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Vanessa Vallely OBE Discusses Equality & Diversity in Tech

womeninblockchaintalks's podcast

Who: Vanessa Vallely OBE Founded of We Are The City. Com    In today’s episode Vanessa Vallely OBE (for services to women in the economy) has 25 years in banking, 13 years ago she realised the lack of opportunity for women in the organisation.   Vanessa has since started a number of initiatives aimed at gender equality, diversity across the board, championing entrepreneurship and a focus on intersectional feminism.   Of the back of her hard work and ideals she created We Are The City, which was developed 13 years ago, they celebrated their 13th birthday last week, and WeAreTechWomen seven years ago.    She discusses how and why these organisations are important, and what changes she has seen in tech. After winning 22 Awards in her career she is in a great position to give advice to those who are starting and developing their career.    Vanessa also shares what to expect from the One Tech World conference - an exciting  virtual educational and networking conference for men and women who are interested in tech.   ENJOY !    Vanessa Links    Twitter: - @wearethecity Instagram: @vanessavallelyobe / watc_hq Facebook:  LinkedIn:    Conference event link: (One Tech World):  Lavinia will be talking about Blockchain Communities and Female Leadership within them. It is going to be insightful! So, don't miss!    Vanessa’s Website:   Vanessa’s Books:   IWD Campaign 100 women:   WiBTalks Links   Instagram: @womeninblockchaintalks  Twitter: @LaviniaOsbourne  LinkedIn : @LaviniaOsbourne FREE EVENT:  ALL THE LINKS to what is going in the WiBT Community:


12 Apr 2021

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S1 BONUS EPISODE: Supporting the pipeline feat. Vanessa Vallely OBE

The Power of Privilege and Allyship

We are all looking to make a difference but all too often, we do not realise the impact we have made. Brought to you by The Austen Bronte Consultancy, 'The Power of Privilege and Allyship' podcast showcases the positive impact of using privilege to maximise allyship and transform lives. In this bonus episode, Dr. Funke Abimbola (CEO and Founder of The Austen Bronte Consultancy) interviews Vanessa Vallely OBE (CEO and Founder, We Are The City). Please subscribe, rate and share with your friends, family, colleagues and network!More about The Austen Bronte Consultancy at: https://funkeabimbola.com/austen-bronte-consultancyEmail us at: PersonalAssistant@FunkeAbimbola.comMore about We Are The City at:https://wearethecity.com/To book your ticket for One Tech World:https://wearetechwomen.com/conference/Follow us on Twitter:- The podcast: @AllyshipPodcast- Funke: @Champ1Diversity- Vanessa: @WATC_girl  Connect with us on LinkedIn:  - Dr. Funke Abimbola MBE - https://www.linkedin.com/in/funkeabimbola/ - Vanessa Vallely OBE - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessavallely/


11 Apr 2021

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9: Fireside Chat: India Gary-Martin and Vanessa Vallely OBE

She Talks Tech: from WeAreTechWomen

Today we hear from from India Gary-Martin and Vanessa Vallely OBE.  India is a globally recognized leadership expert and coach with a clientele of Fortune 500 executives from around the world.  They will be discussing what it’s like to be a top woman in tech, India’s career and entrepreneurship more generally.  If you want to find out more about India – you can connect with her on Linked In or go to Leadership For Execs.com Subscribe, rate the podcast and give it a 5-star review – and keep listening every Wednesday morning for a new episode of ‘She Talks Tech'  from https://wearetechwomen.com Produced by Pineapple Audio Production.


10 Mar 2021

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079: Vanessa Vallely | How Women Can Leave a Lasting Legacy

