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FitPro MiniCast - Greg Mack

Minds On Muscle

In this FitPro MiniCast, we interview one of our mentors, Greg Mack, who is the founder of Physician's Fitness and the Certified Muscle System Specialist Program.


26 Apr 2021

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Greg Mack

Beyond The Album Cover

For this episode of Beyond The Album Cover I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Mack from 1580 KDAY. We talk about how he landed at KDAY, programming strategies against other stations, West Coast hip hop, and a lot of talk about broadcasting and how it has changed since his start in the business. This is an interview you don't wanna miss!!!! You can follow Beyond The Album on the streaming platform of your choice, on my YouTube channel at Youtube.com/j85 or on the website beyondthealbumcover.wordpress.com . Join the Facebook group at Facebook.com/BeyondTheAlbumCover for podcast updates.

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28 Mar 2021

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E27 | Crucial Communication (ft. Greg Mack)

Clay's Cortex Podcast

There are various forms of Communication...VerbalNon-VerbalWrittenandvariations of those listed above.When it comes to working with clients as a exercise professional we need to hone the skill of communication just as much as we work on teaching form of a particular exercise.In this episode of Clay's Cortex Greg and I will talk about the importance of communication and how it is a art and how to become better at communicating. (Hint... It isn’t talking more).We will cover the dynamics of communication and some of the most important aspects of how we use our words as an exercise professional so that we can create trust with our clients so that we can serve them as best as possible. If want to learn more about the usefulness of quality communication, then you should give this episode a listen. Also, if you want to learn more about some of the terms and facts that we use in this episode please go check out Exercise Professional Education (Explorers Club - use code Curtis10 for discount).Enjoy the episode and if you enjoy the episode please share it with someone that it can encourage.If you would like to learn more about our guest Greg Mack + Exercise Professional Education look below.Greg Mack | Columbus, OH Physicians Fitness Exercise Professional Education (Home of the Muscle System Specialist Program) Instagram - Physicians FitnessInstagram - ExerciseProEd_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Links are below for the plethora of options to absorb informationClay’s Cortex (Website) | Clay’s Cortex (YouTube) | Instagram (CurtisClayTraining_TheKiln)Buzzsprout | Apple Podcast | SpotifyInfo@ClaysCortex.comClay’s Cortex 🧠


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 52-Greg Mack, Founder of Exercise Professional Education

What’s Behind The Game


15 Feb 2021

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Actor Edward Apegyei and Producer Greg Mack

The Actor's Choice

Please join us Right Now, January 21, 2021 at 11:00AM PST as Actor Edward Apegyei and Producer Greg Mack joins host Ron Brewington on "The Actor's Choice."


25 Jan 2021

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Greg MACK - Founder of Exercise Professional Education and the Certified Muscle System Specialist Program

Minds On Muscle

This week we interviewed our colleague, Greg Mack. Greg is the founder and creator of the Certified Muscle System Specialist course, and Exercise Professional Education. He is truly gifted in pulling philosophy and understanding from multiple disciplines into exercise, and words can't describe the contribution's he has made to this field. 


16 Nov 2020

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Greg Mack and 1580 KDAY: Hip-Hop, Radio and the Mack Attack

Street TV

On episode 5, Alex Alonso sits down with legendary Los Angeles radio DJ, Greg Mack of 1580 KDAY. Greg Mack came to Los Angeles in 1983 during the early years of Hip-Hop in Los Angeles and worked with several ground breaking artists during the beginnings of their career. Greg was the first DJ to play Toddy Tee's 1985 hit song, the Batter Ram, he had Dr. Dre and DJ Yella play mixes on Saturday nights in 1984, he presented Eazy-E's first song to the world and launched the career of many rappers. KDAY radio station was sold in 1990, and that marked the end of an important era in West Coast hip-hop. Check out this episode for an amazing history of Los Angeles hip-hop.  Video portions of this interview: https://bit.ly/37WChLB Email Alex Alonso: https://www.streetgangs.com/contact/alexalonso Mailing Address: Street TV 1976 S. LaCienega Blvd, #351 Los Angeles, CA 90034 Web1: http://www.streettv.net Web 2: http://www.streetgangs.com Merch: http://www.streetgangs.com/store Call / Text: +1 (32three) 68one-997nine

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30 Oct 2020

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312. Greg Mack | Exercise Professional Education

Best Hour of Their Day

As Founder and CEO of Exercise Professional Education, Greg’s vision for Physicians Fitness was shaped over 29 years ago, while he was working as a lay assistant to physicians in a sports medicine clinic. It was during this tenure that he became award of an  unfortunate reality: Most of the patients of the clinic were there as a result of poor physical conditioning. He observed that the patient base consisted of individuals who would return to the clinic for treatment of re-injury to a problem area, or the development of new symptoms, possibly due to compensation patterns created by the original pathophysiology. The medical and chiropractic staff encouraged these patients to participate in exercise and fitness programs, but had neither the time nor the resources to effectively assess, develop, and implement a safe, global health-fitness plan. Greg’s involvement in the fitness industry includes authoring articles for fitness and medical publications, presenting relevant topics to fitness professionals at continuing education conferences, and achieving the “Master Level” designation as a personal fitness professional from IDEA. Greg received the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year Award for the year 2003 and was the Chairman of the IDEA Personal Trainer Committee, an influential body steering important issues related to fitness professionals.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jason-ackerman/support


29 Sep 2020

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E15 | Traits of a Exercise Professional (ft. Greg Mack)

Clay's Cortex Podcast

Ep15 | Clay’s Cortex Podcast | Traits of a Exercise Professional (ft. Greg Mack) I am excited to bring this episode to you all, especially Exercise Professionals/ Personal Trainers/ Strength Coaches.I have wanted to have Greg Mack, the creator and founder of Exercise Professional Education and the Muscle System Specialist Program. He has also been a mentor to me and help me in my career while challenging me to grow as a Exercise Professional.In this episode we will be talking about what a Exercise Professional, can Exercise be professional?What are some of the benefits of becoming a Exercise Professional?Can anyone become a Exercise Professional?What can it do for career?Throughout the podcast, we go back and forth about some of the traits that are needed to be a Exercise Professional. We will talk about Exercise Professional Education's Muscle System Specialist Program.Below you can look more into Exercise Professional Education.Exercise Professional Education:Instagram - exerciseproedExercise Professional Education website Facebook - Exercise Professional Education Links are below for the plethora of options to absorb information. Clay’s Cortex (Website) | ‪iTunes : Clays Cortex | Clay’s Cortex (YouTube) | Instagram (ClaysCortex)Connect: Info@ClaysCortex.com  Clay’s Cortex 🧠


11 Apr 2020

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Greg Mack of 1580 KDAY talks about meeting Lonzo

NWA Stories With Lonzo

Lonzo recalls meeting Greg Mack from 1580 kday


24 Mar 2020