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S2E7 — How iNaturalist is Unlocking the World's Biodiversity, One Photo at a Time with Alison Young of City Nature Challenge

Internet of Nature Podcast

Dr. Nadina Galle is joined by Alison Young, co-director of the Center for Biodiversity and Community Science at the California Academy of Sciences, to discuss why she co-founded the City Nature Challenge, how iNaturalist can help people find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe, and why technology can be an aid, rather than a distraction, to get people outdoors and provide the biodiversity data desperately needed by decision-makers. Follow Nadina and the Internet of Nature Podcast on all social platforms: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/internetofnature_ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadinagalle/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/earthtonadina Produced by Studio Noord Gestoord.


13 Oct 2021

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Ep99 QVC Beauty Excellence Awards Special with Alison Young

Inside QVC

Will Gowing speaks to qualified beauty expert, Alison Young, all about this year's QVC Beauty Excellence awards - head to qvcuk.com to cast your votes! Alison also tells Will all about her debut book, The Beauty Insider.


9 Aug 2021

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Alison Young is The Beauty Insider

The Emma Guns Show

Alison Young is an independent qualified beauty therapist who returns to the podcast to share her insights from 35 years in the beauty industry. From being a hands-on therapist to the face of beauty on shopping TV and brands' secret weapon when developing products, there's not much she doesn't know.In this conversation, Ali and I discuss:Why the customer always comes first.Why people in the public eye who have cosmetic tweakments and don’t declare it set an unrealistic expectation for what beauty products can doWhy she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures because she doesn’t want anything to skew the effects and therefore how good a product actually isHow a shift in how we spoke about beauty a few years ago has allowed much more ‘good’ information to get out into the world but sadly has opened the doors to some ‘bad’ information.How beauty identities, ie, being someuse who uses clean beauty for example, allows you to be marketed to better but doesn’t actually mean you’re getting better skincareWhy what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for youWhy the biggest mistake a brand can make is forgetting about the customer and much much more…To join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/emmagunavardhana. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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10 Jul 2021

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#110 | Alison Young: Thru-Hiker, Producer, Podcaster, and Classic Music Aficionado