The Art of Communication

Our guest for today is Vanessa Vallely, Founder and Managing Director of WeAreTheCity.com, a non-profit organization providing resources and job opportunities for women across the United Kingdom and India. Vanessa throughout her career has advocated for equal opportunities for women in the workplace and provides resources for women to progress in their careers. Her advocacies and mission were recognized in 2018, receiving The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Gear up! Get right into the episode and learn from Vanessa how women can leave a lasting legacy in the world!In this Episode:[00:01 - 09:04] Opening SegmentI introduce and welcome Vanessa Vallely Keynote speakerGender equality advocate Consultant for government and corporate organizationsVanessa gives background on her story Influence from her mother working 4 jobs Working at the tech industry Relationships with people are crucial[09:05 - 21:51] Communicating Diversity and InclusionVanessa walks us through the beginnings of We Are The CityAdvocates equal opportunities for womenHelps companies retain top female staffTrains women to advance in their careersOvercoming judgments from having a unique accentTaking elocution lessons Listening to Queen Elizabeth II’s speechBeing proud of who she isParticipating in ToastmastersVanessa talks about the services offered by We Are The CityOpening opportunities for womenTraining women to be in the leadership roomFostering diversity and gender inclusion in the workplace[21:52 - 32:50] Leaving a Lasting LegacyUnique communication challenges that women faceJobs that are too prescriptivePresentation of job opportunities for womenLanguage being used for women Launching her organization in another country Motivations for expanding in IndiaAdjustments based on the Indian contextA unique opportunity to forward their mission Vanessa shares this amazing story about her bookIncluded in the “40 things to do before I was 40”Leaving a lasting legacy for women empowermentStay focused on your goal[32:51 - 44:37] Setting Expectations with the FamilyThe most impactful conversation of your life? Conversation with her English teacher and mentor Pay attention to your LinkedIn profile One communication skill you wish you had more of in the past? Learning how to stop her mouth and engage her brainListening How to balance work and family“No talk about work” during family timeGive time for your kids Set expectationsWho is the best communicator you know? Her mother[44:38 - 46:56] Closing SegmentHow to find VanessaLinks below Final WordsTweetable Quotes:“That LinkedIn profile is an opportunity for you to sell yourself. You’re allowed to brag and boast a little bit.” - Vanessa Vallely“Work is important...but you can’t get [the] time back with people.” - Vanessa VallelyResources Mentioned: Vanessa’s book: Heels of SteelEmail vanessa.vallely@wearethecity.com to connect with Vanessa. Check out her personal website and LinkedIn and Twitter pages to learn more about her. Visit their website to know more about their work and https://wearetechwomen.com/ to get updated on opportunities for women in the tech industry. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Join The Communication Nation and learn from others in the community. Feel free to email me at gregrice79@yahoo.com, I’d love to hear from you!Want more help with your digital marketing? Go to my website https://gregjrice.com/inflection/ and let’s have a conversation.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to expand their communication capacity by sharing this episode and listen to our previous episodes.


4 Jan 2021

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14: Sue Black OBE in conversation with Vanessa Vallely OBE

She Talks Tech: from WeAreTechWomen

Today we hear from award-winning Computer Scientist and Digital Skills Expert, Sue Black OBE. Sue set up the UK’s first online network for women in tech and led the campaign to save Bletchley Park. She left home at 16, married at 20 and had three children by 23 – becoming a single parent at 25. We hear about Sue’s background and career in tech and her most recent passion ‘TechUPWomen’ – which is all about retraining women from underserved backgrounds into tech careers.You can find out more about and connect with Sue on LinkedIn Subscribe, rate the podcast and give it a 5-star review – and keep listening every Wednesday morning for a new episode of ‘She Talks Tech' from https://wearetechwomen.com  Produced by Pineapple Audio Production.


18 Nov 2020

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12: Sharmadean Reid in conversation with Vanessa Vallely OBE

She Talks Tech: from WeAreTechWomen

Today we hear from Sharmadean Reid - the Founder of Beautystack. Her mission is to use technology to economically empower women. She started WAH as a hip hop magazine for girls in 2006 while still at university. She then founded WAH Nails as a side project in 2009. She then wrote two books, delivered global pop up nail salons for 100s of brands, created a product line with Walgreen Boots Alliance and was awarded an MBE from HRH Queen in 2015 for services to Beauty. Sharmadean and Vanessa discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and being female founders You can find out more about and connect with Sharmadean on Twitter at @SharmadeanReid Subscribe, rate the podcast and give it a 5-star review – and keep listening every Wednesday morning for a new episode of ‘She Talks Tech' from https://wearetechwomen.com  Produced by Pineapple Audio Production.


4 Nov 2020

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Living like an entrepreneur with Vanessa Vallely OBE

Her Own Boss

For our final main episode of the season, we sit down with Vanessa Vallely. Vanessa started her entrepreneurial journey at 10 years old and is now CEO and Founder of one of the largest women's networks in the UK!  We talk about how Vanessa went from leaving school after her GCSE’s, to building an incredible 20+ year career in financial services to going back to full-time entrepreneurship. Vanessa shares so many incredible tips for young women who are just starting out in their career so this isn’t one to miss! Instagram: @HerOwnBossPodcast Need a transcript? Search for us on Anchor and click here.


11 Sep 2020

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The role of mentoring in leadership and organisations with Kerrie Dorman and Vanessa Vallely OBE

The Connected Leadership Podcast

In this show Andy Lopata interviews Kerrie Dorman (founder of the Association of Business Mentors and awarded the 'People's Mentoring Champion' 2019) and Vanessa Vallely OBE (International Motivational Speaker and Managing Director of WeAreTheCity) for the Connected Leadership podcast on the importance of mentoring for individuals, leaders and large organisations. Full show notes will shortly be available at http://www.andylopata.com/podcast


7 Sep 2020

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Vanessa Vallely OBE on Show #168: Helping Women Drive Their Careers Forward

