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The AM Archives (Trailer) from Lauren Shippen

Passenger List

This week we’re featuring the series The AM Archives, created by Passenger List writer Lauren Shippen. It’s a spinoff of her hit series, The Bright Sessions. To hear The AM Archives in full, subscribe to The Bright Sessions feed.


23 Aug 2021

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88: Lauren Shippen Interview

The Fantasy Inn Podcast

Travis interviews author and podcaster Lauren Shippen about her third Bright Sessions novel, Some Faraway Place. This standalone story from Tor Teen features Rose, who has her humdrum life flipped upside down when she starts to travel into dreams. Lauren and Travis discuss the joys of fanfiction, the power of online communities, and how to craft an emotional story that readers can find comfort in. Meet Our Sponsor: Fenrir by Eyes Shut Studio - Free epic fantasy fiction podcast. Imagine a story where the main character is halfway between Geralt of Rivia and Drizzt Do'Urden and you'll have an idea of what to expect. Want your message featured on the podcast? Find out more here. About Lauren Shippen: LAUREN SHIPPEN, author of The Infinite Noise, is a writer best known for her work in fiction podcasts. She is the creator and sole writer of the popular audio drama, The Bright Sessions. She also wrote MARVELS, an audio adaptation of the popular comic and co-produced the #1 podcast Passenger List, for which she received a BBC Audio Drama Award, Webby, and British Podcast Award. Lauren was named one of Forbes's 2018 30 Under 30 in Media and one of MovieMaker Magazine's and Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch. She was born in New York City and grew up in Bronxville, New York. She currently lives in Seattle. Find Lauren on Twitter, Instagram, or at her website laurenshippen.com. Find Us Online: Blog Discord Twitter Instagram Support Us: Become a Patron Buy Us a Coffee Music: Intro: "The Legend of Iya" courtesy of https://philter.no Outro: "A Quest Unfolds" courtesy of https://philter.no This episode of The Fantasy Inn podcast was recorded in the unceded territory of the S’atsoyaha (Yuchi) and ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi (Eastern Cherokee Band) peoples. Some of the links included in these show notes are affiliate links and support the podcast at no additional cost to you. If it's an option for you, we encourage you to support your local bookstores! The blog post accompanying this episode can be found at https://thefantasyinn.com, along with fantasy book reviews, author interviews, and more fantasy content.


3 Aug 2021

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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME E2 - Lauren Shippen & Julia Morizawa

Narada Radio Company Audio Drama

SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME #1: Chatting with Lauren Shippen & Julia Morizawa of "The Bright Sessions" (9/2016) Again from our archives, we present the 2nd episode of a discussion podcast that I had high hopes for, but which only went for 9 episodes or so. But the discussions are fun and if you're interested in voice actors' lives, we delve pretty deep in these interviews.  Lauren Shippen is the creator of The Bright Sessions -- an audio drama that was a huge hit. Julia Morizawa played the title character, Dr. Bright, a psychiatrist who specialized in troubled teens. Their show is still available although no longer in production, I believe, and I recommend you check it out. I'll be posting these re-runs monthly -- they originally launched on a different platform that I never use anymore, so you probably never heard of this show. Still, I hope you'll listen and enjoy.


2 Apr 2021

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Lauren Shippen: The Bright Sessions

Servant of Pod with Nick Quah

In 2014, Lauren Shippen was an aspiring actor in Los Angeles: taking classes, booking intermittent gigs, waiting tables, the like. Four years later, she ended up becoming one of the busiest people in podcasting, all on the strength of an independent fiction podcast she had made on her own time: The Bright Sessions. In this week’s episode, Nick talks to Lauren about her steadily rising career in entertainment, which spans multiple podcasts, a multi-project book deal, and maybe more. Servant of Pod sponsors include: Get a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR advertising credit toward your first LinkedIn campaign. Visit LinkedIn.com/SERVANT Visit my exclusive link ExpressVPN.com/SERVANT and you can get an extra 3 months FREE on a one-year package. Raycon - get 15-percent off your order at buyraycon.com/servant


18 Nov 2020

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Wizarding World the Bachelor: Charlie Weasley w/ Brandon Grugle and Lauren Shippen


Live from Los Angeles, Schubes is joined by Multitude's Brandon Grugle and Atypical Artists' Lauren Shippen to find love for Charlie Weasley in the most foolproof method: The Bachelor! Who will these three decide is Charlie's soulmate? Listen to find out! Topics include: Chris Hansen, math hats, Bad Boy Lite, flying experience, Japan, Illinois, Albania: it’s basically Greece, Bellatrix a freak, and more!SEE THE SLIDESHOW USED AT THE LIVE SHOWThanks to our sponsors!FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: Get 20% off!HELLOFRESH: Get $80 off across 5 boxes w/ free shipping using code "80potterless"BETTERHELP: Get 10% off your first month!—Thanks for listening to this episode of Potterless! Don’t want the journey to stop? Check out the links below and as always, Wizard On!WEBSITE: PotterlessPodcast.com (LEARN ABOUT THE SHOW!)PATREON: patreon.com/potterless (SUPPORT THE SHOW!)TWITTER: twitter.com/potterlesspod (TWEET THE SHOW!)INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/potterlesspodcast (PICTURES OF THE SHOW!)FACEBOOK: facebook.com/potterless (HOME OF THE FANCY PRIVATE GROUP!)MERCH: potterlesspodcast.com/merch (REP THE SHOW!)DISCORD: (For $2+ patrons!)Created/Hosted/Edited/Produced by Mike Schubert, Music by Bettina Campomanes, Web Design/Art by Kelly SchubertLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 13mins