Backpacker Radio

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Alison Young.  Alison has a world-class radio voice, is a super accomplished backpacker, with a long list of thru-hikes, a former professional flutist and classic music aficionado, and the host and producer of The Trek's newest podcast, Walking Distance.  We get a crash course in all things classical music, including how Lizzo ranks alongside some of the historical greats, we talk in depth about Alison's many treks, especially her international hikes (prepare to expand your bucket list), we talk about what it's like to do long distance backpacking trips into your 50s and how she manages with two fake hips, and much more.  This is a fun conversation that hits on some really unique subject matter, we think you'll really enjoy it. We wrap the show with the most bizarre triple crown we've ever done- I'll leave it at that, we have another gross / not gross, and we learn why redheads experience less pain, spoiler alert, it's not due to their lacking a soul. Good To-Go: Use code "TREK25" to save 25% off your order here. OnX deal: This month, get a 1 year membership for $10 with all proceeds going to Leave No Trace. Learn more at onxmaps.com/greatoutdors. Enlightened Equipment: Save 10% off off Enlightened Equipment's Stock Revelation Quilt or Stock Torrid Jacket with code "trek10" here. Gossamer Gear discount code: Use code “poopstory” for 15% off at Gossamergear.com. [divider] Interview with Alison Young Blissful Hiker Walking Distance Podcast Alison's Instagram QUESTIONS 00:04:30 - QOTD: which is easier, eating a little or eating nothing?  00:05:37 - We are coming to Wisconsin!  00:06:29 - Welcome Alison Young! 00:07:52 - How did you get into backpacking?  00:11:48 - Can we talk about your career as a flutist?  00:14:00 - What is the life of a professional flute player?  00:15:56 - Can you tell us more about your career at American Public Media?  00:18:30 - Was it difficult to go from being the star of the show to being the cheerleader? 00:20:30 - What is Dystonia?  00:22:10 - Does your Dystonia affect backpacking at all?  00:22:53 - Is trying to play with Dystonia a mind fuck?  00:25:24 - Did your surgeon think your backpacking contributed to your hip replacement? 00:27:31 - What is the next step people should take to go deeper into the classical music world?  00:31:30 - How many times have you watched the movie Fantasia?  00:33:30 - If you could only listen to one classical song for an entire thru-hike, what would it be?  Gustav Mahler from Songs of a Wayfarer  00:38:49 - Will you tell us about the Drakensberg Traverse?  00:40:59 - Was there any standout wildlife on that trek?  00:42:08 - Did the baboons ever get aggressive? 00:43:35 - How long is that hike?  00:43:40 - Were you carrying all your food?  00:45:33 - Were people confused about what you were doing?  00:47:08 - Are you being conscious about your food around the baboons?  00:48:45 - Go on about Isle Royale?  00:51:04 - How are you sleeping knowing there’s wolves around you?  00:52:32 - What are you supposed to do if you see a wolf?  00:54:53 - How long was your Isle Royale hike? 00:55:38 - What time of year were you there?  00:55:58 - How were the mosquitoes?  00:57:48 - Can you pronounce that region again? “Kekekabic”  00:59:03 - Do people thru-hike the Border Route Trail?  01:03:20 - If you could redo one international hike, which would it be? The Karakoram in Pakistan 01:06:33 - What’s going through your mind when doing a water crossing like that?  01:10:05 - How does your spouse handle you being away for months at a time?  01:13:46 - Can you talk about your decision to not have kids, etc.?  01:15:52 - Can we talk about the GR5?  01:19:46 - Do you have advice for someone who is not the typical 20-something that wants to start backpacking?  01:22:34 - Do you do anything besides walking to get in shape for backpacking? Yoga, etc.?  01:25:36 - Will you give us the overview for Walking Distance?  01:34:28 - What inspired the CDT? Can you talk about your upcoming adventure?  01:37:10    SEGMENTS Lizzo Playing the Flute The Longest Trail by Jonathan Horwitz Triple crown of Desserts  Gross or Not Gross Zach picked a booger and felt it in his throat 1-Minute Gear Review: Premature Evaluation — Platypus Quickdraw  Mail Bag 5 Star Reviews [divider] Check out our sound guy @Paulybooyshallcross. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and please leave us a review)!  Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Advertise on Backpacker Radio Support us on Patreon to get bonus content. Follow The Trek, Chaunce, Badger, and  Trail Correspondents on Instagram. Follow The Trek and Chaunce on YouTube. A super big thank you to our Chuck Norris Award winner(s) from Patreon: Jason Lawrence, Austen McDaniel, Andrew, Christopher Marshburn, S11N, Sawyer Products, Brad and Blair (Thirteen Adventures), and Cameron Brown. A big thank you to our Cinnamon Connection Champions from Patreon: Cynthia Voth, Brandon Spilker, Emily Brown, Jeffrey Miller, Mitchell, Zoe Jenkins, Dcnerdlet, Jeff LaFranier, Mark Snook, Peter Ellenberg, Thomas Fullmer, Jacob Northrup, Peter Leven, TraskVT and Lindsay Sparks.

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23 Jun 2021

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Business & Beauty Insider SECRETS from industry expert Alison Young

The Kelly Lundberg Podcast

Alison young speaks, lives and breaths beauty and has done for the past 35 years. Down to earth and incredibly passionate about cultivating relationships, in this episode she shares her journey to building a business & personal brand that has publishers like Penguin and big beauty brands all wanting to work with her. Love skin care and beauty also check out this episode with Kate Goodwin.

23 Jun 2021

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Music Hall Darlings (updated) Alison Young talks about Daisy Dormer & Her Sisters