POWER to Live More with Jo Dodds

Vanessa Vallely, OBE, is one of the UK’s most well-networked women and is a prominent figure in gender equality who guides government and corporate organisations seeking to attract, develop, and retain their female talent. In 2008 she launched the award-winning WeAreTheCity website to help women progress in their careers. The site now has over 120,000 members and provides resources, facilitates events, and sponsors awards to support women in business across the UK. Vanessa is author of Heels of Steel: Surviving and Thriving in the Corporate World, a book that details her career and experience of being a high-achieving woman in the workplace and shares tips on how to get ahead in your career.Vanessa joins me today to discuss her passion for supporting women to progress in the corporate world and how her team has pivoted to be able to provide digital support so women can continue to learn and network throughout the period of quarantine. She shares her experience of talking to young women in schools and colleges and why she feels it is vital to foster the can-do attitude they have to manage their careers. Vanessa also discusses her plans for the second half of 2020 and why they include plans to take some time for herself away from work to replenish her energy and enjoy being in the great outdoors.“Women shouldn’t have to hit a glass ceiling or be stuck on a sticky floor.”Vanessa VallelyThis Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:Why Vanessa wanted to keep women motivated during quarantine by creating free webinars through WeAreVirtualHow Vanessa initially built WeAreTheCity as a side business, then found investors to develop it furtherThe importance of supporting the female pipeline in the corporate arenaHow and why women’s professional networks were expanded in the UKVanessa’s experience of talking to young women in schoolsWhy women’s confidence in the workplace gets chipped awayHow Vanessa manages her business and her personal lifeHow Vanessa takes time out from work to relaxVanessa’s opinion on how people’s work-life balance will look after COVID-19What Vanessa misses about being out in the world and face-to-face with peopleHow Vanessa flexes her timetable to ensure she gets all her tasks doneThe tools and apps Vanessa uses to help her be productiveHow Vanessa learns and keeps up to speed with her industryWhat Vanessa does on down days to help her get back on trackWhy Vanessa was nominated for an OBE and what it meant to her to be honouredResources Mentioned:MS TeamsAlexaDrinkawareZoomThe Lord Davies ReviewConnect with Vanessa Vallely:WeAreTheCity WebsiteVanessa Vallely on LinkedInWeAreTheCity on InstagramWeAreTheCity on FacebookWeAreTheCity on PinterestWeAreTheCity on TwitterJoin the POWER to Live More CALM MembershipAttention home-based coaches and consultants!Are you tired of feeling alone, isolated, and frustrated with running your home-based coaching or consulting business? Are you sick of feeling like your life would be better, and you’d be happier if you felt more organised and productive? Do you feel like there’s simply not enough time in a day to get all the things done that you need to do to build a successful business while making time to live more?It’s time to stop the isolation and start getting more organised, productive, and focused on the tasks that will move the needle forward.It’s time to join the POWER to Live More CALM membership!If you’re ready to:Stop recreating the wheel and focus on the things that truly matter in your life and businessLearn what you need to know to be successful and ‘live more’Get accountability help from a group of like-minded home-based business ownersThen you need to join the POWER to Live More CALM membership programme!To learn more about the POWER to Live More CALM membership programme and apply, visit PowerToLiveMore.com/GetCalmConnect, Share, InspireThank you for joining me for this week’s episode of the POWER to Live More Podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and would like to help support the show, please head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, subscribe to the show and leave your honest review! You can also help me reach even more amazing business owners and leaders by sharing your favorite episodes on your social media channels.Don’t forget to check out my website join my Facebook Group, follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram to interact with me and my amazing audience!Show notes provided (brilliantly, my words not theirs!) by Lidwell Writing Services, LLCThe post Vanessa Vallely OBE on Show #168: Helping Women Drive Their Careers Forward appeared first on POWER to Live More.


24 Jul 2020

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[Episode 38] From cleaning offices at the age of 11 to running two of the most powerful networks for women in the UK, Vanessa Vallely tells her story

Sparkle and Thrive

We need to talk about diversity and equality! This is a worldwide issue right now, as we're all very aware. Specifically, we are talking about inclusion in technology, which we at TechPixies are passionate about.It's clear from this livecast that Vanessa Vallely is not a 'sit back and take it' kind of gal!  In the early days, whilst working at the same company as her husband, she noticed that his career "massively accelerated" and hers didn't. She doesn't believe this was down to their gender differences."-it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact of the way that we operated at work... I was creating this busy brand that was doing me no favors, whereas he was getting out he was networking he was telling his story. He was gaining sponsorship, people would open doors for him... so all of that exposure worked for him....and you think I'd watch that and go Okay, what's he got that I haven't? That network, that sponsorship, that confidence to go and say what he wants to do -and I still didn't pick it up!"So go get it! 'Think big' is her advice these daysIf you have big ambition and you'd like to be part of WeAreTechWomen's global virtual conference, click on the link below. The conference is for individuals working in technology who would like to broaden their industry knowledge, learn new skills and benefit from the thought leadership of some of the brightest minds in the tech industry.https://wearetechwomen.com/conference/


4 Jun 2020