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89: Embodying Authenticity as a Key to Abundance with Sydney Campos

Where Money Meets Soul

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Strategy Advisor, Quantum Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney co-creates with New Earth architects and visionary collaborators in embodying new dimensions of mastery, authenticity, innovation, and ease. Whether leading advertising and PR strategy for top global brands and start-ups, hosting transformational retreats in sacred vortexes, jamming with soul family on the Visionary Souls Podcast, building soul-aligned businesses and brands with 5D visionaries, training practitioners in the Akashic Records, or architecting the world’s next social community platform, Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions. And today, she’s speaking with us about embodying authenticity as a key to abundance. Today’s Mantra/Affirmation: OM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI SWAHA You can find Sydney Campos at: Website: www.sydneycampos.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/sydneycampos Facebook: www.facebook.com/sydneycamposmagic Instagram: www.instagram.com/sydneycampos Twitter: www.twitter.com/sydcampos415 For more powerful tools to help you succeed in business and in life, visit www.inthelifeofzen.com.


6 May 2021

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The Empath Experience With Sydney Campos

Dirt Road Less Travelled

Sydney Campos, author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything, is our guest today. In this epic dirt road dialogue we cover a lot of ground around empathy, creating Heaven on earth, music to light up your soul, and going from life being a disaster with a lot of darkness, to a blessing filled with joy, peace, fulfillment, and world travel spreading healing. Find Sydney at SydneyCampos.comListen to Sydney's Visionary Souls podcast: Visionary Souls Podcast with Sydney CamposMore about what Maia's up to at MaiaWilde.comSydney's Playlist"Live in this Moment", Kakou"I Am Light" India Arie"Adorn", Miguel"The Fruitful Darkness" Trevor Hall"Stay With Me" Sam Smith"Let's Do It Again" The Staple Singers"Grace" MC Yogi, East Forest, Ritual Mystical"Ocean Eyes" Billie Eilish, Astronomyy Orig. Aired On 4/18/2019

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3 May 2021

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#750 Sydney Campos — Embodied Ascension


Sydney Campos is a Visionary Advisor, Intuitive Healer, Author of The Empath Experience, and Host of the Visionary Souls Podcast.https://sydneycampos.com YouTube ► https://youtube.com/sydneycamposInstagram ► https://instagram.com/sydneycamposJoin the Sim Club for perks ► http://bit.ly/JoinSimMembershipOur First Book ► https://highlevelperception.comWelcome ✌🏽 We Uncover The Nature of Reality1 Interview Smart People 2️ Synthesize First Principles 3️ Elevate Planetary Consciousness ⭐ http://simulationseries.com🧬 Find Us EverywhereYouTube ► http://bit.ly/SimYoTu👀 SOCIAL Instagram ► http://bit.ly/SimulationIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/SimulationTwitterTikTok ► http://bit.ly/SimTikTokFacebook ► http://bit.ly/SimulationFBLinkedIn ► http://bit.ly/SimulationLinkedIn🎧 AUDIOiTunes ► http://bit.ly/SimulationiTunesSpotify ► http://bit.ly/SpotifySimSoundCloud ► http://bit.ly/SimulationSCInsight Timer ► http://bit.ly/SimInsight💰SUPPORTPayPal ► http://bit.ly/SimPayPalPatreon ► http://bit.ly/SimulationPatreonCrypto ► http://bit.ly/CryptoSimu🇨🇳 CHINA BiliBili ► http://bit.ly/SimBiliBili👕 MERCHYoobe ► https://yoobe.me/simulation🎤 PUBLIC SPEAKINGAll Videos ► https://allensaakyan.comTEDx Talk ► http://bit.ly/AllenTEDxQuestioning Growth ► http://bit.ly/QuestioningGrowth1,000 Robotics Students ► http://bit.ly/AllenFIRSTInstagram ► http://bit.ly/AllenIGTwitter ► http://bit.ly/AllenTTikTok ► http://bit.ly/AtlasTikTok❓ QUESTIONS 📹 HIRINGList ► http://simulationseries.com/the-list Email ► simulationseries@gmail.com


27 Apr 2021

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The One With Sydney Campos, Author of The Empath Experience

Oops I Said It Out Loud

On this episode, I get to have a one on one conversation with Sydney Campos,  author of a book that changed my life - The Empath Experience, What To Do When You Feel Everything. Listen to us talk about the first time she heard the word "empath" and how she has evolved out of using it as a label to describe herself and into it being just a natural part of who she is. You will feel lighter and refreshed after this episode. I just know it!