Famous People You've Never Heard Of

Alison Young is the Secretary of the British Music Hall Society.  She ran away from the law to research and write about her family connections with the Music Hall and has uncovered many little gems that she shares with us today."Dainty Daisy Dormer" was a Music Hall star.  She was also Alison's great great aunt.  She and her sisters toured around the UK  - and much further afield entertaining audiences in the thousands of music hall theatres that existed in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.As well as Daisy and Co., Alison talks about the art of Sickert, Degas, Lautrec and others who painted backstage scenes in theatres and music halls  and gives an insight into the non-glamorous world of 19th/20th Century showbusiness.Guest's fantasy dinner party guests:Morten HarketQueen VictoriaLaura KnightWalter SickertMax WallFor further info:Alison's Blog:  Music Hall Alice:https://musichallalice.wordpress.com/The British Music Hall Societyhttp://britishmusichallsociety.com/The British Newspaper Archive:https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/My Old Man, A  Personal History of Music HallBy:  John MajorPublished by Harper CollinsBritish Music Hall: an Illustrated HistoryBy:  Richard Anthony BakerPublished by:  Pen & Sword BooksMusic:  "Champagne Charlie"  by Alfred Lee & George LeybournePlayed by:  James Hallhttps://www.jamesahall.co.uk/"I Wouldn't Leave My Little Hut For You" by Charles Collins & Tom MellorPlayed by :  Guy DeardonISRC number. GB3GU1200723Copyright owner Guy Deardenhttps://www.theatremusicshop.com/index.htmlEpisode edited and produced by: Jacob TaylorIf you'd like to help us in our work in keeping the podcast going do please consider becoming a patron.  It's really easy to do, just go to either:https://www.patreon.com/bluefiretheatreorhttps://ko-fi.com/bluefiretheatrewhere you can donate.   Even the smallest donation helps us get our shows on the road and keep the lights on in the studio and we are so grateful to you for all your support.And don't forget to follow us on social media.  We'd love to hear from you!  Find us at:https://twitter.com/famous_heardhttps://www.instagram.com/bluefire_tchttps://www.facebook.com/bluefiretheatrehttps://www.bluefiretheatre.co.uk/


18 Apr 2021

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Feel-Good Habits | Alison Young

The Emma Guns Show

Alison Young is an Independent Qualified Beauty Expert Beauty who returns to the podcast to share her feel-good habits, the strategies she uses and recommends to make sure every day is a good day.During our conversation @aliyoungbeauty reveals:Why getting outside is so vital for regulating mood and getting perspective.Why having animals, in Ali’s case dogs and horses, is a great leveller.Why it’s important not to see self-care as something you need to carve out a lot of time for because 10, 20 and 30 second bursts can also help.If things aren’t going the way you want them to, it’s a good tip to just do something, anything, different.The mind-clearing benefits of a shower.The calming effects she feels from her beauty products.The book Ali mentions is Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic WorldTo join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/emmagunavardhana. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Mar 2021

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Alison Young: How did I cheer myself up after injuries?

Laser Sailing Podcast

Alison Young is a British sailor who won the 2016 Laser Radial World Championships. She has also participated in the last two Olympics, with 5th in London and 8th in Rio. Ali will make her 3rd Olympic appearance next year in Tokyo after being selected by the British Sailing Team in October 2019. 


23 Jul 2020

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Ep31 At Home Beauty Tips with Alison Young

Inside QVC

Will Gowing speaks to qualified beauty expert, Alison Young, about at-home beauty treatments for your hair, nails and skin. Alison also answers some of your beauty concerns during this time of isolation. 


20 Apr 2020

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Alison Young, "The City Nature Challenge Communicator"

Hannah and Erik Go Birding

The first-ever Citizen Science Day was held in 2016 and the citizen science teams at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences dreamed up a fun way to capitalize on their home cities’ friendly rivalry and hold a citizen science event around urban biodiversity. That was the first City Nature Challenge, a friendly competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco, engaging residents and visitors in documenting nature to better understand urban biodiversity. Listen in as Alison tells us why and how you can participate.Show notesCalifornia Academy of ScienceiNaturalistGlobal Biodiversity Information FacilitySnapshot California CoastMarine Protected AreasWomen in Steppe Sign-Up PageIntro Bird Call:  American Robin (Recorded May, 2019 Oregon)Outro Bird Call: Purple Finch (Recorded June, 2019 Oregon)Connect with us at...IG: @Hannahgoesbirding and @Erikgoesbirding Twitter: @WeGoBirding Facebook: @HannahandErikGoBirding Email us at HannahandErikGoBirding@gmail.com Website: http://www.gobirdingpodcast.com

1hr 10mins

26 Mar 2020