canoeing courses together, one in Utah and one in Yukon.Rebecca started whitewater kayaking with a program at our high school on the Potomac River near Washington DC. She began teaching kayaking during the summer in college. After graduating from college with no firm plans, Rebecca decided to take a NOLS semester as a student in search of wilderness skills and leadership. She then continued teaching kayaking in the DC area for two years until returning to NOLS for her River Instructors Course in 2001. Rebecca worked for NOLS in the field and a program supervisor full time until August 2012, finishing with 231 weeks in the field. She mainly worked whitewater courses and some sea kayaking in Baja. Now Rebecca works as an emergency medicine doctor in an ER in Virginia. Gary grew up in South Carolina and has worked in outdoor education since 1998 including about 9 years instructing for NOLS. Currently living in McCall Idaho, he works as an instructor at the University of Idaho's McCall Outdoor Science School. A career highlight for Gary was going back to Brevard College to lead the Voice of the River's expedition across Argentine Patagonia. In 2014 Gary began a leadership consulting business, Redfish|Bluefish, INC  that continues to expand his leadership experience and knowledge.. Most of his field experience comes as a boating instructor, river guide, and trip leader in Idaho, Utah, Peru, and Argentina In this episode: (03:07) Gary starts by telling us the story behind the low water in the Yampa River. It was his first NOLS course as an Instructor. They were leading a five-day canoe section of a month-long NOLS Paddling course. When they reached the river, they found the water significantly lower than expected, and there was just enough water that could be best described as a “foot deep” and “two canoes wide.” From leaving all the extra accessories behind and packing light, they had it bad when they looked downstream and only found boulders blocking their way – making them walking and dragging the canoes. The story gets funnier when they share the experiences of their students and what was their reaction towards it. But in the end, their optimism carried them off the edge. (27:18) Rebecca talks about the early season Naval Academy course in Yukon mighty Hess river, where they had a group of midshipmen coming up ready for adventure and challenge. They explain how the course has a very challenging start. Long before they get to the Hess, they have to drag their canoes up a creek, hop on a tributary, go through the beaver pond, again hop on a tributary, then down make their way down into the river. (32:13) Rebecca tells us that after reaching the Hess, they wanted the group to learn their Whitewater skills. While practicing upstream ferries, and got a student boat flipped, and the fast-moving water took it away. While Rebecca and her partner were chasing after the floating canoe, they ended up paddling far away from the group before they got the runaway boat to shore on an island at the end of a whitewater section. It quickly becomes very apparent that they were a long way from the group with four people’s worth of stuff. Gary intrigued us more when he shares his part of the story where he is left to lead the rest of the group and find their missing mates with the canoe.  (42:30) Moving forward, Gary and Rebecca share how survival skills and quick decision-making helps them overcome most of the hardships they faced on the Yukon trip. They explain how they have learned the wide range of lessons and outdoor skill-building and how the strength to move forwards comes from within – all it takes to survive and thrive in the world is a little know-how and ingenuity.

1hr 13mins

22 Apr 2021

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Re:Set | RE:Name | Gary Thompson

Eastridge Church South Campus

Re:nameOften we let labels determine our identity: lawyer, mom, remarried, single, homeless, democrat, republican… the list goes on. But what about the name that God gives us? In this message, Gary Thompson shares the story of Jacob wrestling with God. God gives him a new name, which changes his destiny. When we find our identity in Christ, it changes our destiny forever. 


15 Feb 2021

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Re:Set | RE:Build | Gary Thompson

Eastridge Church South Campus

Re:buildWhen you build something significant, only to have it come crashing down, it can feel… well, crushing. But what if God allows the things we’ve built to be knocked down so that something better can take its place? In this message, Gary Thompson shares the story of the tower of Babel, and how God’s plans are always better than ours.


1 Feb 2021

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12 Coaching Through Divorce Gary Thompson and Gillian Christison

Innate Wisdom Podcast

Gary Thompson and Gillian Christison discuss divorce and coaching and relationships--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/innatewisdompodcast/message


27 Nov 2020

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Episode 3 - Growing Up with Gary Thompson

Amazing Disgrace: The Voicenotes

This week Grace talks to beauty guru Gary Thompson, @theplasticboy. They talk about gender in the make-up industry, the Black Lives Matter movement, and compare notes on their adolescent years - before taking a look at your 'shameful' voicenotes. Grace Campbell’s debut book, AMAZING DISGRACE: A BOOK ABOUT “SHAME”, is out now! (link http://hyperurl.co/u48rr5)


5 Nov 2020

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7 Gary Thompson in conversation with Amanda Hutchings

Innate Wisdom Podcast

Amanda Hutchings is a Clarity Coach and a Textiles artist. Having spent a life time playing with fabric in the last few years she has achieved an A in a textiles A-level and completed an Art Foundation course graduating with a distinction.    Recently Amanda's textile work has been heavily influenced by her  Clarity Coaching and she is working towards an exhibition in October  2020. In this exhibition she will use her textile pieces to question how  life really works, from the inside out rather than from the outside in.  To find out more please stay with her on this journey. Plans for the future include more playing with threads, obviously but  also some one to one coaching sessions and there is a possibility of  textiles/ coaching afternoons, who knows what the future may bring...? https://www.amandahutchings.co.uk/ Gary Thompson can be contacted at InnateWisdomPodcast@gmail.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/innatewisdompodcast/message


23 Oct 2020

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Prove It | Faith Without Good Deeds | Gary Thompson | South Campus

Eastridge Church South Campus

Week 4 in the Prove It series


15 Oct 2020

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How make-up inspires inclusivity with Gary Thompson, The Plastic Boy

Beauty from the Heart

Today I’m talking to Gary Thompson, also known as the Plastic Boy. Gary shares his insights on the beauty industry, from how we can all work towards a more inclusive landscape, to the importance of being a role model to younger LGBT boys like him. We also reminisce on both of our experiences working in beauty in retail, and have a few laughs about experiences with disgruntled customers… if you’ve ever worked on the beauty shop floor, I think you’ll relate to this one! This episode marks the end of series 2 of Beauty from the Heart. Thank you for listening and I’ll be back soon with more guests to get to know and feel inspired by. XXX  Gary on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theplasticboyGary on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjLx42uF3d1TLPJ21pHyr9ABBC 1Xtra Talks, LGBT and Black: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006d6wGary’s Eylure collection: https://www.eylure.com/uk/lashsquad/MAC Cosmetics: www.maccosmetics.co.ukDanny Defreitas: https://www.instagram.com/dannydefreitasAteh Jewel: https://shows.acast.com/beauty-from-the-heart/episodes/what-black-lives-matter-means-for-beauty-with-dr-ateh-jewel See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Jul 2020

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Outdoor Leadership, Gary Thompson

6 Ranch Podcast

Good leadership, especially on a backcountry expedition, is often overlooked and understated. But having strong leadership can be the difference between failure and success on your next outdoor adventure. My guest this week is leadership expert Gary Thompson. Gary has been teaching leadership principles for NOLS and the University of Idaho for the past 20 years. He helped develop the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS), has instructed leadership expeditions in the Yukon and Patagonia, is a river and ski guide, and owns his own leadership consulting firm Redfish | Bluefish. Gary and I discuss what it takes to be a good leader and how active followership can make or break your next expedition. 


6 Jul 2020