25 Feb 2021

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Episode 55: Finding New Dimensions of Authenticity with Sydney Campos

Live Authentically Podcast with Pamela Savino

Living a life of authenticity and integrity takes practice and determination, even if that means picking yourself up from rock bottom. Today’s guest, Sydney Campos, knows this journey all too well.Sydney is a visionary healer, author and strategy advisor among many other wonderful things. Her mission is to create heaven on Earth for all people looking to live a more authentic life. She accomplishes this by various types of healing retreats, Akashic record healing, breathwork, meditation and more. A Long Road to RecoveryHer journey began at a young age. After a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, Sydney was at rock bottom and needed to make a change. Ever since she was a child, she struggled with feeling too much. As an extreme empath, reality was often too much to bear. To cope with these intense emotions and painful situations, Sydney self-medicated with alcohol, drugs and other self-sabotaging behavior. For years, she led a double life. Working in advertising during the day, while dancing at a strip club at night, drinking to the point of hospitalization in some cases. It wasn’t until she confided in her therapist that she realized how severe her situation was. She hadn’t told anyone about her addictions before. This was the wake-up call she needed to make a change. She then began the slow process of recovery and treatment. Embracing the Empath ExperienceIn her recovery, Sydney was able to learn how to embrace her empathic gifts and use them to help others heal through her various spiritual modalities. She emphasizes the importance of self-worth and how your personal journey is always ongoing. After the crazy year of 2020, it’s important to recognize gratitude and disconnect from any feelings of doubt or unworthiness. For those struggling with addiction, Sydney offers her words of wisdom. Don’t be afraid of change. You have so much to live for. Not only is there so much joy and love in the world, but maybe your purpose is to share that love with others. Asking for help is scary, but know that there are people who care about you and are ready to help. For those looking for a way to start their healing process or embrace their spiritual side, Sydney is ready to work with you! Visit her website to learn more about all the wonderful courses, retreats, coaching sessions and practices she offers. Check out her fantastic book and keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook. 


23 Feb 2021

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#234 - CEO, Advisor, Visionary, & Oracle Sydney Campos - Enlightened Conversations Podcast#234 - CEO, Advisor, Visionary, & Oracle Sydney Campos - Enlightened Conversations Podcast

Enlightened Conversations

In this episode I speak with CEO, Advisor, Visionary, & Oracle Sydney Campos! 🙏🏼🌎 If you're inspired to, please listen, subscribe, share, rate and review! Together we’ll keep spreading this pure positive energy all over the globe! 🎧(Podcast Available Everywhere- iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, etc) Links- https://linktr.ee/theangelofabundance Full Video available exclusively inside of the Universal Abundance Community. Go to http://UniversalAbundance.co ✅Sydney - https://instagram.com/sydneycampos ✅Noel: https://linktr.ee/theangelofabundance 🎧Music: soundcloud.com/djshahmoneybeatz/

1hr 19mins

17 Jan 2021

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Redesigning Your Life and Business with Sydney Campos

Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

Today's conversation is with Sydney Campos and we're talking about embodied resonance and redesigning your life according to your feeling sense.  Yes, you read that right, it is a conversation about raising your vibration and surrendering into the great unknown.  Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Energy and Embodiment Expert, Intuitive Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery. She is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments.  In addition to being a seasoned Business Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Instructor. Sydney shares her expertise through visionary consulting, intuitive healing, self-mastery courses, transformational mentorship and the Visionary Souls Podcast. 


14 Oct 2020

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Sydney Campos - Having Your Own Podcast

Get Published Podcast

In episode 637 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie talks with Sydney Campos about the importance of having your own podcast for book promotion. Find out more about how we can help you Share Your Story at www.GetPublishedPodcast.com


5 Oct 2020

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Quantum Conversation with Sydney Campos - Awaken Your Intuition

Quantum Conversations

Learn more about this episode https://bit.ly/3eN4lSsThis is perhaps the most important ability that we must all awaken to and begin to understand deeply within us. This is the voice of the Higher Self, this is our internal compass and this is one skill required in creating New Earth, along with Intregrity, Love, Compassion, Harmony. Join me as I speak with Sydney Campos, who is a breath of fresh air as she happily guides visionary leaders on the New Earth path to embody greater coherence and consciousness in fulfilling their soul mission with playfulness, embodied wisdom and intuitive mastery.

1hr 21mins

30 Jun 2020

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Sydney Campos - Empowering Your Inner Empath & Highest Self

The Momentom Collective Podcast

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Business Advisor and Best-Selling Author with her book The Empath Experience. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery. Join the light and uplifting conversation with host and Momentom Cofounder, John Early, as they seek to define what an ‘empath’ is, how to engage in multi-dimensional healing and what you tell someone who is intimidated by their own higheset self.Topic Timestamps:How do you define an empath? – 4:20Can anyone be an empath? – 6:00 Are we all too sensitive…or not sensitive enough? – 9:05What the New Earth feels like – 22:10What you tell someone who is intimidated by their highest self - 30:30The effects and empowerment of going sober – 41:10Do psychedelics help tap the empathic experience? - 48:30Can we label energy as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’? – 56:02Simple ways to practice energetic hygiene – 1:03:00*Sydney leads a meditation to expand into your energy body – 1:07:15[Recorded on May 25, 2020]For more info on Sydney, her coaching and book visit https://sydneycampos.com/ and on Instagram @sydneycampos***Past episodes of the Momentom Podcast can also be streamed via Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDfv9P0yDraLxTtiJx6-vo_2hohOE1uu_Past episodes include:*Adam Roa - The Importance of Self Love & Vulnerability for our Creative Soul*Amelia Broughton – Creating Connection with Authentic Relating & Human Design*Keith Wilson - Cacao & The Global Consciousness Shift~For more info and to apply for any of our international Artist Residencies check out: https://www.momentomcollective.com as well for more on cofounder and host John Early visit https://www.johnearly.ca/

1hr 14mins

12 Jun 2020