12 Oct 2020

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Lauren Shippen

A World Without Books

Lauren Shippen is the author of The Infinite Noise, and the creator and sole writer of the popular audio drama, The Bright Sessions. She also wrote MARVELS, an audio adaptation of the popular comic, released in 2019 by Marvel and Stitcher. MovieMaker Magazine and Austin Film Festival named Shippen one of 25 Screenwriters to Watch. She was born in New York City, and grew up in Bronxville, New York. Currently she resides in Los Angeles.* * *A Neon DarknessTor Teen, 2020


12 Sep 2020

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Ep 51: Podcast Fiction with Lauren Shippen

Big Gay Author Podcast

The guys kick off with a brief recap of last week, including the release of the Heart2Heart anthology, and what Jeff's been up to with Camp NaNoWriMo and the Critical Lens class he just started taking. Jeff talks with author and podcaster Lauren Shippen about podcast fiction. Lauren's written and produced several shows, going back to 2015 with The Bright Sessions, and she offers some guidance for authors who might be considering working in the podcast format. Complete shownotes for episode 51 are at BigGayAuthorPodcast.com.


4 Jul 2020

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Ep 247: Inside "The Bright Sessions" Universe with Lauren Shippen

Big Gay Fiction Podcast

The June Big Gay Fiction Book Club episode, featuring Heartache and Hoofbeats by Maz Maddox premieres on Tuesday, June 30. The guys also talk about the upcoming release of Heart2Heart Anthology Volume 4, featuring 18 authors including Jeff & Will. The Netflix premieres of the documentary Disclosure and season two of The Politician are discussed along with Pose-A-Thon, a pride celebration from the cast and crew of Pose. Jeff reviews Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera. Lauren Shippen talks with Jeff about the podcasts and novels that make up The Bright Sessions universe. They discuss the origins of the original audio drama podcast as well as how the show spun off additional podcasts and more recently novels. Lauren also shares a special reading from The Infinite Noise, the first Bright Sessions novel, and what Pride means to her. Complete shownotes for episode 247 along with a transcript of the interview are at BigGayFictionPodcast.com. Big Gay Fiction Podcast is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. Find many more outstanding podcasts at frolic.media/podcasts! The excerpt from The Infinite Noise was used with permission from Macmillan Audio. Copyright (c) 2020 Lauren Shippen.


29 Jun 2020

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Interview with Lauren Shippen

Read Between the Lines

Molly interviews Lauren Shippen, author and creator of the Bright Sessions. You can order Lauren's books via her Amazon page at: https://amzn.to/3dOk6bhttps://amzn.to/2Yi6Kii Please be sure to rate us and review this episode wherever you listen to podcasts.  It really helps other people find us.    Follow the show on Instagram at readbetweenthelinespodcast Follow our parent network on Twitter at @SMGPods Make sure to follow SMG on Facebook too at @SouthgateMediaGroup Learn more, subscribe, or contact Southgate Media Group at www.southgatemediagroup.com.   Check out our webpage at southgatemediagroup.com/readbwetweenthelines


19 Jun 2020

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Scooby Doo and the B-52s w/ Brandon Grugle & Lauren Shippen

Meddling Adults

Brandon Grugle, playing for The Trevor Project, and Lauren Shippen, playing for the ACLU, go head-to-head to see who can solve more mysteries from Scooby Doo! This one is littered with trash talk and involves one contestant referring to themselves as “The Mystery Machine.” It’s a wild ride. Cases: Scooby Doo and the Mummy Too, Nowhere to Hyde, Scooby’s Night with a Frozen Fright Clues and Evidence: Basil of Baker St., MALT SHOP, Fred Schneider, basilisks, torpedo dogs, the many uses of ice, evil dolphins, Brandon’s fun fact corner — Thanks for listening to Meddling Adults! If you want to help the prize pool grow, become a member of our Patreon. If you want to learn more about the show or interact with us online, check out the links below: WEBSITE: meddlingadults.com TWITTER: twitter.com/meddlingadults INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/meddlingadults FACEBOOK: facebook.com/meddlingadults — CREDITS Creator/Host/Editor/Producer: Mike Schubert Co-producer: Multitude Music: Bettina Campomanes Art: Maayan Atias Web Design: Mike & Kelly Schubert


20 May 2020