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Giving Smiles to kids in Peru with Two-Time WTM Champ Trevor Cichosz

World’s Toughest Podcast

Free World's Toughest Podcast T-Shirt? Donate $20 to Giving Smiles and text Will a screenshot of your donation. Listen to the end of today's episode for details. (619) 485-2726 --- Trevor Cichosz has finished on the World's Toughest Mudder podium every year since 2014. He has finished 1st twice, 2nd twice, and 3rd twice. He has three of the coveted WTM Orange Jackets for his three 100+ mile performances in 2016, 2018, and 2019. He has 660 lifetime miles at WTM with an average of 94 miles per race. After Trevor won World's Toughest Mudder in 2019 he donated his race winnings to Giving Smiles, a charity that supports children in Peru. Trevor joins us to talk about the charity and why it is meaningful to him. --- Review today's show and we will read it on a future episode. Not on iOS? Leave a review on Amazon or at Lovethepodcast.com/Tough. --- Want World's Toughest Podcast T-Shirts? Visit the merch store at TheOCRreport.threadless.com. The more you buy, the more you GET! --- Listen here and then follow The OCR Report on Instagram for breaking news updates. --- Text Will at (619) 485-2726 to be notified when new episodes go live or to ask him a question. (It's actually him.) --- Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.


18 Nov 2020

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Ep 92: OCRWC Enduro with Trevor Cichosz & The Limits of Human Endurance

Strength & Speed OCR: Obstacle Course Racing Lessons From Other Sports

Fresh off his 3rd place finish at OCR World Championship Enduro 24, military veteran and 5x World's Toughest Mudder (WTM) finisher Trevor Cichosz joins Evan for this ultra episode.  Trevor is one of the most consistent athletes in our sport and regularly defies what most people view as possible.  The two ultra-athletes discuss fueling, pacing, differences between Enduro-WTM and why he is staying with WTM in 2019.  Trevor also shares his experiences doing Everest 135 (135 mile race through the base camp area of Everest) as well as his 200 mile run in Scotland last year.  Episode brought to you by RockTape, more than a tape company, RockTape has movement tools to keep you healthy and race ready. Music provided by Marc Capaldo of Madison Ambush.


18 Jun 2019

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Everest 135 Ultra Marathon with Trevor Cichosz

Overcome and Run

Ultra marathon athlete and former World's Toughest Mudder champion Trevor Cichosz joins me this week to tell me all about his experience at Everest 135, an intense 135-mile ultra marathon where he took third place. We begin with Trevor telling me all about how he heard of this race, all the race prep required and the training (and lack thereof) that led up to it. He tells me about the race prep in the days leading up to the race, and walks me through his entire race experience, from the issues to the checkpoints, to the altitude and all that climbing. Trevor shares some wild stories, from hallucinating a village to holding onto donkeys so he wouldn't get kicked off the treacherous mountain trails. We talk about how it compared to his race across Scotland last year, and Trevor talks about the lessons he learned and what he'll do to prepare next time. We end by talking more about ultra marathons, what's next on his schedule, and his next crazy adventure. Want more? Read about Trevor's experience in his own words, on his blog here: http://www.groundpounder.org/2019/05/13/everest-135/


16 May 2019

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111: Elite Week: Trevor Cichosz. "Race the Course, Not the Competition"

World’s Toughest Podcast

Trevor Cichosz is the men's 2016 World's Toughest Mudder Champion. During his win in 2016 he became one of the seven men to run 100 miles in a single World's Toughest Mudder and joined the exclusive "Orange Jacket Club." Trevor recently ran 219 miles in a race across Scotland. During the 65 hours it took him to run, he did not sleep at all. He won the race.  One interesting part of Trevor's race strategy is he makes sure his pit crew does NOT tell him standing in the race. He doesn't want to know what place he is in. This is part of his plan to "Race the course, not the competition." ---  The OCR Report is live! Check out the new website from the people behind World's Toughest Podcast, Overcome and Run, and Obstacle Running Adventures. Let us know what you think. We are excited. --- Elite Week continues! We have interviews with the Elites of WTM every day from now until raceday in Atlanta. Be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy Elite Week. --- Who will win the individual podiums at WTM 2018? Email your picks for the top three men and the top three women to worldstoughestpodcast@gmail.com with SO SMART WTM in the subject line and you could win a World's Toughest Podcast sticker and a guest spot on the podcast to talk about how excited you are to win a sticker. Good luck! --- World's Toughest Podcast is excited to partner with Merrell again to give away a pair of shoes every month to listeners of the show. To win a pair of Merrell Agility Peak Flex 2 or Merrell All Out Crush 2.0 trail running shoes, text the word TOUGH to the number 228-28 or email WorldsToughestPodcast@gmail.com with MERRELL in the subject line and your 1)Name, 2)Email Address and 3)Cell Phone in the body of the email. Both options will subscribe you to the World's Toughest Newsletter and qualify you to win. --- Follow us on Twitter or Instagram. What do you think of the podcast? Who in the Tough Mudder community would you like to hear? Let us know on the World’s Toughest Podcast Facebook page at facebook.com/worldstoughestpod. Would you like to be a part of the show? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Amazon.com and we'll read it on a future episode. Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.


10 Nov 2018

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Winning Ultra Great Britain with Trevor Cichosz

Overcome and Run

This week, I talked to elite OCR athlete and ultra runner Trevor Cichosz all about his recent win at Ultra Great Britain, a 214-mile race across Scotland. Trevor tells me how he heard about the race and why he decided to run it, and what he was most worried about going into the race. He also talks about how he trained for the longest race he's ran yet. He walks me through his race experience, from the start line nerves, to the darkest part of his race and how he pushed past it, to some of the most interesting parts of the course (including hallucinating from the lack of sleep). Trevor talks about what kind of gear and nutrition he relied on, and about the gear mistakes he made. He also shares some interesting stories about his encounters with animals and slightly aggressive cows. We end by talking about his World's Toughest Mudder experience last year where he took third place with 95 miles, and what he's looking forward to at that event this year.


23 Aug 2018

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022: Nolan & Eli of TMHQ and Trevor Cichosz talk Toughest Philly

World’s Toughest Podcast

On this episode, news of Amelia Boone’s return to racing (Don’t call it a comeback) along with her rare beef jerky audio, and three different interviews. First, Sandy Rhee, of the NE Spahtens Podcast joins us to talk Toughest Mudder Philly and give her take on the race from the “non-elite” side of things. Then we get a view of the race from the top of the podium as we talk to Trevor Cichosz. Trevor won Toughest Philly, as well as World’s Toughest Mudder 2016. We talk to him about both races. Finally we check in with Nolan Kombol and Eli Hutchison of TMHQ. Nolan and Eli are the brains behind Toughest Mudder. They’re the ones to thank for that Mud Mile in Atlanta. We talk about that obstacle specifically. We also talk about Stage 5 Clinger in Philly, as well as lots of other Toughest and World’s Toughest information. If you'd like to join the World's Toughest Podcast Winner's List and enter the contest for a free pair of Merrell Agility Peak Flex shoes email WorldsToughestPodcast@gmail.com with Merrell in the subject line and the following in the body: 1) Your Name 2) Your email address 3) Your cell phone number NE Spahtens Podcast on iTunes The Mud Movement YouTube Channel Amelia Boone for Oberto Beef Jerky Who would you like to hear on the podcast? Let us know in a comment on the World’s Toughest Podcast Facebook page, or leave us a review on iTunes. Don't forget to subscribe and listen for new episodes every week.


31 May 2017